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Whatever I Say Goes

mastrubation barefootbeauty 2018-12-03

She moved it back and forth slowly, savoring the taste of herself on the plastic, the warmth from her cunt (her toes tingled just thinking the word and her satisfied pussy clenched), the way it made her feel so dirty and yet so right to be performing like this for him while he was completely under her control. She worked her hips up into the vibrator as he let out an explosion of breath and began stroking himself faster, his hand moving and twisting over his straining erection, the pressure firm and fluid. She gasped as his words hit her like a perfectly placed thrust and she flew over the edge, clenching and shaking, her hips pushing up to meet the pressure of the vibrator as she pushed two fingers inside her pussy.

It's great to be a guy

mastrubation Ghost 2018-11-30

I can feel a pleasurable stir within my tight briefs as I move my right hand down to caress the soft fabric covering my cock. Trixie's soft ass and tits felt wonderful and the growing pleasure emanating from my groin began to turn the tide of our 'battle of the lap dance' in my favor. Well, what I mean by hard is that I'm thrusting my erection into her while she tells me how "wet" she is and how good my "fucking cock" feels as it slides around inside her "steaming hot pussy." All of the sudden I notice, as she tells me to "slam it in harder" and squeezes my ass with her hands, a churning feeling at the tip of my cock and realize that I'm ejaculating.

Lunch Break

mastrubation Locksley 2018-11-26

She stared wordlessly as the girl on the screen writhed on the chair, straining against her bonds, her cries, no, screams of agonized pleasure sending a jolt of sensation straight to her own crotch. She stared at him for a few seconds, her hand still in her crotch, and then whispered, “I’m your dirty fucking whore.” Her eyes locked on the screen, her breath coming quicker as her fingers moved rapidly in and out of her soaking wet cunt. She moaned softly and pushed her chest against his hand and let out a soft sharp cry as she felt him pinch the erect flesh.

Horny Teacher

mastrubation DrippingPussy 2018-11-13

Wishing it was her small hands gripping the base and stroking me upwards, her tongue swirling around the mushroom head, tasting my precum. I'd love it if she did, but if she doesn't want to, then I guess I'd just cum on her pretty little face and perky tits instead then. "Hungry little thing aren't you, sucking me nice and hard like that. I'll keep fucking you while I cum, force my spunk out around my cock, make you feel it drip down your thighs. I feel my balls tighten and semen erupting through my penis, cum rushing up through my shaft, my cock getting even fatter. She presses her tongue to my cock head, sucks nice and hard on the mushroom tip, wanting more of my delicious spunk.

My Daughter's Teacher- Chapter 3

mastrubation clonjon 2018-11-11

She gave me this little smile and snuggled up to me and said, ‘I know that you love me and don’t think I’m a slut, but I like being a slut for you and you can do whatever you want to me and I will always love you and know that you always love me.’ So from then on I didn’t worry about it anymore. As I stood there looking down at Amy, her face covered in cum, the beer bottle flashing in and out of her pussy, I realized this was what I wanted.

Nora's Tale: 4 - My Boss Gets Bold

mastrubation AdventurousReader 2018-11-10

Levi was occupying the majority of my thoughts as I pushed into the head-lifeguard office, and I was almost surprised to see Noah, my boss, sitting behind his desk. “And your hair,” Noah said, perching on the edge of the desk and looking down at me. Noah pushed my skirt up and rubbed his hands lightly over my cheeks, making my stomach twist with excitement. Noah grabbed my ass roughly, working his fingers deep into my flesh, causing my body to rock against the surface beneath me. Each time Noah pressed into my ass, my body jerked forward, my clit stimulated by that bumpy patch in my panties as I forced my hips downwards.

Whatcha Doing in There?

mastrubation oceanrunner 2018-11-09

“Tell me what you’re thinking about,” she whispered, her eyes going back and forth between my face and my soapy erection. I released my cock, knowing she’d probably want to watch me come; I didn’t want her to miss it. The muscles on her tight little body are all rigid until she learns to relax, learns to take my husband’s big cock in her ass, and I’m whispering in her ear how good it’s going to feel when you flood her with your cum. “The one who’s kissing you stops to whisper that you should come in the other one’s mouth and on her face, and by this time you really don’t know who’s who.

The Thrill of Almost Getting Caught

mastrubation Kim 2018-11-03

Poking my ass out, I reached between my thighs with one hand and spread my puffy lips open. I had never played with my ass before; never wanted to, but here I stood with cunt cream dribbling from my dark pink slit and my finger pushing past my sphincter. Seconds later, I felt a splash of warm fluid cover my ass cheek, and then ooze a path down the back of my thigh. My balls would be slapping your pussy, as I stretched your hole so wide that it would still be open,” he said, between moans. I had enough sense to put my phone on speaker, so I could hear him, before I set it on the bed, close to my ass.

How It All Began Ch.16

mastrubation TheTravellingMan 2018-11-03

Returning a lascivious smile, Fay's eyes narrowed as she felt the delicious tingling sensations in her cunt as her finger slid in and out. Jack stroked his cock more firmly, the visuals of Fay on all fours, taking a fucking from Karen and Zoe made his cock flex, his deep sense of arousal had tightened his balls. Jack was wanking his cock with all the vigour she wanted to see; the thought of his girlfriend fucking another man was always intensely arousing. She looked at Jack's cock avidly and he showed Fay his hard length again. Jack's own body careered towards his own climax and he felt his cock swell hard to that tell-tale point of release.

Anna and Jack Enjoy a New Toy

mastrubation EnglishTongue 2018-05-05

"Jack, you can come in now," Anna shouted, "but close your eyes as you enter." "Wait there Jack," Anna said and she got up and straddled the torso, "look at how fantastic these breasts are. He could see Anna's sexy arse just above the fake pussy lips. The head of his cock was really standing out now, "it looks as if you are too Jack," Anna whispered. I can see the clit too." Anna looked up at Jack and smiled, "I've never licked a pussy Jack. Jack was so tempted to slide it into Anna's wet pussy. Jack also kept stroking, milking the cum from his cock as it dribbled over the fake pussy lips.

Office Submission Ch. 03

mastrubation EnglishTongue 2018-04-22

It's at the back and if I move my left hand, I'll end up face down in here." Anna looked back at Jack and smiled, "I don't want to rip my shirt, can you help please?" "But Jack, my arm is still stuck," Anna complained, "if I moved my left hand it would force my head down, look..." Anna moved her left hand that she was leaning on and it forced her head to the floor with her right arm still stuck. Jack watched the head of his dock underneath the mesh material on Anna's panties and he looked at her helplessly sprawled out in front of him. Jack removed his cum covered cock from her cum filled panties and he eased her skirt back down over her arse.

Please Let Me Cum, Sir

mastrubation EnglishTongue 2018-04-09

Jack then placed both hands on Anna's hips and rested his erect cock (still inside his tight briefs) against the soft, mesh panties that covered her arse. "Tell me what you want sir." Anna kept her mouth open and stared at Jack's cock. Anna instantly completed the request and Jack eased the head of his cock down near to her tongue. Jack took his hard shaft in his hands and lowered the head of his cock to the entrance of her pussy lips. Jack stroked his cock back one more time and looked at Anna. Jack felt another stream of cum leave his cock and dribble onto her pussy lips.

Morning Masturbation Together

mastrubation EnglishTongue 2018-01-09

Jack grasped his cock and started to stroke the shaft underneath the sheet. "Morning Jack," Ellie whispered, "what are you doing?" She looked down at his hand on his erect cock and raised an eyebrow. Jack gripped his cock again and, looking straight at Ellie, he slowly started stroking his cock. "Ohhh Jack," Ellie moaned, "watching you stroke your cock had made me so wet...hhhmmmm." Ellie placed her other hand down next to her pussy and started to slide fingers inside. Pre-cum had continued to gather and it was dribbling off his cock onto Ellie's lips. Breathing rapidly through her nose, she watched as Jack started to cum. This morning's teasing and edging had built up and Jack started to cum over Ellie.