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Smile for the Camera

lesbian ShadyLadyJulie 2018-06-27

"Just tell them the truth," Pete laughed, "that you fantasize about having your pussy licked by another woman and that you get turned on by the thought of licking another woman to a climax." Sophie swallowed nervously as he went on, "and if you really them, click and put on a show for her" as he nodded to the array of various sized dildos and vibrators lined up next to the screen. Gently rub that clit imagining it was my tongue licking softly." Pete watched his wife in silence switching his gaze between her open pussy on screen and looking at the monitors so he could see the total rapture that was etched on her face.

First Love - Part 3

lesbian Banes1 2018-06-27

The hands reach my cock and stroke my shaft as Denise sucks my other swollen testicle. They rub their breasts together as Denise sucks Janice's tongue. Janice puts her hand on the back of Denise's head, pulling her closer. "Mmmm Janice I just love your taste and scent." Denise says as she takes in a breath and licks her thighs. Janice rubs my cock head scooping up the cum there. "Mmmm Denise, don't you just love the scent of cum?" Janice says as she licks her palm. She puts a hand on the back of Janice's head, pulls her to her breast. Janice licks up the cum and shares with Denise as they kiss.

For Warmth, For Life

lesbian sultry_eyes88 2018-06-26

Christine, Yvonne and I wander around picking up what we could, bringing armfuls back to the cabin one at a time. “I don’t want to make things weird, but don’t you all think our naked bodies pressed together, is hot?” Yvonne giggles; she is always so flirty with everyone. I feel movement, and I open my eyes to see Christine lying on top of Yvonne, rubbing her tits with her own. Yvonne lies next to Christine and pistons two fingers in and out of her pussy while watching me tongue fuck our friend. I crawl over her body and kiss her on the mouth before collapsing next to her, Yvonne slipping in on the other side of Christine.

The Cruise Singer Part 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-06-24

Amanda stood motionless alternating between looking at Monique and closing her eyes as Evette continued her delicate task. Monique kneeled next to them on the floor, taking the penis in her hand she helped guide Amanda between Evette's legs. Evette smiled, dropping her head back onto the bed she moaned as Amanda slipped the long black plastic penis into her. Evette wrapped her legs around Amanda holding her in place, no broken English now all her words were in French which Monique translated for her lover. Evette's reactions were similar, her tight muscles contracted as she fell back on the bed, her head nearly hitting the sprawled body of Monique who was laying perpendicular to the lovers, lost in her own orgasmic cloud.

Paint me a picture

lesbian DownUnderLesbian 2018-06-24

Julia looks at me deep, before saying, "Baby, I work here," With that she slowly walks off to say hello to a few more women. We also want to turn out our toes slightly, to match our thighs during the squat and avoid twisting of the knee joints." My heart raced as she gently slided her hand up my lower leg to my knee. "I said I feel a little sore." I answer, as my eyes watch the blurred vision in front of me go from bright red to a tasty beige. Julia had noticed Charlie's hungry eyes, and attempt to delay dressing, and so continued to lather her body, rubbing herself sensually.

Lipstick Lesbian - Part Two

lesbian Beckie2309 2018-06-24

In the darkness of my hand covered eyes my brain started it’s own movie, with Mora the lead. “Come on, time to meet our client,” Mora announced before wiggling her plump ass in the black skin hugging bandage dress. Mora would then push me down to the bed and slowly remove my sandals, brushing her hands down my legs to marvel the silky soft skin that awaited her. “Ahhhhh Mora!” screamed the client as I jolted right out of my fantasy. “I’ve got to go, sorry.” I quickly stood and nodded to Mora that I was all right but very pissed off. My eyes went wide and before I knew it my free hand gripped his throat and my knee connected with his balls.

Carla Buys A House Chapter Two

lesbian DLizze 2018-06-24

Thinking of all those things, it seemed to her that playing with Alice and Gerald was somehow cheating, even though neither she nor Doris had said anything that might lead to a commitment. Alice and Gerald want me to come over this weekend to play, and I feel like I’d be cheating on you. From the time you set it, until it goes off, you will stand in the kitchen, and you will rub circles on your clit with your right hand while you pinch your nipples with your left. The thought suddenly struck her, as she sniffled to herself, that Doris knew she was not going to be able to rub herself for that long without coming.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-06-24

Jordan and Emma were in the shallow end talking when Janelle and Kelsey walked out. “Shall we?” Emma asked while she took her hand leading Jordan out of the water to join Kelsey and Janelle. After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity to Kelsey, Emma grasped Jordan's hands as they talked. Janelle thought about moving, but it had been a long time since she felt another woman or girl against her, so she just let Kelsey enjoy. Think of Emma, how she kissed you, what she looked like, then do whatever you want that feels good.” Janelle turned on her side to face Jordan, her breasts brushing against the young woman felt good.

The Passion of Agnes Part 2

lesbian Audrey_X 2018-06-24

Following the night I have described, my love and I awoke early and took the cure with our other pious ladies. I raged, I shouted, I threatened, then I would relent, plead, apologize, promise to live contritely and to bear Monsieur beautiful children if only my Cordelia might be spared. Under my coarse habit I felt my warm body glow, desiring more life, more pleasure, not less. I was in my cell, clutching my straw-stuffed pillow as was my wont, clenching my eyes to imagine better my one true love when I heard a voice, sweetly familiar but somehow hazy and even ethereal speak my name. My tears wet the hard stones of my cell floor, my hands clenched together as if in beseechment.

SLUTS 3: Games and Art

lesbian marie5555 2018-06-24

As Kath lay her back on the floor, it was Lynn who was first between her legs, tongue working on her as Kath rubbed harder to make Karen come more strongly, then Kath switched her grip to Karen's wrists as Ginger took over rubbing Karen's clit and she was coming again for them, and still they carried on and on until she had a helpless third climax, before they decided she had done. By the time Karen had recovered, the others had gone over to Jenny and were taking turns letting Jenny use her mouth on their hungry pussies, while one of them teased her sensitive slit with the vibe until each had come. 

Katie and Clara become more than just friends

lesbian TylerJameson 2018-06-24

In the centre of the room against the far wall was the massive four poster bed which Tyler had intended as their love nest for the holiday, instead she would have more than enough room to share with Clara, and probably five more girls for that matter. While Katie was a little shy at first she simply watched as Clara ground her firm ass against Jason's belt buckle while leaning her back against his strong chest. Katie was thinking of how Tyler loved to taste her pussy and ass and tease her boobs with his soft hands. Looking intensely at Katie, Clara tucked her other free hand under her silk green thong to be greeted by a well of sex juice on her pussy.

Flight 19

lesbian Edward36 2018-06-24

The night flight was pretty empty which meant she and the rest of the crew would have a quiet time over the next few hours, serving drinks and food to the 30 or so passengers on their way to London or New York. After 20 minutes of Claire describing her last fuck in great detail, Julia made her way back to the front of the plane for a sit down and rest before the landing in London. Soon the subject turned to sex and as Peter started talking about his recent exploits, Julia could feel herself squirming as the handsome English pilot described in great detail the ways he had fucked his last three conquests. As Kate suddenly slid two fingers into her pussy and started to fuck herself, so did Julia.

My girlfriend's step sister joins us

lesbian kornslayer1 2018-06-24

I stood two feet from the bed as a few drops of lady juice flowed down my right leg and then Nancy's tongue entered Amber's cherry. My knees met the floor as the sight of Amber's head leaning way back entered my vision, then her hands seized small parts of the blanket and held it rather tightly as her torso twitched up and down several times. My eyes viewed Nancy's tongue slither back in between Amber's slit lips and my mouth opened. My palms came to rest right onto her Nancy's as her lips placed her special kissing heading on my shoulders where she went back and forth three times in a row with three kisses each.

Seat 23E

lesbian leggielibby 2018-06-24

Penny was waiting for me at the galley area, “You look like you need rescuing,” she smiled at me, and I swear my pussy throbbed in response. I felt her hand slip beneath my skirt, her fingers lifting and stretching my thong tight against my pussy, she was flossing my slit. Her hands gripped my butt cheeks and pulled me forward to meet her advancing face, her tongue lapped hard against my slit, I squealed in pleasure as she sucked my lips between her own. Sweet and syrupy it oozed from her core, and I wanted more, stiffening my tongue I pushed deep into her pussy as I lifted her legs higher spreading her thighs apart.

Last Wives Club -- 4 -- Unenthusiastic Sex

lesbian LastWife 2018-06-24

I didn't know where these thoughts were taking me, but that particular truth, that I was submissive in Kyra's role play and enjoyed it, might be a key to repairing my relationship with my husband. I thought she was going to put it directly on the metal ball at the back end of her dildo, but instead, she must have put a little creme on her finger and started rubbing it on my asshole. I've been trying to reexamine my relationship with him, and maybe understanding things like that will help. Cath, it would be easy to be enthusiastic about having sex with Dan. He's a good looking guy, he's polite and respectful, and you can tell that he's just boiling to let his passion out.

That Summer Dress

lesbian Edward36 2018-06-23

Mary lingered on her breasts a bit before parting her legs and slipping the sponge between her legs, soaking up the feeling spreading through her pussy. Her eyes closed as one hand grabbed her left breast, pulling her hard nipple as the sponge worked its magic between her legs. Mary felt her body responding to Sarah’s mouth as it teased each nipple, making them wet and hard. By the time Sarah had begun to kiss down her stomach, Mary’s robe was open and her legs parted. The visions filled her head and her body as she felt Sarah’s mouth on her mound, kissing softly before her tongue began its dance across Mary’s pussy lips.

Catching Up (Part 6)

lesbian tak0chan 2018-06-23

Imagining you…getting wet imagining me… Ohhh…Oh yes…” I could hear her breathing heavily in the pause before she went on: “So, when you had to stop reading because you felt so wet – mmm, I’m loving hearing you talk about this – did you have to do something about that excitement?” There was no mistaking the erotic breathiness in her voice now. I managed to hold out from touching myself until I reached a passage in which she described them tribbing for the first time, cunts and clits pounding and grinding together, breasts flying, bodies bucking, spittle spraying on gusting breath as they cried out in mutual ecstasy… Suddenly the need for a quick powerful orgasmic release overwhelmed me.

The Choker Club Chronicles

lesbian RobinMaxwell760 2018-06-22

I dropped my torso into the lounge but raised my pelvis into her warm wet hand as the tingle that started in my pussy radiated throughout my body in waves of pleasure. She finished cleaning me off her hand and leaned into my face, I felt her breast drag over mine as she brought her lips close to my ear and said, My God, this was it, my beautiful Leah was going to work my pussy out and if she was half as good at that as she was kissing, I was a dead girl. I closed my eyes and started to feel better from the lotion she had applied, probably still look like road kill.


lesbian adele 2018-06-22

I pulled my lips apart and pushed the dildo in, working it in and out with one hand, while rubbing my clit with the other one. As my body jerked in orgasm, Lida suddenly took the vibrator and shoved it into my pussy, next to the dildo. My finger went to my clit and rubbed the swollen head, producing yet another orgasm. I moved my hand down and pushed two fingers inside her pussy; her other hand pushed my head down between her legs. I worked on her clit with my thumb, but soon she pushed my head down and my tongue began working on it instead.

A spanking for a naughty girl

lesbian thesexualself 2018-06-22

Before she went on her way, Jessica whispered to Sammy “A naughty little slut like you deserves a spanking.” She loved the way Jessica had taken control of her, she'd been such a naughty little slut and now she was learning a very pleasurable lesson. Sammy wanted to scream Jessica’s name as Jessica took control of her pussy and brought her to mind blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm. Right before the wave of orgasmic euphoria crashed over her, Sammy screamed out, “Oh God yes…fuck me Jess, fuck me, oh God” and then she came, squirting all over Jessica and creating a big puddle on the bed. Jessica tasted like Sammy’s pussy juice but Sammy didn’t mind.

Would You Like Ketchup With That? 3

lesbian sprite 2018-06-22

I couldn’t help but play with myself on the drive home, stroking my puffy clit with my finger, recalling her smile as she gazed down into the car, eyes, sparkling with mischief, fastened on my exposed cunt. A moment later, I felt her hand resting on my thigh, warm against my bare skin, just below my skirt, her thumb sliding absently along the hem, repeating the motion, each time pushing my skirt slightly, revealing incrementally more and more of my thigh. I followed her, my hand in hers, so lost in sexual euphoria that I walked into one of the glass doors on the way out of the building, moaning softly as I felt the trickle of desire running down the insides of both thigh as the cooling night air found its way under my short skirt.

Mutual Friends

lesbian jjustjenny 2018-06-21

To let her know that she was interested in more than mere friendship; perhaps to have even whispered in their parting hug that its been a long time since her cunt was so wet just from meeting someone. “I wanted to slip my hand under your skirt and cup your cunt.” “No. I want you to finger your cunt.” “You want to touch your cunt?” Facing the couch, just above the phone, she unsnaps her jeans, slowly drawing down the zipper in a way that she knows will be heard on the other end. “Oh I want to eat your cunt.” Her body twisting, eyes closed, her hand cupping her cunt, she holds on as she sucks on her finger.

The First day of Summer

lesbian Magpie_Brookes 2018-06-21

I blushed brightly, but couldn't help but gawk at her breasts and dark colored areola that surrounded her erect nipple. I felt my pussy grow wet and hot the more she kissed me and couldn't help myself as I rubbed it on her thigh. Holding a breast in each hand, she squeezed and pressed them together, all the while teasing my nipples with her thumbs. One of her long, slender hands ran down my stomach and slipped inside my bottoms. Naomi's tongue slowly ran up the side of one lip and down the other. I couldn't take it any longer and pressed her mouth against my throbbing pussy while I rocked my hips. Naomi seemed to know exactly what was going on and forced three fingers inside me.

Me and Maria Part 1

lesbian AnnaGrace 2018-06-21

My hand still wandered a little down there but Maria suddenly got oh so close and I didn’t want to get caught, so I kept my hand still. I winced a little (which in hindsight, isn't the best thing to do while looking at your friend's boobs!) as I tried to erase those thoughts, failing, then trying to replace them with "straight" thoughts. “I saw your ass jiggle when you walked to lock the door, and just couldn’t help myself.” I said with a straight face, voice trembling a little. “I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little curious about..girls..” As I said that I pulled down my sweatpants and showed Maria my wet panties.