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Buying Petrol

lesbian TessMackenzie 2018-05-26

The woman turned around and leaned back inside the car, looking for something, so Josie kept looking, slightly embarrassed she was being so obvious, but looking anyway. Lily got in her car, and drove away, and Josie followed as closely as she dared. Lily got out of her car and came over to Josie's. Josie bent, and licked, tasting Lily, excited by the taste of her, and a little by the idea of a stranger in her mouth. She sighed, and gasped, and moaned a little too, and lifted her hips up against Josie's mouth and hands, and after a moment she came. Lily leaned over and kissed Josie, and then opened the door, and got out.

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 07

lesbian sarahloveitt 2017-11-19

With her eyes glued to the sight of the stiff cock presenting itself to the mouth of the vagina, Sarah's hand slid through her tousled hair, until her fingers were dabbling in the wet sloppiness of her vulva. With hands clawing deep into the flesh of her buttocks, pulling her loins hard into her face, Janet's tongue was working feverishly, bringing Sarah to her peak of excitement. When the pain had subsided and the beautiful feeling of warmth and bliss suffused through her whole body, Sarah took Janet's face in both hands, kissing her deeply and lovingly. Sarah kept kissing the divine vulva again and again, until the last drop of juice had been consumed and Janet, eyes closed in an expression of bliss, was relaxed and composed.