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Cheater gets punished by his wife and mistress.

lesbian Sexxy_Delilah 2018-12-04

She pulled her pussy lips apart and I licked her clit firmly, making small circles. I tongue fucked her pussy, and sucked her clit, then she pulled her legs all the way back and I tongued her from asshole to clit over and over, while she shivered. She went back over to the couch and said, " Now fuck me with that dildo. She ground her pussy into my face, and I could barely breathe, but I licked her and tongue fucked her while he made me cum. You like his cum so fucking much, lick it out of my cunt. I put my tongue up inside her, and licked and sucked as much of his cum out of her dripping wet pussy as I could.

A Week In A Dungeon - Day 5A

lesbian Aerith_Lives 2018-12-04

Ashley opens her mouth widely and takes in Miss Rose's foot as deeply as she can. Just the feeling of being collared to Miss Rose's bed, makes Ashley's nipples hard. Ashley tries to focus putting her right sock on, as the feeling of Tessa's touch distracts her immensely. Mistress lets Tessa's hair go and pushes her ass into the cage so that she's facing the opposite way as Ashley. Mistress doesn't say a word as she grabs Ashley's left hand and secures it to Tessa's left foot. Ashley can barely move her arms now as the cage is very restrictive, and Tessa's little, socked feet are pressed against the sides of her head.

Charlotte takes her first female sub

lesbian gstringslut 2018-11-29

With an excited look in her eyes and a smile on her face, Emily works both hands on my right foot softly caressing my entire foot; from my ankles to my toes. Emily is riding my left foot really hard, she’s trying desperately to get my big toe into her hot little hole. I decide to buy a few things for little Emily – a black half cup pushup bra will accentuate her young breasts, a red leopard print gstring that is barely big enough to cover that sweet pussy, and a black pair of seemed thigh high stockings and matching black garter belt.

Charlie and Cassandra Part One

lesbian timeflys 2018-11-29

Then I saw her, a tall and shapely woman with long dark brown locks of hair flowing down her back and bouncing as she approached her seat, she had large but very shapely breasts I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She gently rubbed my ass and said, “lift it up pet.” I obeyed without hesitation. “Now baby girl I’m going to take a quick shower I want you to get some rest, I’ll be out to check on you shortly,” she murmured. “I know what’s best for you my pet, because your mistress loves you very very much and doesn’t want anything to happen to her sweet little fuck toy.” “Arms up baby girl,” she said and she began to remove my work clothing and dress me in the mid-length nightgown she had picked out for me.

The Governess Ch. 04

lesbian Shamrockk 2018-11-28

Simone knew that her mother was anxious that she should impress her aunt and her cousins when she visited them in France later that summer, and the idea of spending time in London alone with Miss Pauline was exciting. Miss Pauline hoped that Mademoiselle LeFevre could show Simone how to surrender more fully to a true Mistress and thus find the path to her own Mistress-hood. "This is a house of games Simone," Mademoiselle LeFevre said, gesturing to the doors, "Each room is designed for particular pastimes." As they approached the door of the Egyptian room, Miss Pauline whispered, "Follow my lead in everything and obey the Mademoiselle's commands without question."

Race Play Ch. 18

lesbian Samuelx 2018-11-24

That's why, as an African-American woman, I love to make the Haitians, especially the Haitian men, have a lousy time while they reside at the House of Life. I've been told that Haitian men and Haitian women living in the Republic of Canada live longer and make more money than African-Americans living in the United States of America. I love to verbally harass the Africans, Haitians, Hispanics, Asians and Arabs staying at the House of Life but I'm always nice to the White people. Little by little, Miss O'Connor began transforming me from a loud and obnoxious, perpetually hostile Black woman of the inner city into a docile and pliant person.

Drinking the Receptionist's Pee

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-22

" She nodded, then pulled herself up, one hand resting on my pelvis as she slowly rubbed my clit while her head wandered up my body, kissing and licking my skin wherever it was exposed. I looked up again and saw Giulia still standing by the door, but now with a hand down the front of her pants while the other was playing with her breast under her jacket. As I pulled my dress under my breasts, letting them fall out full and heavy, playing with my nipples as Martina went back to sucking my clit, she opened her pants and her hand went back inside. Giulia's face grew bright red as she looked down, where Martina had opened her mouth wide right at the base of her pussy, waiting patiently.

The Stewardess Became My Toilet

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-21

I must've looked a little lost, as a stewardess asked me right away: "Can I help?" I explain that the bathrooms in the other sections are all occupied and I was just looking for a free one. When I let her go, she closes the door behind her while I gently run my fingers through her hair and whisper into her ear: "I need to pee." My piss soaks her white blouse and at first it looks like she's about to run, but then the submissive in her comes back and she opens her mouth and lets the pee run inside. The rest of the flight I keep wondering if she's got any dry clothes to change into or needs to continue working soaked in my juices.

Zoe's Midnight Part 2 - Bathroom Slave

lesbian thebigbeast 2018-11-16

Zoe was still on her knees, so Jade removed her skirt and her matching blue and white spotty panties and sat back down. Opening her legs, she inserted Zoe's dildo into her pussy lips and guided her slave's head back and forth. Eventually, she had Zoe build up a momentum and allowed her to continue to fuck her pussy with her face. The sweat poured down Zoe's face as she fucked Jade, and she could still feel the butt plug stretching her asshole. Francesca then began to finger Zoe's pussy and lick her clit, so masterfully that Zoe squirted across her Mistress' face. Francesca rubbed her face against Zoe's pussy and delighted in the taste and smells.

The Secret Mistress

lesbian bronte27 2018-11-16

Isabella wanted a divorce from her husband and I helped her make it through a successful dissolution. The door opened and in stepped Isabella in a vintage black and white polka dot dress that shaped every curve of her perfect slim physique. The feeling grew as she walked over to me and her breath was close to mine and we stared back at each other. Isabella pushed me back against the bookshelf and leaned her body against mine. I closed my eyes and gasped out loud in pleasure as I felt her hand begin to enter my wet pussy. Taking us both to a new height of sexual pleasure and making our bodies double in orgasm.

Piss Whores in Training - The Stewardess Became My Toilet

lesbian Kathrin 2018-11-14

I must've looked a little lost, as a stewardess asked me right away: "Can I help?" I explain that the bathrooms in the other sections are all occupied and I was just looking for a free one. When I let her go, she closes the door behind her while I gently run my fingers through her hair and whisper into her ear: "I need to pee." My piss soaks her white blouse and, at first, it looks like she's about to run, but then the submissive in her comes back and she opens her mouth and lets the pee run inside. The rest of the flight I keep wondering if she's got any dry clothes to change into or needs to continue working soaked in my juices.

My Mistress, My Lover: Ch. 1

lesbian LeiahLapDance 2018-11-13

undies and nylons," my mistress kissed down my jaw and neck, her hands running in small circles over my naked body. The box is a small room, empty except for one prop to be used by the girl working (swing, pole, dildo, etc.), with bright pink tile flooring, and one way glass, as well as a foot wide oval at waist length for each client. In the middle of the room was my prop, a simple black-seated metal school chair, and I was more than surprised to see my mistress straddling the chair with a whip in her hand, licking her lips and looking me up and down as I strutted towards her.

The Perfect Bitch

lesbian 19Savant 2018-11-13

She patted my butt, then strolled out of our tiny kitchen, and I couldn’t help but watch her, that perfectly round ass moving under her shorts, her long legs that I’d kill for, and yes, her feet, too. God it felt like her eyes were seeing right through me, seeing down deep inside, seeing shit I didn’t even know about and there was no where to run and hide. In the kitchen, watching the popcorn in the microwave and cleaning up the peanut butter, I had plenty of time to think, the little voice back, telling me to run away, to find somewhere else to live, asking me over and over what the hell I was doing.

Black Female Slave

lesbian Samuelx 2018-11-13

That's why I walked away from my job as librarian at Brockton Community College to become the house servant of an elderly white woman named Louisa Wilson. She's an older lady who lived in the old days when a lot of Blacks and Hispanics served Whites. I love to submit to white chicks, especially older white women like Louisa Wilson. Mistress loves a black woman who knows her place. Mistress Louisa Wilson controls my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Then one day I met Mistress Louisa Wilson and she showed me what my life was missing. I'm simply living out my fantasy of being a black female submissive to a domineering older white woman.

Cheerleader Submission: A Love Story

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-11-10

I pulled her to the side during our second week of tryouts and complimented her, not even remotely considering seducing her at the moment (even though if truth be told a couple of my best late-night self-pleasure fantasies included her as the main attraction), "Kayla, you are a natural leader." "Yes, Mistress Laura," Kayla replied obediently, her finger going to her completely shaved pussy. Laura laughed, shaking her head, as the two girls began walking the other way, leaving poor Kayla with her finger still in her vagina, "What a slut." "Do you want to eat my pussy, Kayla?" I asked, lifting up my dress. The second picture again hid her delicious looking pussy, but her small breasts and luscious platinum hair showcased her perfect beauty.

Bedtime for Rachael

lesbian MsTara 2018-11-09

I turned and took her hand and pulled her to me and kissed her softly on the lips, holding her to me and rubbing her bottom, I whispered to her softly, "I love you, Rachael, so very much." Then, I took her hand and led her to our bed. I then moved back up, my panty-covered mound brushing over her cheeks as I reached up to massage her neck again, working around the base of her neck and shoulders before I started back down her spine, slowly, one vertebra at a time sliding down on her bottom and thighs again as I massaged down to her bottom and rubbed her cheeks again. I moved off her and lay next to her, reaching over to softly caress her lower abdomen, rubbing my fingers in small circles over her tummy working slowly lower.

Bedding the Babysitter Ch. 04

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-11-09

Brief Summary: Jenny attempts to fulfill an order from one of her two Mistresses, when she meets with her unknowing teacher to finish a seduction she had slowly been doing all week (a brief sub-plot in Bedding the Babysitter 3). Just as I was beginning to think I had failed a second time, Miss Morgan pulled up. I begged, "Oh yes, Mistress Cameron, don't stop, make me come again." A second finger slid inside me, joining the first, and I let out a squeal of delight. Miss Morgan moaned and I cupped, fondled and sucked on her large 'C' breasts for a long time, becoming completely lost in them.

Dominican Slut: Humiliated Pet

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-11-06

In part three, Dominican Slut: Cunt Muncher, Elizabeth's Jewish bitch boss learns of her submissive slut past and present and reassigns her new job duties as the firm's CUM BUCKET...where she proceeds to taste pussy for the first, second and third time. Ms. Goldstein asked, looking at Candace, "Do you want our spic cum bucket to lick your cunt?" "Let me reword this," Ms. Goldstein said, "Candace, let our cum bucket lick your white cunt or I will spank her in front of you." Wanting to bury my face back in her cunt, I begged, "Please Mistress, let your lesbiana puta lick your beautiful, superior, white pussy perfection."

Training Teacher Ch. 03

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-10-30

"Yes, don't you get it, Hannah, I have loved you for a long time and now that I finally know there is a possibility of you and I being an 'us', I have to compete with hot fucking 18-year-olds." Constance, her voice trailing away, "I knew you would." Seconds later, the door opened and closed and I was left alone with three 18-year-old girls, whom two were ex-students. Karli, now close to orgasm, got more excited, "Yes, Mrs. Hawkins, lick my pussy, oh my God, yes, it feels so good." I took her clit into my mouth and she screamed, "Oh my fucking God, I'm coming." I kept lapping as she had small convulsions on the chair.

Saturday Just Keeps Going

lesbian why_not_jill 2018-10-03

Your hands are in my hair, guiding my mouth to just the right spot, the warm water is running down our bodies, I open my mouth, knowing it's about to happen. I feel your hands in my hair, pushing my face into you, your hips working in time with my tongue and my fingers - pushing them into you deep, it's so easy because you are so wet. Feeling your hands releasing my hair, knowing just how super sensitive your clit is right after you cum, I move away from it and slide my fingers out from inside you. Looking up at you, you move your hands to my cheeks and say, "My goodness my little Jilly, you make me cum like no other person can.

Adrienne: A Love Story

lesbian sweetbeauty28752 2018-10-02

Her tears, my sore hand, the blood rushing to the surface of her skin turning it a bright red; I know she needs to be reminded. "Hello Mistress I went to the bakery to get you some fresh bagels." She is smiling as she comes over to give me a kiss on the cheek. I look at her and through her hair I see that her eyes are closed and her hands are in her lap. "Adrienne, look at me." Her head rises and turns to face me, her eyes are moist with tears and have a longing in them. I close my eyes; I want only to think about how her lips feel; the passion and hunger of her kisses, the desire.

Carvella Ch. 08

lesbian annie_slick 2018-10-01

"You said…you said…you were looking forward to tasting me Mistress." Tatiana gave a little nip pulling a squeal out of Linda. "You would give me the last virginity you have Miss Moore?" Said Tatiana as she finger fucked Linda's asshole in the back of the nite club. "That is one half of the relationship Miss Moore, what is your relationship to your Mistress?" Tatiana stopped behind Linda. "Are you my slave Miss Moore?" Tatiana let her hand trail to Linda's nipple which she pinched a little too tight for pleasure. "Yes. Yes Mistress I am your slave." Tatiana pulled her close by her nipple and kissed Linda full on the lips. "Now the slacks Miss Moore." Tatiana gently pressed Linda's shoulders until she was kneeling at her feet.

Almost Chance Ch. 06

lesbian noebode 2018-09-30

Dimly, she had been aware of Mistress withdrawing from her, her fingers sliding out of her soaked slit, her other hand taking away the candle that had dripped pain and pleasure onto her breasts, her body sliding off the bed but she was already so far lost in herself that she needed no more stimulation. She opened her eyes, looking round the room for Mistress, and saw her leaning on the bars at the bottom of the bed, smiling as she looked at Jen, casually licking her left hand, the one that had been so deep inside her, obviously appreciating her taste.

Katrina and Mama Ch. 02

lesbian pusylvr69 2018-09-28

I want to know everything about you and what you like when it comes to fucking. I want to turn you into my submissive little fuck slave. There is a compartment in the top of the bed that has a spreader bar hooked to a pulley system for you to be able to spread my legs as far apart as you want and raise my legs up and down at ease. I felt her get on the bed between my legs and, still taking pictures, she lubed up my ass with her middle finger. I could feel the flow of her juices change and I planted myself on her clit and sucked like my life depended on it. She reached down and stuck two fingers from each hand into my cunt and just started slamming my fuck hole like a whore.