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Erotic Lesbian stories

A large collection of stories of women who love other women.

Her Sexual Escapade - Part 2

lesbian bewitched 2017-10-18

I know, I should not say this about my best friend but this is what I felt at that time. Sam and Amber have been regularly having sex but she, till now, has never been able to make her come. Yes, she does come once they use toys and once Amber too puts her fingers to use. But Sam, working alone has never been able to make Amber come. For a second, I forgot this was my best friend or weather she was a guy or a girl. As I guided her to the proper pace and position, she inserted one more finger in my pussy. The orgasmic waves throughout my body went on for minutes and when Sam looked up, her face was drenching in my cum.

There's a First Time for Everything

lesbian Raedigga 2017-10-18

She simply added more flattery, remarking of my comeliness and moved closer still putting her hand on my shoulder and her lips to my forehead pretending almost convincingly to take my temperature leaning forward in front of me giving me a very advantageous view of her cleavage then finally resting her cheek on mine brushing my shoulder with her breast and breathing lightly into my ear she said she wanted to feel my body next to hers. I lost all sense of self consciousness my hands rose to my breasts and I began to fondle myself closing my eyes and abandoning myself to the intense pleasure nearing orgasm on the edge eruption I could hear my own voice coming in husky emotional breaths while she rallied up inconceivable strength to hold my trembling thighs open and keep up her vigorous tongue lashing.

My Amazing Best Friend And Me

lesbian hotbabe999 2017-10-18

 When the secretary slowly took off her shirt and bra I just couldn't control myself, my nipples were rock hard and pushing through the silk on my bra dying to get free, and my pussy was getting wet. I glanced over to Kirsty and saw that she was obviously turned on too because her nipples were hard and she was rubbing her thigh. She stared for a moment and slowly took my left nipple into her mouth, I can't describe how good it was having my nipple suck and nibbled by her while my other one was being pressed and pulled. I pulled her face up to mine and we started making out again, she took her hand and started rubbing my pussy over my panties, my clit was getting so hard and my panties were dripping.

Cheat On Me, Cheat On You

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2017-10-18

Nell’s eyes closed and, like staring at the movie of train wreck I knew was about to happen, I watched the woman’s mouth descend for a hungry, sloppy kiss. Yes, just like that, little slut!" The way she said it, the gloating undertone, told me that she was quite aware that the girl kneeling between her legs was my girlfriend. "Amy, I’m so sorry," I said in most regretful voice and took the hand of Nell’s ex-girlfriend, "I wasn’t watching where I was going. "Listen, Amy," I started, and my voice betrayed the panic I was feeling, "I think we should stop right now, this is all going too fast for me."


lesbian BradleyStoke 2017-10-17

When Edie and Janine finally found their way into the dingy kitchen, at the back of the house, where all the alcohol was and where they could drop off the bottle they’d brought with them, what waiting for them was a real disappointment after the quite decent skank. Janine smiled conspiratorially, as Edie took her metal-bangled wrist in her hand and dragged her out of the kitchen, past the temptations of another roving joint, into the main room where the music was coming from. Janine took Edie’s face in her hands and pushed it to her lips, her tongue slotted into Edie’s mouth, and for a few ecstatic, liquid moments, the two of them kissed fully and slobberily, as the beat pushed up and up into the pit of their stomachs, finally, building up enough tension to push the two girls apart.

A ruined friendship? - part 2

lesbian Rubz 2017-10-17

Silently, she had unbuttoned her blouse to the waist, slipped her hand inside her bra and pinched her nipples, at the same time she pushed her soaked underwear to the side and tended to her begging clit. My gorgeous best friend looked me in the eyes as she told me how she came time after time, fantasizing about me in that bra set from work. Gripping the edge of the tub with one hand, I spread my swollen lips, my finger slipped straight to my hard clit, making me jump and shiver with pleasure. Realizing what I was doing, Chloe added a third finger to my stretched hole and started a rhythm of thrusting, while finally delivering long hard strokes on my clit with the flat of her tongue.

Taking over the Hudson Family 1 by 1 (part three)

lesbian itssosoft 2017-10-17

I had thought her brother was amazing and she had made me moan so much louder and she had not even touched my pussy yet. Her tongue licked and sucked at my clit and then moved down the full length of my pussy. She moan as she flicked her tongue over the lips of my pussy, licking up all of the juices and the cum that was on and inside of me. I was almost about to cum again when she pulled away from my clit and moved down, shoving her tongue inside me as far as she could. My body once again was shaking and trying to pull away but she held me down as she licked every last drop of cum and juice off of my pussy.

the hardest and sweetest kiss

lesbian scorpsrule 2017-10-17

Pushing her hard against the wall, biting her neck my fingers found her nipples and squeezed hard, her body quivered. She snapped her legs closed to rub her cunt against my hand, I pulled my hand out and slapped her arse. She beg me to fuck her, slapping her arse hard I pushed her face into the wall than shoved two fingers into her dripping wet cunt. Biting her neck and back I thrust my fingers in and out of her cunt, rubbing my body hard against hers. Her tounge found my clit and we licked and sucked and bit each other until we exploded in escasty, neither of us able to get enough of the others cunt juices we stayed on the floor for hours licking sucking biting.

..testing the water..

lesbian PurpleGowri 2017-10-17

Later I lay in bed, fresh and clean, I couldn't wait any longer, lifted my knees up and felt the gentle breeze from the window flutter around my thighs and caress my labia, I fingered my self, one finger, two fingers three, my long finger found the small spot which makes me breath out heavily when I tease it, I played with it around it and reached for the large vibrator I had next to my bed, I held it against my pussy and let the vibrations tease me, I couldn't wait any longer, I thrust it inside me and fantasised about the waiters last night, mmm...I spread my legs wide and looked at myself in the mirror as I felt myself coming I squeezed my nipples hard and let the waves take over me.....I lay back and felt the juice dribble back to my ass.

Three Days of Hedonism

lesbian Kim 2017-10-17

Leta, making sure that Lily was watching, slowly rubbed the warm oil into her skin. Lily, now accustomed to the other woman’s touch, felt Leta lean over to work her way down her back. Leta lifted Lily’s right leg and rested it on her shoulder, thus causing the sweet pussy in front of her to gape open. She trailed her fingertips down Lily’s inner thigh, and when she reached the delicately bloomed iris, Leta turned her palm upward and slid two oiled fingers deep inside Lily’s cunt. Leta softly kissed the back of Lily’s knee, while working her right hand in and out of her tight pussy. Close to the edge herself, Lily exploded, when Leta gnawed on her bloated clit, spraying her juices all over Leta’s pretty face.


lesbian Carmyn 2017-10-17

Sitting on the carpeted floor with only the top of her head visible to the outside world, Kerri's lustful eyes scanned her neighbor's backyard. A feeling Kerri couldn't label or justify outside of her insecurities that Valerie would steal Brad. Kerri found her eyes glued to Valerie's petite frame, skin glowing from the sun rays like a halo around an angel. Valerie looked at Kerri from head to toe before responding. Valerie noticed that her compliment sounded like an insult and added, "I mean, you look great, and I would have never guess your hot body had borne children." Feeling like her dirty little secret was partially revealed, Kerri bluntly announced, "I'm not gay; I'm happily married."

The beautician

lesbian deedexy 2017-10-16

Then one day I went in to the beautician and Collette seemed really excited.  So enthusiastic and full of life.  I mentioned I noticed something and she said she was going freelance and would be working from home or visit clients in their home.  I think she felt a bit bad about pinching her employers business but I wished her well and wondered if she might like to carry on performing her magic on me.  She seemed surprised that I had used those words I think and looked a little embarrassed.  But she gave me her mobile and said to ring.

A night to remember

lesbian buttmaster 2017-10-16

‘Do you like caramel ice cream?’ Lisa shouted to Layla from the kitchen. The candles surrounding her flickered as their flames bowed to each other it appeared they were whispering among themselves. ‘Do you usually have all these candles burning?’ As Lisa answered it became obvious to Layla that she somehow had missed the signs that must have come from her friend earlier in the evening, as she looked back at Lisa she was greeted by a deep gaze. ‘I want to put it inside you and lick you till you can’t stand it anymore’ Her back arched as a cold lump of ice cream was rubbed against her nipple. Oh fuck. Keep going! Keep going! Oh fuck, I commmmmiing!”. This was going to be a good night.

Maude/Madeleine Part 5

lesbian monica3 2017-10-16

She indicated I should lie down and she stood for a few moments, looking at me and touching her own cunny, slowly opening herself and entering herself there. Moments later, servants arrived carrying ewers of hot water and Jenkins opened the door to a side room wherein stood a tub. She was working herself into a gentle frenzy and moments later her head went back, her eyes closed and she let forth a gentle, keening noise as she reached her ‘petit mort.’ Mine did not arrive with hers, in fact as I watched the pleasure course through her, my arousal subsided and I felt a warm tenderness toward her.

The Falls

lesbian BethanyFrasier 2017-10-16

As the effervescent pool rises around your slender figure, encircling your naked body with its bubbling currents, you close your eyes and cup your hands into its freshness. When you emerge, however, I am there waiting for you, with my wet hair pulled back over one shoulder, my breasts bobbing in the buoyant, oxygen-filled water. Whether by some magic of the falls or the perfect beauty of the moment, we both feel a connection between us, and without even needing to know each others names, we draw together under the rain of water to kiss. Hands caressing each others breasts in needful urgency, and fingers exploring one anothers burning sex in the cool, swirling waters, we unite as a couple.

First Night

lesbian monica3 2017-10-15

I was now kneeling, my belly touching her knees and she pulled my head close to the silk of her blouse. Her hands stroked around me and came to my breasts, lifting them and pulling my nipples. I felt her hand again, covering a clamped nipple, pulling it so the fire burned. She must have fixed the clamp to something, because the tension remained but she moved to stand behind me again and I felt her hands roaming over my buttocks, tracing the line of my suspenders and stroking the backs of my legs. Left with the wet feeling, I waited for the touch of the head of the plug which I knew was to follow.

Cassie's Surprise Part 1

lesbian laurarosina7 2017-10-15

Cassie pushed the front door open, puzzled by the lack of an excited Laura bounding down the stairs, she always ran down to kiss Cassie to welcome her home. Laura got on her hands and knees and crawled across the bed, all Cassie could see was Laura's boobs trying to bounce free of their enclosure, she bit her lip gently trying to hide the effect Laura was having on her. Laura couldn't have hoped for a better reaction, she stroked Cassie's cheeks gently, then pulled her into a passionate kiss whilst pulling the bun out of her hair. Cassie's hair felt so soft, Laura moaned into Cassie's mouth as she began to tug her loves hair.

While our husbands are away

lesbian theotherwayisup 2017-10-15

and while I think it was a success, I'd like to know what you think." As she was talking, the woman felt her boss' hands stroking her back slowly and gently, almost like a massage. And the woman felt her boss' hands rubbing her arms, her back and work their way down to her ass. And the woman felt her boss' hands slide down to her hips, then one hand braced against one thigh while something cold and metallic pressed against the other, spreading her legs wide. Slowly she pulled the cock out of the woman and then set it on a clean cloth on the desk, wrapping it up again so that she could wash her employee's cum off of it later.

Run to the West Pt. 1

lesbian Annamagique 2017-10-14

Erika held the blonde woman’s head against her breasts and ran her fingers through her short hair as her orgasm began to rise inside her, beginning at the base of her ribs and gradually radiating out into her abdomen, causing her stomach muscles to tighten and he back to raise from the bed, pushing against the hand that was creating such feelings, her vagina sucking at the finger, trying to pull it further inside until, like the exploding of a thousand starry fireworks, it was upon her causing her to shout out involuntarily as the air was pushed from her lungs and her heart seemed to stop until her muscles once again relaxed and she sank slowly down from heaven and lay on the bed in her friends arms, her heart beating like a hammer and she wondered, now, if this was the reason she had not married, because she loved Elsa.

Lexi, Jenna and the Cabin In Vermont Pt. 2

lesbian fenom 2017-10-14

Don’t move unless I fucking tell you to…” Jenna said this right against my mouth, biting down on my bottom lip when she was done. I finally told Jenna and Little about how I caught Derek cheating on me with some bitch I didn’t know, how I caught them in our bed and how I just left. “You think I want to sit in a hot tub with my baby sis while wanting to fuck you and be pleasured by her husband’s two best friends?” I spread apart my thighs a bit for her as she massaged me. “Yeah and two days ago, we’d never ever had sex and you never thought you liked girls and you sooo like this, Lexi baby.” Jenna cooed into my asshole before kissing and sucking my perenium and licking up my waxed ass crack.

our first time together

lesbian lovergirllover19 2017-10-14

While the girls watched the movie Nicole started to notice how nice Sarah’s size 30 d boobs looked in her white bra. Then Sarah takes Nicole’s hand and puts it under her own pajama bottoms so that she would get fingered by Nicole. Sarah moans with pleasure and tells Nicole to put more fingers in her already wet pussy. Nicole continued to finger and tongue Sarah’s pussy until Sarah began to cum. Nicole turned Sarah over and spanked her ass and began to lick Sarah’s pussy again. Sarah licked Nicole’s pussy as Nicole started to scream in pleasure. Sarah then began to repeatedly shove the seven inch dildo in and out of Nicole’s wet pussy.

The Trouble with Passion - Part One

lesbian pretty_as_poison 2017-10-14

“I can’t, Fiona,” Lucy explained… “I have to meet with Dr. Thacker.” Fiona looked at me for a moment and as she gathered her keys said matter-of-factly, “Oh you’re in trouble all right. Heading out the door into the evening air Lucy started to wonder again about the meeting. And as she finished crossing the quad and ascended the stone steps she kept repeating Fiona’s ambiguous words, “Oh you’re in trouble all right.” She began to wonder if Fiona knew what this was about. The professor looked at Lucy for what seemed like an eternity before speaking. Lucy thought about what the professor just said. As if she could read Lucy’s thoughts the professor continued, “I am going to help you feel passion.

Defending My Foster-Sister

lesbian Sinnderella 2017-10-14

I stood up as defiantly as I could and looked her straight in the eye and firmly said, "I am the cavalry, and you're going to back off of Cheryl immediately or I'll..." I placed the bra on Mistress Jill's desk with my panties. I stood there in my heels with my nipples clamped by the hanger, waiting to see what Mistress Jill was intending to do with me next, when the phone on her desk rang. Mistress Jill then returned to her office and picked up my skirt, blazer, blouse and bra, and threw them in her lower desk drawer. Mistress Jill closed the door, but left it open enough that I could see her desk and the chair in front of it.

67th Back to School! How Emma Influenced Me

lesbian rosebrn 2017-10-14

I was excited to get the letter telling me when she would be coming for a visit one weekend, arriving on the Friday evening. She waited till my shift was over and we left together, on the way to her car she took my arm giving it a squeeze, and said how much she was looking forward to us being together again. I was into the excitement too by this time feeling as randy as hell, and got her to turn onto her back and I pull her bloomers off her legs altogether. Once rested, Emma got up and removed her clothes completely, now naked she climbed back onto the bed and 'walked' with her hands and knees on either side of me.