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Erotic Lesbian stories

A large collection of stories of women who love other women.

She's Mine

lesbian Jezebel6669 2018-07-23

"Yes Mistress Jackie, I want to be yours." Her breath caught as she said it, and she could feel her nipples getting hard under the thin fabric of her shirt. The clasp finally stopped free, and Jessi pulled the cups free with her teeth, her hair brushing the hard nipples as she moved. As soon as Jackie let go of her hair, she started again, this time using her slender fingers to fuck her as she licked and sucked hard on her clit. Jackie moved up on the bed as if she planned to stop, and Jessi started to come down from the incredible orgasm she just had, when suddenly Jackie thrust her fingers back into the dripping wet pussy, and grabbed her nipple at the same time.


lesbian KKILOEPPS 2018-07-23

After months of planning, I was finally meeting my best friend's girlfriend. Nancy meet my best friend Samantha." said Brittany. "Nice to meet you, you can call me, Sam. So you're the one who has stolen Brittany's attention." I replied. "Well, I'd like to think so." said Nancy. "Maybe it'll be my heart next", said Brittany. "I have a favor to ask of you." replied Nancy. "Would you join me on the Strawberry Swirl, please?" asked Nancy. Usually, Brittany puts her arms around me, when we get on rides." replied Nancy. I hope I'm not making you feel uncomfortable." asked Nancy. I put my arms around Nancy's warm body. "Sorry for what?" asked Nancy. "Maybe we can do this again sometime." asked Nancy.

Fever Ch. 01

lesbian YoursTruly101 2018-07-23

The idea of making a fake Facebook account so I can send an anonymous confession message to a girl I have been obsessing and lusting for at least seven months and counting just popped in my head. About 15-20 minutes later, I was finally in front of Emily's house and I swear I was shivering like crazy and my head was frozen. She shook her head, chuckled, and went back inside, making me feel stupid just standing there, shivering my butt off in front of her. I swayed side to side, my body felt like a furnace, my head jumbled up; I couldn't think straight at all. My head felt like it was about to explode any minute now, and my body about to burst into flames.

Julie Going Down On Sarah

lesbian noin007 2018-07-23

*Her hips shifting and squirming a little, her thighs rubbing at your cheeks, giving your face a little squeeze as you grip her panties in your mouth, then letting her legs open widely so her panties pull in tight against her mound and ass* Sarah: *Letting out another sharp gasp as your lips wrap around her clit, feeling you pushing the hood back, teasing against her little nub and making her hips twitch, giving your hair a hard pull as she whimpers* Letting her tongue taste your clit she opens her mouth wide, wrapping her lips around your pussy, sucking hard on your juicy slit* Julie: *Her hands firmly grip your thigh and ass, squeezing tight, holding your pussy tightly to her mouth, holding your juicy slit steady.

Enduring Lust

lesbian stepjones 2018-07-23

Five minutes later a wind-blown Hayley was naked in her lover's arms as Katelyn kissed her pretty face and then her soft mouth and murmured to her that once again, she'd been a hero. "Yes, we'll need these batteries," Hayley said as she kissed the soft mouth and stroked the breast of her sexy lover. Katelyn's eyes grew bright with desire, and she began to follow the sexy blonde's instructions, sticking the shaft deep inside Hayley and wetting it with her juices. Hayley was now in ecstasy as Katelyn pumped the little shaft in and out of her bottom, while the vibrator worked inside her and Katelyn's soft, wet tongue lapped at her clit over and over, sucking it and then attacking it with a furiously moving tongue.

Mistaken Malice

lesbian KAnneMeinel 2018-07-23

"Miami, the Caymans, a few places" Alice said airily knowing her sister would keep pursuing the subject like a hound dog on a scent. The other blonde shrugged her elegant little shoulders and turned around to head back down the stairs to the living room "why do you still have the drapes closed" she asked as she headed to open them. Well, I flew in from Miami today, killed a guy, checked out his house; "It's been a little long of a day, you know how a flight can take it out of you" she answered with a yawn for emphasis.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation... Pt. 03

lesbian Rogue Writer 2018-07-23

When she finished laughing, Kim looked up at me and said, “Tell you what, I’ll decide for you.” And with that she put her hand on my cheek, leaned in and kissed me. I looked up and saw that she was leaning back, her eyes closed and her mouth open, her hands playing with her breasts through her top. I started rubbing the area and gave a little moan as I got off on the dual sensations of licking a girl’s toes and playing with myself. The last kiss I gave was on her right nipple, which I sucked between my lips as my other hand fondled her left breast.

The Nightingale Ch. 01

lesbian SolemnSerenity 2018-07-23

In the soft shadow of a modest bush in the Blue Palace garden, Serinee (Se-Rin-Ay) Deltone (Dell-Tone) crept along the moss-covered walls of the ancient castle, her footsteps muffled on the cobblestone beneath her feet. In her occasional visits to Solitude and the Blue Palace, she could not help but feel a sense of jealousy when she thought of the Jarl. Even if Ulfric Stormcloak had taken High King Torygg from Elisif's life, Serinee could not help but feel a sense of longing and desire when her thoughts dwelt upon the queen. The Jarl, at first not responding to Serinees touch, rolled onto her back and rubbed the nights sleep out of her eyes.

I Can Show You

lesbian HerSweetMaiden 2018-07-23

I like making you feel better." Her hand traveled up my neck, massaging the still stiff muscles there. I was feeling like I was being touched for the first time. What Kate didn't know was that I had been in love with her since the first time I saw her. I know that this is the farthest you've gone," Her hand scaled down my chest, landing on my right breast, rubbing it gently. She could tell I was lost, her hand lifted my shirt above my head, and kissed down my neck to my chest. Tell me you're not ready, anything you want baby, you know you can have it." Her voice was so soft, so gentle and innocent.


lesbian KAnneMeinel 2018-07-23

"I mean, I feel like we haven't been spending the same quality time together that I always thought we would" she said quietly as her cheek and mouth were now rubbing against my breast. Her hand began to caress along my stomach causing fluttering's in my own belly as her mouth latched onto my nipple through my tee and I swear I didn't know there was material between her hot little mouth and my tee, it felt incredibly sensual. I caressed up her smooth skinned back as she arched against me, her lovely body looking beautiful in my arms, her head falling back, I could hear her labored breathing as I aroused her.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

lesbian Lying Eyes 2018-07-23

"I thought maybe he was the one," her words penetrated me making me feel perilously close to breaking as she continued, "the one that loved me." She nudged closer and her shoulder briefly touched mine. I almost don't want to take it off," I paused, grinned looking at her, and continued, "But if you wish, then I must." I kissed her neck again as my hands snaked around her back and fingers quickly unhooked her bra. She saw the anxious look and said, "Go ahead, I want to feel your hands and lips." I lowered my head and brought my hands to them eager to fill her request.

The Dealings of Two Suburban Beauties

lesbian Nyala 2018-07-23

Walking over to Christina, Jessica looks into her friends sensual eyes and kneels down in front of her friend and spreads the girls thighs wider getting her ready for the cutting. Pretending to be cleaning off wax Jessica slips her hand into her friends inner pussy lips slowly, rubbing up and down them hitting Christina clit on every up stroke. As her friend is getting the lotion Christina opens her thighs slightly more and starts to stroke her inner flesh, feeling the new profound softness of her own cunt. loving the new feeling Christina slips her fingers deep into her pussy stimulating her tender nerves and caresses her hard, long, pink clit rubbing it between her first and fore-finger stretching and pulling on it till she notices her friend start to turn around.

Rita & Rhiannon's Bet Ch. 05

lesbian BONNIEBREA 2018-07-22

After I moved a bit to one side I rubbed the paddle on Rhiannon's bottom and tapped it lightly a few times. And those were the points in the paddling I enjoyed best: when my victim was close to losing it under the pain of the ass smacks I was delivering to her. Then after the last hand Rhiannon gave a little cheer of triumph and smiled as I pulled my panties off. Then Rhiannon's lips and tongue were nipping all around my sex, placing little kisses and licks randomly, but always with the purpose of moving closer to her target.

Would You Like To Be Her?

lesbian Catmoore 2018-07-22

I looked up and saw this lithe, beautiful, impossibly slim, but femininely rounded young woman walking alongside the pool. As you walked slowly round the pool, his eyes did not leave you for a second making me think it was not just the likeness to our niece that attracted him! "Yes that would be nice Sarah," I replied as one of the pool staff pulled a lounger alongside mine and laid two towels on it for you. You had shown no signs of being bi or lesbian and, indeed, you had, I felt, come onto Richard a little in the bar and certainly, when you walked away I thought you had emphasised the wiggle and sway of your bum and hips for him .

To Serve & Protect: Internal Affairs

lesbian patricia51 2018-07-22

When the strikingly beautiful blonde woman opened the door Linda presented her identification and announced, "Miss Clarke I am Lieutenant Shannon of the Internal Affairs Division of the Sheriff's Department. "My pleasure Lieutenant," Pat's wordless expression of thanks to Linda brought a broad smile to the senior officer's face. She scolded herself "Pat, don't you EVER learn?" Still, she knew that Linda, that is LIEUTENANT Shannon she corrected herself, was nothing like Clarke. "Well then, in that case we better set the groundwork because Maria is looking this way with not a little interest." Pat leaned forward, pulling Linda across the table and kissed her fully on the mouth.

My Roomate

lesbian Whatslove 2018-07-22

My hand went back to her tits to have another squeeze and then travelled down to the hollow between the swell of her breasts, past the opening at her ribcage, stoping briefly at her belly button to circle it with my fingers. I have never tasted a woman's sex before but thought this might be the perfect time and replaced my hand with my mouth. I positioned my mouth to cover her lips and licked from arsehole to clit, then buried my tongue as far into her pussy as possible. She then pulled me up to her and kissed me on the mouth, tasting her own pussy on my tongue.

A Quiet Weekend at Home Ch. 01

lesbian Ice_Tease 2018-07-22

"Oh yeah," She replies with a slight smile as she catches your eyes, "I'm good, thanks." Reaching out Jenn gently takes your left hand, her fingers barely touching yours but feeling electric and causing goose bumps on your arm. Her soft skin pressing against yours, her hair tickling your body, her hand gently manipulating your breast, her lips move closer and closer to your left breast all these separate feelings working together sending energy to one spot. Holding your hands tightly Jenn kisses your inner thighs, lavishing them with her tongue and mouth, her hair tickling your pussy. The warmth of her flesh in your mouth, the hard nipple against your tongue and the soft breast in your hands feel wonderful and exhilarating.

My Sexy Bird Lady Ch. 1

lesbian Tawny T 2018-07-22

"Such beautiful breasts." Her eyes moved up and down my body, her smile said she liked what she saw. I reveled in Gloria's soft lush body, so firm beneath her soft skin, her full breasts and long erect nipples. Just lie back and let this earth goddess make love to you." She moved her full soft breasts against mine, her nipples like fingers as she swayed from side to side. Moving her head back slightly she looked up at me and began to flick her tongue rapidly across the erect nipple. She shifted slightly, and I moaned for she had placed one breast against my pussy and her firm long nipple had stroked unexpectedly against my spread flesh.

Surprising My Friend

lesbian tishiefruitloop 2018-07-22

Rolling onto our sides we simultaneously each grab a handful of the others boobs while we are kissing and moan into each other's mouths as we start squeezing and rolling our nipples almost in sync with each other. I pause a second before I swirl my tongue around it again and then flick my tongue on it several times before moving down slightly and sliding my tongue deep into you tasting ALL of your wetness. I pause lifting my head and telling you to "Cum for me baby Let me taste" that seems to be your undoing as I suck your clit back into my mouth you let out a loud moan gripping my head with your thighs afraid I'll stop.

Lap Dance for an Old Friend

lesbian Kitty511 2018-07-22

I made a few small circles around the hole, gathering my lube and thought, "I don't get this wet when I have sex with my husband and this is all a result of thinking about Delores. I wanted to think about how a woman's breast in my hand would feel. I imagine that Delores took her tickling a little further, that she had used her hand to tickle my inner thigh and then my vagina. He lets me fantasize when he licks my vagina that it's another woman and even lets me look at lesbian GIFs while he's working my clit with his tongue. I will let her finish her first glass and tell her I just started to take a pole dancing class for exercise and to turn my husband on.

First Lesbian Experience

lesbian 2018-07-22

Then the bareback bronco riding started, watching the cowboy behind the chutes. The rodeo announcer said his name was Don & Don had a nice round butt, an upper body that girls would kill for to have walking next to them. He said “ Well little gurly Slap your ass against the wall cause here I come balls and all” Wow! Don said he wasn’t, “his girlfriend didn’t care too much for rodeos or the smell of horse manure. There I was, in this cowboy’s hotel room, naked, horny, this d***k’s dick in my mouth and his girlfriend was asl**p in the bedroom. Brenda slowly moved her tongue up and down my slit & going deeper each time.

18 Today

lesbian Anna Maria_25 2018-07-22

It didn’t take long for Alice to orgasm for the first time, and Julie slide her fingers out of her mother and straight into her own mouth to taste for the first time her mothers fresh sex juice. She gently pulled her daughter up so that they could kiss and Alice tasted for the first time her sex juice from her daughter’s lips. As Alice slipped her tongue between her daughter’s wet inner lips to entice her clit, she knew that she would never be able to stop giving herself to her daughter, anytime that Julie wanted it. In addition, as Julie hit her peek she surprised her mother by letting go of a gush of sex juice and pee the likes of which she had never felt.

Lovely Lingerie Lady

lesbian Tawny T 2018-07-22

Finally, I thought of how I'd looked at Ellie's sex, and I couldn't deny it sometimes got me excited. I ran my finger faster and faster over my clit imitating the woman on the TV screen, then suddenly I screamed out as an overwhelming explosion shot through my body and I climaxed, totally and thoroughly, for the first time in my life. I took the soap and lathered my body, letting my soapy hands play all over my body, my breasts, my erect nipples, up and down my thighs, then to my sex - my pussy. By the time Ellie came back my pussy and ass were pleasurably sore and I'd lost count of the times I'd climaxed.

Allie's Interludes Ch. 03

lesbian myhiddendesire2769 2018-07-22

Looking up at her, I knelt down and began licking her wet pussy, slowly, tantalizingly, torturing her with sweet pleasure. I used my other hand to expose her swollen clit and slapped it with the dildo a few times, pleasure streaking through her body. As her climax built up, I joined her on the bed and slowly started to insert the other end of the double dildo into my own dripping wet cunt. I removed the fake cock from my twitching cunt and began licking Corinne's clit as her orgasm began to subside. My hands pushed the dildo further into her overworked cunt as another orgasm blasted through Corinne's body.