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Dannie and Steff: Teen Sleepover Experience Part 2

lesbian anna299 2018-01-30

I felt Danielle grab my legs and pull them apart, cool air hitting my pussy as she blew on it. Sensing I was going to lose control, she pulled away her face and shoved three fingers into my wet pussy. "Open your lips wide bitch!!" She shoved her cum soaked fingers (MY cum to be specific), into my mouth and I immediately begin sucking my juices off. I looked down just in time to see a huge pink cock pump right into my pussy! On the brink of an orgasm, I lift Danielle's legs over each one of my shoulders, and plunge my pussy deep onto her awaiting cock.

Rachel And Sami Go Camping

lesbian leggielibby 2018-01-30

“This is going to be an awesome week,” chorused the Aimee and Lisa from the back seat as they locked lips in a long deep kiss, their bare breasts mashed together. I looked at Sami, she was staring trance-like at Charlie whose tee largely transparent from the being wet had tented over her firm full breasts. Now naked she paused to run a hand between her thighs, letting her fingers trail through her slick lips before raising both hands to cup her breasts, and then grip her swollen nipples between thumb and forefinger. Lisa had pushed her covers clear and was already naked, she was tracing the outline of her pussy lips, lightly, while she watched Charlie and Sami.

The Boss's Wife (Part 2)

lesbian Mister_E 2018-01-30

She also said for me to tell you and to say that you could watch us have sex properly if you wanted to but that you couldn’t join in or touch.” A button at the front and the zip were quickly undone and the Jayne’s hands slipped inside – but she teased me as I couldn’t see what she was doing – only the smile on Ellie’s face as she moved her legs apart. Their lips and tongues met and Ellie started to move her hands over Jayne; starting to unbutton her basque and expose her breasts and large nipples. “I’m going to lie on my back and I want you to 69 me.” Jayne’s head was towards me as Ellie straddled her face pointing her open cunt and arse at me.

Carrie, my lesbian fling

lesbian Sexxy_Delilah 2018-01-30

I rubbed my thumb over her hard nipples and kept kissing her neck and lips. Each tug of her lips on my nipples, felt like it went all the way to my burning pussy. Her thighs spread more for me and I pushed my tongue between her wet pussy lips, deeper. Her finger tracing my pussy lips, rubbing up and down the slit but never pushing in. She finally lowered her head and licked hard between my pussy lips. Our bodies rubbed and we took turns licking each other’s pussy and using my vibrator on each other for a while. I was so hot just thinking about the fun we had had, that I lay down on my bed, spread my pussy lips, and used my vibrator.

My First Pet (A Gentle Nudge)

lesbian MistressS 2018-01-29

I was very nervous as well, not sure what to expect from Sally and Steven, but they were my friends and I knew everything would be fine, and I was having fun teasing my pet a bit. yeah, what did you have in mind.” I said nervously, unsure I wanted to really know some things, I still didn't like the idea of causing my pet any pain. We spent an hour or so, him teaching me a few different ways to tie up my pet, before he began talking about what to do after she was tied, from fairly basic things to spanking and whips, I cringed at the thought of using those though.

He Loves Me

lesbian cmt 2018-01-29

Mark climbed into bed next to her and they started watching a porn movie, Samantha got really turned on. Around midnight, Samantha says that they need to go and Mark asks Monica if she would like to come over for coffee and she accepts. When they arrive, Mark goes to make coffee while the two girls sit and talk. Samantha doesn't know what to say, being confused and excited at the same time, but Monica resumes caressing Samantha, and they kiss and fondle each other as Mark watches from his chair. Samantha got more and more turned on but doesn't think she can go all the way. Finished, he goes back to his chair where he sits and watches as his wife and Monica turn to do a sixty-nine, licking until they come in each other’s mouths.

Silent No More

lesbian Innocentgirl29 2018-01-29

I let myself in with my key and after placing my jacket and bag on the side table I slip off my heels and head quietly to his study to leave him a note near his computer A few words just saying that I think we need to have a conversation. Stopping again I move the toy to her mouth she lets it slip in and sucks it just like a good cock sucker would. I start with slow, deep thrusts into her pussy whilst holding her hips, pulling almost all the way out and pushing in again, fucking her doggystyle and watching her puffy labia cling to my strap-on.

Sarah's Quest: Chapter Three

lesbian xhardx13 2018-01-29

Helen smiled and said, "Thank you, Sam. This is my friend Sarah." While on our second glass of wine, Helen said, "Sarah, let me show you my playroom." "Sarah, while I light these candles, take a moment and look at one of those magazines on the nightstand." There was a gay and lesbian magazine showing same sex couples in erotic situations and another was called "Bound and Gagged." I said, "Yes, I can see what you mean, Helen," as I looked at pictures of men sucking each others' cocks. Helen stood up and took off her nightgown and said, "Well, Sarah, what do you think as she posed naked in front of me."

Michele's pleasure

lesbian Redheadlez 2018-01-29

I chuckle and agree. As we keep on walking along the trail, Michele, for no apparent reason, starts singing beautifully. I take my left hand and squeeze her lovely ass underneath her skirt. She moans and sighs softly as she lets me touch her beautiful body. I take my right hand and lightly spank her ass once more. I, then, take my right hand, slide down her navel, slip into her panties, and start lightly rubbing her pussy... Now I'm triple tasking: Kissing her neck, fondling her left breast, and playing with her smooth pussy. I kiss her beautiful lips and lets her taste her pussy from me...

Sex in the Wild-part 2-A sexy alliance

lesbian InfiniteLush22 2018-01-28

Katie the slut with fake tits already knows what type of game she's going to play. As she sucked his cock, I started to play with my wet pussy. "How exactly do you plan on getting the girl who has sucked every duck and licked every pussy to stay in the game voted off?" "We got a favor to ask of you Naomi," Hazel said. Hazel was kissing my neck as Naomi started to grind her pussy on my leg. "You can consider Katie gone," Naomi said right before she kissed me. But sadly today is the day we've to say goodbye to either Katie or Liz. I'm going to call each contestant into the back room to cast their vote, starting with Percy."

Paula and Meredith

lesbian fetishdoll 2018-01-28

It felt wonderful but in minutes I would resort to both hands buried in my little thighs and my fingers buried in my pussy, legs open wide until I was moaning in orgasm, legs trembling and mind dreaming of various people, hot couple that lived behind me being one of the key players. “I know.” She said but somehow I didn’t think she had even heard me, “but you are…well still young and even though you don’t have much up top you are extremely attractive and shouldn’t feel threatened by societies idea of what a woman should look like.” “Oh my god, you are trembling.” Meredith said grasping both my hands and holding them. “Oh don’t be silly.” Meredith said and jerked the towel off me.

Exploring Jordan

lesbian kimboss85 2018-01-28

I touch your breast for the first time, it feels magical and, for a moment, I thought I was going to cum immediately. I take your lead and softly kiss around your gorgeous boobs, slowly making my way around in circles, driving you completely wild. I let my tongue circle your nipple, sucking gently and then harder. I can taste your juices, my face is covered and I am loving it as I hungrily lick, kiss and suck on your clit. You start to caress your breasts, tweaking your nipples increasing the pleasure running through your body. I tongue fuck you with all my strength bringing you to another orgasm, your juices covering my lips again.

Brenda and Sharon

lesbian Green_Man 2018-01-28

Finally, after a few weeks, we were sitting on the couch, and Sharon started asking me questions, a little personal. Finally, I felt a little hand on my pussy. And I started humping my pussy against the little hand. Then she took my hand from her pussy and brought it up to our faces and said we licked juices. This was so interesting, but then she pressed her little hairless pussy up against my hairy cunt and started rubbing against it. So I lay down, and pixie Sharon got on top, and she started sucking my cunt so hard I thought I would lose my cervix. So I started sucking her pussy, and she, the little vixen, came again, all over my face.

Ms. Danielle's Finishing School Part 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-01-28

"You have a mean backhand Ms. Clisson; you earned those points," Michelle replied, not looking at either Veronica or Emily directly. Danielle placed her hand on Veronica's and smiled while the waiter set their dinner salads down and brought another round of martinis. While Danielle and Veronica sat at the country club having dinner, Emily and Michelle were having their own "first date". Michelle was about to introduce Emily when both Veronica and Danielle sat upright flinging the covers off them both. Danielle slid closer to Veronica and wrapped her arm around her shoulder kissing her cheek then smiling back at Emily. "Have you made a decision, sweetness?" Danielle asked, her hand brushing Veronica's breast and looking for a reaction from Emily.

Chelle's Secrets: To New Friends

lesbian lemanruss 2018-01-28

Later that night, looking down at the blonde head between her trembling, naked thighs, her body experiencing a kind of pleasure she’d never imagined, Michelle would think briefly of that same question and decide that, at this time and for her at least, the answer didn’t really matter. Chelle was suddenly sitting on the edge of the hot tub, completely exposed, dripping wet (in more ways than one) in the night air as Becky’s blonde hair moved down her body, kissing her flat, sexy belly, and then coming to rest at eye level with her steamy gash.

Kilt Night

lesbian xfallingxangelx 2018-01-28

As you pull your hand away, the backs of your fingers brush against my nipples through the towel. I am taking no prisoners, and I want you to know that I will ensure pleasure ripples through your body multiple times tonight. You probe my wet folds and find my clit standing at attention; you brush your fingertips against it over and over again, bringing me to the brink of orgasm before allowing me to climax quietly at the table surrounded by our kilted friends. Before I can realize what is happening, you have me on top of the changing table in the stall and my skirts pulled up to expose my bare mound.

The Girl From College

lesbian XpinkyX 2018-01-28

As they walked up the stairs, Ebony explained that the bathroom was straight ahead and her bedroom was two doors away on the right, and to come into her after Fran had been to the toilet as it was getting so loud down stairs. Mimiking what Eb was doing to her pussy, Fran started tongue fucking her, and then pushed a finger inside, feeling someone elses wet hole was unreal; her dream was happening. Now. She awkwardly pushed two fingers inside then started fucking faster while wriggling her tongue all over Ebony's clit. Ebony's moans were vibrating through Fran's cunt, Francesca felt closer than she'd ever been to any feeling before.

The Choker Club Chronicles Pt.3 Patricia

lesbian RobinMaxwell760 2018-01-28

Finally she grabbed the panties that were soaked with her saliva and my lube in her teeth and looked up at me as she dragged them off exposing my sloppy wet pussy to the air, I can't explain how wonderful it felt as I stepped out of the panties and Patricia's face was right there in front of my wet muff blowing on my split. I had both arms down on either side of her on the lounge for support, my butt was facing the pool behind me as my mouth worked on her left nipple, pulling it in, gripping it ever so gently with my teeth and torturing it with the tip of a tongue that was starting to feel the effects of overuse.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

lesbian monica3 2018-01-27

‘Do you know each other?’ Emma was asking Lauren and patting the Minister’s hand. Sandra leant back and watched as Emma took a feeldoe from her bag and slowly worked it into herself, the phallic end pointing directly at Sandra’s face. She came to stand before me again and this time she stroked herself before my eyes, her fingers opening her lips so I could see the shining that was her moisture, the physical manifestation of her arousal. And then she was in front of me again and this time she kissed my mouth and licked my tears from my cheeks and, her hand moving at her core, she came. Lauren’s naked body moved back a little and she took my hands and carefully unbuttoned the cuffs of my open blouse.

My Trip Continued

lesbian Mairi 2018-01-27

I thought of nothing else but our conversation that morning, once I got over the resentment I felt towards Lillian telling me the obvious, I began to think about small things Catherine did for me. I phoned Catherine to tell her we would be staying for one more night, and told her to go out and have a nice evening, and we would most likely be returning in the morning. After an hour or so, Lillian suggested we returned to our room to 'dress for dinner’; I didn't feel the need but was getting used to the ways of the rich and went along with her. There was no need to hurry, I let my hands wander over her tummy and hips, felt the roundness of her buttocks and down over her thighs.

My First Pet (After Dinner)

lesbian MistressS 2018-01-27

Your a mistress now, you can't have your pet seeing you embarrassed because of that, you need to be in control all off the time.” “So your going to train me like your pet then?” I said, laughing half heartedly. I began stroking her hair as we sat there, until I felt her hand rubbing up my legs and thigh.“Were you wanting something my pet?” I said, grinning down at her. “Yes my pet, now cum for your mistress.” As I say it I push our fingers as deep as I can and grind her palm into her clit. I put my left hand on the back of her head, pulling her face close into me, as I played with my nipples with my right.


lesbian darcyj82 2018-01-27

I switched sides and nibbled up her thigh on the right side until I reached her lip, and I pulled it into my mouth and sucked it like I’d done the left one. I spread her open a little with my fingers and I sucked her clit, pulling a mild vacuum while my tongue went crazy. It built and gathered steam and I locked my thighs around her head and I gushed my own cream all over her, bucking my hips, sucking her, tasting her, feeding her, awash in my own little world, my pussy throbbing and tingling, her sweet gash pressed into my face, our juices covering each other.

A One-Off Open Marriage

lesbian literot 2018-01-27

Not so long ago, we realised that Ffion was going to be away for a week, and we would just miss each other at the airport as I was due to fly out to some far eastern country on the day she returned. But not for long and at least, I know that the batteries will be working, with lots of spares if needed – good girl Ffion. “That’s the bit of my experience I really enjoyed, “ she says, so I spank her beautiful round cheeks several times each until they glow red and feel hot to the touch. Believing at the time that Zara did not spend the night with her girl Liz, I regretfully get up, we shower together and kiss, and ok, I confess, we give each other one more orgasm in the shower with her waterproof vibrator.

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Two

lesbian Poppet 2018-01-27

I feel her mouth bite over my bra, tugging on my already hard nipple. Paula throws her head back, bucks a little faster on my fingers, and moans an orgasm. I feel her leave feather light kisses down from my lips, between my breasts, over my soft stomach, until she reaches my mound. No word is spoken, she moves and climbs off the bed before coming back just a moment later. I am biting at my lower lip as I know she is going to drive me mad waiting for her. I feel my chest pound hard, my body shake uncontrollably as I orgasm for her. It’s her breath that quickens before mine, pushing inside me with a hungry need.