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Race Play Ch. 17

lesbian Samuelx 2018-12-03

I'm a six-foot-tall, good-looking young Black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Buffalo, New York. So it's with a smile on my face that I sold the foreclosed house of that Jewish American family to that nice black family from the Republic of South Africa. Rory Jones is one of those bubbly, empty-headed and eternally happy-go-lucky white chicks I absolutely can't stand. Rory Jones was looking at a website featuring Black and White Lesbians. Of course this white chick was curious about sexy, strong black women. It took a strong and dominant black woman to teach this silly white chick the finer qualities in life such as discipline and obedience to rightful authority.

Arab Femdom in Orleans

lesbian Samuelx 2018-12-03

At the moment, my lover Christianne Lassiter is busy licking my pussy like her life depends on it. Christianne is a tall, good-looking young black woman I ran into in my psychology class at the university of ottawa. I lay on the bed, completely naked as Christianne Lassiter busied herself licking my pussy tenderly. I swear I didn`t think Christianne could squeal like us regular girls. Hmm. Things got even better when I used the strap-on dildo to fuck her really hard, just like I knew she craved it. Flipping Christianne on her back, I raised her legs in the air and drilled my strap-on dildo into her pussy, looking into her beautiful golden brown eyes as I fucked her.

Butch Black Girls Ch. 02

lesbian Samuelx 2018-11-30

I'm a six-foot-tall, dark-skinned, curvy and big-bottomed Haitian-American woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Why else would a young Black woman leave the diverse City of Chicago in the state of Illinois for cold-ass Ottawa in Ontario? This five-foot-six, long-haired and light-skinned young Black woman is a student at the University of Ottawa. Butch women like myself are supposed to be dominant. Femmes should never be allowed to dominate Butch women. The only woman I could ever see myself getting fucked by is a fellow Butch woman. Face down and ass up, that's the way my Butch goddess fucked me. I couldn't believe I was letting another woman fuck me in the ass. Christiana smacked my ass while fucking me.

Black Lesbians in the Church

lesbian Samuelx 2018-11-21

This vision of beauty is Samira Jacobson, a newcomer to Canada by way of Jamaica. The first time Samira Jacobson and I got together was at my high-rise condo at the heart of the Capital. I've wanted you for a long time, Samira told me in a confident voice, while gently touching my inner thigh. Younger women like Samira seldom prove equal to the task but hey, I'm all for surprises, you know? Samira smiled and nodded, and I opened the nearby drawer, pulling out the strap-on dildo I usually wore to fuck my female first-timers as well as the occasional freaky guy. For a butch chick with the touch-me-not attitude, Samira certainly got loud after I started fucking her with my toy.

Race Play Ch. 11

lesbian Samuelx 2018-11-12

Fortunately, I met a strong black woman named Mistress Pauline and she brought structure into this life of mine. Mistress Pauline is the strong black woman who gives me the structure and discipline that I need in my life. According to Mistress Pauline, since black women are the strongest and smartest women in the universe, lazy white women like myself aren't fit to question them. Mistress Pauline is a strong and demanding black woman who likes to punish her white female servants. I deserved to get dominated by a strong black female because I'm a lazy white woman living in America. This strong black woman aims to transform me from a lazy white slut who benefits from being white in America into a self-sufficient and hard-working individual.

Evelyn has sex therapy

lesbian EvelynLi 2018-11-12

I'd found the name of someone called Dr Alice Brooks from an addiction helpline (yes, that was how bad I thought it was!) and liked the idea of talking to someone who was well-qualified and who'd probably heard it all before. “It's wonderful,” I said, and let my hand squeeze her full tits through her blouse. Now that were both fully naked I could admire her tight body and see how curvy she was; without thinking about it we slotted into a scissoring position and started grinding our pussies together – I fingered my clit at the same time, while Alice tugged at her nipples and licked her lips lasciviously as we fucked.

Butch Black Women Ch. 02

lesbian Samuelx 2018-11-11

Recently, I met this tall, and absolutely sexy young Black woman named Samantha Ardent. Samantha, the short-haired, athletic beauty from the Republic of Senegal is a law student at the University of Ottawa. A lot of the Black women I find myself attracted to are either dating men or, if they’re gay, they’re dating White chicks. That’s why lots of highly educated young men and women, most of them recent university graduates, are leaving Canada to live in the United States of America. Samantha spread my big ass cheeks wide open and slipped one finger, then two into my asshole. Samantha replaced her fingers with a slim blue dildo and began fucking my ass with it.

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 02

lesbian boo_dreaux 2018-11-06

"My, my, but don't you taste just as sweet as I remembered," Willie said with eyes closed, her mouth sucking softly on her finger. "That...plus the fact that I really like fucking you," I said before dropping my mouth to feast on her tits as my hand slipped under her panties' top to play with her pussy. "I like it when you make love to me, Tess, I really do," Jean cooed as my tongue snaked it's way down her belly while I moved my body to lay between her legs. "You're getting really good at this, baby," I said to Jean as I sat on her face, rubbing my pussy against her mouth and tongue, "really, really good," stifling a cry of joy when I orgasmed.

Turning Contest: A Drunk Bday Girl

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-11-05

Lori enjoyed the ass squeezing, even though she acted nonchalant, not wanting to look like anything was happening on the dance floor. Jasmine continued, as she moved one hand back to the girl's pussy, "And if your friend didn't interrupt us, I think you probably would have come on the dance floor." Jasmine, excellent at reading when a woman was about to erupt, suddenly stopped licking the young girl's pussy, stood up and lifted up her skirt to reveal she was wearing a strap-on cock. Jasmine slid the cock in the pretty girl's mouth and roughly fucked her face, always enjoying pushing a new slut to the extreme. "Right now, you're my slut," Jasmine firmly corrected, fucking the birthday girl even harder, making Lori's head bang against the stall.

Lesbian play after a rave

lesbian 2018-09-25

She removed my top, too, while kissing me, and the lustfully started licking my tits and nipples. I enjoyed her tongue a lot while we exchanged kissing and nipple licking. She was slowly stroking my clitoris and vagina while I licked and bit on her nipples and sometimes kissed her. She was stroking my cheeks and teasing my pussy with the vibrator. She then gently started licking my clit and spread my lips using her fingers. She then spread my legs and bent down to lick on my clit and vagina. I was gradually speeding up while fucking her tight pink pussy and playing with her clit. We kissed for a bit more as I played with her perfect tits and long hair.

Her, Him and Me

lesbian blondechristine2012 2018-09-22

When Sean told me that Denise had agreed to come to dinner, I wanted to ask how he had put the invitation to her and where they were when he did. "Mmmm that's lovely," Denise said as we both sat on the large six-seater, green leather sofa over the arm of which he had fucked me a couple of weeks ago. If Denise and I had got it on like that I don't think I would have had a problem The idea that Sean had propositioned her, had planned what we were going to do and when we were going to do it and now we all together possibly about to do it, whatever it was, made it all seem a very contrived and rather mechanistic!

My Desire

lesbian need2fux 2018-09-22

After several times of this, I thought m poor friend she needs to be sexed up, if he's cumming so fast. About two days later, I was at home and so was David, I was watching television in the living room and he came and sat next to me and asked if he could talk to me. He began to tell me he was afraid his girl was going to go look else where for sex because he wasn't able to get it up and fuck her. I told her I was getting in shower and she asked if I could come out she wanted to talk to me.

Our first time

lesbian Abi___1998 2018-09-20

So soft, so tender, her tongue danced inside my mouth and her lips wandered around mine. Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more. Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more. I want to sit on your face beautiful girl.’ said Cat. I put my hands around her arse and held tight as I lifted my head licking and sucking her pussy sticking my tongue out as far as possible allowing her to ride my face. Then like a good girl I slid down between Cats’ legs and licked and sucked her clean.

cream pie for tea

lesbian daddydooor 2018-09-14

to my shock an delight deb told them that he has never fucked with her but when he gets home tonight that was going to change, and she was looking forward to feeling his big cock fill her tight ass with spunk and she has always wanted to eat a creampie from me .and she kept her promice and i wached my hubby fuck her stuiped,and of course i was not leaft out of the fun .from there we had and still have alot of grate fucks , the first time dad fucked deb and her new man filmedthem wile i sucked him off.

New Year's Eve Party

lesbian Houstonrn 2018-09-04

I asked, Darla agreed, I responded to the RSVP, and we arrived early Tuesday evening for what I hoped, in fact knew would be the best New Year’s Eve party we had ever attended. I thought here it comes, but Alyson backed away, kissed me, repositioned slightly, and then rammed the double-headed dildoe strapped to her groin deep into my pussy and ass. As I drifted off to sleep the last thing I heard was Alyson, unaware than I could still hear, say: “You don’t know it yet, but I am the reason you were invited, and you are the reason Mother allowed me to attend this party.”

Daphne I Ch. 04

lesbian chocolatebunny77 2018-08-31

I tried to protest but Daphne kept kissing me and licking my body all over. Daphne was still holding my shoulders down onto the mattress, licking and kissing my neck while kneading my boobs. Matt fucked me from behind, grabbing my boobs and focused on his own sensations while Daphne was kissing me and caressing my lovebud, trying to make me relax and feel good. The images of last week were dancing in front of my eyes and I couldn't understand why Daphne betrayed me like that. I couldn't forget the way I felt when Matt kissed me and said those words. I think she was feeling really sorry for what happened and wanted to make amend.

And So What's This?

lesbian Otazel 2018-08-31

As she pushed it into me the hands holding on to my hips felt so small and cool that I couldn't help but compare them with Frank's big rough ones, and it seemed so absurd that the large rigid thing that was sliding deep into my vagina could have anything to do with the beautiful girl who knelt behind me. But it felt so good, the contrast making it even more exciting, especially when she had pushed it so far into me that I was full of cold hard plastic and I could feel her warm skin pressed against my bottom. I cried out, yelling the word 'yes' each time her body crashed into mine, pushing back, moaning and gasping, feeling my pussy throb and contract as if to grip the shaft of that big black plastic cock.

Hotel Room

lesbian 2018-08-29

I began to kiss and suck her tits as I played with her pussy and pinched her clit. I was in the mood for a horny slut as I pushed my fingers in her mouth so she could lick her cum as my mouth went to her cunt and I began to suck her clit. The young slut began to cum and moan as I sucked her clit and stretched it. Being suck a lesbo slut she knew her way around a pussy and she sucked my clit and licked me till I was cumming fast. With a tongue in my cunt she found my ass hole and begn to finger fuck it.

African Girl Maid For English Rose Ch. 02

lesbian sarahscarlettlondonsmith 2018-08-25

Finally, I asked my Mum if the maid's job was available and luckily Victoria had dismissed the last girl only a few days previously so I was granted an interview. Timothy worked away for long periods and Victoria told me she was taking a holiday with her Mummy - a month's retreat to the Caribbean - but my initial feelings of joy at the thought of some time off were quickly tempered as she informed me that I would be required to accompany her. Later, as I meticulously ironed Victoria's stunning dress and prepared with diligent delicacy the evening's ravishingly lovely cuisine and Caribbean cocktails, I began feeling a strange yearning for Timothy.


lesbian 2018-08-22

I pushed her back and began sucking her DDD tits and fingering her cunt as she moaned and spread her legs wide for me. I took my cum soaked fingers and let her suck them and then put them back in her fuck hole. I then pushed her on her back and sat and rode her face rubbing my pussy all over her soaking her with cum as she licked and sucked me. As she sucked the foot long weiners I shoved them down her throat like a cock and fucked her hard. I fucked her with the foot longs shoving both in her cunt as I sucked on her huge nipples.

maddie and me strap on sex

lesbian abbysexlife 2018-08-17

ok i was ten then and at my friend maddie's house. I was feeling very horny at the time.we were playing dolls when maddie told me to turn around and so I did, and when she told me to turn around she was butt naked(did i tell you she had some big tits)she had a strap on dick on her.She fucked me so hard. there was real cum in the dick and the cum was in my ass. It was the best day of my life.

Jenny and lesbian sex, tonight with my daddy

lesbian 2018-08-14

'You dont mind my dad rubbing against you', I asked her wistfully, she looked into my eyes and said she did not, and at that we fell into each others arms and began kissing again, this time my mind was awash with dad cock inside her, I wondered if kissing her would be more exciting, as he fucked her, then the realization hit me, it was not Jenny dad was fucking, it was me, his beautiful daughter, I wanted his cock inside me, 'What the fuck', I resolved, 'Dad can take both our virginity's tonight, 'You're going to get a big cock up your ass tonight girl', and we both smiled and kissed, 'Good', I thought, 'she's not objecting'.

Two Sides to Every Story Pt. 02

lesbian LimeyLady 2018-08-09

Instead of sitting next to Dave I sat next to Ross, while she took the place beside Alice. Then, leaving our shopping in the car, Dave took Alice to her place while I walked with Ross to theirs (one of the plethora of new houses which keep springing up in and around the village). I looked in the direction Ross was pointing, just in time to see the sun go behind an enormous black cloud. We'd had four pints altogether then, leaving Craig's motor on the car park at work, took a taxi to his place. 'Craig's car on the car park all night,' she replied, 'the cleaners seeing you leaving together both times.

*sigh* my roomate!

lesbian SmexyMonster 2018-08-08

One day she came home and said "I have a surprise for you..." saying that she opened up her shopping bag and pulled out a neon pink strap on. She went into the bed room for a while then opened the door enough for her hand to motion me indide. I gasped but she crossed the room and started undressing me we were both on the bed naked. slowly she slid her hand down my body and started teasing my pussy i broke the kiss to moan in ecstacy. i was now leaning against the bed my ass in the air and her fucking me hard. finnally i came my moan filled the room and she had to remind me that this was an apartment.