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A New Clientele

lesbian spuddick 2018-10-30

I had just finished with my last client of the day, a large man with oily skin and thick glasses who did not get the special package and left without speaking, when the phone rang. "Done," she said, turning back over onto her belly and shutting her eyes as if dropping a thousand dollars on a massage and fuck was as relaxing to her as a deep dreamless sleep. "Is this all I get for my money?" she said in a breathless whisper, placing her hand on the top of my head and gently pushing me down. In a blur of color and pleasure, I was sitting on her face, her tongue working in me the way no man could, and I was shacking against her head board.

Emily wants More of Gina

lesbian lesbian_luvr 2018-06-04

She kissed down Gina's breasts and stomach, then stood on the floor and bent forward to go down on her and hold her hips as Gina shut her eyes, moaned and arched her back. I zoomed from medium shot to close-up, then my camera battery died as I tried to get a close-up of Gina's buttocks, upsetting me, as I wanted to film more, but Emily said we completed the scene. Emily said she had another scene to be in her restroom the next day and asked if Gina and I wanted to stay overnight, saying she would pay for it and her bed could fit all three of us.

Twenty Minutes Ch. 02

lesbian MercuryLove31 2018-04-29

When she was sure he was gone, Janet looked at her friend intently, reaching out to cover her hands. And although she knew Janet would do it for her, she didn't want to invite the police into her friend's life by asking her to deposit small sums until all the money was transferred. She was working at a private nursing home ten minutes from her house, had bought a small Toyota, simple furniture, and was going about trying to live a normal life. She hadn't needed any of the money in the safe deposit box since moving, but she wanted to stop by and check on the contents just in case.


lesbian mustbtuesday 2018-03-29

"I was just walking down the street and this guy called me over from his van... "Yeah, can't be too careful, even if yer just saying hi..." "He says he's doing a documentary film on Irish girls and wanted to know if I'd want to help." "He says he's doing a film and offers me €2000 to help him with it." "Yes, I could use the money... "What's to fucking think about?" "We got to talking, and I asked him what exactly I needed to do in this film for €2000. You got out of there, right?" Will you please have hot, naked, lesbian sex with me in the back of a grungy van on film for €2000 each?"

Tomorrow Isn't Promised Ch. 04

lesbian velvetpie 2018-02-13

Washburn opened the door and stepped aside as the woman came into the house, dropping her purse on the couch and heading for the prepared lines of ground OC that waited on the marble cheese board. "Someone has been stealing drugs from the hospital and selling them on the street." Alex crossed the living room and handed Toni a mug and watched her take a long drink of the ice-cold Foster's, smiling when she licked her lips. "Toni, I don't think you ever really knew him." Alex set her mug down and knelt next to her. She couldn't bear it when Alex left and when she let Brett fuck her, she closed her eyes and imagined that it was her lover.

Secrets, Fantasies, Lust, & Mischief

lesbian ExotiqBeautii 2018-02-09

I was trying to give myself enough time to hop in the shower after my workout, but it looked like that wasn't happening anytime soon, so to be quite honest, I was kind of pissed. After he seemed satisfied, the other man wrote a few things on his clip board and asked me to sign it, "Okay, ma'am, looks like you're all set here!" Yoga girls always look right and I can't wait to see what my body looks like after I've done it for a while!" She was teasing me so bad, bent over like that with her lickable cunt on display, and every time she reached further under the couch her ass would do this tantalizing jiggle which exposed her fat lips even more.

A First-Time Porn Star

lesbian lesbian_luvr 2017-12-10

I kept my knees up as she got off of me, bent forward to kiss me and got back on facing my legs to let me kiss her butt cheeks, lick between them, suck her anus, and finger her vagina as she bent forward to finger mine, still wet with urine. As Leann and I sat on the bed, I asked the director about the urine part, and he said it turned him on to see women urinate during sex particularly facesitting, hence there was a camera close-up to our vaginas as we did that. I turned face-up with my knees bent and put my head under Selina's buttocks to kiss it as Leann kissed my legs up to my vagina.

The Client - Debt

lesbian Slasher6 2017-11-27

I started to stick my tongue into her opening and she began to push my head deeper with both her hands as if to stimulate the sensation of me fucking her. So I stuck my fingers into her hole and started to lick her clit her body started to convulse right at that moment and it was so beautiful. She began to reach between her thighs when the girl stopped her,"no I can't do this." I told her she had no choice or her boyfriend was going to pay. I started to destroy her pussy and she lost her mind telling me to eat her pussy and to never stop I stuck my finger deep inside her pussy while slurping on her clit that was drenched in her juices.


lesbian MercuryLove31 2017-11-12

She had cinnamon brown skin, thick, long ebony hair that hung past her shoulders (her father's non-Black heritage most likely), big, sweet, brown eyes, two adorable dimples...clothes on her back and enough food to make her just a little chubby, so we were doing okay in my opinion. If you ask me, that defeats the purpose, but Joey T, the guy running the Christmas Club for the first time this year, said he calculated the dates wrong and the investment was tied up a little longer than he expected. It was three weeks later, I had given Keni about half of the things she'd written on her very long Christmas list (my mother and sister had sent her a few of the remaining items), I'd paid some bills, and now I was anxious about paying back my loan.

At the Hacienda

lesbian LadyFrederika 2017-10-27

I put out the cigar and kissed her full on the mouth, reaching around to cup her heavy, dark-nippled breasts, already hardening with excitement from what was to come. Half an hour later, I lay gloriously stretched out in the middle of the bed as Antonella kissed me and sucked my breasts. Antonella had her ass up in the air and I could see her anus half-spread open in the mirror on the far side of the room. As Bianca positioned her face underneath my full ass, I spread my cheeks and guided her to stick her tongue directly up my asshole. I rode Bianca's face without shame, using these Mexican women to get off the way I needed.