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Down by the Lake

lesbian fetishdoll 2018-11-25

She was already moist and warm so I moved down and ran my tongue across her dark rough pubic hairs and down to where they started to thin out along the sides of her beautiful pussy. I slowly moved my finger over her little button hole and the poor girl wiggled and kicked like she had a thousand bees inside her. With my face soaked and dripping with spit and Karen's sticky warm juices I pressed down on her clit with my tongue. He saw me and yelled, “Oh, think you are getting away?” He caught up with me and tried to grab my head to push me under. In play, he pressed in a little closer, obviously wanting me to feel his hard cock.

Band Camp

lesbian BethanyFrasier 2018-11-16

Karyn bobbed up out of the water, displaying her wet, hardened nipples, and the tallest girl exclaimed: “Oh my God, she’s skinny-dipping!" I slid my upturned palms under the soft, wet globes of her ass, trying to keep my mouth centered on her pussy, and I finally had to gasp for breath as she giggled and squirted my face when she climaxed. How Kate had lured Karyn out of the room before I got there, I hadn’t a clue, but my secret lover was now looking across the drum-line at me mischievously, and blew me an affectionate kiss.

My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 3 - Sally and Me

lesbian naughtyannie 2018-11-12

“I know, that’s why I’m up now – thought I’d grab breakfast and see Sally, before he’s ready,” said Matt, pulling on a clean pair of boxers over his big stiffie. “Well, I’m going to take my book and sun-bathe on Granta Beach,” I said, dropping my towel onto the floor and bending over to get my bikini out of the drawer, giving Matt a nice view of my bare bum. I rubbed a bit more sun-cream on, trying not to notice if Sally was looking while I smeared it onto my little tits. She looked round to make sure no-one else was on the beach, then slipped her own hand down inside her bikini bottoms, her fingers obviously finding their way down to her pussy.

A Weekend Getaway Dreams Can Come True Part 2

lesbian lezlyn 2018-10-29

Smiling as I look into her eyes, “Good Morning Sexy.  I am going to have you for breakfast."  Laying on Pam, I press our breasts hard together and press my legs between hers spreading them.  Rocking my mound against hers as I kiss and nibble the side of her neck. My hands on the counter and leaning back, Pam sucks and bites my sensitive nipples as her fingers slide between my lips and touch my clit. I suck and lick Pam’s clit, sliding my fingers in a few inches, I rub her soft upper wall, feeling her hips lift and press against my face as I find that special spot.

My Skinny Dipping Fantasy

lesbian BarbieLez 2018-06-03

No sooner had I laid eyes on one of my friends' bikini-clad body that I was momentarily plagued with a vivid fantasy. No sooner had the words left Lexxi's lips that I agreed to join her. Massive amounts of arousal now coursed through my veins and I knew it was only a matter of time before the fantasy that plagued me took control of my mind. After enjoying the feel of the hot water on my skin, I surfaced to find Lexxi staring at me with lust-filled eyes. No longer forced to swim, I let myself float there as Lexxi teased my nipples, sending shivers of arousal running through me. Pulling them out, she began expertly fingering my pussy, forcing increasingly powerful moans past my lips.

MJ's College Experience Continues

lesbian kurlykayaker23 2018-05-20

Most people did think it was worth the time to drive out that far to the park, but Linda definitely thought it was worth it. Linda stopped walking, wiped the tears off MJ's face, and said "Remember what I said about age baby?! Linda wanted to know what Michelle was thinking. And frankly, I'm glad I met you!" Linda stopped momentarily and then added, "That is enough for me to know that you are wonderful and experienced in your own way." I know that a lot of kids your age are not virgins and in some ways, that makes them kids, because they lost an opportunity to make the sex great for the first time. Linda's eyes returned to MJ's when she said, "Baby, you look great."