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Erotic Lesbian stories

A large collection of stories of women who love other women.

My lover in a Limo

lesbian kellyqueen 2018-11-17

Kimber is lying in bed asleep when she feels something wet and warm start licking her pussy. “Mmmm yes you are very horny this morning, Kelly” Kimber moans lightly kissing my pussy. The limo takes off, and I lean my head over kissing Virginia on her neck softly lightly licking it. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, Oh KELLLLLLLLY!” Virginia moans as she cums her body shakes hard. I look over at Virginia who smirks before sliding between my legs and starts licking my pussy. “Ohhhh girls, yessss, yeesssss” Kimber moans holding our heads to her pussy. Virginia crawls over and starts sucking and licking my pussy as I ride Erin. “Ohhh ohhh, yes, yes.” I moan loudly “Oh yes Erin fuck me, oh Virginia lick me!”

massage at home

lesbian tech_chic 2018-11-17

My hands move down to your spine, fingers deep into your muscles making sure you feel good. I run my fingers up your spine slowly, digging in and making sure to get the knots once again. I move lower down your legs straddling your calves, slowly digging my fingers into your arse. I move my hands down to the apex of your thighs, teasing your cunt, sliding my fingers through your soaking wet folds. Taking my finger out quickly before you start grinding on it, I move to your thighs massaging them, running my hands back and forth. I run my hands over the front of your thighs, nails digging in, moving down to your knees.

Seduced by my Best Friend

lesbian sexy_story_tella 2018-11-17

As I looked out of the window I felt my hand slide over my young breasts, making rings around my nipples as they started to stiffen. I could see her start to play with her pussy and smell my bra at the same time. I tiptoed across to the foot of her bed, breathed in the smell of her pussy juices and licked it slowly. I think she got the point and directed her mouth directly above my pussy and started to lick my clit. I moaned seductively, and then she started to tongue fuck me, slowly at first and then speeding up. As the evening started to turn into morning we snuggled into her bed, out bodies pressing together.

Angela - Part Three - Fanny

lesbian monica3 2018-11-17

I had a stiff gin, called a cab and changed into a pair of tight, black leather trousers and a white silk blouse, tidied my hair and face and grabbing a few things in case I stayed the night went to the front door. Mine did not follow immediately but I succumbed to it when she pushed me onto my back, pressed her tongue to my clit and slipped a finger in my pussy and my arse at the same moment which did something a bit special because I heard someone screaming, ‘oh god, fuck me!’ and the world went black.

How to Wage a Wargasm

lesbian Smokey125 2018-11-17

"All right, that's five for Judy and Sam...Leyna?" Sandy turned to her next, doing the math. "You're up, and if you can draw a seven or higher on your turn right now, you and Cyndi will automatically win this first round, because you'll have a high enough score that there'll be no chance for Judy and Sam to catch up with you. But after Sam and Judy proceeded to win the third round...and the fourth...suddenly, Cyndi and Leyna weren't having quite as grand a time anymore. When Samantha removed her jacket, the audience, Cyndi, Leyna and Sandra were all treated to the nice little illustration on her right forearm.


I want Her so Badly Part 1

lesbian MissSerendipity 2018-11-17

I hear the water running in her bathroom as I feel heat rise in between my legs. I rub my clit and let out a soft moan as I take in her scent from her bed. I look down at my 36D tits and wonder what hers look like without anything hiding them. Me being 5"2 with short brown hair and brown eyes, I'm the complete opposite of her. Slowly she starts to slide her middle finger into her shaven parted lips as her other hand pinches her already hardening nipple. Soft moans begin to escape her as she fingers herself harder and harder. I can barely stop myself from climbing in the shower and making her mine right then and there.

Lesbian Paradise on earth

lesbian bava12 2018-11-17

She turned to face Irtiza,Sameena pulled Irtiza to her, and again she covered Irtiza’s lips withher lustful lips as their lips lock and both of their tongues are inside each other mouth Irtiza was quite enjoying it infect she had never good kiss like this before from any one. Sameena started to lickIrtiza’s juicy nipples one by one which gives warm feeling to Irtiza and her body is moving like a fish out of water “ ahhhh uhhhhhhh ooohhhh Sameena Choosoo inko aur zor se please zor zor se choosoo inhee pora pora suck karoo ahhhhhh bohot maza aa raha ha’’ After Sameena don withIrtiza’s breast Sameena spread Irtiza’s legs and she slipped her hand down to her pussy, she slowly pushed two fingers between her juicy cunt lips and began to rub her cunt.

My daughter's tutor II

lesbian kornslayer1 2018-11-17

"I like that, Roxanne, I'd much rather fuck a MILF, than go to another boring party," Amber replied. These fucking glasses are robbing you of sexy men and women, wanting to jump your bones, Amber," I said. I put her glasses on the end table, and she seemed open to the idea. "Fuck, Roxanne, you are one hell of a MILF," Amber said as she moaned. "Oh, you fucking sexy MILF, I love it when you eat my pussy," Amber said slowly. Roxanne, make me cum all over your beautiful face," Amber said. She leaned in once again and stuck her tongue deep inside my pussy, and this time it was a lot better.

Muslim Lesbians In Toronto

lesbian Samuelx 2018-11-17

My name is Mariam Alzahrani and I am a young Arab Muslim woman living in the City of Toronto, Ontario. A Muslim woman who wears the hijab, leads a pious life, considers herself empowered and free, and answers only to the Most High? Lots of hijab-wearing Muslim women walk around together in Toronto but people assume they're just friends, even though in a lot of instances, they're lesbian couples hiding in plain sight. With Fatoumatta Ali, I don't have to hide because, like me, she's proud to be both a Muslim and a woman-loving woman. Just ask Fatoumatta Ali. The five-foot-four, curvy and sexy, gorgeous dark-skinned hijab-wearing Somali sister is one of the bossiest women I know, whether in the bedroom or out of it.

A Sweet Young Lover

lesbian CycleGal 2018-11-17

Kissing my way up and stopping to savour her as our eyes meet, I lean in as she hungrily kisses me, her sweet tongue probing and searching out mine, all the while letting out soft moans and whimpers, her breathing still heavy from her heighten pleasure. Within a mere moment or so she starts heaving and panting, letting me know that my sweet young girl is going to cum all over my wet pussy and cum she does. Kissing me all about my face as she holds me close, I gently and slowly continue to slide my pussy against her, nice and slow letting her dictate the speed. The pure pleasure and lust from this beautiful young girl, we kiss and she holds me tight, her deep breaths and warm body next to mine.


lesbian Iszofia 2018-11-17

He was fantastic at giving cunnilingus and he was the guy I first squirted with. The first time it happened I soaked the bed sheet through to the bed. Often when I masturbate, depending on what kind of release I want, I think about him and the wonderful things he used to do with his mouth, tongue and hands. My mouth closed over her pussy and I began kissing her, then I moved downwards and licked the entire length of her slit upwards, parting her lips open with my tongue. Liss moaned loudly and started pressing her sweet pussy harder to my face. I moved my fingers in and out of her sucking on her clit, feeling the juices run down my hand, listening to her moan.

The Governess Ch. 01

lesbian Shamrockk 2018-11-17

Miss Pauline slid her hand under the sheets, over the outside of Simone's cotton nightdress, down her tight little belly until her fingertips lightly brushed her girlish mound. Miss Pauline gently spread saliva on Simone's swollen clit, drawing gasps and sighs of pleasure from the young girl. Then she lightly touched her own swollen lips to Simone's and rubbed her big clit against the young girl's aching bud. "A man would ride you with his hard thing inside you," Miss Pauline whispered in Simone's ear, "but I am going to rub your clitoris with mine until we spend. "That's good," whispered Miss Pauline, "kiss my breasts dear, my nipples want your soft lips."

How i met Melissa

lesbian davedax97 2018-11-17

If that had been a man speaking, I'd have said he was coming onto me, but this was a beautiful and sexy young woman who surely had men dropping at her feet all the time! "There you go." She handed me my drink and squatted down at my feet unwittingly drawing my attention to the way her breasts seemed to be rather well displayed thanks to the top two or three buttons of her tunic being unfastened! "You've got beautiful legs Madam," she smiled, "But those feet look awfully tired. She smiled again and said, "May I have another drink Madam?, I thought I was about to lose my job for a moment there!"


Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Four)

lesbian SensualDesires83 2018-11-17

Angie’s sexual lips were beginning to engorge as Sara felt her breasts and she began to feel the flow deep inside her cunt wanting to escape. As they continued to kiss, Angie felt Sara’s hand reach inside the waistband of her joggers. She felt the warmth of Sara’s hand on her other breast as Sara began to suck her nipple like a baby. As Sara continued nibbling on Angie, she felt Angie’s hand move lower and inside her shorts. Angie shivered and tensed from the touch, then felt the warmth of Sara’s tongue inside her hot cavity. Once that was said, Angie arched her back into the mattress, wrapped her hot orifice around Sara’s finger tightly and felt her pussy contract.

Investigative Journalism

lesbian patricia51 2018-11-17

"Great." Mandy grabbed Dawn's hand and led her out to the dance floor. Once they reached the hardwood Mandy released Dawn's fingers and the two women began to dance to the music. When that moment passed, Dawn managed to pry open her eyes to see Mandy looking at her. Then Dawn was stretched on the covers, Mandy bending over, still kissing her as she strove to pull the reporter's pantyhose down her legs. Dawn slid one hand down Mandy's back until her fingers locked on the other woman's butt. Once Mandy had recovered her breath, she kissed the other woman and then began to work her way down the attractive body under her. Mandy rode her lover's gyrations, her lips, tongue and fingers never leaving Dawn's body.

If She Only Knew

lesbian eroticeli 2018-11-17

She'd been thinking long and hard since she dropped Cassie off earlier about how she felt, and she'd finally had to admit to herself that she was seriously attracted too, and probably in love with, her best friend. She felt the saliva pool in her mouth and gave in to temptation when she leaned down and with great delicacy wrapped her lips around it. Cassie threaded her fingers through Bailey's hair and held her against her breast. Taking her cue from that, Cassie started to kiss her way down Bailey's flat tummy, stopping just at the edge of her matching pink satin panties. When Bailey began to pant, Cassie finally relented with fingers and allowed herself the privilege of tasting her best friend's most intimate place.

Pretty Girl Pet - Part Four

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-17

It’s been a year that I met my Pretty Girl Pet. She walked into my life at the perfect timing. What Ella doesn't know is that when we’re on holiday I’m going to ask her to officially move in with me. We've not even talked about it; it'll be a complete surprise to her. I close my eyes and think of this past year and what Ella’s face will look like when I ask her to move in. I know she’s at the point; she wants to orgasm, she’s holding it back like a good girl. We know we can’t be a long time, since it’s another almost six hour ride back. It’s been exciting to be here so far, and I can’t wait to ask Ella about moving in.

Snow Bunnies Ch. 05

lesbian slitlicker69 2018-11-17

Over time, some of the other girls on the team found out, or guessed, that Jenny and I had something going with Karen, Jill, Nicole, and Emily—something a little more than friendship. Jenny and I stood around and drooled at all those beautiful girl bodies—all those long sleek legs and firm butts—and to think they were all coming to party with us today. Looking at coach Barnes like I was, and how she was dressed, I began to wonder if she had any inclination at all of what kind of “victory” party we really had planned for her. “I just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same wave length today about coach Barnes,” I said, pulling Julie’s tit out of my mouth.


Island Girls Part 2 A Walk, Raspberries, and a Kiss

lesbian Letoria 2018-11-17

Sarah and Carrie were making goo-goo eyes at each other like a couple of horny high schoolers. “Carrie and Sarah seem to like each other...a lot,” Stephie said, looking down at the ground. I mean, last night, Carrie was, like, ‘Oh Sarah is so hot’.” In fact, just as I was about lose control and run my hands under her shorts, the sound of Sarah and Carrie laughing and talking came drifting down from the trailhead. Carrie looked like she was about to tease Stephie, but a look from both Sarah and me stopped her. Sarah knew there was a time and place for things like teasing, and this wasn’t of them.

Cheerleader Lovers

lesbian kellyqueen 2018-11-17

“Alright we are going to show you some cheers and then you have to copy them from memory,” Stacy says hopping off the table her and Virginia are standing on. I carefully pop my head around the corner and I see Stacy sucking on the 36C breasts of Virginia. Both girls then start to lick my pussy hard and fast. Virginia pulls away and when I look up Stacy is standing above me wearing a 8 inch long 3 inch wide strap on. Virginia and I start to make out as Stacy sucks and kisses my shoulders. Stacy starts to moan as I feel Virginia starting to lick my asshole. “Ohhhh fuck yes lick my pussy Kelly,” Virginia moans, “Oh yes your tongue is good!”

Panty Pervert - Part 1

lesbian marietv 2018-11-17

"Oh my god, look at him, I never would have guessed he was a sissy pervert!" I said as Nadine looked over my shoulders and reached round to cup my breasts. "He has a nice ass though doesn't he?" Nadine said as she pinched my nipples and began to nibble my neck. Nadine quickly and roughly pulled my legs to the edge of the bed and spread my thighs wide, revealing my freshly shaven cunt, already moist from her expert nipple tweaking. Ten minutes later Nadine was pummelling her eight inch dildo hard into me from behind, while watching a black girl ramming a guy's ass with her own version of what she herself was wearing.

Mrs Sara Johnson

lesbian SeanR83 2018-11-17

I could feel her fingers slide over my wet pussy and I could hear her breathing get heavier. My hand roamed her body as she fingered me, resting on her crotch. I pulled away from her mouth as she slipped two of her fingers right inside me. I want to feel your pussy cum over my fingers. I felt her pussy gush over my fingers as she gently pulled her fingers from my wet hole. She took me by the hand and led me into the shower. Sara pulled the shower head from the wall and twisted it. Sara seemed to enjoy the way I orgasmed and pushed her finger into my ass deeper. She pulled her finger from my ass and turned off the shower.

Harriet Hotter Ch. 14

lesbian Couture 2018-11-17

Lovelle remembered they said to just use a little of the salve, but she had already scooped up a large amount of the gross looking slime which stuck to her gloved fingers a trailing all the way back to the container. "Your pussy," Lovelle finished, sinking her slime-coated fingers into Harriet's hungry sex. Lovelle scooped up some more of the green slime and took Harriet's swollen clit between her latex glove-covered fingers and began to tug on the tiny nubbin of flesh. "Tonight," Lovelle said, as she ducked out of the small room, leaving Harriet horny and frustrated, dripping her moist secretions on the cold dusty desktop. "I know another game we could play," Harriet said, kissing Heather's neck and then nibbling on her earlobe.


When in need, seduce your willing neighbour

lesbian YoungBabe 2018-11-17

I slowly looked up and saw Penny staring down, her tongue practically hanging out of her mouth. Penny slowly removed her bra, out came her boobs, they weren’t like the topless models in the magazines, but for me they looked perfect. They were amazing, she had to taste her own cum, so I lifted my hand up to her mouth and she started to lick the length of my fingers, which were previously deep inside her. “Now it is my turn baby” I couldn’t wait to teach her how to finger fuck my pussy and lick my cum that was already spilling out into my thong. Penny didn’t need to be told twice, she got to work at my pussy, and for a beginner she was pretty damn good.