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The Pearl Of The Pacific

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-12-03

"Now, open my risqué one and read it to me," I added, handing Sally my second bit of paper. As much as the ties allowed, I started rotating my hips in little circles, rubbing my sex over Sally's face. The pleasure heightened even more when Sally pulled my knickers over my hips and off, then started pushing the flimsy lace material into my backside with her finger. When I reached her breasts, I started rubbing my clit over her hard nipples, with each forward push stopping teasingly short of her expectant tongue. Although it was the naughtiest desire she wanted to explore, Sally contemplated me with a look of pure disbelief which slowly turned into a brilliant smile that radiated across her face.

My College Roommate

lesbian VeryDirtyDenise 2018-12-01

Sometimes we'd behave like little girls, rather than two young women, squatting and shitting on the floor, making two big mounds, then reaching in and scooping up, playfully and laughingly slapping the fecal sludge on each other's clothes, soiling ourselves terribly, then excitedly fingering each other's pussies with greasy brown fingers. But that smell then was faint compared to the frank pungent stench permeating our room now as Lisa fully and completely empties her rectum while laying next to me in my bed, buckets of piss and tons of shit having left her sleek young body. I reached down and scooped up big handfuls of Lisa's shit, moistened with her urine of course, and spread and smeared that thick brown sludge everywhere, all over her nightgown, and then under it, over her naked body, and over my body.

Training Cassiopeia Chapter 7

lesbian elspeth 2018-12-01

Doc picked her half of the fruit up and then shoved the seeds off onto the table top in one fast pass of her tongue. She pushed the flat of her tongue against the gooey seeds and closed her eyes, imagining what, I didn’t want to know. Exasperated and impatient, I grabbed the bottom of her chin and leaned in and let my tongue clean off her cheek as if it were a vulva glistening with fluids instead of cantaloupe juices and seeds. My mouth went dry long before she lapped at the hollow of the cantaloupe, a few seeds stuck to her cheeks and chin.

Adventures of Kristof Marci, Marci's Story Pt 3

lesbian KrissyS 2018-11-30

Tanya simply moved over and knelt between my legs and Phuong pressed against my bladder, her fingers pushing down against the swollen organ. I opened my mouth and took her breast in, sucking her hard nipple through the wet satin, tasting my own pee on her. Phuong knelt and lowered her head to my pussy, getting to work immediately, licking and sucking at my clit, then she switched on the vibrator and inserted it into me. Phuong ran her fingertips lightly down Tanya’s raised arms, then her flanks, causing Tanya to shiver involuntarily and moan softly. Phuong moved her hand and pressed firmly against Tanya’s clit as she started to pee more freely.

The Stall

lesbian VeryDirtyDenise 2018-11-27

With all those toilet fantasies that had been churning in her head lately, she could not have dreamt up anything more torrid than this – finding herself "trapped" in a dirty toilet stall with this cute young woman, probably a lesbian, a complete stranger to her, someone who had just pissed in her mouth and was now offering Ivana her ass to eat as a prelude to shitting. With a wink and lewd, knowing smile on her face, Denise carefully took hold of her own turd, moistened now with Ivana's saliva, and brought that turd down between Ivana's legs, resting the fat, greasy log of shit right on the crotch of Ivana's pulled-down silk panties.

The Stewardess Became My Toilet

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-21

I must've looked a little lost, as a stewardess asked me right away: "Can I help?" I explain that the bathrooms in the other sections are all occupied and I was just looking for a free one. When I let her go, she closes the door behind her while I gently run my fingers through her hair and whisper into her ear: "I need to pee." My piss soaks her white blouse and at first it looks like she's about to run, but then the submissive in her comes back and she opens her mouth and lets the pee run inside. The rest of the flight I keep wondering if she's got any dry clothes to change into or needs to continue working soaked in my juices.

Training Cassiopeia Chapter 8

lesbian elspeth 2018-11-20

“Stop and hold!” She looked like someone had kicked her puppy but struggled to stop and after a few seconds, she stopped. Swallowing hard, I said, “Straddle the toilet seat like before. She looked both aroused and embarrassed and I could see her nipples poking through her t-shit but leaned down and slid the condom-encased banana three inches into her pussy and said, “Stop and Hold!” Doc looked shocked at both the banana in her pussy and my barked command but finally did as I asked, straining but maintaining her weakening control. “Relax.” I waited three or four seconds then pulled the banana almost the entire way out then thrust it in to the original depth and barked out, “Stop and Hold!”

Adventures of Kristof Marci, Marci's Story pt2

lesbian KrissyS 2018-11-18

She held my gaze as I licked my fingers, the hand between her legs was moving now and she raised the other to massage her breast, letting out another moan. I turned my head so that I was looking right at her pussy and almost immediately I saw a few drops of pee trickle over her labia and down the inside of her thigh. I moved my head forward and clamped my lips over her cunt, feeling the pee fill my mouth then spilling down my chin, falling onto my breasts, cascading over my erect nipples. I took the cue and leaned my head forward, extending my tongue to lick her pussy as she finished peeing.

Playing Pee-Games on a Train

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-17

how?" Martina got up and smiled at her, pulling her slowly inside our cabin as she brushed the hair out of Gianna's face, helping her unbutton her shirt. Martina straddled her chest as I began thrusting in and out of Gianna's pussy, watching the dildo get soaked from her cunt juice until it slid all the way in. Martina made her lick her pussy, determined to give the horny conductor a good mouthful of lesbian cunt, while I fucked her pussy in long strokes, going all the way up inside her. Martina looked back at me, then said: "Let's do her ass too, mistress?" She turned to Gianna underneath her.

Emily and Karen Enjoy Each Other

lesbian lesliejones 2018-11-16

Karen especially liked also to have the toilet girl receive the excretions from her anal opening and even would make Leslie or Linda use her teeth to extract her tampon during her menses. Karen was excited at her ability to stir the fire in Emily as the smaller woman's hands gently caressed her friend's delicious frame and found their way down into the lovely blonde forest that covered her delicate mons. Karen had put this behind her after punishing both Leslie and Rod. It propelled Emily into moving both sisters to their own apartment, whether or not they could support themselves by working.

Zoe's Midnight Part 2 - Bathroom Slave

lesbian thebigbeast 2018-11-16

Zoe was still on her knees, so Jade removed her skirt and her matching blue and white spotty panties and sat back down. Opening her legs, she inserted Zoe's dildo into her pussy lips and guided her slave's head back and forth. Eventually, she had Zoe build up a momentum and allowed her to continue to fuck her pussy with her face. The sweat poured down Zoe's face as she fucked Jade, and she could still feel the butt plug stretching her asshole. Francesca then began to finger Zoe's pussy and lick her clit, so masterfully that Zoe squirted across her Mistress' face. Francesca rubbed her face against Zoe's pussy and delighted in the taste and smells.


lesbian Lady_Shelby 2018-10-02

Erin grinned at the new motivation she showed, she liked people to want her, she had done this quite a few times with others and now she was getting a chance to do it with the goodie-goodie class hero, she smirked and pushed Aya's panties to the side, staring into her damp lips and licking her own in hunger. Erin's fingers moved quickly along her own slit as she panted onto Aya's lips, flicking the edges of her tongue, lips and teeth on them, pushing the tip of her tongue against her clit and moaning deep into her, letting her tongue vibrate as she pushed her tongue inside her.

Foursome with Molly and Our Mothers

lesbian lesbian_luvr 2018-10-01

Jenny sat by my legs to kiss them up to my vagina before licking that and Molly went down to let me kiss her stomach, chest, and neck. Molly got off and slowly moved down to let Jenny kiss up her stomach, chest and neck as I sat behind her to kiss up her legs to her buttocks. I lay down, as Molly sat on my face to let me lick between her cheeks and suck her anus, as mom kissed up my stomach, neck and chest. I sat behind Jenny to kiss down her back and arms, then lay down with my knees bent and head between her legs to suck her vagina as mom kissed up her neck, chest, and stomach.

Gloria and Miss Preston

lesbian Dexicreon 2018-09-27

I cried out, "Miss Preston, I've gotta pee bad—real bad!" That's when I felt her entire mouth on my cunt, and I took that as the signal to let fly. When she pulled her head away, she said, "God, I love the smell and taste of young cunt, but yours is the best I've ever had. Miss Preston must have stepped out, leaving the obvious hint that we could use her office for love-making. "Oh, Gloria, your hands feel so smooth on me." Then she paused, opened her eyes, and looked up right into Miss Preston's face. She pulled Miss Preston's legs apart and began an aggressive oral attack on her hairless pussy.

If You Wish Upon a Star Pt. 04

lesbian MyNameMayBeLucas 2018-08-23

Ever since Kayla had shown up naked in her bed this morning, Alexis was not feeling lonely for the first time in... Maybe this girl really lost all of her memories if she doesn't know when to use the bathroom. Alexis blushed as she remembered that Kayla walked in the bathroom and caught her masturbating this morning. "Yes, all you have to do is sit on the toilet and try to release the pressure, I guess." Alexis' face was burning red. "Wow that is a lot wetter than mine!" Kayla turned around and bent over, revealing her asshole and pussy at point-blank view to Alexis. "How do I get as wet as you?" Kayla asked, staring at Alexis between her legs.

Old Girl-Friends

lesbian wetandlesbian 2018-08-13

Sarah followed and as Nikki walked up the stairs, her skirt rose and showed a lot of wet panties. Sarah didn't back away in disgust, instead she kissed back and placed her hands on Nikki's hips. Sarah pushed her hand under her pillow and pulled out a pink dildo. "Sure." Sarah answered as she slowly pushed the pink dildo into Nikki's mouth. Nikki took it into her mouth and sucked on it for a bit and then she pushed Sarah onto the bed completely and pushed the dildo into her pussy. Nikki slowly laid down on the floor and Sarah started fingering her with 3 fingers and Nikki moaned in pleasure and slightly pain.

The Best Roommate Ever

lesbian ThomasRiker 2018-07-24

"I...holy shit, I think I need to touch myself first!" Rebecca shoved a hand in her pants and rubbed away furiously while gawking open-mouthed at Jenn's oversized mammaries, continuing for what amounted to at least fifteen seconds. Rebecca's love scent got Jenn's clit throbbing, causing her to shove a hand down and furiously jill away for a good 30 seconds. Jenn expertly got her tongue through the dark thicket of pubes, stopping briefly to playfully swirl a lock around her tongue, then got her tongue all the way in Rebecca's hole, alternating tongue-fucking her deep with playfully kissing her clit, inhaling her smell and playing with her own clit the whole time.

Lingerie Party

lesbian butterfly1763 2018-07-22

"The party can wait, I think." Angela pulled Tori's black lingerie down her body as she shuddered. "I think you already know that, dear." Angela giggled as she kissed her way down Tori's body, pausing to suck on Tori's perfect nipples before moving further down. For now, I think I need to focus..." Angela kissed her way to Tori's pussy, and started to lick her. It'll feel good really soon." Angela kept licking Tori's pussy lips, occasionally moving up to her clit. It's what I want." Tori pulled down Angela's thong and started to attack her pussy. Tori reveled in the taste of Angela's pussy combined with her pee, and started to lick faster.

Prince Gyllen Ch. 05

lesbian MythMaker 2018-07-18

The younger twin readjusted her clothing and knelt back down on her pillow as if nothing happened and Kobber began to pour out the lemon-tinged liquid into both her own and her sister's cups before hooking her finger in the cup's handle and bringing it up to her mouth for a quiet sip of Sølv's bodily fluid, savouring the strong, bitter taste of fresh piss upon it touching her tongue. The gloomy princess held Kobber's shins and raised up her legs, making her older twin let out a nervous but excited peep as her dress fell down towards her waist as her lower body was lifted, revealling a pair of modest, frilly bloomers. "So be it..." The Goth princess stood up on the bed, lifting up her dress once more, removing her underwear from her hips and down to her knees, squatting over Kobber's face as the older sister laid back.

Hot Drunk Eye Sex!

lesbian Exescort 2018-06-14

My body begins to react to this hot drunken eye sex, my nipples peak, pushing the flesh tone slip out through the blue lace of my dress. I feel a tremor in my pussy as her gusset sticks momentarily on her shaved hot wet vagina, before snapping clear as Kelly lifts her knee clear of the leggings. Kelly's hips begin to buck as I push a twisting turning finger into her anus, her screaming sounds like she's being murdered, before subduing to panting as her wet pussy bumps across my chin. As Kelly spoons in behind me, her hands gripping a boob each, I feel our phallic friend drop from my vagina.

Sweet Shelly's Story Ch. 05

lesbian plat39 2018-06-07

So I decided to help her a little by bring her breast up as far up as I could and then I felt her tongue graze across the very tip of her long erect nipple, as my other hand continued to explore her very slick and warm pussy. The palm of my hand rubbed her little knob until she suddenly screamed, "Oh God Shelly I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh God I'm cumming....." and then I felt a rush of warm fluid wash over my finger and hand, her legs gave out from under her and she slowly fell to the shower floor as her orgasm consumed her body.

Two Tennis Belles Ch. 02

lesbian Richard963 2018-05-14

"You go first Julia, " said Linda, being used to using communal lavatories at her boarding school. Anyway, Linda held the door open and we both watched as Julia lifted up her short tennis skirt and pulled her white cotton panties down. We carried on kissing for a few moments, and then Linda pulled her head back, shut her eyes to concentrate. Linda laughed and stood up, she took the cloth, wiped her fanny then leant down and pushed the cloth around my cock with a smile. I grabbed Linda and kissed again and began to fondle her breasts through her white tennis shirt. I did this a few times then I looked up and I could see Linda's hands on Julia's breasts.


lesbian jenyes 2018-05-05

I know she saw me, but she's one of these hard dykes that loves-hates my type, unless she's using me for her needs, she hates pretty fems, so she continues to ignore me as she pours and opens and slams drinks down amid the damp bills handed over the bar. In the dim light, with the stairwell door painted black to match the club walls, the passageway down is all but hidden to anyone who didn't know it was there. I hear the woman moan and her hands clutch at the top edge of the metal door; in my mind, I can see her clinging to it and my fingers tighten about her leg.


The Home Life Of A Professor Ch. 02

lesbian vic_elor 2018-05-01

"Oh, that felt so good." The woman said with a sigh as she finished but soon began to move her eyes around the room, "Damn it, I usually like to use a little square of toilet paper to make sure its dry but of course the guys don't have any in here it seems." Oh!" The woman said as what Kathren meant slowly dawned on her, "Look, it's nice you think I'm cute and all but I don't like girls that way and I'm no where near drunk enough to let you try and change my mind." Somewhat to Kathren's surprise, her second visitor had turned out to be Janie, the woman her first visitor (Rachel) had yelled at prior to coming into the bathroom.