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Smile for the Camera

lesbian ShadyLadyJulie 2018-11-24

"Just tell them the truth," Pete laughed, "that you fantasize about having your pussy licked by another woman and that you get turned on by the thought of licking another woman to a climax." Sophie swallowed nervously as he went on, "and if you really them, click and put on a show for her" as he nodded to the array of various sized dildos and vibrators lined up next to the screen. Gently rub that clit imagining it was my tongue licking softly." Pete watched his wife in silence switching his gaze between her open pussy on screen and looking at the monitors so he could see the total rapture that was etched on her face.

Lori and Vicki's First Meeting

lesbian hotpinktears 2018-09-01

We kissed again and I ran my hand up her shirt tweaking her nipple beneath her bra, she pulled away and got quiet, I was a little worried that I had scared her off but I couldn't help but touch her. Standing in front of it she kissed me again, I opened my mouth and our tongues began to wrestle, My hands explored her breasts playing with her nipples making them become erect, I pulled back and began to suck on them. Gently biting them and flicking my tongue across them I knew this was driving her wild I could smell the sweet musk rise from her pussy and her moaning was getting louder we fell to the bed and I kissed down her body licking and sucking and biting.

When a Picture isn't Good Enough

lesbian sarah_siddons 2018-08-21

Several were addressed to my father, mainly to do with bills etc; a couple from long distant friends and the remainder being love letters either from father or Chris since he was becoming very fond of me and reading between the lines of a letter from daddy, was thinking of asking me to marry him. The following morning it all became clear to me, all I really needed to do was phone daddy's barracks and ask if he had an email address, saying I wanted to send to him something urgent. Again it was too late in the day to start thinking about sending emails so I got myself something to eat, watched some TV before going to bed; again my mind asked "Where has all the time gone".

Flight Attendance Ch. 03

lesbian Crew Cut 2018-06-26

"Yes, yes" I gasped, she slapped me hard, and will again." Gloria smacked my cheeks, the crack ringing loud. "She's devouring me" I relayed to Lin "Gobbling me up, feasting on my cum and sweat and juice, her tongue is deep, deep inside..." She ordered me to lie on the bed behind Gloria, my legs spread and in the air, directly facing the camera. I did as I was ordered, while Gloria, slightly to the side, showed her arse cheeks. "Gloria" Lin stated, "I want to see your cunt riding her face. The sounds of sucking and slurping alternated with pants, gasps, yelps and small screams, and finally as the roaring rush of mutual cummings washed over us, deep animalistic moaning.

Busted by Molly's Mom

lesbian lesbian_luvr 2018-05-12

She stood up and faced me to kiss my buttocks and shove a dildo in my vagina, then spanked me while licking between my cheeks and sucking my anus. Jenny then leaned back onto the table as Molly sat on her face and let her lick her vagina while masturbating. She sat next to Jenny to lip-lock and stroke the dildo as she fondled her vagina, then lay on the table with her legs up as Molly knelt on the bench, wore the strap-on, and pushed the dildo in her vagina and anus. She lay next to her to kiss softly and finger her vagina and Jenny stroked the dildo until Molly lay atop her mom with her head on her chest.

Webcam Fantasy

lesbian Tavlor 2018-03-22

Willing to experiment to see how much you would enjoy anal stimulation, Missy lets the fingers of her right hand begin rubbing over your clit. You moan even louder and Missy feels the juices begin to flow freely from your pussy as she continues to rub your clit. Missy soon pushes her middle two fingers deep into you and begins fucking your now very wet, very hot pussy. Feeling the penetration of the dildo, you begin to moan then hump your hips up to meet the thrusts of Missy's hand as she fucks the dildo in and out of your pussy. Loving your reaction to the toys, Missy continues to fuck your pussy and rub the vibe over your clit.

Slutty Sarra Meets Amanda

lesbian sluttysarra 2018-01-03

Amanda takes charge, rolling over on top of me, her lips tracing a line down my neck, her knee forcing my legs apart; I feel her hand on my moist slit, her fingers desperately pushing their way through my hot folds. She trails her hair across my body as she takes my nipple into her mouth clasping it in her teeth tugging on it as a faint moan escapes my lips. I reach into the drawer next to the bed, pulling out my favorite pink vibrator that had been used many a night with dear Amanda turning it on I trail it over her body, circling her hardened nipples, tracing it down her stomach and over her thighs, I slide it deep inside of her.

Becoming a Webstar

lesbian DumbDude3103 2017-12-27

After a few seconds several guys were saying things like "no, I love you" and "I adore you" with the occasional "you have nice tits." Christine was not impressed or amused by this and would rather not be seen on the same stream with an online stripper. Christine, of course, used her arms to cover her chest and waist, but that didn't matter because the money was already pouring in and people liked what they saw. Sarah tossed the top aside and sat behind Christine, pulling her arms back to show her chest off to the camera/ audience. Sarah took advantage of this and slowly had her other hand move down Christine's body to her legs.

Becoming a Webstar Ch. 02

lesbian DumbDude3103 2017-12-06

Each time Sarah's lips kissed her between her legs Christine felt a chill go up her spine. Sarah's hand kept spreading Christine's pussy for the loving audience to see. Sarah kissed Christine's naked pussy; she loved hearing that subtle moan escape her roommate's lips. Sarah spread Christine's pussy and pushed her tongue in a bit, at least enough for the audience to see without her head being in the way. Christine's face went red again as Sarah stopped her moan by kissing her again. Sarah smiled proudly, her hand going faster and harder as her thumb rubbed against the clit. Sarah had no constant tempo as her fingers continued to speed up and slow down, but this only kept Christine panting and moaning.