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The Interview

mastrubation ScarlettJ 2018-12-03

Christian Lawson-Smith couldn’t take his eyes off her patent black stiletto shoes. Naomi Lawson-Smith didn’t care what tempting, risqué lingerie Saskia may, or may not, be wearing, nor was she the least bit interested in her choice of footwear or hairstyle. Naomi Lawson-Smith could weep for the love of that pretty pussy under the skirt; she was so full of longing for a taste of the delicious sweet nectar, aching to insert her tongue inside, as far as it would go. Christian Lawson-Smith twitched at the sight of plump breasts and went on to imagine her painted ruby lips around the base of his rock hard cock. Christian Lawson-Smith peaked and shot splurge after splurge over his hand, trousers and clipboard, roaring like a proud lion until the pleasure subsided.

Alone Time

mastrubation nodonjuan 2018-12-02

My hand stroked my ass cheek and moved from the small of my back and playfully slid my finger lightly over my asshole. My other free hand began stroking my cock gently. The excitement had grown inside of me so much, the handle of my toothbrush planted deeply in my ass and the taste of my precum had worked me up. "Give me that cum!" I screamed to myself, imagining a beautiful transexual with a well sized cock in my hand and my mouth gently enveloping her balls. Grabbing some paper towels and wiping my face as I headed back for a second shower, I thought “next time” as I cautiously slipped my tongue to the last drop of semen still left on my lower lip...

A Good Neighbor

mastrubation RobThomas 2018-12-02

So I spoke honestly when I said: "I love watching cum shots." At that Mike sat down in his office chair and inserted the DVD into his computer. I decided to go for it and rub my own cock, but just as my hand made contact with my hard bulge Mike stopped his own stroke and reached over and ejected the DVD. I dropped my hand from my crotch just as he turned around in his chair. As Mike stroked with one hand and clicked through videos with his other, I finally stepped closer and set my empty beer bottle on the desk next to him, taking the opportunity to also step just to his side so I could see his dick.

A friend needs a hand but gets more

mastrubation elwoodaqua 2018-11-29

I was hoping that, in his ecstasy of cumming, he wouldn't be watching me and I could lick his product off of my hand while pretending to wipe it with his shirt. In no time he was hard again in my mouth. I did what I knew that I enjoy. I slid his cock out of my mouth as my hand followed my lips up his shaft, rotating my hand as I went, and came down again. Heard his moans and breaths and felt his soft, hairy thigh on my ribs, his warm balls in my hand and hot cock in my hungry mouth. I just slowly opened my mouth and backed off, and let his spent cock drop to his thigh.

Jerking off

mastrubation nwdc_guy 2018-11-28

I slide my hand inside, feeling my soft red pubes; cupping my balls; pulling back my foreskin; rubbing the first drops of precum between my fingers. I take a dildo from the table and start licking its head, putting it between my lips, sliding it into my mouth. It feels so good to have my cock free, jerking it, rubbing the head, tasting the precum on my fingers. I would love for the other guy to stand behind me and jerk my cock, pull on my balls, slide his hands across my hips, spread my ass cheeks wide, rub his fingers around my asshole. I pick up the other dildo and start to rub it between my legs, across my balls, taking the tip and pressing against my asshole.

A Very Special Club of Jerk Offs

mastrubation Green_Man 2018-11-26

I had started with the girls I met who loved playing with themselves, and, inevitably some of them had friends, either male or female, who loved rubbing their cocks or pussies as much as I. In another corner two young 18 year-old gays were exploring each others bodies, finally homing in on the cocks and jerking each other off. Over by the oriel was a straight couple, obviously familiar to each other, probably married, but this scene brought the old sexual vibes back and she was jacking as hard as she could and he had rammed a whole fist into her cunt. The young girl started playing with her titties and pussy, the old codger started jerking his wrinkled dick.

A nurse's story Pt.1

mastrubation TLOTTL 2018-11-26

“Oh, what the fuck.” you say to yourself, and as you position so that the pulsing jet of water hits your left breast, your free hand starts to caress, pinch and tease your right breast. Turning the flow control from pulse to massage you once again aim the water directly onto your clit, the needle-like spray of water and your probing fingers start your juices flowing freely from your pussy. Your breathing starts to return to something like normal and you stoop down to retrieve the fallen shower-head, aiming the jet of water between your legs again, this time to get clean, not to bring yourself to arousal, but the memory of what has just happened lingers.

At work, working myself.

mastrubation Sheela 2018-11-25

I get so turned on and wet knowing you're going to cum down my throat. I love a dripping wet cunt that I can tongue fuck while I'm being double stuffed and pounded into oblivion. I'm sliding my fingers deep into my cunt slowly, imagining your cock thrusting into me. My hand under my skirt and in my panties is moving faster in my cunt, making a slapping sound against my outer folds, swimming freely in my arousal. She's slowly biting her lip while watching me pound away at my own pussy. I open my eyes and see her still standing there, but now her blouse is unbuttoned exposing her large, supple breasts held tightly by a lacy black bra.

Resolutions - Part 1 of 2

mastrubation Lisa 2018-11-23

Sending a glance over her shoulder, I notice Lucas is standing with some of the other guys, tipping his beer bottle and taking a long drink as he listens to the conversation going on around him. It’s as if he feels my gaze on him because his dark eyes shift to me and his lips form a smile around the mouth of the bottle. I remember being mesmerised by the scene and unable to look away, watching as Lucas smiled at me just before he dipped his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth. I want to look over her shoulder now to find out how he’s handling the situation and to see if anyone else is watching us, but I can’t tear my attention away from Beth.

The Lake

mastrubation TaylorM 2018-11-22

As usual, I play with my cock and caress my body whenever I’m not preoccupied, in this situation, I realize that I’m tickling my sac and ass crack as I look over the crowd of people on the shore. I get a wave of excitement through my body as I realize the opportunity I have to feel these cold waters against my cock as I play with myself. If you would have been swimming by at the time, or have come out of the cabin located directly behind where I now sat, you could have watched as I now lay sprawled out on a wet rock, legs spread to fit my finger in my ass and my cock standing straight up glistening in spit from the moonlight.

Bad Bad Boy

mastrubation nodonjuan 2018-11-18

It had been so long since I had been with a woman and was beginning to question my sexuality as recently the images of cocks in my mouth and being taken from behind by a faceless male lover had been randomly appearing in my head. Wrapping the panties around my leaking cock making sure that the stained portion made direct contact with my swollen prick I slowly rubbed them the length of my member. As the scent began to dissipate from my nostrils I placed the panties back to my nose again and inhaled for a renewed smell of some random woman's vaginal discharge. As I continued slowly massaging my cock and sniffing these strange panties I could feel a presence again.

The Favor.

mastrubation SonOfAGunJr 2018-11-12

I didn't realize how comfortable they had become until one day when Tammy and Penny asked me to come to their room. I got an immediate erection and I saw their eyes locked on my cock pushing again my shorts, making a tent that would have been mildly embarassing if I'd been in public. I noted that Tammy liked to pull on her nipples while Penny rolled them between her fingers. "You can be more stimulating than that." Penny got the hint and reached over to stroke Tammy's pussy. Penny looked at me, then at Tammy, and said, "Yeah, I learned I like to watch, that I'd love to fuck you, that I'd love to fuck Tammy, and that I'd love to fuck you both at the same time."

My New Housemate's First Lesson

mastrubation Gingerfox 2018-11-08

After unbuttoning my jeans I stick a finger into my shaved slit and feel that my panties are completely cream-coated. I always get really turned on watching as I fuck my own pussy in a mirror and it's even better looking at another woman's tight hole being stretched open, seeing that slick cock enter her over and over, getting more coated with her juice. Something catches my eye; I'm forced to look up and there is poor Kristen, mouth open and in shock, watching this horny woman satisfy herself. Taking my blue, spiky cock I make her come closer and put the dildo between our pussy lips, moving in together so our clits can vibrate together.

Tied up at the hotel

mastrubation BiCuriousBytch 2018-11-07

They circled around the hotel room bed where I lay with my legs and arms tied to the corners and watched me hungrily. She walked in with fire in her eyes watching me pant in desperation as the men were undressing and stroking their cocks at the sight of my body that lay spread before them. Extremely horny, but unsure, I sucked on her breasts as I looked over at the guys who were stroking their cocks a bit faster now. Softly, I felt a tongue trace over my pussy lips. Then, I felt warm electrical shocks engulf my body as my pussy was being expertly tongued. "Fuck!!" I let out once more and my body jerked with every stroke of her smooth tongue.

En Vacances 1: Poolside

mastrubation CumGirl 2018-11-03

This is how I holiday; my body gently basting in finely applied suntan oil, reclining on a lounger, slightly out of sight of my fellow sun worshippers, invisible behind the dark lenses of my sunglasses, my eyes darting back and forth enraptured by the abundance of flesh on display, and my mind concocting fantasies about how my near, dear, neighbours will pleasure my little body. Low moans escape my mouth as fingers converge on the needy, soaked gash between my legs, my pubis rising and falling, muscles contracting as my pussy walls squeeze about my empty wetness, slithers of pleasure like firework rockets dart from my gently abraded clitoris to explode in my thighs, my stomach, my arse and my pussy.


mastrubation naughty_but_nice 2018-11-01

Andrea was giving me that look again; the sultry one that indicated some deep, private thought lingering behind those pretty hazel eyes. I'm sure that I'm not a lesbian, I like boys and I have never thought about another girl in that way until now. Okay, that's not technically true; I once shared a clandestine moment with a close female friend at a party, but I don't really count that because it was during a game of truth or dare. 'Andrea,' I said inside my head, 'I'd love to feel your tounge on my hot pussy'. With my free hand I began fingering myself while sucking at the other and thinking about Andréa's pussy in my face. I felt my virgin hole stretch and protest as the hard tool probed deeper, forcing its way inside.

Resistance is Futile

mastrubation DanceWithShadows 2018-10-29

The muted scent of vanilla fills the air around me and I press one finger to the creamy body butter, scooping a small amount and rubbing it into the index finger of my left hand. I press my finger deeper, feeling my inner walls tighten and start pushing and pulling, my finger moving in and out of my tight, wet pussy. I breathe rapidly, trying to deepen my shallow breaths and calm my body down, my two fingers still inside me, my pussy soft and wet and throbbing- my inner walls clenching and relaxing. I feel my fingers plunging into me, my hips thrusting, my fingertip rubbing my clit, over and over again.

Carol’s Cousin Matthew!

mastrubation KJessica 2018-10-29

We both enjoyed the attention we were getting from the guys, so by the third month were not only masturbating ourselves but also each other. Carol and I did masturbate them each time; also gave them oral sex but that is nothing compared to how they aroused and stimulated Carol and I. As they penetrate my vagina and anus with the sex toys, vibrators, I either gave oral sex or masturbated them. I have at certain times jerked off two of them while getting my pussy fucked by a third and giving the fourth oral sex; that sounds ridiculous, but they are the ones who position me to be able to do that.

My Boyfriend and his Bud

mastrubation Dirtynerdychick47 2018-08-14

My boyfriend told me later that as I walked to the kitchen Pete's eyes were glued to my ass peeking out from under the shirt as I moved. As I did I squeezed my boyfriend's cock and let my hand brush Pete's gently. "I need to jerk off too " My boyfriend told him, "I have some more videos I can put on if you want to watch them too." My boyfriend told Pete his hand felt great and Pete said he was stroking him perfectly. "You like me cumming in your hand while your slut gf fucks herself on TV?" Pete said, "You like me stroking your cock while we watch her?" "Fuck yes!!" My boyfriend moaned loud as he came all over Pete's hand.

My Boyfriend and his Bud Ch. 05

mastrubation Dirtynerdychick47 2018-07-15

"Fuck Mike, I've been wanting to come over so bad," Pete said as he was practically tearing his clothes off, "Can I see the video of Mariah moaning my name again?" Pete quickly obeyed taking my boyfriend's cock into his mouth while and swallowing his shaft as deep as he was able. "Fuck yeah you can," My boyfriend said without hesitation, "But I want to suck your cock too. Pete moaned and signaled to my boyfriend that he was going to cum but my boyfriend had convinced himself that he wanted to try it and he gripped Pete's ass and moved faster bobbing his head faster and even let his fingers tickle Pete's asshole.