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Captured In Sin

lesbian vanessa26 2018-11-16

I went to my usual bathroom to find that it was out of order, leaving me with only one other option - to walk all the way down the long winding hall to the next to one which I scarcely used. I was so lost in myself that I did not notice the tall brunette that had appeared in the mirror until I felt her hands on me, cupping my breasts and caressing them with fervour. I felt her right hand slowly releasing my breasts from her firm grasp on them as she trailed slowly downwards all the way to my legs. I let out a long moan and my breath fogged up the mirror slowly as I watched myself being taken from behind.

Lana 3

lesbian monica3 2018-11-15

I found us a lovely little hotel that even said ‘gay friendly’ on its website; a statement that would normally put me right off but it looked gorgeous and the sample menu was divine. ‘Well, I’ve had it for today and I hope you like what I have selected.’ With that she turned away and went into the bathroom where I heard her pee mainly because she left the door open. ‘Don’t speak, feel.’ Her mouth closed on mine and her hips began to move at a slow pace, gently entering me deeper and deeper before withdrawing and then re-entering, a movement she repeated as she kissed me, her tongue mirroring the actions of her girl cock.

A Road Trip With Sheila

lesbian SexyTnMama 2018-11-14

“You know I love the taste of your pussy, Sheila,” I said as I slipped a finger under the elastic of her thong and felt her already moist pussy dampening the thin material. Tasting her pussy juice beginning to soak Sheila’s panties, I smiled up at my lovely friend. My face buried between her lovely thighs, I slipped my tongue deep up inside Sheila’s gushing pussy, while teasing her delicate rosebud with the tip of my finger. Tasting her streaming juices coating my face and tongue, I relished the sweetness of her spasming pussy. As my loving friend’s final juices coated my tongue and face, I felt Sheila’s fingers running through my long, auburn hair.

Past Perfect

lesbian AlessiaBrio 2018-11-11

On those rare days when she felt well above average on the attractiveness scale, Jacquí would arrive at the office in a sleek and stylish new designer suit and steal what little attention Denise hoped to garner. Few people wanted to look at real estate during the morning hours on weekdays, so Denise used the time at her desk to return phone calls, schedule building inspections, challenge property tax assessments, and scour the newspapers online for For Sale By Owner ads. Making small talk with a bunch of strangers just wasn't Denise's idea of a good time, and Jacquí's friends were likely to be a gaggle of Manceaux wannabes. Denise wove the fingers of her free hand through Jacquí's hair and yanked her head up to find eyes drunk with passion.

Defending My Foster-Sister

lesbian Sinnderella 2018-11-10

I stood up as defiantly as I could and looked her straight in the eye and firmly said, "I am the cavalry, and you're going to back off of Cheryl immediately or I'll..." I placed the bra on Mistress Jill's desk with my panties. I stood there in my heels with my nipples clamped by the hanger, waiting to see what Mistress Jill was intending to do with me next, when the phone on her desk rang. Mistress Jill then returned to her office and picked up my skirt, blazer, blouse and bra, and threw them in her lower desk drawer. Mistress Jill closed the door, but left it open enough that I could see her desk and the chair in front of it.

The Perfect Bitch

lesbian 19Savant 2018-11-10

She patted my butt, then strolled out of our tiny kitchen, and I couldn’t help but watch her, that perfectly round ass moving under her shorts, her long legs that I’d kill for, and yes, her feet, too. God it felt like her eyes were seeing right through me, seeing down deep inside, seeing shit I didn’t even know about and there was no where to run and hide. In the kitchen, watching the popcorn in the microwave and cleaning up the peanut butter, I had plenty of time to think, the little voice back, telling me to run away, to find somewhere else to live, asking me over and over what the hell I was doing.

Golden Goddess

lesbian BigTitSgt 2018-11-10

My body knows who is the proud woman here, and who is the abject slave slut who begs to be worthy to be used by such a golden goddess. Looking up at her, proud breasts contained in her sports bra, my own uniform tunic and beret showing that she has claimed all that I have earned, all that I might be, I look at her beautiful black face and see the hint of a smile. I swallow convulsively, I feel the burn come into me as I work my hands over my breasts, rubbing her golden pee into every inch of my skin, undoing my belt and zipper so I can rub the stream of pee over my own pale white pussy.

Piss Whores in Training: Auditioning Helga

lesbian Kathrin 2018-11-10

Please write back if you're interested." Attached was a picture of a pair of pink, wet pussy lips spread wide, while on the thighs next to them someone wrote "for Kat" with the date of the email. I leaned back and lifted up my legs, my fingers frantically running hard and fast across my pubes, rubbing my poor clit with both hands until it felt glowing hot. Since I've already started playing with electronics, I reached for the mouse, opening the other two pictures she'd sent before inserting it into my wet fuckhole, replacing the remote. It was Helga, kneeling on the floor, the bottle still sticking out between her legs, opening her mouth obediently as she looks up at the camera.

Out Of The Comfort Zone

lesbian LibraryCat 2018-11-09

I admired the loveliness of the plum of my acrylic nails against her creamy skin, before I asked, “Are you sure you want to do this tonight?” She raised her gaze to mine, and stared for a moment, soft brown eyes wide as a doe’s, before giving a small but firm nod. I never thought you’d come that quickly.” My leg, tortured already by her silk touch, was further abused by her lovely fingers, stroked by smooth knuckles, then lightly scraped by fingernails as the petting went up, then down. My breathing felt labored, my throat tight, and I didn’t want to look at Sara.

Restraining Amy

lesbian SapphicWriter 2018-11-08

Amy couldn’t help but giggle through the ball gag as Tracy started sucking on her right nipple, lathering it in saliva. Looking further downwards, Tracy enjoyed the sight of Amy’s tight, wet butthole wrapped around the base of the butt plug. Amy tried to pull herself away but Tracy was too fast, engulfing Amy’s lips with her mouth. Tracy’s got the craziest BDSM fetish, thought Amy, as she felt the cool metal sliding across her urethral walls, the thickness of the metal filling and stretching her delicate urethra. Amy wrapped her legs around Tracy as she started grinding her pussy on top of Amy’s. After a few moments, Tracy leaned forward until her upper body was resting directly on Amy’s, and they started kissing passionately.

A new start: The love story of a sub pt6

lesbian Eager 2018-11-07

Has Slave done something wrong, that Mistress doesn’t want to be touched by her?" I asked. I asked her why and said that if I couldn’t be hers then I didn’t want to be the slave of anyone else. If you don't want me, then I'll be alone, no more slave playing, no more Mistress," I told her. I took the collar and I handed it to her, and said, "Accept this mark of my love and submission to you, please". Her mouth left mine and kissed my neck, licking it where my collar was, with her hands fondling my breasts, without touching my tense nipples. Yes, Serena, I want to serve you and love you, and stay with you every day of my life.”


lesbian EmiliaFoxton 2018-11-04

Sandy moaned helplessly above her as Laurel licked and suckled her aching flesh, her tongue responding to Sandy’s garbled cries and the urgent pressing of her pelvis into her mouth by increasing the pressure of it against her clit. Sandy’s eyes widened at the glint in Laurel’s eyes as she walked around the side of their bed and bent over to whisper once more into Sandy’s ear, “You look beautiful like this, I think I’ll leave you gagged and bound to our bed for as long as I please…” Sandy gasped and pulled futilely at her restraints as Laurel stepped back, her hands trailing down the length of her trembling body as she sauntered away and left Sandy unsure and aching for more…

Lana 2

lesbian monica3 2018-11-03

In the soft light of the bedroom her pale hair contrasted with the blue of her hooded eyes and her lips curled into a smile. Generous I may be but at that moment I could feel my love button rubbing from between my lips on the soft silk of my knickers and I knew I could cum at the merest of intimate stimulus, words even, never mind touch. Slowly she moved so that her arm left my neck and she lowered her head to my belly and now her tongue did slip from between her lips and left a damp trail across me, around my navel and the cool of her tongue felt like the heat of a candle, so did it burn me.

My journey into submission (ch 1-2)

lesbian LittleMegan 2018-11-03

There is nothing particularly sexual about the events of this story, the purpose of this is to express how I felt about them in order for myself to better understand my feelings and find anyone with similar experiences and thoughts. Similar incidents to the first happened several times with the girls successfully predicting my path home about once every 3-4 nights. I was ashamed that I felt this way and was genuinely worried about my mental health since I was unaware at the time that others had similar feelings that I now understand to be submissive tendencies and desires. The girls mumbled something between them before I felt Ellen’s feet move, walking over me, her last step forcing the back of my head into the ground.

Filling Her Holes in the Closet

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-03

"Looks like you need to use your tongue to mop the floor," I said, "since my friend has grown very attached to your cleaning tools." She showed no reaction and so I got up on my feet, my wet dress clinging tightly to my tits as I stepped right in front of her. "Then Novella will give you what you need." I turned the girl over until she sat in the puddle on the floor, her legs spread wide towards the librarian, who knelt down on her knees, carefully moving the mop behind her so it would stay up her butt, but not get pushed in any further. I reached for the broom and handed it over to Novella, who looked at me puzzled, but soon understood and carefully tried to push the stick into the girl's hungry cunt, licking her all the way.

Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole - The Housewife In The Sex Shop

lesbian Kathrin 2018-11-03

Her brunette pubic hair was neatly trimmed at the sides, but still full enough to give her pussy a sweet feminine look and smell, and she kept both of her entrances clean and tasty, so I finally couldn't resist any longer and started pressing my face between her legs, my tongue lapping at her damp labia. It ran all the way down her arm and covered it in cunt slime, which she seemed to treasure, because after I got dressed again and she straightened her skirt, leaving the vibrator still where it was, she giggled and licked my juices off her fingers as we walked out of the store, smiling at me and waving at the girl by the counter.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 1

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-11-02

I definitely thought I was in love on a few occasions, but that faded away over time. Will you think it is a true love story? It wasn’t until I was 26 and my best friend for many years announced she was engaged and getting married that I realized I was in love; pure, unconditional love. For me, love equals Gwen. Gwen was psychologically shy, yet when a dare was given the shy facade always seemed to fade away as she also hated to lose. That night I went to bed alone thinking of the few times we experimented with each other. The more I considered Gwen and me, the more revelations exploded inside my head. 1. I loved Gwen. 1. I loved Gwen.

My Teenage God Ch. 3 - Deborah's Story

lesbian dominanceaddict 2018-11-02

A little bit of Deborah was initially disappointed that she wasn’t with the muscular boy, but she ignored that feeling and looked around for the girls she was paired with. Only, like, my close friends call me Izzy .” The sixteen year old beauty crossed her arms under her breasts and looked a little perturbed. As Felicity made eye contact, with one hand below the water, seemingly holding Breanne’s head down, she reached out with the other and pulled Chris towards her. Deborah continued to stare as Felicity took Chris’s hand and put it to her chest, kneading her left boob. Deborah was struck by how sexy she looked then, smiling mischievously over her shoulder, one leg playfully bent back, with her beautiful ass pressed out.

The Stewardess Became My Toilet

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-02

I must've looked a little lost, as a stewardess asked me right away: "Can I help?" I explain that the bathrooms in the other sections are all occupied and I was just looking for a free one. When I let her go, she closes the door behind her while I gently run my fingers through her hair and whisper into her ear: "I need to pee." My piss soaks her white blouse and at first it looks like she's about to run, but then the submissive in her comes back and she opens her mouth and lets the pee run inside. The rest of the flight I keep wondering if she's got any dry clothes to change into or needs to continue working soaked in my juices.

Home Early

lesbian pjonkml 2018-11-02

"I know you do, you little slut." She said, and shoved my sweatpants and underwear down past my knees. Her hand slammed down on my ass, and it stung like hell, but it felt so good all at the same time. "Yes ma'am" I said, barely able to concentrate because as she bent over me to talk into my ear, I was reminded of that something hard between her legs. "I want you to fuck my like the slut I am! "I want you to fuck my like the slut I am! "Cum for me baby, cum hard for me." She said in a gentle voice that surprised me a little.

The Conference, Part 2

lesbian justjenni42 2018-11-01

I stood up, nodding my acceptance of her request, and reached behind my back, unzipping the dress slowly.  I pulled the shoulders of the dress off and slipped my arms out, revealing my naked 38DD breasts to Mallory.  I smiled as I saw her subconsciously licking her lips as she gazed upon my full breasts.  I continued to push the dress down over my waist, my hips and my ass, wiggling playfully as I slipped the dress down, allowing Mallory to look upon my bald pussy, which was glistening slightly in the light of the room from the hint of moisture that had been forming from the moment I saw her in the doorway.  Once the dress was gathered on the floor around my ankles, I stepped forward and returned to my knees.


lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-01

Somehow I had developed a fixation on what I couldn’t have, and lonely days of trying to make time go by at the mall had turned into regular excursions into clothes shops and lingerie stores where I would eye and touch the garments and dream of being just as womanly as the other customers. When the fingers were right in front of my mouth, my lips parted on their own volition and - for the first time in my life - I tasted my own juices. Her other hand extended towards my pulsing pussy, and then two fingers slowly pushed their way inside me. Her movements grew in intensity and speed, and every time her fingers buried themselves so deep inside me, ripples of pleasure traveled up my tummy.

Piss Whores in Training - The Stewardess Became My Toilet

lesbian Kathrin 2018-10-31

I must've looked a little lost, as a stewardess asked me right away: "Can I help?" I explain that the bathrooms in the other sections are all occupied and I was just looking for a free one. When I let her go, she closes the door behind her while I gently run my fingers through her hair and whisper into her ear: "I need to pee." My piss soaks her white blouse and, at first, it looks like she's about to run, but then the submissive in her comes back and she opens her mouth and lets the pee run inside. The rest of the flight I keep wondering if she's got any dry clothes to change into or needs to continue working soaked in my juices.

Positive Thinking

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-10-29

I rubbed and teased myself as close to coming as I dared, feeling the heat build up between my legs until it spread all over my body, little beads of sweat appearing on my forehead, my pussy walls clenching and my clit throbbing, and only when the tell-tale ball of fire formed in my loins did I pull my hand away and try to get my composure back. With that, she went to my left side, Eve to my right, and before I knew what was happening, Linda had pulled up my skirt to expose my naked pubes. “Who would have thought that,” Eve surmised, clearly intending me to listen, “that miss correct Katie would someday turn out such a pissy slut.” She looked at me and I could see an idea forming behind her eyes.