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Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Four)

lesbian SensualDesires83 2018-11-17

Angie’s sexual lips were beginning to engorge as Sara felt her breasts and she began to feel the flow deep inside her cunt wanting to escape. As they continued to kiss, Angie felt Sara’s hand reach inside the waistband of her joggers. She felt the warmth of Sara’s hand on her other breast as Sara began to suck her nipple like a baby. As Sara continued nibbling on Angie, she felt Angie’s hand move lower and inside her shorts. Angie shivered and tensed from the touch, then felt the warmth of Sara’s tongue inside her hot cavity. Once that was said, Angie arched her back into the mattress, wrapped her hot orifice around Sara’s finger tightly and felt her pussy contract.

Pretty Girl Pet - Part Four

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-17

It’s been a year that I met my Pretty Girl Pet. She walked into my life at the perfect timing. What Ella doesn't know is that when we’re on holiday I’m going to ask her to officially move in with me. We've not even talked about it; it'll be a complete surprise to her. I close my eyes and think of this past year and what Ella’s face will look like when I ask her to move in. I know she’s at the point; she wants to orgasm, she’s holding it back like a good girl. We know we can’t be a long time, since it’s another almost six hour ride back. It’s been exciting to be here so far, and I can’t wait to ask Ella about moving in.

The Gathering - Part 1

lesbian John_Doe 2018-11-16

Soon Trish's hand was inside, lowering down as she felt the soft strip of fuzz of Lacey's pussy. Trish felt like just forcing Lacey to bend over, leaving her ankles trapped with her panties wrapped around them and to bury her face deep into the warm, wet snatch of her pussy. Lacey appeared to be in overdrive, every inch of her was sending warm feelings to shoot around her entire body.She lay back upon the bed, her legs still spread wide and Trish still lapping away at her sweet pussy. Trish cold soon feel Lacey's thighs quiver in her hands, she felt a warm gush spread inside her pussy and knew that Lacey was drawing close.

Our first night together

lesbian Lacedwetpanties 2018-11-15

After hearing the door slam and the car engine start I closed my door and went back to my bed with Nikki. I could tell as her eyes widened when she felt my pussy dripping all over her fingers. Before I knew she had moved down to the edge of the bed and started kissing my thighs. I just wanted to feel her mouth all over me; kissing, licking, sucking, and nibbling. I had been sucking on her clit and licking her pussy all over for a few minutes. That is when I felt her stick a finger in my tight pussy hole and lick at my clit. I felt my pussy tighten and my legs shaking as I came all over her fingers.

An evening to remember

lesbian MarquisdeMontaigne 2018-11-15

Jenny wasted little time freeing Kate's own breasts, quickly unzipping the back of her black dress allowing the material to fall away and reveal her round, firm boobs, the skin a luscious light tanned brown and the pink nipples swollen and already hard. She moved herself downwards bringing her face directly in front of Jenny's gorgeous vagina, she breathed deeply, taking in the deliciously warm smell that made her ache with lust, and then she ran her tongue from Jenny's clit, slowly up her slit to the wet entrance of her pussy. Her cunt was throbbing as Jenny's tongue licked and lapped its way over her swollen, sensitive lips and the taste of both their pussy juices sent her crashing over the edge as wave after wave of pure, intense pleasure shook her body.

Comfort in my best friend’s arms.

lesbian SeanR83 2018-11-15

Holly arrived a few minutes later, giving Ava’s father big hug and kissing him on the cheek. Ava always felt better after a hug from her best friend and Holly knew it was not a time to say anything. Holly held her friend close, kissing her softly on the cheek. Holly looked deep into her best friend’s eyes, and traced her fingers under them, gently wiping away the tears. Holly lay flat on top of Ava, grinding her thigh up against her best friend. Holly pulled away from her friend and started to kiss down Ava’s body. The girls kissed slowly and Ava was thankful that her best friend knew how to comfort her. Ava kissed Holly on the lips and looked seriously into her eyes.

Bedtime for Rachael

lesbian MsTara 2018-11-14

I turned and took her hand and pulled her to me and kissed her softly on the lips, holding her to me and rubbing her bottom, I whispered to her softly, "I love you, Rachael, so very much." Then, I took her hand and led her to our bed. I then moved back up, my panty-covered mound brushing over her cheeks as I reached up to massage her neck again, working around the base of her neck and shoulders before I started back down her spine, slowly, one vertebra at a time sliding down on her bottom and thighs again as I massaged down to her bottom and rubbed her cheeks again. I moved off her and lay next to her, reaching over to softly caress her lower abdomen, rubbing my fingers in small circles over her tummy working slowly lower.

Rebecca's Homecoming

lesbian AndreaDetroit 2018-11-12

I e-mailed you wanting to strip you naked as soon as you walked through the door, so I could admire your delectable body and feel your smooth skin on mine and I was prepared to fall to my knees in front of you and pay homage to your sweet pussy, sliding my tongue between your juicy little lips, lapping up all the leaking nectar. "You say that, Rebecca, but we both know it was Susie's fingers and tongue you really wanted between your legs, wasn’t it?" My voice is cold and hard like a true interrogator, still disbelieving his suspects answers. I can see your hands twitching, grabbing the pillows tightly as shocks of pleasure rack your body. My mouth moves downwards, over the satin waistband and you feel me running my tongue down between your buttocks.

Boat trip in Miami

lesbian Louise41545 2018-11-12

Natalie looked at the image she captured and became increasingly wet, she hadn't wanted me to know her true feelings for me, although we experimented many of times before, it was strictly a no strings attached relationship and through that we named each other best friends. “I’ve loved you ever since the day I met you Louise, I thought I could ignore the feelings but it was getting too strong and I knew I could never say anything because we’re best friends and I didn’t want to...” “Well if you two are quite finished, I’d like to take my fiancé, my best friend and her new girlfriend for a meal.” Said Leigh as she shot Natalie a happy grin and we both nodded in agreement.

Sex Slave - Girl On Girl - Part Four

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-12

She tells me that this is her first time with a female, but she had seen me the night before and just knew I was the one she wanted to be with. I make her wait, though, teasing her greatly, working her into such an erotic need that she’ll feel like she will break into a million tiny little pieces. There are three other people rock climbing at the same time and I don’t want to look like a sissy or a girly girl. I can’t help but giggle like a school girl, kissing him back. “Now that you've mastered rock climbing, do you want to go for a steam?” Scott asks me, pulling me into him, wrapping his strong arms around me.

Hanna's Sister's Lap

lesbian Dreamtimekittens 2018-11-12

"The ghost scared us both and when our bodies jumped her hand just accidentally fell here." I moved my hand in a quick fluid motion and cupped June's naked mound just as Hanna had done. My hand scooted forward slightly and the tip of my middle finger just touched the soft skin of her clit. My fingers moved further down between her legs and she moaned, opening her mouth as we continued our kiss. I was compelled to lean over June's body and to suck her pussy covered nipple into my mouth. "Uhhhhhh." She released a moan as I circled my tongue across to her body and slipped my fingers back between her legs.

Holly Gets Pampered

lesbian Mysteria27 2018-11-11

I’ve never had oral sex with a woman, but have kissed and played with a few of my friends' breasts. I’m kind of a tomboy, and like to play sports and do non-girlie things, but I was really excited to go to the salon and have a day of pampering. Then it happened; one woman spread my legs and started to rub my pussy with her hand. The first woman was rubbing and massaging my breasts, while the other two women took turns licking my pussy. One woman was rubbing her finger over my clitoris, while her friend was tongue fucking my cunt. I’m not terribly big, but her hands felt amazing, while she squeezed them together and played with my nipples.

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter One

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-11

Her smile is breath taking; I can’t help but feel the warm tingle all through my body. Coming up to me with open arms, she embraces me tight and whispers in my ear, telling me, "I told you I’d come." I can’t help but bite my lip, and sigh a relief she did. She asks me how well I can drive with her teasing me; I can’t help but giggle and tell her we’ll find out. Her hands open me wider, lying between my thighs, her mouth on my nipples sucking on them hard; I want to beg for more. It’s a wonderful way to have my little Scottish playmate come spend time with me.

The Gathering: Part 2

lesbian John_Doe 2018-11-11

Lacey was uncertain at first, yet the feel of Candice still licking her moist pussy was arousing, emboldening her to try what Trish had suggested. Candice planted her face against Lacey's body, allowing her tongue to reach new depths inside of Lacey's very moist pussy, enjoying the soft flesh inside, the walls that were slick and covered in the delicate honey she was producing. Lacey's body was reacting to the feeling of Candice's tongue running wild around inside her moist pussy, while Lacey found herself licking a pussy for the first time, and began to get into the pleasure of it after a while. Candice also knew it, by the way Lacey's pussy was now reacting inside to her tongue lapping away at it, slithering around like a snake in the grass.

Student Days: More than friends

lesbian llkop 2018-11-11

I had no shame in Lucy seeing my body as she had already seen it before the night that we met, plus I didn’t want to get make-up on my new dress. The hair dryer shut off; immediately, my eyes snapped away from Lucy’s body to looking at myself in the mirror. Lucy kissed a path down my body, stopping to engorge my hard pink nipples on the way. I felt my juices burst from me, causing the sticky warm liquid to cascade down my legs and over Lucy’s lips. My sexual juices shot out from me and covered Lucy belly it the hot and sticky liquid and that is what pushed her over the edge.

Party Favors (part 1)

lesbian MissAlice 2018-11-10

She had noticed that I was staring at her pussy area ever since she got on the stage. Obeying the voice, and my wet, throbbing pussy, I entered the room. She told me to come closer and removed my bra, exposing my hard C-cup tits. With one hand Candy fondled my tits and with the other teased my pussy through my panties. I got closer to her and returned the favor, unhooking her lacy black bra, exposing her large, hard tits. She was still playing with my pussy, making it wet her hand. Candy then pulled her thong off, exposing her shaved pussy. She gave a large moan of pleasure and orgasmed on my face, hands, and tits.

Carmen and Alyssa

lesbian lebasi 2018-11-07

The action sent a shock through Carmen, and she broke away from Alyssa’s mouth to let out a hushed “ahhhhh.” Alyssa kept massaging, enjoying how Carmen’s body reacted to her touch. “I want to feel your tongue inside me.” Carmen grabbed Alyssa’s hand, which was still resting on her breast, and directed it below her navel, between her skin and her panties. Each section of Carmen’s caramel skin that was explored by Alyssa’s tongue made Carmen moan, and every time Alyssa found a spot she hadn’t previously kissed, Carmen’s moans became more intense. She could tell Carmen liked what she was doing because she’d grind her hips up closer to Alyssa’s face whenever her lips parted from Carmen’s pussy.

Mary Loses Control: Part II

lesbian thatguy625 2018-11-06

I felt his hands starting to explore his body and wanted to make my move before he found his way inside my pants. Like me, Jenna worked from home so we agreed that 2:00pm would be a good time for me to drop off the dress I had borrowed for a wedding a couple weeks ago. Despite working with equipment that was familiar on our own bodies, Jenna and I had never touched another woman like this before and I could tell that both of us were not entirely sure how to proceed. I also reached up with my right hand and pushed my middle finger into her hungry pussy and curled it up towards the front wall of her insides.

The Bass Player and I

lesbian castlequeen 2018-11-06

"Too much to change, and face it, maybe 5 songs we could pull off like that, everything else requires all of us." We'd developed a pretty good set, and we'd worked damn hard at getting tight and polished. "I'm not confused, I just thought that you'll look good in the band." I said that a little too fast for my own liking. I continue to lick and suck them and she only gives me direction when I bite down too hard, but she softly tells me I am doing well as her little sighs of pleasure continue, and I slide my fingers down to caress her smooth pussy.

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Three

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-05

She rolls a bit, giving me better access, and I suck hard on her wonderful nipple. She giggles, knowing which toy I picked, and begins a nice pace with me. I feel just how wet her panties are and know she’s telling the truth. My fingers never stop with her though and she joins in not a moment later, and comes just as hard for me. My world spins faster, between the alcohol pumping through me, the heady feeling for Paula, and my need to orgasm consumes me. I want to come hard for her and she begins to demand it. I can’t help but love it, she knows my trigger points, my weak spots, and uses them against me at the perfect times.

The Bus Ride - Epilogue

lesbian JerodJ 2018-11-04

On that trip, she was assaulted repeatedly on the bus ride by men she called Elbow Guy and Sports Guy. Against all reason, she had come to look forward to it and even enjoy it. Once back in the room with a Courvoisier in their hands, Kelle again asked RuthAnn about her puzzling experience. So reluctantly, RuthAnn told her about the bus trips, the groping, and the damp panties and most reluctantly of all the orgasm. Kelle then reach around with both hands and started to undo RuthAnn's blouse. Kelle then stopped her stroking and RuthAnn felt both hands at her back unfastening her bra. With both hands, Kelle cupped her breasts and started caressing RuthAnn's hard nipples.

Educating Brittany Chapter 3.

lesbian SeanR83 2018-11-04

Alisa slid her tongue deep into Brittany’s mouth, making the young girl gag on it. I watched as Alisa slid her hand into Brittany’s booty shorts, no doubt going for her teenage twat. Brittany pulled her finger from the pussy she was enjoying and pushed her head forward against Alisa’s crotch as far as she could, I could only imagine she was pushing her tongue as deep into Alisa’s hole as possible. I watched as Alisa fucked Brittany as well as any man could fuck a girl, driving the dildo deep into Brittany’s ass. Brittany pushed back, her hand stuck between her legs playing with her pussy as Alisa fucked her ass.

The Painter

lesbian naughtybynature 2018-11-03

"I love the way your pussy tastes Nikki!" she said as she began to lick me up and down my slit and my ass. "Mmm baby this pussy tastes like more!" she said and then sucked my clit down in her mouth as she finger fucked me. Let me lick you Lily!" I said as I pushed two fingers inside her pussy as deep as I could have. "You like this big cock in your tight pussy don't you Lily?" I said as I drove deep inside her. There he stood in the doorway with his mouth dropped open, as I knelt over Lily with my huge strap on cock buried deep inside her pussy!

The Gathering - Part 4

lesbian John_Doe 2018-11-03

Julie's hand clasped upon the back of Sandra's wet hair, pulling her in towards her spread legs, her moist pussy and making her dig her tongue deeper inside. Sandra then began to gently fuck her, easing back and forth as the strap-on dildo pushed in and out of Lacey's wet pussy. On the bed, Sandra had picked up a little pace as she thrust the strap-on dildo in and out of Lacey's wet pussy. Sandra thrusting forward, while Lacey pulled back towards her, to help the strap-on dildo push deeper inside of her pussy. On the bed, Lacey felt the strap-on dildo fuck her tight pussy hard and fast, just how she asked Sandra to fuck her.