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Playing Pee-Games on a Train

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-17

how?" Martina got up and smiled at her, pulling her slowly inside our cabin as she brushed the hair out of Gianna's face, helping her unbutton her shirt. Martina straddled her chest as I began thrusting in and out of Gianna's pussy, watching the dildo get soaked from her cunt juice until it slid all the way in. Martina made her lick her pussy, determined to give the horny conductor a good mouthful of lesbian cunt, while I fucked her pussy in long strokes, going all the way up inside her. Martina looked back at me, then said: "Let's do her ass too, mistress?" She turned to Gianna underneath her.

Tales of the Ladies Room Ch. 01

lesbian lesliejones 2018-11-14

Judith Sloan was herself a dominant woman and she had informed all of her friends, who included Karen and Emily, that she had designed and outfitted the ladies room in her new restaurant with all the equipment and furniture needed for the imposition of intimate discipline by her select group. Soon after Karen and Marion arrived, Julieann the waitress entered and said to Karen, "Miss Judith asked me to show you some of the features if you'd like." Karen smiled and said she would be pleased to see what was available. Soon Vivian began to insinuate the nettle leaves between the commodious cheeks and use them to tease the blinking little anal rosette, at the touch of which Marion let out a true scream and Karen had to warn her to be quiet or she would be very very sorry.

Two days with Sarah

lesbian DanielleX 2018-10-30

When I wasn’t walking and making a nuisance of myself on boats I was waltzing around the shops in the nearby village and that’s where my little trip suddenly went from one of teenage whimsy to a tale of passion. “Ah that’s beautiful!” I said, looking at the brightly-coloured blouse that Sarah was flattening against her body. I let out a plaintive little cry as she kissed, sucked and licked my boobs in such a way that my pussy had soaked my panties in just a few seconds. My pussy went into spasm and I just remember Sarah biting my neck as we both came together, as her fingers went round and round my swollen little clit.

A Conversation Online with Julie

lesbian sarahloveitt 2018-09-29

Julie's great ambition at the time was to make love with her very beautiful mom - a fantasy she played out while having sex with me, and an ambition she eventually realized! Arm round your shoulder Julie - faces meet - lips touch - kissing kissing. 'Oooo yes - what a beautiful pussy, Julie. 'Want to fill Sarah's mouth with my hot juices.' And here I am, lying beside you, my hand between your thighs feeling the warm wetness of your pussy - slipping a finger inside - gorgeous!! A long loving kiss with open mouiths chewing lips softly.' 'Want to squirt over your hot sexy body Sarah.' I want to feel your warm pee squirting over my face and tits ...

When Lyssa met Joanna Ch. 01

lesbian RavenSSS 2018-07-23

Joanna had told Lyssa that Brutus had been a police dog but had been too aggressive. When Lyssa was standing on the metal floor plate under the ceiling ring with her arms over her head, Joanna stopped pushing the red button. Again, Joanna's hand moved to the inner shaft, turned the knurled ring, and raised the top knob into Lyssa's vagina. Press the button, wait until I answer, and say, 'Joanna, I want to suck and lick your pussy.' If you say anything else, you'll have to stand there until you use the right words. You can pee any time you want and not get a drop on you or the floor." She turned, walked up the stairs followed by Brutus.

Innocent Ananya Ch. 02

lesbian Babli5 2018-06-27

Her tentative pulls felt like a small child was trying to get his first taste of a breast. Eventually I moved my hands down to her small breasts and started playing with them. As I took one soft pink nipple in my hand and squeezed, Ananya suddenly stopped sucking and cried out in a soft voice. When I turned to Ananya, I could see my juices coating the entire lower side of her face -- her mouth, nose, cheeks and chin were covered by my cum. And like the last time, Ananya's strong current flowed through my fingers as I rubbed her cunt while she peed. "I want this to be in you through dinner today, Ananya," I said, looking into her eyes.

A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 02

lesbian sarahloveitt 2018-06-27

tie my hair back in case you want to unfasten that and make me shake it around ... "Gosh yes - after I've finished kissing your face all over - ears - nose - eyelids - lips - cheeks - neck - oooo yes! it's purely physical. "Well, I can't say I know her that well yet - other than physically - but she might well go for it. "Phew - I heard your moans ... (After a pause to get her breath back.) "And just a little sore! "Now, stop typing and do as I say." my sweet breath in your hair ... I know that's what you want ... pee in me ... "Don't stop ... "Don't stop ... phew." yes bend over ...

Sadie and the Moon Ch. 02

lesbian Sam Cornell 2018-03-29

But then I pulled away, my lips and tongue tracing patterns all over the soft firm flesh of Sadie's bum cheeks. "Then, if you'd like me to, lie back down, pull your bum open for me, Sadie, and let me worship your ass properly." It made me want to touch your pussy after you peed, to feel your pee on my fingers." The finger in Sadie's bum was a long way in now, beyond the second knuckle. "I think I can taste your pee on my fingers Sadie," - the finger in her asshole was poking in and out quite easily now - "it's so exciting to taste your pee." I kissed her, and her response was eager, desperate, and frantic, despite or maybe because of the hint that she could taste of her own piss in my mouth.

A Friend In Need Ch. 02

lesbian janesaysstop 2017-11-27

We both laughed at our little secret and that gleam returned to Joann's eyes. I got back up to grab a beer and Maceo looked at me like he was disgusted. Returning to my wet swollen pussy lips I noticed my imaginary Joann had a toy too. Not removing her blouse all the way left Joann with her arms trapped at her sides. My pussy was on fire and Joann seemed like she was about to cum so I poured even more beer on our clits and lips. "Oh yes, baby, but I've got to pee," I said as I started to throw a leg over Jo's head. This is all so fucking surreal I thought as I drifted off to sleep for the second time of the night.