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I Want To Fuck My Best Friend

lesbian Poppet 2018-06-26

Being best friends with someone you’re in love with and they don’t know can be hard. “No, of course not, if you’re not ready, don’t do it Bailey.” I take her hand into mine and we talk more about Cal, not what I really had planned, but she needs it. “You know, there is something creepy about kids and being possessed what were they thinking?” Bailey complains, like she isn't the one who picked the films. I thrust my tongue into her passion-moisten depths and she lets out such a perfect squealing moan that makes me want her all the more. It’s not what I had in mind, our first time, but I don’t think I could have asked for a better way.

Coed Vacation

lesbian Stoneypoint 2018-06-25

Jenna and Katie appeared to heat up as they pressed their lips against one another as these two could not and would not stop kissing. As they kissed Jenna rubbed her leg up and down against Katie’s crotch as if to arouse her a little while these two young ladies made love to each other. “Oh God yeah…I need a really, really good fuck right now,” Katie said. Katie loved that as Jenna’s lips, and even her tongue, moved over Katie’s boobs doing the same exact thing to each one of them. It felt soooo damn good to get fucked like that even if there was no cock inside either of them but regardless both Katie and Jenna knew what was about to happen.

Fateful Meeting, Part 1

lesbian katlover1975 2018-06-25

So that next Saturday, July sixth, I went to this really nice lingerie shop and start picking out hot outfits for me to wear, guaranteed to bring fireworks from my man, and a spectacular grand finale, too (I hoped). So this hot brunette with the nerdy glasses walks right up to me in the lingerie store, both of us in bra and panties, and she says, “When was the last time you wrapped those amazing legs around a woman’s neck?” Just like that! If you had told me a year and a half ago, that I would be in love with a woman and having beautifully hot sex with her three times a week, and having threesomes (two women and a man) twice a month, I would not have believed you.

A splendid night of lesbian sex

lesbian sunshine22345 2018-06-24

She handed me a can of coke and giggled, “So how has your day been?” she asked, putting her hair behind her shoulders. “Yeah well she slept over at my house the other week because her parents we out of town and we got bored so we decided to kiss and stuff”.   “So your like a lesbian now”, I said, laughing again. “Stop laughing!” she yelled, hitting me on the leg and leaving her hand there for a little too long. “We could try and do some stuff, see if you like it, just for fun I mean”, she said, moving closer to me. “Oh, ah, I don’t know” I said, standing up and backing away a bit.

Spicy Spring

lesbian Nylo 2018-06-24

Donna’s eyes close from the anticipation and excitement as ever so lightly Lynn’s tongue brushes Donna’s stiffening nipples and slowly closes her soft moist lips on her nipples….Donna sucks in her breath and slides one hand between her thighs and one hand between the young blonde’s. Sliding her hands down by Lynn’s knees she carefully pulls the young woman’s thighs apart exposing her tight hot wet pussy, a cool breeze from the ceiling fan brushes the hot moistness and Lynn sucks in her breath as Donna’s warm tongue is closing towards the wetness.

Katie and Clara become more than just friends

lesbian TylerJameson 2018-06-24

In the centre of the room against the far wall was the massive four poster bed which Tyler had intended as their love nest for the holiday, instead she would have more than enough room to share with Clara, and probably five more girls for that matter. While Katie was a little shy at first she simply watched as Clara ground her firm ass against Jason's belt buckle while leaning her back against his strong chest. Katie was thinking of how Tyler loved to taste her pussy and ass and tease her boobs with his soft hands. Looking intensely at Katie, Clara tucked her other free hand under her silk green thong to be greeted by a well of sex juice on her pussy.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 4

lesbian Carmyn 2018-06-23

"Wanna try it?" she questioned as she headed towards my bunk with a nude-colored rubber dildo, probably about 8 inches long. She nodded and smiled as she pulled her other hand from behind her back to broadcast another toy, a pink rubber double-headed dildo. We bumped and grind our pussy lips together as we rode the double-headed dildo like cowgirls. "The baddest bitch is in the house!" Wendi yelled as she entered our cabin carrying all of her bags. Being in the bed naked with her enemy wasn't a good thing for me as her best friend. "If I knew my best friend would be fucking my enemy and my brother's fiancee, I would've stayed for sure!" she exclaimed. You're trying to fuck every girl you know, ain't ya?"

College for Krista: Part Two

lesbian SensualDesires83 2018-06-23

Krista moved her hand over Summer's breasts and exposed hard nipples which she took between her thumb and fingertip and pulled sensually on them, tweaking them, rolling them between her fingertips. Krista took her free hand and massaged the breast on which she had been feeding, and looked at Summer and said, "Like that huh?"   Summer almost came immediately as she felt Krista's tongue flick her tiny knob that sent erotic tingles through her body. As the first wave subsided, Summer felt the flow of her climax exit, and she heard the sounds of Krista licking it as she placed her lips to her orgasmic pussy and sucked.

My First encounter with Hannah Part 2

lesbian KinkySam 2018-06-23

I got onto the bed and place my hands on either side of her hips grabbing onto the bikini and started sliding them down her long tanned legs revealing her sweet shaven pussy to me. “Sorry Sam, its just that I had such a good time on the beach with you that I didn’t want to make you think I just wanted sex, because I kind of got feelings towards you now,” she told me honestly. Hannah locked my lips into a kiss with hers while her hands were moving down my body and started to remove my bikini. Hannah then moves her head down my body licking me all the way then she reaches my clit and starts to suck on it really hard.

A Sticky Situation

lesbian DanielleX 2018-06-23

All the while Danielle, deprived from licking my sex because of the position the second ball on my stretched labia, caressed her fingers softly over my clit and allowed her tongue to explore a little lower at my most secret place. I looked down at Danielle's head nestled between my legs and could see the second ball bobbing a little at the entrance to my sex as I tightened and relaxed the muscles deep in my pussy.  "Oh Katie," was all the reply I got before Danielle pushed two fingers into my dripping sex, curled them several times deep inside me, then pulled out long sticky strands of my honey which she then proceeded to rub over and around my ring. 

More than a Lodger...Part 7

lesbian DarkSide 2018-06-23

Laura’s nipples nearly double in size at the touch of cold on her skin, then she felt what she has been craving since Sam’s hand was pushed along her pussy. It actually gave her more room to manoeuvre and this time the whole palm of her hand was stroking at Laura’s pussy as her fingers touched and clawed at her clit. Sam smiled at her, then with some urgency, thrust her hand forward onto her pussy, palm upwards, she pushes all of her fingers into Laura’s pussy. Laura was on all fours licking at Sam’s pussy, and Tom was fully erect once more looking at Laura’s arse hovering over the end of the bed.


lesbian falltoofast 2018-06-22

Kissing down my neck again, this time stopping at my boobs , you show each one a great amount of attention, licking and sucking on one while massaging the other. Kissing on your neck, pulling your body close to mine, I unhook your bra, letting it slide off gently. I let my hand fall to my own pussy, teasing my clit as I slide your panties off. I kiss on your thighs again, letting my free hand massage your boobs. Teasing you, I kiss all around your pussy, letting my tongue graze your clit. You raise your head up, dragging your tongue all the way across my pussy and back, then grabbing my ass and pulling me down, focusing on my clit.

Fateful Meeting, Part 3

lesbian katlover1975 2018-06-22

“Happy birthday, oh sexy one!” she grinned, as her round, pretty little breasts mashed hard into my own bigger, fuller tits while we stood facing each other in the lake. Right here on the carpet!” And with that, I climbed on the face-up Kat and rubbed my throbbing, desperately horny clit hard against hers. Kat grinned up at me salaciously, face up beneath me, as she thoroughly rubbed peach lubricant into her pussy. Right on cue, at the thirty-eighth nibble, my pussy exploded onto her lovely face. “Do you think your body can come thirty-eight times in one day?” Kat challenged. “I can still taste your come on my breath, my darling Justine,” Kat winked, kissing me back with love, lust, and passion.

Would You Like Ketchup With That? 3

lesbian sprite 2018-06-22

I couldn’t help but play with myself on the drive home, stroking my puffy clit with my finger, recalling her smile as she gazed down into the car, eyes, sparkling with mischief, fastened on my exposed cunt. A moment later, I felt her hand resting on my thigh, warm against my bare skin, just below my skirt, her thumb sliding absently along the hem, repeating the motion, each time pushing my skirt slightly, revealing incrementally more and more of my thigh. I followed her, my hand in hers, so lost in sexual euphoria that I walked into one of the glass doors on the way out of the building, moaning softly as I felt the trickle of desire running down the insides of both thigh as the cooling night air found its way under my short skirt.

Seduction of the Sexy Latina Teacher

lesbian bronte27 2018-06-22

I entered the dance studio and there were were a group of men and women there already and a young and sexy latina salsa teacher stood in a black leotard and cropped leggings. She turned my way and smiled and my heart made pound and a feeling of sexual arousal began to stir in my groin as my eyes scanned over her sexy butt and breasts. Preferably, man and woman together," the young teacher said with grace. Lolita turned me round to face her and we stared into each other's eyes. Both Lolita and I turned our heads to the door and was shocked to find we had an audience of young men.

My First Lesbian Experience

lesbian AriaLove 2018-06-22

"Do as I did to you, lick along my labia, slowly making your way inwards as you go all the way around, You'll want to tease my body, it makes the orgasm that much more intense." I nodded and she moved her finger and I did as she said, slowly circling along her cunt until I had moved my tongue inside of her. You're a quick learner!" We smiled and she pulled me on top of her and we began kissing, She wrapped her arms around me, pressing my body firmly to hers and when we broke the kiss, she pulled the covers over us and I laid there, my head on her chest, her right breast just across from my face.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 5

lesbian Carmyn 2018-06-21

I admitted that I was getting a little carried away, especially with fingering a stranger on the bus on the way here. The camp decided to let a girl from another cabin that was overcrowded, take Carrie's bunk. Because little miss Melissa wasn't letting me dip into her chocolate. Just an hour or so ago, only me and Melissa in our cabin tonight (Carrie went home to check on her son, and Wendi went with her). Melissa, wearing a zebra-printed body hugging night gown that hugged her large boobs closely together, gave up and climbed into her bed, the top bunk just 4 feet away from mine. Eavesdropping, I discovered it was Melissa using Carrie's vibrator. "You about to take a shower?" Melissa asked through the closed bathroom door.

Lunches but More PT2

lesbian Stoneypoint 2018-06-20

Melissa said no and they sat on the couch and talked a little longer as Melissa told her more about Fr. Dennis and her love for him which in truth she wasn’t feeling any longer. Melissa wasn’t sure about any of this however she did caress Raquel’s soft arm and as soon as she did she knew it felt great to feel the woman’s soft skin. Melissa came forth and placed a loving kiss on her lips and seeing as she did Raquel embraced the young woman in her arms. Raquel smiled and removed the shirt off Melissa as she did she looked into Melissa’s eyes. Raquel’s hand found its way into Melissa’s pussy and as soon as it did Melissa felt a finger moving, lightly, over the lips of her pussy.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 2

lesbian Carmyn 2018-06-20

"Well when you talk to your roommate, tell her that her parents borrowed money from mine to pay for her to get here. I was too shamed to look at her, Wendi, Carrie, and Robin. I smiled, "But yes, my cousin Amber is still a bitch." Wendi smiled, "Yes. If you don't mind, I will be with you when you tell them." As I eased my hand under her skirt to play with her womanhood, I smiled as I realized that there were more curious girls at cheer camp than I imagined. By the time we'd gotten to camp, Kimmi had came twice on the bus from my fingering her.

The Secret Mistress

lesbian bronte27 2018-06-20

Isabella wanted a divorce from her husband and I helped her make it through a successful dissolution. The door opened and in stepped Isabella in a vintage black and white polka dot dress that shaped every curve of her perfect slim physique. The feeling grew as she walked over to me and her breath was close to mine and we stared back at each other. Isabella pushed me back against the bookshelf and leaned her body against mine. I closed my eyes and gasped out loud in pleasure as I felt her hand begin to enter my wet pussy. Taking us both to a new height of sexual pleasure and making our bodies double in orgasm.

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Three

lesbian Poppet 2018-06-20

She rolls a bit, giving me better access, and I suck hard on her wonderful nipple. She giggles, knowing which toy I picked, and begins a nice pace with me. I feel just how wet her panties are and know she’s telling the truth. My fingers never stop with her though and she joins in not a moment later, and comes just as hard for me. My world spins faster, between the alcohol pumping through me, the heady feeling for Paula, and my need to orgasm consumes me. I want to come hard for her and she begins to demand it. I can’t help but love it, she knows my trigger points, my weak spots, and uses them against me at the perfect times.

The Sexy Neighbor - Part 2

lesbian AmyL1231 2018-06-19

I could just imagine her tits flopping, pink nipples hard as rocks as she let me finger her virgin pussy. I just want to grab their tits and bury my face in their pussy.” She was really worked up now, her cheeks were red and she took both of her breasts in her hands, squeezing them. “It makes me hot just thinking about it! Watching her get off and tell me about her fantasies was making me horny as well. “You know, Sarah, sometimes I like to think about girls, too. She grabbed at the sheets, my hair, and my now bare tits. Just as she reached her peak and her face became beet red, gasping for air, the door opened abruptly.

Unfaithful 3

lesbian Carmyn 2018-06-19

"Is your baby home?" Kerri asked as she neared her neighbor. Kerri interrupted her introduction by extending her tongue to absorb some of the melted Popsicle that dripped between her massive breast. Kerri's tongue joined Val's on the Popsicle on a stick until their tongues touched. It didn't take long for Val's cunnilingus to produce hot liquids all over Kerri's fingers. Her wet tongue traveled down her neighbor's flawless skin, paying a lot of attention to her boobs before reaching her aching cunt. Removing her bikini to expose her wet pussy, Val dived in deep. I just wanted to finished what we started yesterday." Kerri stated. Kerri removed her bikini top and dived in the pool naked followed by her blond neighbors.

The Lioness: The Velvet Tips

lesbian Jaques 2018-06-19

After around ten minutes or so, Jessica opened her eyes and looked through the glass door to see Mackenzie O'Dara and another team-mate, Lizzi Kendall, walking past and waving to her. The one thing Jessica was knowledgeable of Lizzi doing was when she saw her hand reach up, cup and massage Mackenzie's right breasts. Mackenzie finally pushed back and away from Jessica's face and lay down on her back on the floor of the shower in the shallow pool of warm water, her legs wide apart, feet near her bottom on the floor, knees up high. Jessica was further bewitched as Mackenzie's hands opened her own pussy, exposed her deep, pink, tender flesh; her plump, aroused labia surrounding a dribbling vagina.