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Erotic Lesbian stories

A large collection of stories of women who love other women.

The Ghan

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2017-12-14

I don't know how long you're on for, but if it's all the way to Darwin I'll be seeing a fair bit of you and I like to get to know my passengers," she replied, with another big smile across her face. "You wont be needing this either." This time she hooked her fingers under the hem of my skirt and quickly pulled it over my hips and down my legs, kissing round my hips, tummy and thighs as she went. "Shower time, Katie," Polly eventually said, before we both squished together into the tiny cubicle, hot water cascading down both our bodies. Much as I'd done the night before when I'd pleasured myself in the swivel seat, I rocked back and forth and made slow love to Polly's face in time to the gentle movements of the train.

Out in public

lesbian tech_chic 2017-12-14

I rake my eyes up and down your body, you're wearing those jeans that shape your arse perfectly, I just want to run up, spin you around and pull you towards me with it, squeezing hard as I do. I push you against the wall hands pinned above your head, I kiss you hard, you gasp and I take that invitation to find your tongue with mine, you don't pull away just succumb to my onslaught. I reach around and grab your tits squeezing hard, I move to your nipples, pinching and pulling, your face pushed against the wall, you gasp arching into my hands, you arse moving against my cunt making me moan.


lesbian Nicole_Larson 2017-12-13

There was a vague, blurry image of Stacy and Chloe kissing, but that seemed to be out in the living room, each of them were holding a drink and the music was still kicking. To hear that Stacy kissed Natalie, and that Natalie hadn't pulled away at the very least says something about the strange energy in my apartment last night. We sipped at our coffee more, and then Stacy said, "So Nat left here in a big hurry." Chloe finished off her coffee and detached herself from me, saying, "Well, I got a paper to write, I should get going." She kissed me again, and said, "Thanks for the best birthday ever." She stopped by Stacy and gave her a kiss as well.


Fucking My Best Friend Keirsten

lesbian sexybandit92 2017-12-13

Keirsten, who is 18 with straight blonde hair and C cup breasts and a nice big bubble butt to match mine, was wearing a super tight short black strapless dress and red 5 inch heels. I then let go of it, got on my hands and knees, and stuck the other end of the pink dildo into my dripping wet pussy hole. We kept going at it like this until Keirsten shouted "Oh my gosh, I'm gonna cum." She stopped humping the dildo and pulled it out as she collapsed face down onto the bed and her juices shot all over my bed. Then, covered from tits to pussy in whipped cream and chocolate syrup, we got in 69 position and sucked each others clits until we climaxed a few more times each.

Suburbia: The Summer Is Coming To An End

lesbian NatashaTsarinaErotic 2017-12-13

“Hi Mr. Keller,” I said and gave him a small wave before continuing out into their garden where Nina sat playing with her dolls. “Yes, that’s a good girl, keep going, take all of it,” Jeff moaned as I began to slowly move my head up and down. Without looking at me Pam said in a voice mimicking Josie’s, “yes, Ellie, lick my pussy, yes, yes.” Then she burst out laughing. “You look so sexy with that cock,” said Carla. The strap on had a small cock that was vibrating inside my pussy and as I kept on fucking Josie I was coming closer to my own orgasm. When I let go of her she sat back, taking several deep breaths before she said, “you fucked my ass.”

How I Met Melissa

lesbian davedax97 2017-12-12

I could feel myself glowing as we walked hand in hand into the dining room for breakfast and wondered if people knew I'd spent most of the night making love with the beautiful, and very self assured young woman on my arm. "Hi," I said softly and touched a hand gently to her cheek, "You're looking at me?" Her eyes looked into mine, she believed me, she knew I'd said what I felt. Using both her hands, she pulled my cheeks apart and wiped her tongue from my clitoris to my anus and back again, my legs began to tremble of their own accord when she took my clitoral nub between her lips and sucked hard.


The sweet smell of excess supernatural sex

lesbian pentup47 2017-12-12

Fiona quickly discarded her cotton robe, to reveal her dark pubic bush, while Fleur's nightie seemed to have shrunk on the journey upstairs, revealing a tiny shaved pussy which she shameslessly exposed to the visitor. Finally, the women lovers kissed open-mouthed in front of him, exchanging Tom's cum and letting it slowly seep out of the sides of their mouths so they could each lick it off the other's face. The short and poignant story beneath it read: 'Oxfordshire Police have named the two women killed in a major road traffic accident on the M40 motorway on the evening of Haloween Night, as university lecturer Fiona Middleton (37) and undergraduate Fleur Lawrence (24)".


Fateful Meeting, Part 2

lesbian katlover1975 2017-12-12

With a lusty and playful look in her mischievous eyes, Kat turned the nearest jet directly onto my clit. I turned the massager off and set it aside, I slid my tongue into her pussy, past her clit, onto her spongy, bumpy little g-spot. She pushed hard against my face, she moaned loudly, and soon the sweetest pussy nectar ever to pour out of any woman, was flooding my mouth. We got out of the tub, dried each other off, and headed back to bed and soon we were locked into a 69 that was way hotter and way sweeter, and by far more loving, than any sixty-nine I’ve ever had with any man.

Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Four)

lesbian SensualDesires83 2017-12-12

Angie’s sexual lips were beginning to engorge as Sara felt her breasts and she began to feel the flow deep inside her cunt wanting to escape. As they continued to kiss, Angie felt Sara’s hand reach inside the waistband of her joggers. She felt the warmth of Sara’s hand on her other breast as Sara began to suck her nipple like a baby. As Sara continued nibbling on Angie, she felt Angie’s hand move lower and inside her shorts. Angie shivered and tensed from the touch, then felt the warmth of Sara’s tongue inside her hot cavity. Once that was said, Angie arched her back into the mattress, wrapped her hot orifice around Sara’s finger tightly and felt her pussy contract.

The College Retreat

lesbian HotnJuicy 2017-12-11

I started to walk towards the bathroom, then stopped and considered waiting until Claire was finished but then I got a peak of her by the shower. "Uhhhhhhhhhh, Jasmine please please, please!" she sighed, "ohhhhhh don't stop fuck meee, fuuuuck meeeeeeeeee!" Her cries turned me on so much I decided against making her wait and I started slowly rubbing up and down her hot slit, finding her clit in seconds and hovering there for a long time before I stroked my way down to her entry, and thrust two fingers inside of her.

A Sweet Young Lover

lesbian CycleGal 2017-12-11

Kissing my way up and stopping to savour her as our eyes meet, I lean in as she hungrily kisses me, her sweet tongue probing and searching out mine, all the while letting out soft moans and whimpers, her breathing still heavy from her heighten pleasure. Within a mere moment or so she starts heaving and panting, letting me know that my sweet young girl is going to cum all over my wet pussy and cum she does. Kissing me all about my face as she holds me close, I gently and slowly continue to slide my pussy against her, nice and slow letting her dictate the speed. The pure pleasure and lust from this beautiful young girl, we kiss and she holds me tight, her deep breaths and warm body next to mine.

Dead Doll - epilogue

lesbian ThorS 2017-12-11

There's snack, a champagne bottle, two beers, red wine and Voss. “You were right about the fingerprints,” he says and gives me a small plastic bag with a black cylindrical object in it. “Of course,” Lucy says, and Rowe gives her a hurt look. Mona, Bethany and Aron are seated around the table. “Last night, Bethany went up to Diana's room with her supper. And then he went up to Diana Doll, who had probably already gone to bed, and strangled her with it.” “You wanted Diana Doll dead,” I say. Diana Doll, who liked girls and got off on being choked. To make sure no one would believe Bethany when she said Diana was asleep when she got there, because that could mean she was actually dead.

Turning Contest: A Edible Waitress

lesbian silkstockingslover 2017-12-11

"So how does a pretty girl like you end up working a dead Friday night shift?" Crystal asked, buttering her up. Kendra had the fork in hand and turned towards the black woman just in time to see her spread her legs open. "You told me you love chocolate pie," Crystal said, moving her left hand to her pussy and spreading her lips for the girl, who by this time must have her eyes wide open. "Go ahead, my dear, we both know you want to taste my homemade chocolate pie," Crystal purred, moving her finger gently against the girl's lips. "There is nothing in the world like homemade chocolate pie," Crystal drawled, knowing that a black woman's pussy usually had more of a piquant taste compared to a white woman's.


Fresh Dorm Angel: Silent Orgasm

lesbian SensualDesires83 2017-12-10

I reached out my hand to touch Vee's pale looking breakable body and jerked it back. Slowly, as my hand massaged the cone shaped structure under it, I turned my head towards Vee's and blew a hot breath over her neck. The softness of Vee's swollen nipple felt like a marshmallow in my mouth. With my hand that was free, I traced a line down her body, gingerly touching her hot moist skin in places that made her jump. Immediately, a little spurt of erotic stimulation exited Vee's pussy and soaked into the sheet next to where I had released my orgasm. My mouth was still manipulating Vee's puffy nipple, and my hand was still massaging the other, but my view of her body saw that it began to tremble.

Turning Contest: A FashionableCutie

lesbian silkstockingslover 2017-12-10

"Well, that will certainly happen regardless of what you're wearing," Simone said, looking at the ridiculously beautiful woman, before she realized her words could be misconstrued to imply she found the woman sexually attractive... Simone nodded, in awe of this woman as she had been thinking the exact same thing, as she asked, "You like wearing a garter?" Portia then, like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, slowly uncrossed her leg, allowing the dazed young woman to catch another glimpse of her pussy, before crossing them the other way. Once Portia had completed her leg crossing, achieved with studied casualness, Simone rolled the second stocking up the woman. Simone fastened the back clasps on both of the woman's legs, and Portia glided back around, her pussy arriving mere inches from the young girl's dazed face.


Mira - 4

lesbian monica3 2017-12-10

Her hair was covered in a large silk shawl of deep blues, reds and gold which matched the dress, more like a sari, that she was wearing. The entrance hall was sumptuously furnished and a woman in a long black dress and with hair of a deep red like I had never seen before. There was subdued lighting, our booth was almost in darkness and it faced a pair of large, deep red curtains which I assumed covered a stage of some description. The standing woman stepped to one side and reached down to cup the masked girl’s chin, lifting her face so it was looking, despite the mask, directly at us.

Angela - Part One - Chocolate

lesbian monica3 2017-12-10

There followed an hour of hectic learning: files are here, contact numbers here, silversmiths here, lav here and you have to pump the handle or it won’t work, the bank manager is a bastard, I like assam tea and don’t tell me a PA doesn’t make tea or you’re fired, I’m gay so don’t try match making, never NEVER give me chocolate or I’ll become hyperactive and attempt to rape you, I’m off to a meeting, best of luck. It was a slowly developing kiss; one that starts as a gentle brushing of lips then, contact never lost, gathers impetus as my mouth, already open as she had remarked, felt the ingress of her tongue.

Pastor & I (Chapter 1)

lesbian Loveislove 2017-12-10

I'd just completed my first year in college at University of Alabama within the field of psychology and was currently staying at my mother’s apartment because I did not feel like paying rent. “Yeah I’m alright,” I assured her as I looked back at the pastor and continued, “It’s just that this pastor is so passionate compared to the one back in Uni. It’s like I can feel her love and devotion to God as I sit here and her urgency to have her members commit…. I have yet to tell my mother about my feelings for the same sex, so me referring to a women as beautiful might have seemed a bit strange, but then she turned her head back to the pastor and mumbled, “must be a poetry thing.”

My Bonding Time With Ivana

lesbian kornslayer1 2017-12-09

"Okay, I won't mislead you like that again," I let her know, turning back to the noodles. I mean this seems weird, like you wanted to talk rather than have a good time," she whined, turning away from me. "Well, maybe just a plain pair of white panties and an ordinary white bra may not set off those sexy vibes, but let's see what we can work with here," she said before she held the phone up. "Well," she said turning her body to me, "if you find your sex life rising, then my job has been done." She reminded me, prior to kissing me again, "Just don't do it in the living room, it might kill Austin's sex drive."

My Roommate Is The Blair Witch

lesbian kornslayer1 2017-12-09

My tongue slithered onto my lips and my right hand found it's way into my dark green cotton panties. "Oh, I shouldn't be watching her fuck some chick from right behind her door, but it is such a beautiful and sexy sight to see her face buried in this new chick's pussy," I moaned. My other hand came onto my tit and I caressed it over my matching bra as the chick grazed Blair's head. "Oh, you do know how to pleasure a woman in more ways than one," I moaned, transporting my hands onto her head. "Oh, it is so crystal clear now, you have a thing for me, Gretchen," she told me, before her tongue came out again and licked my right nipple.

My First Pet (My Naughty Pet)

lesbian MistressS 2017-12-09

Her face was buried into the bed, her ass up in the air with her left hand fingering herself, I knew she was close from her moans, so I quickly moved to her side and grabbed her arms, quickly cuffing them behind her back. I gave each cheek another spank, this time as instead of a loud gasp, I got a deep moan from my pet as she arched her ass up further in anticipation of the next spank. I quickly pulled my fingers from her, she moaned at the loss of feeling as soon as they left her, but quickly gasped and shot up as I brought my hand down on her ass again.

Abigail and Emily Ch. 02

lesbian howdoeseverybodyknow 2017-12-09

I didn’t want to think about how long I’d dreamed of touching her like that. I sipped my wine and tried not to watch as Emily sat forward and spread lotion all along her long smooth legs. She’d emerge baby-smooth, like me, and I’d show her how good the cold lotion felt. I wanted to tell her to stop, but the warm sun and the wine I’d drunk combined to make my head feel thick and fuzzy. Pretending it was totally normal to be wet and naked in front of Emily, I crossed back to my chair and lay down, face up this time. Could Emily tell that if I raised my breast just a little higher, I’d be able to get the nipple in my mouth?


lesbian Verbal 2017-12-09

I post that one, and caption it with, "Be on cam soon :-)." My panties are pulled down low in the picture, nearly showing my pussy, my finger slipped just inside the seam. As soon as the woman leaves the bathroom and the door closes we both explode with mutual pent-up sexual fury, me first groaning loudly as I slide my fingers deep into my pussy and grind against them, she responding seconds later with a gasp of pleasure, as if she has been underwater and can only now take in air. It fills my ears as I head toward home, forming a warm and soft and comfortable nest inside me as I open my door and take off my clothes, facing the blank glass wall of the monitor, ready to perform.

dont get caught

lesbian dirtydreamer 2017-12-08

As we sat on the sofa talking in hushed voices so as not to wake my boyfriend who was only a few feet away in the next room, I could see T looking at me with a glint in her eye. As i bent over she started caressing my tattoo on my lower back with her soft finger tips. i slowly took her swollen clit into my mouth flicking it with my tongue while probing her with my middle finger. i could feel myself starting to twitch and as i forced her head deeper into me i shot a steady stream of cum into her face. i kissed her gently once more before going to bed to sleep beside my none the wiser boyfriend.