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Donna and: Nellie's Indiscretion, the Hat and Donna turns heterosexual

lesbian monica3 2018-03-05

This would not normally arouse my indignation but on this occasion I was surprised because Nellie was holding the front of her skirt raised above her waist and Donna was staring intently at the revealed parts. Donna enquired as to the nature of the proposal and Nellie, somewhat miffed, said, ‘To marry me, you nitwit.’ She had apparently been overwhelmed. ‘Know what, College, I think we’ll have one last dance since they seem to be playing something more to your liking, and then we’ll go home and engage in some of our more disgusting practices.’ She turned her head to David, her arms still around me.

A New Start

lesbian monica3 2018-03-05

I still smile when I recall that after a long, passionate kiss, a hand up my kilt (yes, I really was wearing a kilt, God forgive me) and a finger where no straight friend should put it she’d disengaged and said, ‘Now I see why you’re a dyke. ‘Yes. Look, I’m going out into the country to buy myself a wonderfully indulgent Sunday lunch and I thought I might persuade the lovely Imo to come too? Time for Vee to start being Vee and she’d rather like to start with you, Imo. I mean look at you.

More than Roommates

lesbian wanderstar 2018-03-04

I had been feeling a bit self-conscious with my body since I hadn't been very active during the exam season, but I sluggishly walked over to Krista and took the dress off the hanger. I could feel Krista's eyes on my bare back and I began to slide the tight black dress over my head, and down my body. She cupped my right breast in her hand, and pulled the cotton dress away, exposing my erect nipple. I leaned over and kissed her gently as I reached my hands under her top to explore to big, soft breasts, I pinched her nipples gently between my fingers and she let out sigh.

My Best Friend Gemma

lesbian bisaurus 2018-03-03

I stared at her, taking in every last bit of detail, as I hadn't able to for the past few weeks: her golden locks, her freckled face, her soft brown eyes, the small, barely visible scar on her chin she got when she fell whilst cheerleading in high school, her large, pale breasts, still covered by layers upon layers of clothing I was itching to remove. It was at that moment, watching her staring at the ceiling of my apartment, her fingers on her stomach still wet with my cum, that I thought I would never love anyone as much as I loved my best friend Gemma.

My Date With Catherine

lesbian Mairi 2018-03-03

When she joined me she got on her knees on the sofa and clasping my hand and kissed it, smiling as she looked into my eyes told me she had fallen in love with me, and said she was aching to please me any way she could. She slipped an arm under me and kissed my mouth gently, I opened my lips and she gave me her tongue to suck as I pulled her body close to me, her generous tits pressing mine. Leaning over I gripped one in both my hands and squeezed it as I took her nipple in my mouth, now she reached up to hold my head against her tits as I suckled first one then the other till I felt her body move with a cry, then stiffen for a moment then collapse.


Fateful Meeting, Part 3

lesbian katlover1975 2018-03-03

“Happy birthday, oh sexy one!” she grinned, as her round, pretty little breasts mashed hard into my own bigger, fuller tits while we stood facing each other in the lake. Right here on the carpet!” And with that, I climbed on the face-up Kat and rubbed my throbbing, desperately horny clit hard against hers. Kat grinned up at me salaciously, face up beneath me, as she thoroughly rubbed peach lubricant into her pussy. Right on cue, at the thirty-eighth nibble, my pussy exploded onto her lovely face. “Do you think your body can come thirty-eight times in one day?” Kat challenged. “I can still taste your come on my breath, my darling Justine,” Kat winked, kissing me back with love, lust, and passion.

Layla and Alanna

lesbian LaylaFraxinus 2018-03-02

Alanna stared at her girlfriends smooth naked body and blushes, " Oh, did You want to dry me off, hun?" Layla nods and walked toward the woman dripping water all over the nice tile floor. Layla backed her girlfriend up against the countertop of the sinks and lifted her up onto them, smiling into her eyes as she took in Alanna's sexy body slowly spreading her legs apart. Layla closed her eyes and loved having her tongue dive deep into the layers of her sweetie's delicious cherry pie, working her tongue in and out tickling her clit with the tip of her tongue , she could hear Alanna starting to moan rather loudly and her hands on her head were pulling her down hard on her sex.

A new start: The love story of a sub pt6

lesbian Eager 2018-03-02

Has Slave done something wrong, that Mistress doesn’t want to be touched by her?" I asked. I asked her why and said that if I couldn’t be hers then I didn’t want to be the slave of anyone else. If you don't want me, then I'll be alone, no more slave playing, no more Mistress," I told her. I took the collar and I handed it to her, and said, "Accept this mark of my love and submission to you, please". Her mouth left mine and kissed my neck, licking it where my collar was, with her hands fondling my breasts, without touching my tense nipples. Yes, Serena, I want to serve you and love you, and stay with you every day of my life.”

Vacation by the Sea (Part 1)

lesbian EssenM123 2018-03-02

I could feel her breathing on my neck "You know, our night's not over just yet." Her words sent even more goose bumps down my body, I could feel her running her lips across my ear and her hands gliding down my bare body. I turned around, flicking my cigarette into the sand below, I pull her close to me by her hips and kiss the soft beautiful pink lips that I love so much. I slide myself back up her body, and give her a passionate kiss on the lips, letting her taste her juices. I let out a moan of intense pleasure as I feel my juices escape my body.

Killing my step mom's stress

lesbian kornslayer1 2018-03-01

Even though we're both women and it is taboo, I know I can still make you feel like a whole new woman before your date," I made clear, just before my hands seized her's and transported them to my breasts. “Oh, Tiffany, you must really love your step mom," she let me know, as her hands grabbed onto the sheets. Will you promise to stay my sweet step daughter forever?" she wanted to know, before her lips left laid a single kiss on my cheek. The next thing I know, I was right between her legs and she had her hands on my head just screaming 'Keep going.', over and over again.”

Donna and Nellie's Tits, Global Warming and Moving In

lesbian monica3 2018-02-28

Her finger pressed a little and then I felt myself rise out of my body and look down to see myself across her, back slightly arched and I heard someone making a wailing noise and realised it was me, then I was back in my body and my back was arching more and my mouth was open in a silent scream and then I shuddered and then I went into a paroxysm and then the scream came but it wasn’t a scream it was a groan, followed by a moan, followed by a cry of utter rapture. Later still, she said, ‘If I am going to stay here, we will have to have an understanding.’ I looked up at her as I lay, sated, in her lap, her hand gently resting on my naked breast.

Maurice and Grecia

lesbian ijustwannabe 2018-02-28

“I love your hair colour; I’ve been dying to go blonde!” She stopped what she was doing and took a good look at me, “you’re really pretty you know that? It was the most exciting moment, blood rushed towards my pussy and I felt myself getting wet again, and as my hand slipped down to soften the intensity, I realised I was still naked. In the darkness my eyes widened, and I looked at the beautiful girl, her moaning was still getting louder, and I recognised she was on the verge of having an orgasm. As she began to tense, and her body once again became that beautiful semi circle, I felt a wave of salty hot water drip into my tongue, and mouth, she began screaming but I didn’t stop.


lesbian Dorian29 2018-02-28

"Well for one..." I grabbed one of her hands and tangled her fingers with mine "you're uhm" talking became more and more of a challenge "you have beautiful hands" I pulled her hands closer to my lips "and you have a birth mark...right here on your thumb" when I get drunk I do things I wouldn't do when sober, butI'm very much aware I'm doing such crazy antics. I grabbed her arms, and slowly pinned her wrist above her head, and softly began to put pressure between her legs with my knee "oh...are you?" She tilted her head back against the door and whimpered and nodded "how wet?" I whispered in her ear "really fucking wet...ugh" "You're soaked baby" I nodded and closed my eyes as I felt her slide a finger inside me, I let out a slow moan.

Us as One

lesbian Tas 2018-02-28

I slowly start to run my hand all over your body. Kissing your neck and your back, running my hand up to your breast, massaging it slowly. The towel slowly drifts from your body, allowing me once again to feel your naked skin against mine. With this I start to stroke you harder, nibbling on your neck, kissing you softly. I stroked you harder and faster, your moans got louder and I leaned in and kissed you as you reached your peak. Your legs open and I set my body between it and entered my fingers back into you, you moaned and encouraged me to go on, I start to stroke you, your wetness covering my fingers.

Carla Buys A House Chapter Two

lesbian DLizze 2018-02-28

Thinking of all those things, it seemed to her that playing with Alice and Gerald was somehow cheating, even though neither she nor Doris had said anything that might lead to a commitment. Alice and Gerald want me to come over this weekend to play, and I feel like I’d be cheating on you. From the time you set it, until it goes off, you will stand in the kitchen, and you will rub circles on your clit with your right hand while you pinch your nipples with your left. The thought suddenly struck her, as she sniffled to herself, that Doris knew she was not going to be able to rub herself for that long without coming.

Slumber Party (Part 2)

lesbian Carmyn 2018-02-28

This is surely going to be the best slumber party yet." Then Tanya changed into a regular size tee and long pajama bottoms right before her mom walked in. "Your mom is so hot," Iara joked as she viewed the contents on the dresser. "You slut," Iara laughed as she snatched the cucumber from Tanya and put it in her mouth, giving the cucumber a blowjob. "Girls?" It was Tanya's mom at the door. Tanya and Iara had terminated their fun and were sitting on the floor by the time her mom walked into the room. Iara smiled, "I know what you need." Iara crawled towards Amber. "What's wrong, Mrs. Richardson?" Amber asked, mentally pulling Tanya and Iara out of their sexual frustrations.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 3

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-02-27

She chuckled as she said, “It has been many years since I have had the need for such a toy, but the women who come in here tend to like a couple different ones.” She grabbed a black one that was eight inches long and said, “This one is for deep penetration, but I am told, by some very reliable sources, that women love it, especially if it is turned on high.” “It is a tiny little vibrating toy, shaped like an egg, that goes inside you and can tease and please you all day long,” I explained handing her an egg and taking the vibe from her.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 8

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-02-27

In less than a minute of the triple pleasure, Gwen screamed into my pussy, “I’m cumming.” I kept pressure on her clit until her orgasm subsided and then moved back up. I moaned, “Fuck me Gwen, fuck your best friend’s cunt.” Gwen moved her ass up and down as best she could and I orgasmed after only a couple minutes of pleasure. I couldn’t imagine this could feel like this.” She began moving faster, her slightly chubby ass colliding with my body as she tried to get the cock deeper in her ass. Gwen grabbed it, turned it on high, and slid it into her pussy, I then straddled the other end awkwardly and we pushed the cock inside me.

The Club

lesbian asrosie 2018-02-27

Emma felt a twinge, she glanced at Lucy but her sister in law had disappeared into the crowd as she danced with Sam. A fingernail traced up her crack and she instinctively moved closer but when she looked into her eyes there was no hint of sexual intent, just teasing or was she just hoping it wasn’t there? They met in the middle of the bed, hands stroking each other’s faces and then they kissed again, Emma parted her mouth and let the tongue slide inside as she slid her hands around her body and began moving up and down her back feeling the corresponding reaction as Lucy began kissing more insistently.

Katy And The Canadian

lesbian LYFBUZ 2018-02-26

I just stared as she began a lengthy monologue telling me she was from Canada and how she loved being away from home and my God my hair was so gorgeous what did I use and why is the room so small and on and on like this wild blast of dark mysterious air that filled the room to bursting. I must have been holding my breath because I finally gasped louder than I wanted and she slowly turned to look at me. Her hand slowly slid down my body as I arched my back to meet her hand, wanting her touch, desperate for her fingers. I turned my face upward to look into her eyes then kissed her, taking charge for the first time.

Light in Winter, part one: Call me Kate

lesbian Thehoncath 2018-02-26

Katherine Ann wrote well, and like my lost love, handled even bad things with a lightness of touch which spoke of a kind and caring heart. Katherine and I had been in constant touch since the funeral, and to my delight, she had filled me in on so many details of Kate's life; it was almost as though she was giving me back my lost love. "You have a lovely house, Cath, and I'm so happy you are sharing it with me." She smiled, that same broad grin which Kate had won my heart with. I felt her tongue playing with my clit, sending electric shocks through my body.

Charlie and Cassandra Part One

lesbian timeflys 2018-02-26

Then I saw her, a tall and shapely woman with long dark brown locks of hair flowing down her back and bouncing as she approached her seat, she had large but very shapely breasts I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She gently rubbed my ass and said, “lift it up pet.” I obeyed without hesitation. “Now baby girl I’m going to take a quick shower I want you to get some rest, I’ll be out to check on you shortly,” she murmured. “I know what’s best for you my pet, because your mistress loves you very very much and doesn’t want anything to happen to her sweet little fuck toy.” “Arms up baby girl,” she said and she began to remove my work clothing and dress me in the mid-length nightgown she had picked out for me.


lesbian Dreams_of_Silver 2018-02-26

“Um, we could…well I don’t really need a sleeping bag,” I said, trying to find some way to escape the torture of lying next to her with so much skin contact. “I know you too well to not see through that ‘I’m fine’ bullshit." Her smooth tanned legs carried her gracefully across the floor as she walked into the carpeted living room and started to unroll her sleeping bag. I kissed and licked the soft inner flesh of her thighs, going from one leg to another, nearing her pussy, but never touching it. I stared up into her eyes, filled with lust and need, as I licked her pussy back and forth, then rotated my tongue in circles.

After Jess

lesbian monica3 2018-02-26

We’re calling it an evening dress party, we decided people look better that way than if they just assume it’s a come as you are affair.’ I’d always liked Tippi in a detached sort of way. I still loved Jess and knew if she’d been there I’d have been unhappy, even though we’d spoken since her hen night and all seemed well. As we chatted happily, I felt her hand squeeze my arm a few times and occasionally she leant against me. Tippi is tall, slender and has lovely dark brown hair, which she was wearing that night loosely tied back. I wasn’t going to try to last night because, well, it’d have felt like I’d only asked you so I could.