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The Messages Concluded

mastrubation Jayne33 2018-12-04

She didn’t like the way things had ended with Bradley. I really didn’t want it to end like this. I hope you don’t mind Bradley, but I thought it was only right that I try again and let your hear what you missed. When you think of me, I want you to remember the dirty fucking times we had together. “My arse wasn’t the only thing you liked to spank though, was it? You would slap my pussy… Oh god, do you know how much of a relief it was to feel the stinging contact of your hands against my aching pussy?” “I’m sorry that things didn’t work out between us, but I am so glad that you got the job you’ve always dreamed of.

Runner and Lilah

mastrubation Frank_Lee 2018-12-03

At six-one, with a solid, defined body, he could’ve spent half the day running up and down those stairs barely getting winded, but following Lilah in those tight shorts made him breathless. She kept rubbing her lotion-slick fingers over a naked breast until it started looking like a nervous gesture. Lilah sat on one of the mats and watched him squirt lotion on his hand and spread it over the white of his hips and groin. For a moment, he didn’t think he was ever going to stop spuming that thick froth, but the spasms finally subsided, leaving his body and Lilah’s hand spattered with cum. Then her smooth thighs parted and his body filled the space between, his cock pressing against the heated lips he’d smeared with his own cum just moments before.

Masturbating after exercise

mastrubation Patrik3838 2018-12-03

I need to drink again but I'm feeling such great, yes, I'm bad boy, I'm sweating so much but my cock is such hard and I feel such pressure, getting aroused more and more , now imagine kissing Denise and then press to her chest, love personal scent of girl sweating her body and Denise is sweating like waterfall. I cannot believe how intense I'm sweating but I feel like in heaven, I'm wiping iff my sweaty face and drink some water and now I will fuck Denise to the end, And Adrian is smart boy he knows I love to smell his body.

Confession of a virtual cumslut

mastrubation Alexandra_A 2018-12-02

Yes, all the fucking world to choose from and we were twenty miles apart. We stayed and chatted till I began to feel the night's chill, then I reluctantly said goodnight, drove back to my holiday cottage and made myself cum again, imagining his firm athletic body riding me, pressing my sweating silhouette into the mattress. Fuck, I'm...and if he'd seen me convulse, thrust my hips, squirt... The virtual world is similar to real life but speeded up a thousand times. Seems I write poems every time I don't get fucked.

Sultry Little Show

mastrubation LittleSister_ 2018-12-01

She wanted to strip down naked, lay back in her porch-swing with her legs parted slightly, her arms raised and relaxed over her head and just let the subtle shift of that heated air lick over her body, caress her toned form and tease at her flesh, her nipples, her pussy... How often had he dreamt of stepping in behind her when she was bent like that, her firm ass in the air, her body hot and slick, her pussy a little damp no doubt, and just sinking his cock into her tight, young cunt? The knot in his stomach pulled as tight as he’d ever felt it, until it finally snapped, and his balls clenched painfully beneath his shaft and began pumping jet after jet of thick, creamy cum out of the double windows and into the humid night air.

The Au Pair - Part 2

mastrubation DanielleX 2018-11-30

Martina looked up as she heard the door click open, and Ben came through still looking rather sleepy wearing just a pair of combat shorts and a bare torso. She turned over and bent one leg, as she looked at Ben. He wanted not to ogle, but his gaze went straight to her white panties, which were impossible to miss, in the way that she was now lying on her bed. “You don’t change you, Ben. You are… pohledný...” Martina paused thinking for the English word. Martina looked at Ben thoughtfully and twisted a finger around the end of one of the ends of her shirt.

The Benefits of a Single

mastrubation typical_boy 2018-11-30

I remembered the girl again, and her hair flip and her round butt as I stroked. I wondered if her butt would look so round if she were naked too?  How would it feel to fuck her? To slide my dick right into her pussy, like a key fits into a lock? Or not quite like a key fits into a lock, since the walls of the vagina naturally touch, and it would have to expand to fit my dick. I’d have to work it in. Would her pussy be wet and warm and tight, like my hand was? I didn’t want to cum just yet. I could hear the shower running. The shower next to my room is the boys shower, but I imagined her again, hair slick and wet, water running over that round butt.

Missy's time alone

mastrubation fetishdoll 2018-11-29

Missy popped open the two top buttons of her jeans and eyed the slightly lighter skin just where her soft little cotton pink and white panties began. Standing erect in front of the mirror she could see two things, the mound of pubic hair pressing out and creating a perfect triangle in her little soft panties and a small wet spot just where her pink little bud touched. She ran her hands all around her soft skin and then let her fingers dig through the curly pubic hairs before lightly tapping at the soft little bud of pink flesh hiding within. Jeffery got his little dick out of his pants just as Missy was screaming her first moans. Jeffery jerked himself off under the bed thinking about her and looking at the wetness still covering the mirror.

Under stall hand job

mastrubation bobapple 2018-11-28

Dropping my pants and underwear, my bum had hardly hit the toilet, when plop, my bowels moved. I had just finished cleaning my butt and was just starting to pull up my pants and underwear when I heard the door open. His cock was about five and half inches long and a very nice girthy handful. I didn’t want to neglect those nuts of his so I reached under his cock again and scratched and fondled them for a moment. I placed my left hand holding the toilet paper under and over his cock head as I jerked and it was flooded with his cum. After drying my hands with more toilet paper, I pulled up my pants and shorts, flushed, washed my hands and left.

It's Only Looking

mastrubation starchild 2018-11-27

She had already taken off her shirt and bra and was fondling herself, looking at Chris, who had his dick right out in the open and was stroking it, watching Maria's tits move with her every touch. I started to play with my tits too, undoing my bra and shoving my hand right down into my pants. I could feel my wetness already, between the two men's rock hard dicks and my female friend's boucing tits. Chris's hand was moving so fast up and down as he looked at Alex's wetness straight across from him. Maria also now had her hand down her pants, like me, and was fingering herself to the sounds of everyone else's horny breath.

Older Neighbor - Part 2 (Bottomless Happy Hour)

mastrubation Trent21 2018-11-27

Originally our happy hour started with us being completely naked and masturbating while we chatted over some drinks, however, we lived in an old building with radiators that only produced heat in the mid 60's and it was just slightly too cold to be naked the whole time. One of the first nights that we shared drinks while being bottomless, Megan forced me to chat and masturbate with her for almost two hours before letting myself cum. With a look of excitement and shock on my face, I felt that familiar high sweep over my body as I looked down and watched my cock start ejaculating cum onto her hand and pussy. Watching her as she frantically rubbed her pussy to reach her third orgasm, her entire body was covered in my cum.

Quick, Slick Wank

mastrubation Shylass 2018-11-26

Walk your fingers around the base of your cock, just feeling the tiny, tiny little fingertips... Okay, so if you've got your lube over your hands, now it's time to start touching your cock. Feathery little strokes, maybe, ever so gently, enough to tickle, enough to make you want to ram your cock in somewhere, hard. I want you to use your other hand, and make a little circle with your thumb and your forefinger. And slowly, and gently, I want you to push that little circle just over the head of your cock. And your other hand should be encasing the top of your cock, trying to run little circles over your palm, with your other fingers down the shaft.

The Notes - Part Three

mastrubation Jayne33 2018-11-26

It didn’t help that every time I looked up at the projector screen, instead of seeing the facts of my presentation, all my mind kept replacing them with was the notes instructing me to strip. Making matters worse was that my note sender had chosen that time to increase the power at which the egg buzzed deep inside me. I found the string and gently pulled it from my body, feeling the warm gush of juice and cum flow out from my pussy, as the toy was removed. True to his word, when I returned the box with my panties had gone, in its place was the remote for the egg and a new note.

The Mother In Law - Elle

mastrubation secretcovertop 2018-11-26

If his wife were to catch him doing this to her mom's knickers she'd freak out, but he couldn't control himself and so he reached into the washing machine again and withdrew a second pair of Elle's worn panties - these ones were white and satiny - which he proceeded to wrap around the head and shaft of his dick and, while licking and sniffing the black pair, he brought himself closer and closer to the edge of no return. Once his heart rate had returned to normal he had then carefully re-wrapped the vibrator, and, making sure that he didn't get any of his cum on anything other than himself, he had placed it back in the same spot in the drawer and then traced his steps back out of the bedroom before heading to his wife's childhood room and having a long hot shower.

Masturbating To Girls

mastrubation leoalxnder 2018-11-24

I got to the point of almost cumin when I realized I didn't want to blow my load in the shower, I wanted to cum while watching porn.  The other girl's name was Amy. I overheard the name from Mia's moans. Mia started playing with her nipples as Amy was fingering her. As Amy was fingering Mia I heard a huge screech and saw Amy squirt all over the place. Amy stood up and opened the cum-soaked door and screamed. Amy got on my dick and started riding cowgirl style. Mia got on top of me with her butt in Amy's face and started kissing me. I loved how Mia forced her tongue into my mouth as Amy was fucking my cock. 

Nude in the public park

mastrubation Toriblonde 2018-11-24

The following story is about the most thrilling thing I've ever done, which is walking around a public park close to my house totally naked. One of the things I love doing to this day when I'm alone is walking around my house either in my bra and panties or totally naked. I loved to get myself hot by gently playing with myself over the spandex material before I started actually fingering. I walked into my house, put on some black spandex with no panties and a gray sports bra. I put on a blue running shirt, some black shorts over the spandex, and put my hair in a pony tail. Finally I couldn't hold in the urge anymore, and stuck my fingers into the sides of my spandex.

Hemerrhoids and hand jobs

mastrubation twistedtraveltales 2018-11-24

I went in there, all confidence chewed up like cows cud, and with a held back tear said, ‘Haemorrhoid cream please.’ She knew the word, I wasn’t the only man to ever ask for haemorrhoid cream. She glanced back out through the curtain, and satisfied we were alone, ‘You like I massage here too?’ She reached down through the top of my pants and took my cock in her hand. Like nothing had happened, I thanked the Ol’ boy down at reception and nodded to a Thai looking businessman with his shoes off and feet in the bowl on my way out the door.

Webcam Strangers

mastrubation JustTK 2018-11-23

Most of the time you hit the button and you see a random guy jerking off before you close it, so it might start to lose interest for you guys (maybe not you girls), but stick around for a while and scan through. Maybe then it would be a lot easier to find what I wanted, since I have been seeing cocks for most of my Chat Swap experience. I see an attractive blonde girl, but just as I am trying to type out the word 'hey' the chat closes. Nice tits sexy!" I lick my lips on the webcam, making me look like a total jackass. "I know," she replies, "I play with them a lot!" She starts caressing them on the webcam while blowing smiling kisses my way.

Cum Orgy 2: Sexually Cleansed

mastrubation SensualDesires83 2018-11-23

Cheryl Lynn watched the girl use her hand to slowly beat a rhythm upon her hard pink clit, making her body twitch as she let the remaining droplets drip onto Cheryl Lynn's breasts. The clit was very hot and very hard and each time it touched, Cheryl Lynn felt the shiver of the body over her. Cheryl Lynn felt the clit contact her skin and heard the long sound of the orgasm exit the flat-chested body on her as the hot gush flowed out of the stimulated gash still on her brown triangle. Cheryl Lynn then watched the woman that had been feeling the flat-chested puffy-nippled body riding her now soaked brown triangle lower herself.

Watching Football (or so you think)

mastrubation NoahBody 2018-11-22

I can actually sense my breathing changing as my finger and thumb continues it’s little tease. I begin again with almost the same method, only this time I keep my thumb just below the head, and I use my index finger to slowly stroke the underside. I slowly, tantalizingly, let the tip of my index finger stroke the underside of my cock once again. This time I just push and pull only the head of it, again between my thumb and index finger, ever so slowly. I turn on to my back briefly and pull my cock up, marveling at how close I am to coming and at the same time being able to hold hack.

Caught wanking in my panties

mastrubation DanielleX 2018-11-22

Megan was in her clean panties and a white T shirt and I was just in my bra and sleeping shorts. I got Megan to dribble as much spit as she could onto my palm and I rubbed that into his cock too. As Megan gave him the benefit of her nice plump bum, she put a hand down the front of her panties and pleasured herself at the same time. As the precum oozed out of Toby’s cock, Megan stood up and took off her now damp knickers and tossed them to me. Toby looked a little dazed as I made him put on the cum-soaked panties and we didn’t leave until he had fully dressed.

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 1

mastrubation John_Doe 2018-11-22

Then, as I opened my eyes to look once more I found Amy had turned around.  I immediately froze, my hand stopped beating away, leaving my cock aching for me to continue and finish what I started. My hand instantly began to stroke again, pleasing my hard cock as it returned to action.  My breathing became a little labored as I watched Amy seemingly masturbating with the shower head. I rushed to my room, entered within and closed the door behind me.  My hands shook slightly, my face grew red of shame and embarrassment, while my cock still stood proudly erect and sticking out of my pants. I lay there, closing my eyes and watching the re-enactment of Amy taking a shower as my hand continued to jerk my cock.

Helping Hands

mastrubation John_Doe 2018-11-21

Although she wasn't really touching me in a sexual way, the soft glance of her fair skin of her palms gliding back and forth across my legs and slowly making their way further up to my upper and inner thighs was having the effects I had dreaded and was feeling embarrassed about. Her hand glided back and forth, up and down as she caressed the length of my foreskin, slipping it softly within her grasp as her thumb occasionally would slide up along the underside of my cock and against the edges of the eye that looked out upon top. Gently rising and lowering my body the best I could do off my mattress as I thrust my cock in and out, up and down within her tight grasp of fingers wrapped around the thick, hard shaft that was bulging inside of her hands.

A teasing blindfolded fantasy come true

mastrubation solabubbles 2018-11-21

I love watching my husband wank his shaft, there is something so sexy about seeing him stroke his rock hard dick in pleasure and I am never able to resist in sucking him off or lubing up my hand to join in and help. Then came the sweet release of pleasure; I bucked back and forth as my hole pumped around my husband’s cock, ‘cum in me baby, cum in me,’ I moaned as my husband arched forward and released his salty cum inside me. He switched thighs so he could use his other hand and again whilst I could feel and hear him wanking he slid his fingers inside me and rubbed his thumb over my clit.