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Crystal and Tiffany

lesbian rewa123 2018-11-20

My dad's room is next to mine and I can hear her riding him and screaming, "fuck me like the whore I am." Sometimes I listen to music to drown it out. It's time we start getting along." She tucked her long blonde hair behind her ear and placed her hand on her hip. Do you think I like hearing you fake your moans while fucking my daddy in the middle of the night?" I felt like if I didn't stop kissing her, the world would explode, but I didn't give a fuck. I grunted and I groaned, her fingers crooked inside me and at that moment I screamed in pleasure as tears rolled down my cheeks, Tiffany hit my G spot. please." Tiffany began pumping faster, her other hand clawing into my ass cheek.

My First REAL Lesbian Experience

lesbian Sexxy_Delilah 2018-11-20

I kissed her back and her hands wandered to my tits and she started rubbing my nipples through my shirt. At first I said that we shouldn't be doing this...but her mouth felt so good on my tits and her hand slid inside my panties, rubbing my bare pussy gently. I didn't do anything at first, and she got aggressive and said, "Eat my pussy you little bitch, I made you cum...now you start eating and don't stop till I tell you to!" I didn't want to but she lowered her mouth to my pussy and started licking and I would've done anything to keep her doing it. I licked and nibbled and tongue fucked her as she held my head down and jerked her pussy all over my mouth.

Not Myself Tonight

lesbian unicorn92 2018-11-20

That's my friend Grace over there," she said, pointing to the blonde she had walked in with, "but she looks like she's busy over there, so I hope you don't mind me talking to you." I could never get down the sexy look, like that thing with the eyes that models do," I replied. She began placing sweet kisses along each of my inner thighs, pulling my dress up around my waist to go higher, only to stop just before my soaked, black lace panties. She continued kissing my neck, slowly inching her way down, first to my collarbone, then continuing down to my chest, finally reaching my breasts, taking one of my hard nipples into her mouth.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 8

lesbian Carmyn 2018-11-20

I turned my head, put my fingers to my lips, signaling Melissa to shut the hell up. Picture this: Kimmi on her back; me laying on my stomach with my hungry tongue between her opened legs; and Melissa on my back with her tongue cascading down the crevice of my ass as she occasionally slapped, smacked, and squeezed my cheeks. Thanks for this lovely gift," she said as she and Melissa started to kiss passionately; I rolled over to retrieve the "double disaster." "You fucking slut," Kimmi and Melissa laughed as they positioned themselves for it. They laid on their backs, legs interlocking, awaiting the "disaster." I put the double-header between their legs, pushed one head into Kimmi's wet pussy and the other into Melissa's shaved pussy.

Blondie Makes A Choice

lesbian Jinxy 2018-11-20

I don't really know this girl, but something about her makes me want to make sure she is okay. Katie is wearing a pin stripe suit, with her dark hair up, but still looking like sex hair. We feel like we're giving them a show, but they're not on our minds. Katie follows me, watching my hips sway, moving towards the closet. “You don't need to bother looking for clothes, I have a good idea how to warm up,” Katie says. Her fingers move along my pussy, getting wet from my juices. She starts to slowly finger fuck me, right where we are. Katie quickly slides down, kissing towards my pussy. It seems to come so naturally though, I feel my tongue just fucking her.

The Painter

lesbian naughtybynature 2018-11-20

"I love the way your pussy tastes Nikki!" she said as she began to lick me up and down my slit and my ass. "Mmm baby this pussy tastes like more!" she said and then sucked my clit down in her mouth as she finger fucked me. Let me lick you Lily!" I said as I pushed two fingers inside her pussy as deep as I could have. "You like this big cock in your tight pussy don't you Lily?" I said as I drove deep inside her. There he stood in the doorway with his mouth dropped open, as I knelt over Lily with my huge strap on cock buried deep inside her pussy!

A long time coming

lesbian waterbaby 2018-11-20

Even with Rose being there I couldn't help myself imagining having some time alone with Laura. I knew my face gave it away that I was somewhat disappointed, but I had hoped that Rose didn't realise. Just as I was giving up hope I saw Laura out the corner of my eye. I was nervous, I hadn't been with anyone other than Rose for over a year and a half, and I never wanted to cheat on her, but the feeling was too much, I had to have Laura. I felt waves of pleasure, I wanted to feel her fingers on my clit, but she wanted to tease me, grinding her body on top of mine.


Relaxing Ride Chapter 1

lesbian dudetodude 2018-11-20

Since I was between jobs, I thought it would be a good idea to take the drive down from Michigan to Fort Lauderdale. Although I have a reasonably nice figure, 34-26-36, at 5'4", I always thought my butt was a little chunky and I'm   self-conscious of it. I thought it pretty cool that in such a short time, Cindy and I had I said " I could get lost in that thing" Cindy laughed at the       noticing again just how attractive and how confident of a woman Cindy was.       Really, I thought to myself, Cindy was a pretty hot looking woman.       After the long day of driving, the message felt good.


Sisterhood of Sin -- 2 -- Rule Number One

lesbian LastWife 2018-11-20

Kyra suddenly breaks down and says, "I'm so sorry, Cath, I know I told you about Rule Number One, but I probably didn't emphasize how important it is." She doesn't hit as hard as Beth or rub my ass or touch me in any other way, but when she is finished, after I thank her, she gives me a loving sisterly hug. And I feel like..." She leans in real close to whisper up at me, "...I think I deserve a little payback for that." As I'm thinking about those goodbyes later in bed, Liz and Kyra step into the bedroom and see me rubbing soothing ointment into Claire's buns.

Fresh Dorm Angel: The Beginning

lesbian SensualDesires83 2018-11-20

With the slight paleness of her body, her soft pink nipples and the perfect line hiding what was inside between her legs, Vee looked as if she could break. Let me see the luscious item that made this mess!" Vee said as I felt her fingers grip the elastic of my panties and gently pull. My how the wetness makes those smooth pink sexual lips shine!" Vee said as she ran her finger through my hot seam. "Oh Lander, let's see if your hot box feels as good as it tastes!" Vee replied and before I could prepare myself, I felt her finger sink slowly inside my pussy. I want to feel your hot liquid drown my finger inside you!" Vee said as my body began to arch and shiver.

One Fateful Evening

lesbian Sukebemoon 2018-11-20

"Now for the real thing, my little one," I said (giggling at the joke as she was almost half as big again as myself) as I affixed the strapless dong up into my own pussy, it sticking out making me look like a transgender or futanari as they are called in Japan. Not done yet I flipped her over onto her hands and knees and took her pussy again this time from behind reaching around to fondle and caress those huge tits of hers all the while pulling the dong out to the tip slowly then slamming it back in all the way forcefully making her cry out softly with each hard thrust.

Silent No More

lesbian Innocentgirl29 2018-11-20

I let myself in with my key and after placing my jacket and bag on the side table I slip off my heels and head quietly to his study to leave him a note near his computer A few words just saying that I think we need to have a conversation. Stopping again I move the toy to her mouth she lets it slip in and sucks it just like a good cock sucker would. I start with slow, deep thrusts into her pussy whilst holding her hips, pulling almost all the way out and pushing in again, fucking her doggystyle and watching her puffy labia cling to my strap-on.

Their first time

lesbian Annamagique 2018-11-20

I leaned forwards at the same time as she and our lips met in an awkward crash but I put my hand behind her head and she did the same and we began a kiss the like of which I had never experienced before. I gazed into her nervous, brown eyes and smiled, taking her hand and placing it directly on my aching breast, My nipple straining to burst through the thin fabric of my dress. I kissed her softly just above her clitoris, my tongue flicking against her mound and the very start of her warm and scented valley and lifting her leg out of her shorts allowed me to access that most intimate place that, until now, had never been touched by female lips.

Self Employment Perks

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-20

I wondered if she had implants but didn’t have the nerve to ask, her breasts seemed a bit too large for her body shape and size. She smiled looking me up and down, “Hello Marla, I’m Yvette nice to meet you.” She extended her well manicured nails to shake my hand. Looking down as I followed her, I enjoyed the way her cheeks moved in those tight jeans, I was hoping she didn’t notice my gawking at her rear as we headed through the house to the backyard. She looked exactly like a stripper from the Sopranos TV show, long sensuous legs, her calves accented by her shoes, firm large round breasts that begged for attention.

The Girl From College

lesbian XpinkyX 2018-11-20

As they walked up the stairs, Ebony explained that the bathroom was straight ahead and her bedroom was two doors away on the right, and to come into her after Fran had been to the toilet as it was getting so loud down stairs. Mimiking what Eb was doing to her pussy, Fran started tongue fucking her, and then pushed a finger inside, feeling someone elses wet hole was unreal; her dream was happening. Now. She awkwardly pushed two fingers inside then started fucking faster while wriggling her tongue all over Ebony's clit. Ebony's moans were vibrating through Fran's cunt, Francesca felt closer than she'd ever been to any feeling before.

Kissing Cousins

lesbian Cinner 2018-11-20

I kept thinking that I was doing it for Vic even though I know that I'd probably be too shy to do it for her for real. He sucked and munched my nipples (a little too hard if the truth be known, but I've stopped trying to correct him) and lapped away at my clit as if it was the sweetest honey that he'd ever tasted, but it was not the same as it was before; before I knew how much I want to kiss Victoria and have her make love to me. I want to know what it feels like to be really well taken care of. Right now though, I just need someone who knows about incest to tell me why I feel like this about my cousin.

Cindy, part two

lesbian Drakon 2018-11-19

I can give you dominance but it will be a gentle dominance I can’t give you anything else.”   “No my Mistress pain is not what I want but I love to be told how and what to do, you are so powerful and experienced, it makes me feel so safe and protected to be with you, please instruct me in the ways of sex and love.” Pamela slowly leads Cindy to the big soft bed, “lie down my little kitten, I will teach you all I know about sex, just trust me and do as I say.”   As Cindy lies down on the bed Pamela runs her hands over Cindy’s tight body, “first lesson Cindy, when you come to me I want you naked, I don’t want anything to come between you and my eyes.

Sisterhood of Sin -- 23 -- Bush Bound

lesbian LastWife 2018-11-19

She looks lost and I feel bad about not telling her more about the black card sisters, especially since she seems to think Keri is in a safer position with us, which may be true. The customs agent points to me and says, "Please form a line behind Madame Blanc." She takes the sack from me, pulls the staples out, looks inside, and passes it to Lini. It explains why Karl joined the Knights of Old Prussia, and Darlene's presence in the picture explains how he met Mick, but it was Keri's over-sharing of information that increased the risk to me, and that is Lini's focus. Lini takes several pics with her phone, showing them to me until I find one that I want her husband to see un-spanked.

My friend, part 2

lesbian Princess_Ebs 2018-11-19

I couldn't help it, I moaned out her name, “Oh Kelly.” My shock had subsided and now my hands were on her ass. Kissing her lips, nibbling had Kelly moaning my name. ‘Mine I thought.’ Continuing down to the tops of her breasts, where I began placing feather light kisses, nibbling softly, caressing. Taking one of her rosy nipples in my mouth, I flicked my tongue back and forth. My mouth moved to her other nipple, my hands began to creep down her body. I lowered my head, spread her lips and with my tongue licked up her slit. Kissing back up her tummy, her nose, her eyes and finally her lips.

Who Loses, Wins

lesbian LaChatte 2018-11-19

Celine (mocking), “Poor little girl, she’s not on form… hmmmmm; let’s see… what could we possibly do to cheer up the big baby?” A second’s silence, then, “I know, we’re gonna play ‘who loses wins.” Her love-making is sublimely crude and base; she hides nothing, shares everything and her fulgurant (and oh, so noisy), orgasms wash over me every time, as if it were my own clitoris straining to escape the confines of it’s cute little hood. I could feel my pussy betraying me, warm droplets pearling at the entrance to my now gaping vulva, sticking the flesh of my inner thighs together so I felt obliged to open them just that little bit wider.

Shooting Stars

lesbian Amber_Sweetheart 2018-11-19

Annie sat on the edge with me and watched as Katie buried her face in Sam’s pussy and made her cum several times in a row. I watched as Annie brought Katie to a nice orgasm and when I saw my new girlfriends face get covered again with pussy juice I went over the edge and started to cum again. As Katie walked over to the locker Annie started to slide her tongue in and out of Sam’s pussy and over her clit. I felt her pussy start to tighten on the strap on as she let out a large moan into Sam. Once her orgasm was finished we all climbed back into the hot tub to rest tired bodies.

Paula and Tina - Shaving

lesbian fetishdoll 2018-11-19

A few more strokes of the razor and I had shaved most of the hairs above my little slit, now I opened my legs as wide as I could and thrust my hips forward to expose my labia and the hairs around them. The final hairs gone and her pussy clean, smooth and completely hairless, I let my fingers open her soft little cunt. Tina didn’t close her legs as I filled a cup and ran water down across her pussy. In my expert southern drawl and smoky voice I matched my mother’s bitchy tone exactly and said, “Yeah, I’m gonna take the girls out for pizza and then we’ll have Tina over for the night if that’s alright with you?”

Ellie's First Real Lesbian Experience

lesbian LuvMeSomeBooty 2018-11-19

Deb continued to suck her clit and lick her pussy until finally Ellie cried out in orgasm. I refused to untie Ellie, so Deb slid up and placed her pussy and ass over Ellie’s face in a 69. As Ellie licked and sucked, Deb began playing with her own tits, pinching, twisting and rubbing her nipples. For a second, I hoped Ellie could breathe, but as Deb rose up, I could see Ellie’s face covered in pussy juice and a smile. This time, with free hands, Ellie reached out, and began touching Deb. She caressed and fondled her tits and leaned in to lick and suck them as Deb had done to her.

Carla Returns

lesbian monica3 2018-11-19

She was probably fucking Jen as Lauren reclined in the hot, bubbly bath and at the thought of the two women making love her finger, with a mind of its own, crept to her pussy and stroked. ‘Not at all, I am grateful.’ Ava sat, crossing her lovely legs and giving Lauren a fine view of them but, she noticed, not in too revealing a way. ‘I’m going to fuck your arse too.’ Not, I noticed, a question but I’d been had that way before and I liked it so long as it was nothing that might split me and this one was purpose built.