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A big boi up my behind (Chapter 16)

mastrubation Vacheron58 2018-12-01

The tip of the plug rests comfortably on my "G" spot which with very little moves causes me to get sexually excited and after a while I get my second orgasm of the solo night. Oh man, what a sexual turn on is to feel that big boi inside my boipussy. I leave it there for about 10 seconds, or so, and little by little I push that big boi into my insides and the fucking I feel is out of any previous sexual experience. ). While the orgasm is producing sexually pleasure of immensurable proportions, my biopsy lips press/release the big boil causing a great effect within the lips of my biopsy. Quite a solo masturbatory exercise.

A Chat With Maxine

mastrubation bikerbear600 2018-11-30

‘Have you ever had a partner ask for kinky sex, totally out of the blue?’ Max said quietly, her cheeks going red. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever had any until I looked through the sex shop web site!’ Max grinned. I mean, I know some people do it; my best friend once moaned about her boyfriend taking her up the bum by mistake once, but I didn’t know women actually enjoyed it.’ Max said in a rush. I went with Steve because Joanne asked and I like having my bum fucked.’ I explained, probably making things worse. When I’m ready I use the vibrator on myself watching it slide in and out in the mirror until I cum.’ Max said softly.

Annie and Michelle: Part 1

mastrubation shaveitbare 2018-11-17

Looking at Annie's legs always made Michelle happy, because they reminded her of that one day after school, five years ago, when they were both 16, that had changed her life forever. "I bet you never knew a pussy could look like that." Annie said with a smile. In the bathroom, Annie was going through Michelle's shower, and she came out with a razor and a can of shaving cream. Annie teased the razor around the clit, but with an expert's nimble hands she slashed away every last hair without leaving a mark on Michelle's beautiful pussy. Just trust me." And, obeying Annie's silent command, Michelle too began to rub her soft, exposed pussy.

The Early Years

mastrubation deeper 2018-10-31

           As I think back, I cannot remember a time when I did not know about the wonderful transformation my penis was capable of in response to touching.   During this time a group of neighborhood friends (3 boys and a girl), would sometimes get together, alone in my garage, and enjoy “playing Dr”… showing off our naked bodies to each other, and mutually touching.   Soon though I found a new male friend and as we got to know each other better the conversation eventually turned to masturbation and showing.   As soon as we were secluded, off came our clothes and the naked hugging, mutual rubbing and playing began.


mastrubation greenpurple 2018-10-29

Kristen reached out a hand towards Stephen and pulled him towards her and kissed him, Danny pulled off Stephen’s half on trousers and pants and stroked his backside whilst still sucking his girlfriend’s clit and she grabbed his face kissing him furiously and running her hands around his body. Stephen and Danny kneeled either side of her hips and furiously pumped their cocks as she looked from one to the other, flicking her eyes from their biceps and chests working furiously to Stephen’s clavicle, his head tipped slightly back, his eyes traveling from her clit up her stomach rising and falling rapidly with her breath, up to her lips parted, her tongue slightly behind her lower teeth as she squeaked, “Cum please cum please cum.”