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The Violet Coast: The Seduction of Melissa

lesbian Melissa999 2018-11-05

Melissa felt instinctively that I Desire offered her a life of pure kinship and sexual pleasure. There on the table between them was the leather box and the mystery of what will be. She knew their power came from her power and would only fade with her life. She dreamed of ending her physical existence in her prime and of capturing that vital essence forever as an empress of her first leather box. She dreamed of being an eternal servant to the goddesses of supreme power and to know their tender mercy and eternal love. As her legs began to buckle, Melissa looked into the eyes of Aphrodite, she felt the Goddess of love's presence. This Melissa knew as she fell, darkness clouding her eyes, she felt Desire's strong arms arrest her fall.

A Very Special Client

lesbian asrosie 2018-11-02

“Yes,” she craned her head backwards and smiled as Nicola stopped undoing her blouse and pulling the collar over her shoulders started stroking across her neck, “and the Arc de Triumph.” Danielle bit her lip and smiled, Nicola shifted off the bed and retrieved a dildo and some oil, her eyes flickered to the younger woman as she slid the lubricated toy into her mouth. She stared at Danielle and kissed her passionately on the lips, drawing her tongue into her soft mouth and sucking gently, a finger traced along the scar beneath her breast and she moaned softly as a hand slid down to the softness between her legs, a moment or two later she parted her legs and slid her mouth to her neck as she shifted slightly.

Ivy: An Introduction Ch. 02

lesbian sihaya 2018-07-04

I just feel like I can't do what will really make me happy." She sighed; we were facing eachother on the couch, but she got up and moved closer and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I felt her raise her arm to the back of her head and then her hair came down like a curtain around us; I felt it tickling my face as we pressed our lips together, dipped our tongues into each other's mouths. She covered her mouth with her hand and moaned into her palm and wrapped her legs tighter around me, and I struggled to keep the rhythm even, struggled to press her in all the right places, and I felt her body tighten up like a coil.

My Mexican Adventure

lesbian Pussyrider 2018-05-27

As it turned out we hardly discussed the town at all, but as Lupe became more at ease she crossed her legs and her foot began to brush against my leg under the table – accidentally, I assumed at the time (not that I moved my leg away!) After about half an hour she told me she had to go, as she had another job in a supermarket in town. I hadn't been here for a long time, but as Lupe started tonguing and nibbling my pussy again I dipped my own tongue into her, tasting the sweet honey of woman nectar, eased two fingers into her bum, and did my amateurish best to please her as much as she had pleased me.

I Know Her

lesbian FiveWolves 2018-05-24

I know they haven't seen each other lately, so my love will have enjoyed spending time with her friend. When she hears me start to moan, she'll reach between my legs to stroke my clit. Bringing one hand to my lips, I'll take her fingers into my mouth one at a time and suck on each of them, running my teeth over the tips. Then I'll run my down to the soft pillows of her breasts, while I breathe into her ear, then suck on her neck. I know how to love her to get the response I want. When her breathing starts to get ragged, I'll stop, stilling my hand for a moment.

The Path Not Chosen: Seville

lesbian qcmasters 2018-03-14

Near the end of our stay, Alyssa said she wanted to take me somewhere special. "I want to make a new memory here with you." Then, my ear hot from her breath, barely able to hear her, "I want to make love to you here." Jeez, that sounded wonderful! Alyssa surprised me with a special gift, a simple black A-line dress that just covered my knees. Our hands would gravitate to meeting in the center of the table, fingers dancing, then crossing, that is until someone came to serve us, and we'd pull back, compose ourselves again. "Good." Then turning back to me, "Let's get you out of these wet clothes." I felt my panties pulled down to my knees.

Well, I AM on Vacation! Ch. 01

lesbian BrimStonez 2018-01-06

"You like that don't you?" Lori said as Melissa felt her friend rub those large breasts against her back. Melissa reached back to find her friends pussy and began to slowly rub Lori's clit. Her friend's hands were lifting Melissa's legs up and she felt them rest on Lori's shoulders as her friend moved her head between her thighs. Melissa sighed as she felt a quick flick of Lori's tongue across her clit. She could smell the sweet juices of her friend and almost without knowing she did it, she flicked her tongue out to capture some as it dripped from Lori's pussy. This allowed Lori to push her clit against Melissa's and feels her pussy rub at the same time.

Sometimes Fate is Kind

lesbian DanseParc 2017-11-01

Now that I think I've got this wrong-side driving in hand, I'm feeling hungry. "Well Natalie, thank you for the appetizers," I get up and offer my hand "This was a lovely treat." I hate for this to end but I got to get driving. It doesn't help my concentration now that her hands are skimming up and down my back and my legs, dragging my dress up my body as they roam Hating to let go of her , nevertheless I raise my arms above my head, and Natalie slips the sundress right off. Cradling Natalie's head in my arms, I brush away the hair plastered to her forehead and her cheeks, kiss away the droplets of sweat.