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Erotic Lesbian stories

A large collection of stories of women who love other women.

A Very Special Client

lesbian asrosie 2018-03-05

“Yes,” she craned her head backwards and smiled as Nicola stopped undoing her blouse and pulling the collar over her shoulders started stroking across her neck, “and the Arc de Triumph.” Danielle bit her lip and smiled, Nicola shifted off the bed and retrieved a dildo and some oil, her eyes flickered to the younger woman as she slid the lubricated toy into her mouth. She stared at Danielle and kissed her passionately on the lips, drawing her tongue into her soft mouth and sucking gently, a finger traced along the scar beneath her breast and she moaned softly as a hand slid down to the softness between her legs, a moment or two later she parted her legs and slid her mouth to her neck as she shifted slightly.

Victoria's Pleasure

lesbian hotsexisawesome 2018-03-05

It was a warm day in August when Victoria left her office and began walking home. As she walked, Victoria began to feel extremely horny in anticipation of what was to come, she felt her nipples become sensitive, and she felt the juices from her vagina soaking through her panties. Victoria found herself drawn into a passionate kiss; the surprise made her vagina begin pounding with desire and her hands began desperately groping for any flesh they could find on Alicia's body. Alicia undid Victoria's bra as well and began sucking on Victoria's nipples, very slowly and deliberately. Alicia began to buck wildly yelling "more, more, more, don't stop", and suddenly a stream of clear fluid came flying out of her vagina and splattered Victoria as Alicia came.

Fresh Bedding

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-03-05

"Get undressed Amy and come to bed," I said softly, smiling all the time while caressing my breasts with one hand and inner thighs with the other. Amy's arms were wrapped underneath my legs with her hands reaching to my breasts, squeezing and stroking my very hard nipples as her tongue circled ever more quickly and deeply inside me. I was so turned on, my hands gripped Amy's hips, pulling her hard onto my face, wanting her to ride my tongue until she climaxed. Amy was soon in a rhythm, pushing hard onto my face while my tongue caressed and circled inside her.

My Freshman Year Ch. 04

lesbian pjonkml 2018-03-05

This time, I got to class a little late and couldn't sit with Nat like I normally did. The way it was situated, it looked as if they had added the bathroom after building the place. When she got the shirt off of me, she looked at me like I was a feast for her to devour. We were standing there, in the middle of the bathroom, holding and kissing each other, I could stay like that forever. Her had pressed against the front of my pants, I gave a little cry, my eyes closed, biting my lip. I started to slowly tease her and try to draw it out, but when Natalya wants something, she wants it right then.


Fisting Tessa at the Burlesque

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-03-05

The spectators all stared captivated at the stage where she now lay with her legs spread while her hand was rubbing across her pussy. At first I became nervous and embarrassed, but then the light headed feeling came back and the arousal, and so I reached between my legs with one hand and spread my pussy with my fingers. Suddenly I felt her fingers against my pubic hair, looking for my clit and starting to rub. Fuck yourself, you lesbian cows!" It was a glorious moment, watching her stand in the limelight like that, from below, with my hand in her twat as she proudly spread her legs and jerked off her clit.

Donna and: Nellie's Indiscretion, the Hat and Donna turns heterosexual

lesbian monica3 2018-03-05

This would not normally arouse my indignation but on this occasion I was surprised because Nellie was holding the front of her skirt raised above her waist and Donna was staring intently at the revealed parts. Donna enquired as to the nature of the proposal and Nellie, somewhat miffed, said, ‘To marry me, you nitwit.’ She had apparently been overwhelmed. ‘Know what, College, I think we’ll have one last dance since they seem to be playing something more to your liking, and then we’ll go home and engage in some of our more disgusting practices.’ She turned her head to David, her arms still around me.

Spanked to Submission: Love Story

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-03-05

In Spanked by Submission: A Novella white intense boss Annie is manipulated and seduced be her temp black 18-year-old employee and begins a lengthy journey into sexual submission including a variety of humiliations and. For a reminder, Annie-girl is spanked multiple times, forced to get a strange Brazilian, made to orgasm with a phone inside her pussy and fuck a variety of interesting objects, made to service strangers and follow a very extreme Slave Code which is re-published here: In this finale, after getting caught in the act of submission by her a good friend, the pregnant Jane, Annie-girl desperately tries to reclaim herself one last time...will she be successful? Jane ordered, as she sat up, turned around so her ass end was facing me, "Annie, I need to be fucked.



lesbian 247Nympho 2018-03-05

A finger gently flicks my clit and I moan again. She grasps my clit between her thumb and finger and pulls lightly as my back arches. She slowly works a finger into my hole and I moan louder, her middle finger gently kneading my clit as her finger moves in and out of me. I start moving my ass back and forth to meet her fingers that are moving faster and deeper. She rams her fingers deep inside both holes as I strive to meet them wanting them faster, deeper, and harder. I can feel her fingers moving in little circles inside of me and I feel a strange sensation. It feels like a charge running throughout my entire body and meeting in my pussy.


lesbian RejectReality 2018-03-05

“Running a little late today,” Melissa said as Dani approached with the books she’d checked out the previous week. Dani looked up from the dark curls on Melissa’s mound and said, “I was right.”  With that, she turned and kissed the older woman’s leg, just above the knee. “Please,” Melissa begged when Dani planted yet another kiss a few inches below where the older woman so desperately needed it. When her panting breaths finally slowed, Dani leaned back in their embrace, wearing a heart stopping smile, and cupped Melissa’s cheek in her hand. Melissa gasped and said, “Yes.”  She then took the initiative and sought the younger woman’s lips, finding a newfound source of strength in her kiss.

A Holiday Adventure CH.2

lesbian Jennyxxx 2018-03-05

Nadine started to cum, her fingers furiously rubbing at her clit, her head thrown back, she brought her other hand down and pushed her middle finger deep into her wet hole, she added another finger, then another, fucking her dripping hole with three fingers. She could feel her orgasm approach, holding onto the wash basin for support with one hand she watched intently as her other rubbed between her thighs, spreading her wetness over her mound. Jenny slowly pushed herself into Cassie, feeling the toy easily slide inside Cassie's hot, wet hole. Jenny slowly pulled out of Cassie, as she pulled the head of the toy from Cassie's hole Cassie collapsed forward, her pussy still spasming, Cassie could feel her juice running down her thighs.

Ashley Art Model: Part Four

lesbian SensualDesires83 2018-03-05

After I savored the moment, I wrapped my lips around Kiera's erect clit and sucked and hoped I was doing it right. Kiera closed her eyes and groaned deeply as she pulled her hard nipples at the same time. I circled my tongue around her clit several times and felt her pussy quiver in the process. Kiera opened her legs even wider so she could feel my finger glide even more. I began fingering her faster and Kiera moaned deeper and tweaked her erect dripping nipples. Again, I repeated, but this time going in, Kiera took a deep breath and simultaneously with her loud moan, came the fountain. Instantly, Kiera pushed my fingers out in an arching stream, spraying the room with her dampening climax.

Afterschool Lesson

lesbian SosaGood 2018-03-05

Walking around her heavy, black-wood desk, Ms. Boner carried a slim, leather whip. I mean, I didn't think I did anything to deserve that kind of punishment, but it sort of excited me just having something happening behind closed doors. Thrusting my hips back at an innocent moment, I found one of her fingers pushing into my ass, making me cry out in stinging pain that shot straight to my clit causing me to gush more in pleasure. Even though I begged to come, she held me near the tipping point until her mouth came down over my cunt and her tongue slipped inside. Feeling the inward thrust of fingers and tongue threw me over the cliff and I was screaming "FUCK" as I came all over her mouth and face.

Roomies Ch. 04

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-03-05

So Erin started watching the porn again, masturbating furiously as she also remembered the way Shannon and Christie had been set up in the room. Erin's fingers thrummed faster on her clit as she pictured herself in Christie's place, licking at Shannon's slit, hearing Shannon moan for her. Although walking in on Shannon and Christie like that had been extremely embarrassing, it definitely had some benefits, in the way of better realized sexual fantasies. Closing the door Erin dropped her bag and went over to undress and grab her robe; she needed a shower after that pilates class! Erin's breath caught in her throat as Shannon's lips came down on hers, she didn't know what to do.


Girls' Night Out

lesbian 82tigress 2018-03-05

All I could think about, as I waited for Jessica to show up, was her sweet little pussy. Just thinking about her sweet pussy made my mouth water and clit swell. “Mmm … my friends … there you are.” She pulled me close and, cupping my breasts, she teased each of my nipples with her tongue. “You want what?” She slapped my face and stuffed her hand down my jeans. As she probed my depths, she said, “Mmm … we’re a little wet, are we?” I nodded emphatically, as she rubbed my clit between her fingers. “Mmm so wet.” She said, as she masterfully massaged my wanton clit. I’m about to cum!” Jessica said, as she rewarded me with her pleasure.

18 And Puffy

lesbian alitaimoor15 2018-03-05

“Oh my, god,” Miss Richards almost screamed, “your eating my pussy and giving me a huge fucking orgasm, you little cunt sucking slut!!!” Afton’s face was being drenched with Miss Richards’ sex juice, and she grabbed Afton’s head and held it tightly against her spasming vagina until her climax had passed! Afton looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was already half way through the seventh period, and she exclaimed, “Oh, lordy, look at the time, I’m really late for my next class!!!” Miss Richards, while still caressing Afton’s ass, replied languidly, “Don’t worry about a thing, I can give you a pass saying I was treating your “sprained ankle”!!!” Upon hearing that, Afton relaxed a little, stood up, and offered her now dripping pussy to the older woman and said, “Well, if we’ve got the time..........” THE END

Rachel And Sami Go Camping

lesbian leggielibby 2018-03-05

“This is going to be an awesome week,” chorused the Aimee and Lisa from the back seat as they locked lips in a long deep kiss, their bare breasts mashed together. I looked at Sami, she was staring trance-like at Charlie whose tee largely transparent from the being wet had tented over her firm full breasts. Now naked she paused to run a hand between her thighs, letting her fingers trail through her slick lips before raising both hands to cup her breasts, and then grip her swollen nipples between thumb and forefinger. Lisa had pushed her covers clear and was already naked, she was tracing the outline of her pussy lips, lightly, while she watched Charlie and Sami.

Dirty Little Secret

lesbian Butterfly4629 2018-03-05

As Katie sat there in front of me on my king sized bed I couldn't help but think about her milky white breasts and her gum drop nipples. I gently placed two fingers in her pussy and moved them in and out as I continued to suck her clit. I stuck my tongue in her pussy hole and fucked her with it, I wanted to taste her sweet juices as she orgasm in my mouth. I moved aside, only straddling her leg and shoving my fingers once again in her pussy, my other hand squeezing her beautiful breast. Katie reached for my pussy, and began to circle my clit with her fingers. I began kissing her nipple, licking and sucking it loudly as she fucked my pussy with her fingers.

Ride of A Lifetime

lesbian LittleJezabel 2018-03-05

We were both moaning now, Bailey rocking against my tongue faster and Emma fucking me harder, faster, cock plunging into my slick pussy then back out again, the friction shooting pleasure through me. The tip just entering her and Emma pushing it in very gently. Then Emma ground her hips against my thumb, and Bailey gasped, the motion causing the cock to slide almost out of her then back inside. I pulled my hand away and Emma grabbed Bailey's hips and drove the cock deep inside her pressing her body into Bailey's ass, going as deep as she could. I felt her muscles spasm as an orgasm rocked through her and she pounded her hips into Bailey one last time burying the cock deep inside her as she came all over it.

Maid In America

lesbian Smokey125 2018-03-05

Karin was 22, from Sweden, and had been working for Madison Roschfeld for three and a half months thus far. Along with the other help, she lived here in Madison's enormous villa, and during her time off while being relieved by her fellow maids and helpers, her perks included complimentary use of the villa's swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor—weather permitting, of course. Excuse me, Karin, I...just...uh...find you devastatingly attractive and beguiling, and I felt the unignorable urge to just...touch you somehow, and at the same time, I happen to have a particularly goofy, somewhat naughty sense of humor, and-and, I...I just couldn't help it, I just had to find out if you, eh...y'know...might be a little...well...ticklish.


and the juices shall flow

lesbian jenwallace72 2018-03-05

I move my hand lower to cup your arse, pulling you closer to me, kissing you harder with a hungry desire, wanting you, horny for you. I know you are feeling it too. I move up to your neck, sucking, licking, biting, I slide my tongue down across your breasts and nipples, over your belly and into your soft, spongy pussy, groaning as I feel and taste how hot and wet you are. Your moaning gets louder, so I lick harder and faster, you grab my head and press it hard and deep into your pussy, this really turns me on, so I suck your clit deeper into my mouth.


Slave to My Own Employee

lesbian colleenslittletoy 2018-03-05

My eyes seemed to always zero in on the sexy curves and the naughty places between the legs wondering what it would be like to touch, smell, or taste each area. Almost tossing him on the bed I pushed his face to my crotch, something he hadn't done in years, and while he feasted away I fantasized about the woman in the shop, directing my pitiful hubby's mouth and tongue to places I wanted licked. My knees ached but I remained there, beneath her, while I caressed her long, beautiful legs, my soft touches demonstrating a devotion I have never felt before.



lesbian Lizzielezzie 2018-03-05

I walked up to her, stood behind her and gently cupped her tits in my hands while planting kisses on her neck and cheeks. There was a lovely smile on her face and her hands reached behind her and began to stroke my thighs. Starting with my face, she worked down to my tits where she spent a good time licking and sucking me. I was getting really worked up and played with my tits, pinching my nipples with one hand and stroking her blonde hair with the other while she ate my cunt. She continued lick and finger my cunt, obviously loving the taste of my cum juices.

My First encounter with Hannah Part 2

lesbian KinkySam 2018-03-05

I got onto the bed and place my hands on either side of her hips grabbing onto the bikini and started sliding them down her long tanned legs revealing her sweet shaven pussy to me. “Sorry Sam, its just that I had such a good time on the beach with you that I didn’t want to make you think I just wanted sex, because I kind of got feelings towards you now,” she told me honestly. Hannah locked my lips into a kiss with hers while her hands were moving down my body and started to remove my bikini. Hannah then moves her head down my body licking me all the way then she reaches my clit and starts to suck on it really hard.

2 Mistresses: Different Styles

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-03-05

After her new pet Mindy got her off, Carolyn stood up and asked, "Enjoy your breakfast?" "Yes, Mistress," Mindy answered, on her knees on the floor, pussy juice on her lips and face. Carolyn got her new pet's cell phone number, called Mindy a cab and said, "I have some business I need to take care of. Samantha called the boutique she had been in earlier and asked the girl who answered the phone, "Is Governor Green one of your customers?" "We don't give out customer information here, ma'am," the woman replied. Samantha, wanting to be in charge again and feeling really bitchy because she had been utterly betrayed all day, grabbed the back of this shy, bewildered young girl's head and guided it into her pussy as she ordered, "Now come and enjoy your tip."