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Caught by my Teacher (Part 2)

mastrubation sam525332 2018-11-26

The stacks of old books lining the walls of the room made it look much smaller than it actually was. You must be wondering if I am going to tell anyone or get you into any sort of trouble. I just want you to know that I won't be telling anyone, and I guess this can be our little secret. The only thing that stopped me from going straight to the deans office is I would have to admit to masturbating in the library, something I'm sure he would not be okay with. We can obviously work things out, but you could be sort of like on call for me, you know?" I was completely shocked.

Caught at the Beach

mastrubation 18andjackin 2018-11-25

After a long day of swimming, sight seeing, and extremely hot women in bikinis, I went back to my hotel to relax. And my favorite way of relaxing is, you guessed it, to masturbate. Always one to never pass up a chance to get the high of jerking off in a public place, I turned the shower on, got on my knees, and leaned back on the wall to where my upper part of my back and my head was resting on the wall. I closed my eyes and started to remember some of those g-stringed and thonged bikinied women on the beach. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a woman wrapped in a towel at the entrance to the showers.

The Infamous Pool Incident

mastrubation relaxandrelease 2018-11-17

                I stayed at the pool, carefully positioned in a lounge chair, as everybody else went to their rooms to prepare for the night to come, while I had a problem. So, I decided, after the condo emptied, I would douse myself in the cool waters of the pool. Good, I thought, I’ll wait here a while, letting the water rid me of my erection, and go back to my room, change, and have a night on the town. Since, of course, I knew the building was empty, and the pool being in a secluded area, I would let the jets solve my arousal problem by strategically using them to give myself an orgasm, releasing all the built up tension.

One hell of a workout

mastrubation NorthernBoy 2018-11-16

As I stood there alone I tried for about five minutes to get rid of my erection, but every time it started to soften I found myself picturing her ass and became hard again within seconds. Picturing it in nothing but a thong, I continued to pick up the pace of my stroking and could tell I was getting close, my ass tightened, my balls started to contract, and just as I was about to explode I heard her… As I stood there basking in my orgasm, I heard, “That was incredible.” I turned and watched as she walked up in front of me, got onto her knees and sucked the last drops of cum from the end of my cock.

Getting caught, Twice! (Chapter 2)

mastrubation xXshunikaXx 2018-11-14

"Well let's just say your mother and I used to do this kind of thing a lot when we were younger, and knowing that you can get caught any moment is such a turn on," she reached into her handbag and took out a box and threw it to me. I'd rather just be taken care of, and you seem like you have a lot of experience so I'm sure you could give me a nice orgasm with this 'long john silver'?" "Call me Kate, Shunika, and yeah I'll give you the best orgasm of your life, but only if you give me one in return!" She started walking towards me and spread the second towel I had taken from the house to dry myself off after I was done playing with myself, but I had never used it.

Caught by my Teacher

mastrubation sam525332 2018-11-07

I spread my pussy lips with one hand and slipped a finger inside my hole with the other. Without putting on my pants again, I went back to working on my history paper. From anyone who was walking by the door it would be incredibly obvious what I was doing in the room. I guess I hadn't heard the door open and only realized someone else was in the room when she cleared her throat. I was completely naked, covered in sweat, my hand was completely buried in my pussy, and the entire room smelled like sex. She sort of attempted to politely evade her eyes, although it was probably pointless at this point and she told me that she would see me in the library office in 5 minutes.


mastrubation everready 2018-11-05

My cock twitched at this thought and I very gently, with shaking hands, moved the covers to expose what was to me the most erotic sight. I think under normal circumstances, fear would have caused my cock to soften and go limp, but due to the fact that flipping on to her back had caused the bed covers to slip to the floor exposing her entire body to me caused it to stay as rigid as steel. I was trembling so much from fear but I took her hand and she squeezed it slightly in a sign of encouragement and pulled me gently closer to the edge of her bed.

Getting caught, twice! [EDITED]

mastrubation xXshunikaXx 2018-11-02

"Hard not to when you're standing there like that in front of me babe." He started walking towards me and start kissing me, rubbing my pussy at the same time. He start inserting his index finger into the pussy, nice and gently, while playing with my clit with his thumb. I managed to moan out, "Fuck me now" to him, and he pushed me back on the bed and start rubbing the tip of his cock against my clit, teasing me. He lifted me up off him and lay me down on the bed and started licking it all away while playing with my clit again. We didn't hear his mother come home over my moans and now she was standing in the doorway looking right at him licking me out.

Student Days: The Laundry Room

mastrubation llkop 2018-10-30

I took off my dress and threw it into the final washing machine leaving me in just my white flowery panties the darkness of the basement. I closed my eyes and crossed my legs, pressing my untouched lips against the hard surface of the washing machine. It began to violently rock back and forth so I clamped myself down as tightly as I could, pressing my crotch right on the edge and I rode that machine like it was the end of my life. But my legs got tighter and the plastic of the machine creaked underneath my hands. When my clothes were dry, I threw them back into my washing basket on top of my sex toys that I didn't even need in the end.

She Was A Peeking, I Was A Tweeking

mastrubation partyflavors 2018-07-24

As I got more and more into it, I took my right hand and reached down and pushed in on my asshole. My left hand was still wrapped around my still-hard cock, my right hand had a finger up my asshole, my legs were spread, and I was sweaty as could be. I was getting closer to orgasm the more I humped my hand and finger fucked my ass, and as I opened my eyes once more I could see my neighbor Tracy smiling and fanning herself. I pulled my right hand away from my ass, took my left hand off my cock and pushed the cum that was on my bottom lip into my mouth and swallowed.