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Erotic Lesbian stories

A large collection of stories of women who love other women.

The American Reporter Pt. 03

lesbian Shaima32 2018-03-10

Helga didn't know if it was watching Harriet change or the thought that she might have made it too small but she definitely felt disconnected and almost robotic as her friend buttoned the blouse and tied the wide tie into a bow. "Like a glove," Harriet looked down at herself and smoothed her hands over her breasts, "this is a gift I will treasure for many years, although in twenty years time I don't think it will fit me." She held them firmly and Helga turned her head to stare into her eyes and then a moment or two later Harriet kissed her again, this time however she forced her mouth open in a passionate kiss that almost made her swoon.


Fox Hunt Ch. 03

lesbian Frenemy54 2018-03-10

Her lover's arms now free, Plasma sat back on her heels and grabbed Silver's left leg, swinging it over the right, rolling the heroine onto her side before pressing herself into Silver's back and continued thrusting as she fucked the pacified Fox in the spooning position. As the slimy form of Plasma encased Silver Fox, the heroine could feel the automaton seep into her pours and push deeper into her anatomy- into her skin, her organs, and through her bloodstream. "Enjoy this, Hero" Jade said breathily as she slid down to her knees before the subdued heroine, "It will be the greatest rapture of your life..." pulling the geisha sticks out of her hair, Jade's raven locks tumbled down her back, and the evil Fox looked up at Silver's terror-stricken face.

Cate Wows Me with a Surprise

lesbian Nicolelabelle 2018-03-10

We had a fabulous time, and I really got into the "kept fem" act with Cate for a while and Claire and Mel met some old friends. "Well, I don't know Kay, but whenever I see you with Mel, you always seem to change a little "butch" you know, and Claire and I have been discussing it off and on and she's been telling me about being a "kept fem" you know." I said, "And, anyway I find it's a real turn on when I see you like that." It was so amazingly sexy to look down over my breasts, which by the way my fingers and hands had been paying close attention to, and to see my lover wearing a big pink rubber cock which she was thrusting into me.

A New Fantasy

lesbian HotLisaG 2018-03-10

I imagined Casey sitting on my face and grinding her wet pussy into my mouth as I licked up all of her juices. You wanna taste it this time?” Casey asked as she slowly lowered her pussy onto Kim’s mouth. About 15 minutes later, Kim and Casey came out of the room wearing shorts and half shirts. Casey broke the kiss and looked deep into my eyes as she began humping her wet crotch on my leg. I loved the way they felt in my mouth, and each time I sucked on one, Casey would grind her pussy into my leg a little harder. Casey said that it looked like she needed some help, so we slid off the couch and crawled over to her.

The Researcher

lesbian MadQuill 2018-03-10

The next thing Kate was kissing her and Maris felt her hand push inside her tight waistband of the jeans. She wanted to resist the woman but her body had responded to Mistress Kate's loving. Now as Maris stood still with her heels together Mistress Kate smiled and stepped close. Maris fitted the toy and alter the position as Mistress Kate moved to tighten the strap. That was it and Kate opened her eyes and pulled Maris's hips forward and the cock pushed inside her moist pussy. As she intently moved in and out Mistress Kate wrapped her legs about Maris and reached up to pull their breasts together. A few minutes later Mistress Kate stood and took control again, "Move to the wall Maris."

SS chapter 15

lesbian Barenziah 2018-03-10

Bree, Tei, and Lottie all piled in to the backseat of the SUV as Ethan held open the door. He kept the device on at a low, steady intensity as Bree, Tei, and Lottie looked through the fabric books. Bree took her towel and began mopping up the floor, while Tei and Lottie handled the walls. It was earlier than she normally went to bed but she was sure that Ethan didn’t want her on the computer while he was with Tei. She covered her head with her pillow to drown out the sounds of the impossibly hot sounding sex going on in the other room.

A Devilishly Delightful Dental Day

lesbian Tawny T 2018-03-10

I would have loved to have slid my hand down and rubbed my now dripping pussy, but I let my pussy simmer, and could feel my clit getting hard, and my pussy lubricating freely. Slowly I slid my hand upward, carefully sliding a finger into the firm crevice, and found her very wet pussy. I slid my hand back up and she spread her thighs a little wider, letting my fingers find her pussy again. I loved the feel of her pussy tightening down on my fingers, and my hips thrust upward as my passion coursed through my body. “God, you are a wonderful kisser, I want to feel that wonderful tongue of yours in my pussy, and I want to taste you!” I said looking into her lovely deep brown eyes.

Appreciating Amanda Ch. 02

lesbian SweetOblivion 2018-03-10

I'd sunbathed on the hillock, picked apples in the little orchard and made love to Karen Kincaid, the former lady of the house over the past three years in all the more shielded parts and several of the more exposed locations too. Let her tongue push past the tight anal muscles and delve into your fundament, pleasing you with each movement, her face captive to your most perverse desire, miss.) "I'm getting ready to be caned, miss," Karen said matter-of-factly. "Naughty is as naughty does, miss," she smiled back at me wickedly, looking round slyly as I embedded two fingers in her pussy and started rotating them, gradually accelerating the pace until I could feel her tremble.

In the Dark...

lesbian PnkOcelot 2018-03-10

We were lying together on the bed, half drunk, half asleep, and I felt your hands on my breasts. Earlier you'd been wearing a white skirt, but I couldn't feel it now – maybe you'd taken it off before you came to bed, or maybe it had ridden up. Your fingers are still on my left nipple and I feel your right hand slip underneath me to caress my right breast. You keep going, holding your hands warm over my womb, then further down, your fingers tight against me. There was nothing I could do, and I felt your hand slipping into my tights, into my panties. You don't stop kissing, but you leave my mouth, slipping down to my neck.

Daphne I Ch. 03

lesbian chocolatebunny77 2018-03-10

"Good morning," she said, emerging from under the sheet with a big smile on her sticky juice covered face. "Suck it, babygirl," I said putting my hand on my hips, waiting and smiling devilishly. Daphne took my blue hard glory in her hands and caressed it a few times. When I see your fat lips I just wanna lick them, babygirl, you have no idea!" I said smiling to her. I was now on top of her and slid my hands between her stomach and the sheets to reach her lovely clit and caress it while I kissed and licked her neck. "That's a good girl," I said starting to seriously pound her fat pussy.

Anal Nurse Ch. 05

lesbian britisha_luvs_anl 2018-03-10

Her throat full of rubber cock, Harriett shivers a bit as the greasy, bloated crown of Irinia's prick slides into the crevice between her cheeks to press against the undefended and thoroughly violated opening of her most private orifice. The huge rubber dong stuffing her jaws takes her mind off what is happening behind her, somewhat, as Jessie's shapely hips revolve in quick, even circles, pushing her saliva-slick cock in and out of the beautiful R.N.'s lipstick-smeared mouth. Thankfully, Irinia takes pity on her and sliding one hand onto Harriett's curvy inner left thigh, she masturbates the whimpering brunette skillfully, manipulating the hard, sensitive bud of her over-heated pussy, never missing a stroke while Harriett shudders through another mind-bending orgasm.

Pulp Driving Lesson

lesbian Lyss 2018-03-10

When Bette reached back to pull the door closed, her wrist brushed Lorraine's breast like a kiss. Lorraine adjusted the rearview, pushed down the clutch and turned the key, like she'd seen Bette do. Lorraine depressed the clutch, screeched to a halt, engaged the emergency break and pushed Bette's hand away. She moved her face an inch from Bette's, who closed her eyes for a kiss, but Lorraine stopped, and when Bette's eyes opened, she brought her own fingers to her mouth and licked, one at a time, as if she were savoring a lazy summer ice cream cone. Then, as quickly as Bette had lurched across Los Feliz, Lorraine pushed two fingers into her steaming cunt, their faces still close.

Two Girls on a Beach

lesbian sweetlinda 2018-03-10

I knew that April was far more sensitive in that one than in the other and my moist tongue continued it’s flicking whilst my hand began to run gently up and down the inside of her thighs. I could feel the moistness creeping into my pussy and I finally moved my own hand higher up her thigh until it touched the raised mound beneath her bikini. Slowly my fingers were uncovering the heaven between her legs and as each inch of skin was exposed my lips kissed gently downwards until they felt the first delightful touch of her soft, wet womanhood. I pulled my cum covered fingers from both pussies but left my tongue to lick at those sweet juices flowing so freely from my girls body.

My Teacher, My Love Ch. 14

lesbian APGilmore 2018-03-10

"Amy that sounds like a good idea I was going to talk to her soon when I meet her before school." I agreed. "Sophie, when you talk to Melissa, try to be as discrete as possible, but let her know we are here only to help nothing more, don't give too much away about what we will talk about, just ask that we will explain all if she is willing to meet us." I nodded in agreement. "Actually at home we are Amy and Sophie, not teacher student, so a part from asking how our day went, school is never, ever mentioned. As I entered class, I caught Amy's eye, and sent the message silently that things with Melissa were OK; surprisingly she seemed to understand as did I as she gave me one slight nod before returning to look around at the other students.


My Old Flame Ch. 02

lesbian Pussyrider 2018-03-10

Ernie Rossan, the local fruit and veg merchant, had heard me tell my daughter Hannah that Jack -- that's what she's always called herself -- was an old friend of mine, and within days the whole village knew. I mean, my husband, Roger, the local Anglican vicar, was the only other person I'd ever slept with, and since the day Jack had left the village, and me, behind, I hadn't so much as looked at another female in that way. But even though I'd tried to, through all the years of my marriage I'd never managed to forget Jack: how happy I used to be in her company, the way it made me feel when she touched me, the warmth of her lips on my skin, how it felt when she slipped down my body and buried her face in my...oh God, I felt so confused.

My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 02

lesbian Reverse_Cowboy 2018-03-10

I took the opportunity to slide her underwear all the way to one side completely baring Kelly's pussy to my probing fingers, and then, very quickly, I slid my hand as far back as I could and caressed her bare ass cheeks revealing the fact that Kelly was wearing a thong. I was having a lot of fun playing with Kelly's pussy and brought her to three smaller orgasms by the time she stood up and said, "You're all set. My eyelids became heavy and were soon half closed, my lips parted slightly and I started breathing through my mouth, and then I opened my legs wide and gripped the edges of my chair with the inside of my knees as Kelly continued to work her magic on me.

Trip to NYC

lesbian bellyface04 2018-03-10

First you act all psycho, then, at the face of this..." I couldn't really find the words .."horrible 'thing' going on around us, you sit, so apathetic that I could kill you?" just then I realized, that if we would go to the WTC as planned, we would probably be dead right now. When I let go of her neck, she raised my head and said, looking into my eyes, "I feel like I really need to be loved right now. "I love you so much, Anna" I said, overwhelmed by how easy and natural it suddenly became saying, "are we ever going to leave this room?" she smiled, stroked my hair, and answered "no."

Happy Valentine's Day

lesbian KatieAnnBB 2018-03-09

"I love you so much," I tell you, unnecessarily, "You came all the way back here to be with this head case of a wife that you have." Little nibbles, gentle licks and, now, a soft tongue around your ears, and I feel your nipples go do diamond hardness in my fingers. You allow me to amuse myself for a few moments, but then your hands grasp my head, guiding me, and I know that you have reached your limit. "I want to kiss you," you tell me as your fingers begin their magic circles. There are our tongues and lips and there is the magic of your hand and there is...oh God. I feel like a balloon that is being blown up, getting larger and larger.

Masturbation To Lesbian Lovers

lesbian HotSam 2018-03-09

"mmmmmniiice firm, supple bend over whore" I did so Abbey began stroking my ass it felt good to have that soft warm hand slowly caress me. Abbey didn't say a word she cut my panties off and I felt a hard object push at my cunt It was a dildo. The answer I got was for it to be push hard into me I felt good but wrong "Shut the fuck up bitch" and she slap my thigh and start to pump in out in out I was so horny and it felt so good I just moaned and moaned "Oh yes Abbey fuck me with it Hard HARDER OH OH OH OH OH YESSSSSSS" I explode with screams and moans of absolute pleasure.


lesbian EngulfedS 2018-03-09

I gasped air as she moved me through the water, slowly up and down, her two fingers pressed against the spongy part of my pussy, pushing waves of pleasure through my lower body. She kind of surprised me by finally pushing her tongue inside my mouth, it felt warm and soft, like a normal one. It was too much, I exploded in such an intense orgasm my eyes were seeing black spots, growing as I squirted in my bathing water, on the blue woman's hand. I did not stop cumming though, she kept moving and pounding, sliding extra fingers in every time I came, making me come faster and faster, her tongue and lips like a whirlpool on my pussy...

Back Home

lesbian arzauk 2018-03-09

The flirting never went beyond lewd smiles, slight touches of fingers way too high the thighs. I was totally drenched, my sex so sensitive that the second I pulled my panties down, the mid-summer air felt cold against my skin. I looked at her parted lips, her tongue barely touching the inside of her lips, her breasts pushing her shirt rapidly, her eyes transfixed following each movement of my hand. She drew them right out, running her fingers through the folds until reaching the clit, and returned right inside, over and over again. I pulled the panties to one side and this time I reached as deep inside of her as my long fingers could, feeling the rough recesses of her sex, the bumps, the sticky river running through.

Untitled No. 4

lesbian flamingmushroom 2018-03-09

Before I could shift the car, though, she grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me to her and kissed me very passionately, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth and seeking out my tongue. Melissa stiffened her tongue and fucked me with it until my hips were coming off the bed to meet her thrusts. I started thrusting my fingers in and out, making sure to hit her g-spot on each inward stroke, and soon her hips were thrusting hard enough that I could barely keep my mouth on her. She looked me in the eye and said "not yet sweetheart...not yet." She slowly started fingering me again, hitting my g-spot with every stroke.

Ravendorf Ch. 03

lesbian Belle_in_south 2018-03-09

“I love the feel of a woman’s slim body pressed against me.” Lila’s fingertips touched Margaret’s breasts through the material of the dress, circling the nipple till it hardened and pushed against the material. Lila leaned in for another kiss, her hand moving on Margaret’s breast again, showing her young lover the touches that felt good. Lila whispered her pleasure and encouragement in Margaret’s ear as the young girl shifted her hand to the other breast. Margaret’s body stiffened, and she pushed against Lila’s head, trying to pull away from the strong lips. Lila pulled away from Margaret’s body, looking briefly at her lover before turning to the source of the voice.

The Sitter's Sitter

lesbian Goldielicks 2018-03-09

"Besides you two have wedding plans to work on tonight." Cheryl gave a huge guffaw at her suggestion and I could see Gwen mockingly roll her eyes upward. "God I'm glad I never showed her my tongue like that when we were in high school, I never would have heard the end of it!" She sighed again, "Ok Carole what do you want on the pizza." The tongue feels so soft but also stiff as it continues to assault me pushing with resolve so deep inside me. Her face gets close to me and I raise my chin up expecting a kiss, she fools me and goes down to kiss and lick my right breast letting me feel the heat and sample the aura of my lustful release.