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Masturbating, Thinking About Haven And Inessa

mastrubation kornslayer1 2018-11-14

"Fuck, that was so hot though: Haven was eating Inessa's cherry like it was a giant pizza. Suddenly, I bit down on my bottom lip and my right hand calmly moved under my bag. No one has any idea what you did, or that you have your hand down your panties,' I thought, bitting down on my bottom lip. "Yes, Haven, eat Inessa's pussy until she cums all over your face again," I whispered, prior to licking my lips. "Fuck, I'm shivering a bit now, but that was so good," I muttered before I lazily brought my hand back out. "There is no reason a nerdy lady like you can't talk to two of the popular girls about sex," Haven mentioned, before she leaned towards me and smooched my cheek.