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Alone Time

mastrubation nodonjuan 2018-12-02

My hand stroked my ass cheek and moved from the small of my back and playfully slid my finger lightly over my asshole. My other free hand began stroking my cock gently. The excitement had grown inside of me so much, the handle of my toothbrush planted deeply in my ass and the taste of my precum had worked me up. "Give me that cum!" I screamed to myself, imagining a beautiful transexual with a well sized cock in my hand and my mouth gently enveloping her balls. Grabbing some paper towels and wiping my face as I headed back for a second shower, I thought “next time” as I cautiously slipped my tongue to the last drop of semen still left on my lower lip...

Self Exploration

mastrubation Kim 2018-11-28

Looking at the results of her shaving job, she rubbed her hands up and down the now bare skin of her pussy. Trying to gasp for air as the huge orgasm rolled over her, she felt her pussy rippling on the dildo. Pushing another finger inside, she scissored them, opening her hole wide and letting it close. Letting her body adjust to the size of the cock in her ass, she sank all the way down on the toy. Envious of the toy, he tightened his hand and jacked his cock, as fast as she was working her clit. He could feel hot cum wanting to shoot up and out of his cock, which was so hard he could pound a nail into the wall with it.

She Milked Me

mastrubation Jason_NYC 2018-11-14

With her hands under the sheet, Su-Yun was working higher and higher along the inside of my thigh and my balls began to tingle in anticipation of being touched. Whether it was her words, or the sensation of her warm breath in my ear, her exquisite milking of my cock, the way her finger probed my virgin prostrate, or all of those things, at that very moment the most profound ejaculation of my young life rose within me. As for the massage table in the basement and Su-Yun's insanely talented hands, to this day they remains as mysterious to me as the ephemeral notes of an Asian flute solo drifting on the night wind.

Behind the Story

mastrubation Jasmine_x 2018-11-08

I pull the straps down, letting my bra fall carelessly to my bedroom floor, exposing my small tits with lovely, light brown nipples. I close my eyes and imagine that I am the girl in the story, having a man’s touch on my delicate little tits. I then start to slowly pull my matching black and pink polkadot panties down to my knees, revealing my tight, waxed, virgin pussy. I read the first sentence of the action and begin to rub my clitoris slowly, biting my lower lip once more. I read some more, before shutting my eyes and imagining that I’m the girl in the story, being fucked by a long, meaty organ. Once again I begin fingering my asshole whilst rubbing my pussy.