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A surprise visit

lesbian sexharvester 2018-11-26

Thursday 18th September: I have received an email from Lily; she is coming over and is staying, in a friend’s flat in Cambridge. Before I could say anything my Dad hands me an envelope, it contains a note giving me permission to be off school tomorrow afternoon and a return ticket to Cambridge. Friday 19th September afternoon: I am on the train to Cambridge; I find it hard to concentrate on the essay I am working on. Friday 19th September, Dinner: Lily had booked us into a top rate restaurant; I was concerned that neither she nor I was appropriately dressed. Sunday 21st September morning: Lily was to stay on in Cambridge for a few more day, I had to make my way home, school tomorrow.

The Edge of Reason

lesbian Fetch 2018-09-20

I promise you, baby, I won't let anyone harm you in any way possible." Jasmine whispered, taking Catherine's face in her hands sweetly. "I want you to be happy." Jasmine whispered, letting her hands rest on her friend's sides, making small circular moves. "Maybe later." Jasmine soothingly replied, letting her hands slide underneath Catherine's T-shirt. After a few minutes, Jasmine's hands had found their way underneath Catherine's shirt again, and restarted with stroking the soft skin. Catherine's hands moved up Jasmine's spine, and laid on the girl's back as the brunette gently cupped her breasts and kneaded them. Do that more often." Catherine smiled, stroking Jasmine's hair as the brunette laid her head down on the blonde's chest.

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 10

lesbian sugarisnice 2018-07-08

Amanda began rubbing Katie's breasts through her top and started tweaking her nipples. Katie's eyes got wide begging Amanda to finger fuck her to cum. Katie bit her lip and came hard on Amanda's fingers which were buried deep in her pussy, the action causing a shudder to course through Katie's whole body. Amanda continued mouth fucking Katie and playing her with pussy until Katie couldn't help but cum a third time. As she felt Amanda's fingers return to her pussy, Katie moaned uncontrollably. She lost her control and let go in a massive orgasm, squirting all over Amanda's hands which continued moving in and out of Katie's vagina. Amanda got on top of Katie and they kissed for a few minutes, holding each other after their latest orgasm.

30 Days And One Hot Night

lesbian lovelorn78 2018-06-17

Eyes met eyes at that moment and Georgia dove in for a deep kiss in which their tongues playfully danced to a heated tune and then Georgia's hand slid down slowly to the refuge of Faye's need and once again she began her sensual task of eliciting pleasure from her love and as she thrust in and out of her with tender desire she felt Faye's body rise to the occasion and with each penetrating thrust within she could hear the growing moans along with Faye's counter thrusts as if the more Georgia dove in the more Faye wanted her deeper.

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 01

lesbian sugarisnice 2018-06-09

Amanda loved Katie's body at times couldn't take her hands off of her lover, and wife. After a while of Amanda's licking sucking and tongue ass-fucking Katie was panting heavily. Amanda put her hands on the back of Katie's head and pulled her face into hers for a deep, sensual kiss. Amanda then moved up so that her pussy first rubbed Katie's nipples. Katie was moaning loudly and let out a cry as she came in the pool, holding Amanda tightly to her shivering body. Katie slowly licked around Amanda's pussy, and kissed the slit very softly. She stuck the tip of her tongue inside and Amanda pressed her hands against Katie's head forcing her to go deeper.

Hot Cherries and a Banana

lesbian Lia Monde 2018-05-16

Taking this as an encouraging sign, Debi shifted her hand to gently touch the naked flesh beneath the airy cloth of Jenna's dress. She pushed the blonde hair off her excited face, and licked her lips, "I'd looooove to eat your fruit." Waving the bananas lasciviously, she said, "And, I think you'll especially like this long, firm banana." Without removing her lips from the tight breasts, Jenna pushed the blouse down Slick's arms and tossed it behind the sofa. Debi's mischievous sucking on the stiff seven inch fruit, stimulated Jenna's imagination as much as the intimate touching did her body. Slick drew the banana from her mouth and brought the now warm fruit against Jenna's opening cunt lips.

Forget Me Not Ch. 01

lesbian the_reminx 2018-05-02

The best thing about it is that she loves the feel of it, and she knows that when I'm wearing it it's time for a much needed 'recess.' My girl's suitemate exits her own room and comments on my jacket. I released her hair and she dropped to her knees, kneeling in the proper fashion; legs slightly parted, hands on her thighs, palms facing up, back straight, head up and eyes down. I left her bare assed to my feasting eyes, as I flipped the slight tail of her light-blue dress shirt up so that it wasn't in the way. "Yes my little leather whore, you know what's coming don't you?" I whispered to her in a low sadistic tone.

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 02

lesbian sugarisnice 2018-04-29

Feeling very aroused and a little adventurous, Katie put the note down, kicked off her heels, took off her jacket and started following the rose petals. Katie got close to Amanda's face, and just before kissing her hard, said, "Katie is going to ravish little Amanda." Katie kissed Amanda's neck as her toe continued fucking Amanda's pussy, and then stopped. Shifting her weight, Katie put her big toes up to Amanda, who used her tongue to clean them of her cum and wetness. Katie spread her legs and Amanda inserted two fingers, stroking in and out of Katie's wet pussy. Amanda kept stroking Katie and finger fucked her to a orgasm which reached deep into Katie's vagina and caused her body to shutter.

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 05

lesbian sugarisnice 2018-03-31

Amanda kept moving her fingers in and out of Katie's pussy until Katie tiled her head back, lifted her butt off the sofa and stopped breathing for a second, then she let go with a huge orgasm that left her totally spent. Amanda moved her hands over the length of Katie's nude quivering body as she sucked out her pussy, caressing her hips, her buttocks, her stockings, her bare thighs and her kinky boots. Katie let out a loud gasp as Amanda began suckling on her clitoris again, this time moving her fingers inside, and around, teasing her labia. Katie groaned loudly as Amanda sucked and licked her clitoris while slowly sliding her fingers in and out of her anus and pussy.


lesbian savismith 2018-03-04

I looked down, kissed you softly, and whispered, "You're the sweetest thing I've ever tasted." I slid my hand down your stomach softly, up and down, cherishing the feel of your skin, "The softest thing I've ever touched." Burying my head in the slope of your neck, I rubbed my lips softly against your shoulder, "And the most amazing thing I've ever felt." Pumping a little harder and faster, knowing that you'd prefer it a little rougher, but wanting to make you burn for it, I whispered in your ear, "Now keep your hands up like that and let me touch you." Your back arched severely when I kissed down your throat and around your breasts.

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 11

lesbian sugarisnice 2018-02-24

Katie and Amanda left the company, bought tickets to an exotic local, and spent the rest of their days working on their tans at the beach, sipping on exotic drinks and making passionate love to one another as often as possible. Following the sentencing, Amanda West, Katie's lover and Vida's former assistant, contacted the warden of the prison where Vida was going and cut a deal with him. Vida did not know Sally Ann. They never met, as Sally Ann, a big white woman with dark hair, darker eyes, small breasts, flabby stomach and fat ass, mostly kept to herself in the violent crime wing of the prison.

My First Love - Again Ch. 06

lesbian nickiche 2017-10-20

Taylor could already feel how moist and slick her core had become by just looking at Nicki, that sweet seductive smile on her face only making matters worse. "I promise I'll be good, Chaton," Nicki whispered in a silken voice as she inched herself upwards onto the bed without missing an opportunity to brush her body against Taylor's. Taylor was quivering underneath her, fingers tangled up in Nicki's long silken hair, pulling her head closer to her body. "You were half awake when I carried you upstairs and undressed you," Nicki said, then added, "Let's just sleep and process everything that's happened and talk about it in the morning, okay?" Nicki lay down on the bed and turned her back against her lover.