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Tracy's Legs

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-03

“Tracy… oh, you mean the intern?” Of course I remembered petite, pretty Tracy, her slender and incredibly long legs and the daily changing overknee stockings that left a teasing handful of soft, creamy flesh visible and made hearts beat faster wherever she went and wiggled her tight, shapely bum. You’ve been dreaming of touching her legs for months.” I was staring at her like a deer in the headlights, and when she put her index finger under my skin and pointed my head towards sweet Tracy, I could offer no resistance. Going through the day like this was hard, but by then, I had already made it halfway to another night with Tracy, and I could already see her in my minds eye, long legs clad in teasing stockings and her bum wiggling prettily at me.

A Very Special Client

lesbian asrosie 2018-11-02

“Yes,” she craned her head backwards and smiled as Nicola stopped undoing her blouse and pulling the collar over her shoulders started stroking across her neck, “and the Arc de Triumph.” Danielle bit her lip and smiled, Nicola shifted off the bed and retrieved a dildo and some oil, her eyes flickered to the younger woman as she slid the lubricated toy into her mouth. She stared at Danielle and kissed her passionately on the lips, drawing her tongue into her soft mouth and sucking gently, a finger traced along the scar beneath her breast and she moaned softly as a hand slid down to the softness between her legs, a moment or two later she parted her legs and slid her mouth to her neck as she shifted slightly.

Pussy Cat Prostitute

lesbian ameliapond123 2018-10-01

The lights from the clubs around me shone right into my eyes, though the cool air felt like heaven in my lungs. Cat got your tongue?" she said, taking a step towards me and putting a single finger under my chin. She rubbed my pussy while she sucked on my nipples, one at a time, and I titled my head back against the wall and closed my eyes. Savior slid one finger into my pussy, and I clenched against it, wanting it so badly, needing it. Savior licked it off her fingers, meeting my eyes, before dipped down and setting her long, light pink tongue to work roaming over my vulva.

Many Secrets of Beautiful Betty Ch. 05

lesbian BOSTONFICTIONWRITER 2018-09-22

When Betty finished telling Davis about how her father raped her and how her brother raped her numerous times during the night he was with her, she controlled her maniacal temper and comforted Betty, as best she could. Only, she failed to tell the police that Betty's father and brother were already dead when their car careened off the highway road. To anyone who knew what her father and brother did to Betty and who knew what Davis was capable of, it was no secret that Betty and Davis conspired to murder the men who raped Betty. The incestuous rape of Betty was her 4th secret and no one knew about that, except for Betty, her father, her brother, and now Davis. With her father and brother dead, only Betty and Davis knew that horrible secret.

Amsterdam Prostitute: Client 02

lesbian AVaugn 2018-02-16

You like my cock pussy; I know you want me to fuck you.' I slightly fuck her face. You paid to get fucked.' I start rocking my pussy over her hand a little faster, and she glides her fingers wildly over my twat. Cara lies on the bed with her legs spread wide and my cock in her pussy. I want you to fuck me.' I know Cara likes to ride on top. Come on, fuck me like I'm a bad bitch.' I suck her tits wildly as I power thrust her ass with my finger. Cara fucked me hard, and I sucked her tits and bit her nipples. She sweetly smiled, raised up from my cock and said, 'I love fucking you.' Cara is cute.

Unexpected Pleasures

lesbian punkreader 2018-02-15

When her customer pulled away to take a breath, Akiko placed a single finger on her lips, surprising the rich young woman. Laughing, both with the anticipatory pleasure of her lust and her genuine fondness for the woman, she instead ran her tongue gently right behind the girl's ear, taking delight in the shocked gasp, knowing that she had found a hotspot, finally whispering: Akiko began to kiss Mikami's neck gently, just under the curve of her jaw, hearing her breathing quicken. Akiko felt a burning sensation start in her fingertips, and slowly spread through her arms, chest, lower body, through her legs, and stop at her toes. The young woman finished her partner handily with her hands, keeping her mouth separately occupied with Mikami's tongue.

Celebrating Her Promotion Pt. 02

lesbian mandywilluk2000 2018-02-14

She cleaned her lips, tongue, mouth and hands for they were what she had used to finger fuck the big, black, male hooker to a massive climax on her bed. She squeezed hard, harder than a woman's nipples should be squeezed, hard enough to please her and certainly hard enough to hurt Mel. The girl writhed against Charley's grip, not exactly trying to get away, for she had been warned that taking pain might be necessary with this client, more in an effort to relieve the pain. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck yes," Charley moaned, gripping Mel's head harder and writhing herself against the girl's mouth as her first orgasm began.

Lady of the Night

lesbian Tribade 2018-01-16

She spreads her pale, smooth, thighs, wide apart, and mounts my pussy rubbing herself against me, as our labia peel back, my long, hard, clit glides against hers, slick with our passion, and we hit that miracle of a joint multiple that rocks the room and even my little lesbian nympho can't go on anymore than I can. The room's quiet and smells of stale sex, Barbara drowses beside me, and I'm just beginning to wonder if she's burnt out for the night or if she can manage to go another round because I can feel the stirring of my clit as her taut little rump is tucked against my groin when there's a rap at the door.

Chinese Mistress

lesbian Desiremakesmeweak 2018-01-01

Her mistress opened the car door to her on the passenger side, and the girl got in delicately, sitting in the rear left-hand side seat, next to her patron who also sat in the rear, on the right, directly behind the liveried male driver who always seemed to just look straight ahead. ...There was the currency of a mutual self-knowledge as women, of course – this fundamental idea floated inconspicuously around constantly in the background of Li's mind as she thought about the situation from the hot, even slightly dazzling context of its present focus of possible, in fact likely nay, certain sex now with this girl.

Katy and the Girl

lesbian tayla7 2017-12-05

"Oh wow," I said as I began to get wet when the girl's hand rubbed my pussy through my panties. I want you to have the dick already in your pussy tucked inside the cheerleader panties. "Shit, Katy, you are a nasty little thing," she said as a finger slid into my pussy and she nipped at my bottom lip, "You are one hot chick. "Do you want my dick now, Katy?" I asked after I did her. Later the girl pulled a strap-on from her dresser drawer and fucked me in my pussy. As I said, I only work when there's no school, but you can help me make extra money if I can spare the time between classes and the prospects are good.

Virtue or Vice Ch. 03

lesbian BrettJ 2017-10-27

Tori circled her friend, swaying her body in a sinuous motion that ignited the tall blonde's passions instantly. Not to be outdone by her friend, Devin returned the favor, getting a 50 for Tori's black halter. Tori knew instinctively what her friend - and within seconds, lover - wanted, and she complied with glee. Tori's lashing tongue washed over Devin's pussy and clit, attacking her with a fervor of lust. The sexy girls moved all over the stage, nearly oblivious to the cheering crowd who were throwing money at them left and right. "Oooh fuck, I'm cumming!," Tori yelled, at which point her friend / lover yelled out "Me tooooo!" and both girls shook with intense orgasmic pleasure.