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Erotic Lesbian stories

A large collection of stories of women who love other women.

A Tangled Web Ch. 06

lesbian MissLisaJones 2017-11-17

But, as her pain turned to anger, she finally knew what she had to do, the only thing she could do, she had to continue the charade, to produce a report that would satisfy both Colonel Fortesque and Major Strickland and give her breathing room whilst she worked out her next move. If we sent troops all the way to the Nan Tung region on a wild goose chase then it wouldn't look good for you at all, young lady, not good at all." Major Strickland continued to stare at Vera, his eyes boring in to her as if he could read her inner secrets. "I'm not sure I trust that young lady," Major Strickland said to Colonel Fortesque once Vera had gone.

Lisa Ch. 01

lesbian secret_steph 2017-11-17

Linzee smiled as if she had noticed the chills and looked deep into Lisa's eyes. Just then Linzee stood up and, still looking into her eyes, removed her towel and kindly handed it back to Lisa. Linzee's hands slid up Lisa's arms and then took her head softly and held it as she leaned in for a kiss. Lisa felt the soft, nude breasts rest just above hers as the kiss brought their two bodies closer. The kissing must have trapped Lisa's attention because she made no counter moves as Linzee's fingers slowly lowered the straps to her top. Linzee knew the look Lisa had all too well and let her two fingers slide deep inside.

Emily & Amber

lesbian Sxxyangl 2017-11-17

In their senior year of high school, both girls now being eighteen and still not wanting to grow up, they decided to try something new and joined the cheerleading squad. For the first time, Emily began to notice her best friends body, and she was astounded at the warmth which soon turned to wetness between her legs at the sight of her naked friend. Amber ran her hand through Emily's hair, pulling at it slightly. Amber continued to lick and soon she felt Emily's pussy pulsing around her fingers. She came hard and fast, and Amber was only too happy to lick her friends pussy clean. Amber leaned back up and began to lick Emily's pussy while her own was also getting licked.

Lilly Ch. 03

lesbian Nox661 2017-11-17

Enjoying the feeling of her hands gliding over the slick flesh of her breasts she moaned to herself pinching her left nipple gently between her thumb and fore finger, one hand slid down gliding over the firm tight flesh of her chest and abs, over the top of her hips before following the thin strip of hair down between her legs, sliding her index and middle finger inside her pussy she began to finger herself gently, thoughts of her earlier shower rushing to the forefront of her mind, Lilly imagined that it was Alice's fingers instead of hers as she penetrated deep inside of herself.

Personal Ad Pt. 02

lesbian Insatiable_Little_Devil_2003 2017-11-17

Natalie, as promised last time, was going to come to our house so my husband could enjoy as well. I moved slow but pushed in hard as she let out a long deep moan of satisfaction. Our arms circled around each other and we kissed gently, enjoying the feel and letting ourselves take some time now that we had gotten our wild fuck out of the way. We enjoyed each others bodies quickly this morning, just needing that sweet release before we got going for the day. Then wanting to end the weekend well and get my husband involved a little more as a thank you for mostly watching our action, I lay on the floor and Natalie sat on my face for me to eat her out.

Art Teacher Romance Ch. 06

lesbian JulieArt 2017-11-17

Then Terry's hand started working its way up Anne's belly, to her breasts. Terry moved her hand down to Anne's pubic hair and began gently combing her fingers through the dark brown patch. It took him five minutes and both hands and he practically rubbed my back raw, but he finally got it." Anne and Terry laughed. So he's getting pretty excited and I have no idea what I'm doing, but just kind of rubbing my hand on this big bulge in his jeans and all of a sudden he let's out a little scream and his whole body stiffens up and then he sort of collapses. Anne ran her left hand along Terry's arm, the small blonde hairs tickling her as she went along.

Reading My Fate

lesbian Catmoore 2017-11-17

There could be no doubt on what was happening or what was going on when my daughter's best friend Jodi put her hand on my knee and said very quietly. "Perhaps we should have a look at your essay," I said trying both to avoid my embarrassment and the worry that had hit me when I realised that I felt like that. "Other things Jodi, what do you mean?" I asked looking at her, but she averted her gaze, which again made me wonder what the hell was going on. "Why Cat, why do you want me to stop?" she whispered reaching up with her other hand and pushing the lock of my ash blonde hair away from my forehead where it had fell across my eye.

A Girl Called Sami Ch. 21

lesbian t_girl_3 2017-11-17

Opening her eyes at one point, Sami saw that Jena had moved to a booth in a dark corner and was busily fondling and kissing with two Butches now, both of them with a hand up Jena's skirt, Jena's legs spread a bit to accommodate their play. "My turn now, Sami, my turn to fuck you, baby," Nikki said slow and seductively as she fondled Sami's breasts with a hand, squeezing hard enough to be 'almost' painful, and pinching Sami's nipples between her fingers. Turning her gaze back to Sami, Nikki moved between Sami's legs, and said, "Oh, babygirl, where have you been all my life?" and smiling, she lowered her head to taste the nectar of her student.

The Cyber Seduction

lesbian wild_jay 2017-11-17

Suddenly her body hovered over mine, sufficiently close I could feel her smooth skin next to mine, the softness of her full breasts, and the hardness of her engorged nipples. “Well, it’s more like where I’m going to be…I have a little place about forty minutes out of the city, on a lake, it’s very peaceful there, I know you’ll like it…but my driver is at your disposal, he’ll take you wherever you wish.” I hesitated a moment, she was being very persuasive. “Don’t let Vicki scare you, if she ever caught a squirrel she wouldn’t know what to do with it,” a voice said from within the dark cottage.

Underwear Code Ch. 02: Cream

lesbian thelezforleslezs 2017-11-17

When the chocolate was mostly eaten, Jessica turned around and pulled Kimbra up to her lips so that they could meet. Jessica, knowing that her lover's eyes were closed, threw one arm protectively over Kimbra's shoulders and discreetly grabbed a spoonful of the hot strawberry sauce on the stove out of the pot and spilled it down Kimbra's arm. Kimbra moaned softly to the combination of hot pain and pleasure, massaging Jess' shoulders and neck as her lover ate her out. Kimbra opened her mouth to object, but Jessica stopped it with a kiss and set up the waffles. Kimbra sarcastically rolled her eyes and knelt down in between her lover's legs to lick up the honey.

The Convent Ch. 01

lesbian sintax 2017-11-17

Moira spied a modest dining hall through an open door, and about forty women and girls, most in full habits, a few in the "training-nuns" that Seetha wore, preparing for dinner. "All of the other Sisters live on the floor above this, but they were all full there, so I've been living on this floor alone for years now." Seetha opened a door and led Moira into her room. "Nuns don't wear things like that," Seetha said, going through the dresser that had been placed next to Moira's bed. "There are some great pools in that river, on the rare summer days when it's hot enough, they're perfect for swimming, if the Mother Superior doesn't catch you." Moira decided that Seetha didn't really fear angering the kindly old matron, she simply didn't want to disappoint her.

Four-Way in Vegas

lesbian CoyoteGirl69 2017-11-17

""Looks like you get the couch, new girl!" Robin said to Kelli. I casually reached over and began to slowly massage her mound, pulling the material of her panties ever further up into her steamy crotch, creating a great wet "toe" with a little man in the boat totally overboard. She took her glass of champagne with her and, as she calmly sipped it, legs spread wide, and vagina gaping open, she grabbed the punt of the bottle and slowly began inserting the neck into her hole. A stream of urine hit Kelli right in her open mouth as Robin came and went, so to speak, at the same time.

My First Love - Again Ch. 04

lesbian nickiche 2017-11-17

"Yeah right like that's gonna happen" Taylor said quietly walking off into the living room without daring to look at Nicki, because if she did, Taylor would completely get lost in her, without any turning back this time. Then she continued: "As long as Jake or Vincent doesn't find out, I'm fine with it, so please..." Taylor begged as she closed in on Nicki, she took her hand in hers as she smiled a sweet smile, she leaned in slowly, never breaking eye contact with Nicki, she whispered: "God, he is so stupid sometimes!" Taylor suddenly exclaimed as she stopped at the door to her and Vincent's bedroom, without waiting for an answer from Nicki she flung the door open and threw herself on the bed; without caring that she landed on some pillows.

Loving Audrey after Amanda

lesbian DAB32697 2017-11-17

I know you may not believe this, but when I went over to Audrey's house the night Hurricane Amanda was coming ashore, having sex with her was the last thing on my mind. Reveling in the warm water dousing all over my body simultaneously, I soon heard the shower door open and then felt Audrey's rock hard nipples probing into the skin of my back as her arms went around my torso. Without speaking a word, I leaned my head back on her shoulder, turned it toward her and closed my eyes; Audrey's tongue slid almost on queue deep into my mouth as her hand slid slowly down the front of my body and was soon massaging my fleshy folds.

Perfect Valentine

lesbian adventureousmale 2017-11-17

Tony doesn't respond he continues to rub his cock against Lindas exposed breasts and says to his friend do you want to change position? Linda then speaks saying I used to fuck you to be a slut but now I really think I really want that cock in my pussy aswell. As I begin to quicken my rhythm I tell Linda that my secretary lied to her I had never cheated on her and that she really turned herself into Big Black Cock fucking Slut for no real reason, but now that she had I wanted to see her repeat the show again as I was going to cum so hard in her ass.

More Than I Bargained For

lesbian JuilaDixon 2017-11-17

I said to Lynne, "I'll do it if I can have Lori any time I want for the next two, no make that three, months unless of course she is working." There was a long pause but she finally said, "Okay." Not fifteen minutes later I got a reply saying I was beautiful and she loved my long brown hair. As I sat there in the car, a pretty young blond woman wearing a black latex maids outfit opened the front door and beckoned me in. Slavery will begin at the time this contract is signed by both the slave and the Mistress. A few minutes later the Mistress entered carrying what looked like a gas mask with a long black extension on it with an oval end.

The Pudding Cup Connection

lesbian MagicaPractica 2017-11-17

Your lover needs a little something to hold on to." She winked at me and took another swipe at her pudding cup with the broad of her tongue and I noticed the stud for the first time. women." Allie dipped her tongue into her pudding cup again and I suddenly got a picture of me lying back, naked, with my legs spread and her face poised over my wet cunt, her tongue about to delve into my own cream. I licked her juices and used my tongue to pleasure her, French kissing her slit as she slid her fingers into my hair and pulled me up against her mound.

Fresh Fruit

lesbian logophile 2017-11-17

Julie came out of her bedroom wearing a little pink silk robe, so light in color that it almost exactly matched the glimpse of her nipples I had gotten a few minutes ago. I kissed her a little harder on the mouth and she started moaning right away. I started gently suckling at the nipples, but before long the ache in my pussy took over and I was a little rougher than I meant to be, grazing the delicate skin with my teeth and pulling her nipple deep into my mouth with long sucks. As she rode her climax to the top she started to push her pussy into my face a little harder and I responded by increasing the pressure of my tongue on her clit and sliding two fingers into her sopping wet hole.

The Transformation of Karen

lesbian Andy5v 2017-11-17

“Okay, here goes,” she thought and looking in a different direction allowed her legs to spread a little given the man a nice shot up her skirt. I just wanted let you know how much I love your long legs and sexy thighs,” Jackie said licking her lips. If you have never been with another woman you don’t know what you are missing,” Jackie said and lightly touched Karen on the shoulder. “Just think of what it would feel like to be touched in other more sensitive areas,” Jackie said looking down between Karen’s legs. “I don’t think I like this nightgown, let’s go somewhere else and see what we find,” Jackie said pushing her breasts back into her bra and slipping back on her blouse.

Toy Story

lesbian UTOutdoorGirl 2017-11-17

She contacted them and soon became a salesperson figuring there were probably a lot of women like her that wanted to have access to sex toys without the hassles involved in shopping for them in adult book stores full of creepy people. She said that most parties were full of giggling and silly little remarks and a lot of blushing, but that once the women were introduced to the toys and got to see and touch them most bought at least a couple of things. "So how do you like my choice for dinner?" Elaine said as the wine steward brought the bottle of chardonnay to the table. "Oh, basically it is a dildo that a woman can wear and fuck someone with," Elaine said as the man behind her suddenly started choking on whatever he was drinking.

Old Lady J

lesbian KansasTrouble 2017-11-17

I worked my way to the door, between playing with the boxers, I almost forgot why I was there until the long legged woman stepped out in a long white robe and asked what I thought I was doing. "If you would like to show me that would be wonderful." We walked around this big house, room after room and finally I asked, "Why did you look like an old woman today and why do locals call you Old Lady J?" "I am a woman that has not been with a man in a very long time, and in the short time you have been here, I have felt more than I think I ever have and now I want you to complete this moment in time with a mind blowing orgasm before I blow up in sheer unadulterated desire."

Something New

lesbian badegg_07 2017-11-17

Still breathing fairly heavy Katherine rolled over and placed her mane of dark, brown hair on Jane's chest and said, "Well you didn't make me pee but I guess I'll go ahead and tell you." Jane was laying on the couch, on top of the towel of course, waiting patiently for Katherine to come back when she came walking through the doorway. Kneeling next to the couch, placing everything on the floor, she questioned, "Are you ready?" Jane answered yes, followed by another shudder that shook her entire body. Then suddenly with one last loud moan accompanied by an even louder Katherine, Jane came, grasping the hair on the back of her head.

College Lovers

lesbian Mahala 2017-11-17

I feel her pulse as I lean into her neck and begin to kiss it softly, feel her free hand reach around and let out a breath as her fingertips graze my upper back, the nape of my neck. Her breaths become deeper and I squeeze her waist, urging her body to tilt up to me, sliding my hand around her back and kissing down to her hipbone, nibbling softly, her parted lips emitting a soft, high-pitched sigh. With my other hand, I lean closer and closer towards her entrance, moving my mouth back to sucking her lips, then gently place the very tips of two fingers inside of her, moving around in circles.

Barb and Mollie

lesbian 2017-11-17

Moll's cat-like eyes stared deep into Barb's gorgeous round knock'em dead pools; it was not a look of merely BFF's. Barb parted thighs and scooched her lovely rounded Greek ass slightly forward as if seeking out her friend's fingers using her crotch; just before Moll did the same. She began to stroke rapidly; making the curvy Greek goddess hump her friend's fingers and lean over for a stolen kiss before snatching another bite of food from Barb's fork. "You realize something?" Barb gasped as she let her head fall over onto Moll's shoulder as both women dropped forks as the intense sensations from fingers moving faster and faster had f***ed them to forget about things linguini and focused their attention on all things labial.