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Evelyn has sex therapy

lesbian EvelynLi 2018-11-01

I'd found the name of someone called Dr Alice Brooks from an addiction helpline (yes, that was how bad I thought it was!) and liked the idea of talking to someone who was well-qualified and who'd probably heard it all before. “It's wonderful,” I said, and let my hand squeeze her full tits through her blouse. Now that were both fully naked I could admire her tight body and see how curvy she was; without thinking about it we slotted into a scissoring position and started grinding our pussies together – I fingered my clit at the same time, while Alice tugged at her nipples and licked her lips lasciviously as we fucked.

Lesbian play after a rave

lesbian 2018-09-25

She removed my top, too, while kissing me, and the lustfully started licking my tits and nipples. I enjoyed her tongue a lot while we exchanged kissing and nipple licking. She was slowly stroking my clitoris and vagina while I licked and bit on her nipples and sometimes kissed her. She was stroking my cheeks and teasing my pussy with the vibrator. She then gently started licking my clit and spread my lips using her fingers. She then spread my legs and bent down to lick on my clit and vagina. I was gradually speeding up while fucking her tight pink pussy and playing with her clit. We kissed for a bit more as I played with her perfect tits and long hair.

My Desire

lesbian need2fux 2018-09-22

After several times of this, I thought m poor friend she needs to be sexed up, if he's cumming so fast. About two days later, I was at home and so was David, I was watching television in the living room and he came and sat next to me and asked if he could talk to me. He began to tell me he was afraid his girl was going to go look else where for sex because he wasn't able to get it up and fuck her. I told her I was getting in shower and she asked if I could come out she wanted to talk to me.

Our first time

lesbian Abi___1998 2018-09-20

So soft, so tender, her tongue danced inside my mouth and her lips wandered around mine. Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more. Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more. I want to sit on your face beautiful girl.’ said Cat. I put my hands around her arse and held tight as I lifted my head licking and sucking her pussy sticking my tongue out as far as possible allowing her to ride my face. Then like a good girl I slid down between Cats’ legs and licked and sucked her clean.

cream pie for tea

lesbian daddydooor 2018-09-14

to my shock an delight deb told them that he has never fucked with her but when he gets home tonight that was going to change, and she was looking forward to feeling his big cock fill her tight ass with spunk and she has always wanted to eat a creampie from me .and she kept her promice and i wached my hubby fuck her stuiped,and of course i was not leaft out of the fun .from there we had and still have alot of grate fucks , the first time dad fucked deb and her new man filmedthem wile i sucked him off.

Hotel Room

lesbian 2018-08-29

I began to kiss and suck her tits as I played with her pussy and pinched her clit. I was in the mood for a horny slut as I pushed my fingers in her mouth so she could lick her cum as my mouth went to her cunt and I began to suck her clit. The young slut began to cum and moan as I sucked her clit and stretched it. Being suck a lesbo slut she knew her way around a pussy and she sucked my clit and licked me till I was cumming fast. With a tongue in my cunt she found my ass hole and begn to finger fuck it.

African Girl Maid For English Rose Ch. 02

lesbian sarahscarlettlondonsmith 2018-08-25

Finally, I asked my Mum if the maid's job was available and luckily Victoria had dismissed the last girl only a few days previously so I was granted an interview. Timothy worked away for long periods and Victoria told me she was taking a holiday with her Mummy - a month's retreat to the Caribbean - but my initial feelings of joy at the thought of some time off were quickly tempered as she informed me that I would be required to accompany her. Later, as I meticulously ironed Victoria's stunning dress and prepared with diligent delicacy the evening's ravishingly lovely cuisine and Caribbean cocktails, I began feeling a strange yearning for Timothy.


lesbian 2018-08-22

I pushed her back and began sucking her DDD tits and fingering her cunt as she moaned and spread her legs wide for me. I took my cum soaked fingers and let her suck them and then put them back in her fuck hole. I then pushed her on her back and sat and rode her face rubbing my pussy all over her soaking her with cum as she licked and sucked me. As she sucked the foot long weiners I shoved them down her throat like a cock and fucked her hard. I fucked her with the foot longs shoving both in her cunt as I sucked on her huge nipples.

maddie and me strap on sex

lesbian abbysexlife 2018-08-17

ok i was ten then and at my friend maddie's house. I was feeling very horny at the time.we were playing dolls when maddie told me to turn around and so I did, and when she told me to turn around she was butt naked(did i tell you she had some big tits)she had a strap on dick on her.She fucked me so hard. there was real cum in the dick and the cum was in my ass. It was the best day of my life.

Jenny and lesbian sex, tonight with my daddy

lesbian 2018-08-14

'You dont mind my dad rubbing against you', I asked her wistfully, she looked into my eyes and said she did not, and at that we fell into each others arms and began kissing again, this time my mind was awash with dad cock inside her, I wondered if kissing her would be more exciting, as he fucked her, then the realization hit me, it was not Jenny dad was fucking, it was me, his beautiful daughter, I wanted his cock inside me, 'What the fuck', I resolved, 'Dad can take both our virginity's tonight, 'You're going to get a big cock up your ass tonight girl', and we both smiled and kissed, 'Good', I thought, 'she's not objecting'.

*sigh* my roomate!

lesbian SmexyMonster 2018-08-08

One day she came home and said "I have a surprise for you..." saying that she opened up her shopping bag and pulled out a neon pink strap on. She went into the bed room for a while then opened the door enough for her hand to motion me indide. I gasped but she crossed the room and started undressing me we were both on the bed naked. slowly she slid her hand down my body and started teasing my pussy i broke the kiss to moan in ecstacy. i was now leaning against the bed my ass in the air and her fucking me hard. finnally i came my moan filled the room and she had to remind me that this was an apartment.

Photo shoot, Mum becomes a slut. (Part four - Vic

lesbian SFS 2018-08-06

I’m good, ask Jacks Mum. Plus like you said I’m eighteen. Alfie looked great, really hunky, in a dark blue lounge suit, a crisp white open necked shirt emphasised his light tan. The first time in I didn’t know how long, since it wasn’t my hand inside my knickers. “Come on Mum, milf, mother I’d like to fuck.” Alfie said. “More than fancy, she lets me fuck her whenever I like.” Alfie said. “He told me about you, but I didn’t know Alex as well,” Vicky said. I came again, as Alfie my son fucked me, as Angie ground herself onto my face. “Now, bend over slut, I want to fuck you,” Alfie instructed me. “You are a proper little slut, aren’t you Vicky,” Angie said.

Rest of Kat's Replacement

lesbian shotguner 2018-07-26

knocking on the door in a dress that was cut at cunt level and showing a lot of tit as Carol opened the door Kerry walked in the look on Carol's face spired Kerry on pulling out her right tit Kerry feed it to Carol mashing it in her face and her against the wall in very little time Kerry had Carol naked tongue down her throat fingers jammed deep in her twat Carol couldn't resisted even if she wanted to and soon there on the floor Kerry was mashing her juicy cunt against Carol's pussy fucking her silly. Entering Kerry's home Kat found her sitting in the kitchen legs spread wide as Carol ate her out Later that night the girl from the book store came in with her mom and Tracy the 18yrs captain of the cheer squad at the high school was spread wide tied to Kerry's bed Looking at Kat Kerry says please try out my newest pussy....

Mothers make their sons dreams come true

lesbian SFS 2018-07-25

“You want me to fuck Sonia while you watch, is that what your asking Jack?” “You are a noisy cow when you come, you do know that, don’t you!” Chloe said looking down at her friend, as her son fingered her to climax. “There’s no way we are going dressed like this,” Harry said, as both boys entered Chloe bedroom. “No, not yet,” Jack replied without hesitation, as watched fascinated, as Chloe spread her legs for the camera, pulling back her thong, to reveal a very wet pussy. The party was in full swing when Chloe and Sonia joined it, leading their sons on leashes attached to the slave collars, their erections painfully hard, held in place by the cock harness.

The Futanari Doctor

lesbian BiancaBigTits 2018-07-12

Right above my pussy I have a long, bulging cock and swollen, cum filled balls. We double stuffed Miranda, fucking both her holes and eventually double teaming her pussy at the same time (you really should read my story about it!) and it was after this experience that my cock started acting different. I never realized that was possible," I said, my head swimming and the thought of Vanessa growing a cock like mine. "Fuck, I can't believe this is working," Vanessa said, and she grabbed her cock, stroking it. "Looks like my therapy is working!" My member was rock hard now, dripping precum all over the floor, swollen harder than it had been in so long.

hot session

lesbian tonyandkat 2018-07-09

her moans were getting more and more and this got you a bit wet , you started too play with your nipples through your top and this got you even more wet, as she was getting more and more into it, all you could hear off of her was calling your name and telling you how she would like too taste your juices in her mouth, you were startled a bit but was excited that she was there wanking her nice juicy cunt thinking about you, you left and went back out and came back in the front door and shouted for her, she came out a minute later looking a bit red in the face and you asked her was she ok and she told you she was in the toilet going for a pee,you showed her the new jewelery that you had made and she was delighted with the outcome of it, she looked at you with a smile on her and asked you were you doing anything this evening you said no as himself was doing a bit of work and you were finished for the day, she asked you would you like to come over for dinner as a thank you for all your hard work for the last few months you said sure no problem.

Lesbian experience with Varsha

lesbian ajbasu 2018-07-01

Varsha had her face buried in between my legs, doing wonderful things to me with her tongue. I pulled her up, and we kissed and wrapped our arms and legs tightly around each other, enjoying the sensations. She started to thrust upwards, it was like being fucked in a porn movie. Varsha was strong and went on thrusting for a long time, suddenly she shuddered for a few seconds and had her orgasm, but I didn't have mine. Varsha went on fucking me, when suddenly my legs started to tremble again, my toes started to curl, I felt the most amazing sensations in me, as I orgasmed with a loud shriek.

Fucking with Mum

lesbian SFS 2018-06-16

In answer Mum pulled his towel away, and took hold of his cock with one hand. “Polly, when you need to breath, come up, but keep working you tongue, look like this,” she said. Then I felt myself being pushed backwards, and she was between my legs, her tongue like a snake inside me, and almost at once, on my clit, then gone, running down my inner labia, then probing. I lay on my back, Robbie was between my legs, his cock, wet from Mum pushed against my pussy. Polly go in the living room, and give Oliver an early birthday blow job.” Mum said matter of factly. “I bet he’d like to fuck us, don’t you Polly,” Mum said.

#2 An Evening

lesbian niktos1000 2018-06-14

But you know this, I told you at the time I met her, and that she was nice, and I started to meet her every once in a while, before or after class, or just in the evening." I remember one particular time, I was home alone, I don't remember where you were, and I was masturbating, just lying in bed, touching myself, and suddenly I realized I was thinking about her, about kissing her, and licking her nipples. My wife was moaning, panting, her hands on Denys' ass pulling her towards her. My wife lay there, one hand between her legs, while Denys fucked her occasionally striking her ass. She pulled out, turned the dildo and undid her pants, fucking herself while talking all the time.

After the barbeque...

lesbian 2018-06-07

I inserted two fingers into her hole and finger-fucked her for a couple minutes, then when I could tell she was getting tense and close to cumming again, I attacked her clit with my tongue... I started rubbing the cucumber, still wet with both of our juices, up and down her sweet pussy before I shoved it into her fast and hard... She came hard, so hard she sat straight up, grabbed my neck and buried her face in it and bit down on my shoulder as she clamped her thighs tightly around my hand and the cucumber that was still inside of her... She finger fucked my pussy hard and fast for a few minutes and then went back to just concentrating on my throbbing clit...

The interview

lesbian 2018-06-06

Now rub your tits then let a hand move down to your pussy and and spread your lips apart and finger yourself for me." Jan did as he told her and was getting quite turned on letting the man watch her finger her own cunt. The man began kissing Jan shoving a tongue in her mouth and also sucking on her tongue as his hands fondled her nipples and rubbed her tits. Then he pulled his cock out and got behind her and spread her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest and let the camera see her cum filled cunt. Get on your hands and knees and feel my tongue in your sexy ass before I shove my cock in that wet cunt and fuck you doggie style.

Gift For my Husband Part III

lesbian 2018-05-26

"Look Baby, this is for you Honey, Happy Anniversary, I love you ton's"Barb's tits shook under the assault of the black monster invading her cunt. I slammed it in until Barb's eyes rolled back in her head and she clenched her snow white teeth and I could feel her pussy grab the dildo like a clamp and she screamed so loud the dog ran into the room to see what wrong. Barb's head slammed onto the table as her cunt exploded in one constant long orgasm lasting a minute....she was drenched and soaked......I looked at her and she opened her eyes and gasped for air.

Sex with Gloria...

lesbian d4david 2018-05-26

He grind a couple of times and then pulled from her butt hole, Gloria rolled off my cock and into a fetal position. As soon as Troy had emptied his load he laid on top of Gloria's bucking body till he finally raised and pulled from her quivering butt. Troy laugh and said 'see the whore likes to be fucked rough', Gloria suddenly grabbed my ankles and powerfully pulled me her. Troy snatched Gloria back by her feet and said to me 'bust the bitches ass like there's no tomorrow'. After fifteen minute I flooded Gloria's butt hole and pulled my still shooting cock from her still gripping anal opening.

Morning has broken pt3 Milf and gilf

lesbian rodma 2018-05-20

As I sat on the sofa she stripped to reveal stockings and suspenders and nothing else she grabbed my cock and lowered herself onto it moaning as she slid down saying it felt good to have thick cock in her as we fucked her mobile rang she picked it up and answered it, it was her hubby asking if all was ok she said o yes no problems here have to go speak later as she put the phone down I cum and so did she.