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I Meet Darleen

lesbian rosebrn 2018-11-19

When she got up to go the toilet and walked away from us I couldn't help looking at her legs from behind, her high heels made her hips sway and I noticed how the seams of her stockings disappeared up under the hem of her skirt, triggering some naughty thoughts in my head. I felt stupid at this and looked away, Darleen leaned over and put a hand on my arm and said, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound awful, just you're so nice and quiet it seems like he's taking advantage of you." I broke off our kissing for a moment and let out a small moan, she got the rest of her hand under the elastic and I felt her tugging, and lifting my hips for a moment she pulled my knickers down below my knees.

Unfaithful 3

lesbian Carmyn 2018-11-14

"Is your baby home?" Kerri asked as she neared her neighbor. Kerri interrupted her introduction by extending her tongue to absorb some of the melted Popsicle that dripped between her massive breast. Kerri's tongue joined Val's on the Popsicle on a stick until their tongues touched. It didn't take long for Val's cunnilingus to produce hot liquids all over Kerri's fingers. Her wet tongue traveled down her neighbor's flawless skin, paying a lot of attention to her boobs before reaching her aching cunt. Removing her bikini to expose her wet pussy, Val dived in deep. I just wanted to finished what we started yesterday." Kerri stated. Kerri removed her bikini top and dived in the pool naked followed by her blond neighbors.

A Massage To Remember

lesbian SeanR83 2018-11-10

Oil was poured over my legs and butt and felt the oil trickle over my pussy making me feel slightly naughty. Gina’s fingers slid over my legs and I groaned as she started to massage my feet. Her fingers slid over my pussy and I could feel her other hand gently pinch at my clit. I did as I was told and Gina spread open my legs and started to kiss and lick at my thighs. I groaned as this beautiful young woman buried her head between my legs and slowly started to lick at my pussy lips. I lay back, gasping for air, as Gina climbed on top of me and gently started to peck at my neck and face as her hands squeezed and caressed my breasts.

Victoria's Pleasure

lesbian hotsexisawesome 2018-10-31

It was a warm day in August when Victoria left her office and began walking home. As she walked, Victoria began to feel extremely horny in anticipation of what was to come, she felt her nipples become sensitive, and she felt the juices from her vagina soaking through her panties. Victoria found herself drawn into a passionate kiss; the surprise made her vagina begin pounding with desire and her hands began desperately groping for any flesh they could find on Alicia's body. Alicia undid Victoria's bra as well and began sucking on Victoria's nipples, very slowly and deliberately. Alicia began to buck wildly yelling "more, more, more, don't stop", and suddenly a stream of clear fluid came flying out of her vagina and splattered Victoria as Alicia came.

How Did You Know?

lesbian BelleLindsey 2018-05-14

The look of "I know I shouldn't feel like this, but I still do and I can't help it." The look of "do I even want to help it." The looks, the way her tongue moves when she talks, the sweet things she does for me, going out of her way...she makes me weak. I try to hide my thoughts even though I know she can read me like a book. She's someone else's I shouldn't even be thinking like this so I try and stop. I shook my head and managed to get out an extremely soft and raspy "Yes." We starting kissing each other like it was the last thing on earth that would save us.

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 05

lesbian sugarisnice 2018-03-31

Amanda kept moving her fingers in and out of Katie's pussy until Katie tiled her head back, lifted her butt off the sofa and stopped breathing for a second, then she let go with a huge orgasm that left her totally spent. Amanda moved her hands over the length of Katie's nude quivering body as she sucked out her pussy, caressing her hips, her buttocks, her stockings, her bare thighs and her kinky boots. Katie let out a loud gasp as Amanda began suckling on her clitoris again, this time moving her fingers inside, and around, teasing her labia. Katie groaned loudly as Amanda sucked and licked her clitoris while slowly sliding her fingers in and out of her anus and pussy.

Celeste's College Adventures Ch. 01

lesbian vyronika_knight 2017-11-15

What's going on?" I said, more than a little perturbed that people were in my room, touching my things. I think it would be cool if you came with me- a nice little room mate bonding adventure." She raised one delicate eyebrow at me in challenge. If you're not working Friday morning, you're so going with me." She had a big smile on her face and it made me feel good that she wanted to hang out with me more. Not in a bad way though," I said, wanting her to understand that I felt like I was in a dream and that in a moment I would wake up and be terribly disappointed.


lesbian mascarasnake 2017-10-13

Anne felt her presence there, started to turn when the girl's hands touched her head, pulled her hair back and away, then circled gently, thumbs rubbing along the spinal line at the nape of her neck. By a girl—oh god a girl doing it, and not just any but Giselle, lovely Giselle who just liked touching, just wanted to be free to touch another woman like this and Anne unable to say no stop that, it's wrong, what would your parents say to me if they knew I'd let you.... Fingertips sliding deep along the valley between her thighs, up to where the heat of her core must be detectable, right up to it, the electric anticipation and strangeness of a girl touching like this making it hotter, impossible to disguise, she must smell Anne's arousal, she must know.