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A surprise visit

lesbian sexharvester 2018-11-26

Thursday 18th September: I have received an email from Lily; she is coming over and is staying, in a friend’s flat in Cambridge. Before I could say anything my Dad hands me an envelope, it contains a note giving me permission to be off school tomorrow afternoon and a return ticket to Cambridge. Friday 19th September afternoon: I am on the train to Cambridge; I find it hard to concentrate on the essay I am working on. Friday 19th September, Dinner: Lily had booked us into a top rate restaurant; I was concerned that neither she nor I was appropriately dressed. Sunday 21st September morning: Lily was to stay on in Cambridge for a few more day, I had to make my way home, school tomorrow.

Vi's Valentine

lesbian queenhobart 2018-08-12

"Women like what?" Vi asked, biting her lip uncomfortably as she watched the woman pull her smaller partner in for a deep, long kiss, her hands tracing the hem of her short, black dress. She felt warm where Jess touched her, unsure if the warmth grew from her friend's hands or from between her legs as she watched the sea of women dancing against each other, here and there kissing, here and there hands disappearing under dresses. There in the center of the room were two women in black dresses that had been hiked up, and pulled down to show their breasts and pussies, straddling what looked like two saddles.

Rachel's Shopping Trip Chapter 2

lesbian PurringPussy 2018-05-31

Kris playfully pulls Rachel over to the wall with the restraints and reassures her, “I’ll be gentle and sensual.” Kris takes a white feather duster and begins slowly moving it up and down Rachel’s body with very light touches. Periodically, Kris adds a light kiss or nibble on a strategic body part like an earlobe, a lip, a finger, or a nipple. Rachel hears the hum of a vibrator as Kris turns on her pink wand and playfully moves it up and down Rachel’s thighs and along her breasts. The once gentle and loose restraints now seem like iron shackles as Rachel enjoys the pleasurable sensations of the orgasm. Rachel eases herself onto the mechanical stimulator & Kris takes the controls and starts it slowly.