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In the dark

mastrubation alexmarch 2018-12-03

I touch myself and think about words written solely to arouse and to excite, to get you wet or to make me hard. In the dark, the words I conjure up are not words of anything else besides a hard cock, a wet pussy, yielding lips, grasping and stroking hands, penetrating fingers, a tongue, an ass grasped by reaching hands, smooth skin and hair, sweat and saliva and semen and your fluids all mixed, taste and smell, tightness and tautness, legs spread, and guttural sounds instead of poetry.

Night Thoughts of An Antebellum Cuckold

mastrubation DickLover59 2018-09-11

He sat up against the head board, the early light just barely brighter than it had been when he first woke up, and with the thoughts and images of Samuel and Nancy burning hotter than ever in his now fully awake mind, he pushed back the sheet, and raising his night shirt above his waist, there was just enough light to see his erection (such as it was!); and he began lightly stroking it, up, then down, up, then down, and as he did so, his lust-fueled frustrations (the actual motivating source of his late-night dreams of his wife and Samuel!) grew more and more intense, and his need to find even temporary relief, also grew more and more urgent!

Just a Dream...?

mastrubation whatsosticky 2017-11-28

Kitty thought for a moment and with a slight grin on her face, slid her fingers down over her pussy lips, which were very swollen and slippery, something she didn't realize the magnitude of until this point. She lifted her head up to look at him again, trying to examine his face in hopes to recognize him, though the thoughts of still not knowing the man fueled even more thoughts of lust of anonymous sex and even more tingling between her legs. Smiling widely with intense knowledge that he had her entire permission to fuck her and make her cum just as he said, the man grabbed the waist of her shorts and carefully but aggressively pulled them down.

Playing games Part 2

mastrubation star_gazer01 2017-10-31

Crystal dropped on the couch, her body still tingling, nipples hard and erect, the wetness between her thighs still growing. So when she opened the door, the plumber’s eyes almost bulged when he saw her in the black lycra dress, clinging to her body like a second skin. Crystal had felt her nipples grow erect under the gaze of the man. She had felt his eyes on her body like fingers, sliding from her breasts to her legs, to her backside. When he finally said goodbye and the door closed, Crystal slumped against the door, rammed a finger in her dripping pussy and came in seconds. Alex laughed and Crystal felt goose bumps all over her skin, her finger moved faster.