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My Next Step with my Step-Brother, David… Chapter 2

mastrubation KJessica 2018-12-03

He wasn't the same as the other day and I started to feel awkward the longer we sat there, especially with our mom close by. “I was just wondering if you’d like … well you know, like the other night; but um, maybe this time – if you would join me.” He asked, not looking me in the eye.   Oh yeah, it’s, it’s just great, Pam,” he said licking his lips and letting his hand wander down to his hard, stiff, throbbing cock and started to stroke on it.   I opened my eyes and watched David as he continued stroking his own cock with one hand while playing with his balls with the other, his eyes glued to my actions.  

Wet Heat

mastrubation Sensei 2018-11-30

On days like today, sweating did no good at all, since there was no room in the air for any of it to evaporate away. She closed her eyes and moved the cube down below her ear, tracing down the cords in her neck. The heat of her body and the room made the cube melt faster, making the coldness drip down her neck, fading as it did, mixing with her sweat, making her drip all the more. At that point, she threw away the tiny remnant of the ice cube she had been teasing her breast with and used her fingers to pinch her nipple through her bra - first one, then the other.

Exhaustion and Masturbation

mastrubation Adreyanna 2018-11-29

My body brushing hard against the railing for support, I pull myself up the last stair and suddenly stop short as I feel a sharp tug at my waist band and a stiff breeze across my upper outer thigh. I spread my legs as wide as I can - so unladylike like, such a dirty girl - and whimper as the forceful jet of water ravages my tiny little wet pussy. Being found on the floor of my shower, in a puddle of water, my legs spread wide and my pussy plainly visible, my throbbing clit and swollen nipples and labia, my shame unable to be hidden.

Discarding Morals

mastrubation Ant135 2018-11-28

After Timothy didn't reply, Jessica added, "Tim, you awake?" Being a twenty-two year old virgin, much like Timothy, who had avoided porn as much as possible throughout her life, Jessica became very aroused, very quickly. The scene on the TV was coming to an end, or at least she thought so, as the man had stopped thrusting and was just lying on top of the woman. Another close up of the couples' genitals was shown, except this time the man slowly withdrew his penis and once completely withdrawn, a white trickle started flowing out of the woman's vagina. This image, coupled with the sighs of satisfaction from the man and woman made Jessica moan involuntarily through her hand that covered her mouth.

Monnie's secret

mastrubation stantheman 2018-11-27

The older man looked up and Monnie's legs nearly gave way beneath her. The man with the dark eyes looked over and Monnie clamped her thighs together as she felt the heat between her legs. Nancy saw the look on Monnie's face and grabbed her arm, steering her inside. Monnie looked down and walked straight into the man with the dark eyes, she took a sharp intake of breath. One hand found its way to her moist pussy and she pushed her middle finger deep inside, using her juices to wet her swollen clit. She thought of him, his big brown eyes looking at her as she played, she wished it was his fingers that probed her, caressed her and made her heart beat so fast.

Shouldn't Have Peeked

mastrubation FirstBlush 2018-11-24

Probably still in mods, with the busy queue of late, but it’s been three days now not that I’m counting or anything silly like that. Okay, now you know it’s up and you’ll have something to read after work. Want to write how it’s going to make me do some very naughty things after work but, nahh. I wish I could see what she sees, feel what she feels, cry out for all the things she begs for, and yes, yes, yes says my racing heart and accelerated breathing and tense thighs and clenching belly and spun out of control raging thundering screaming crashing desire needing to be fed, slaked, utterly ravished.

Her Sunday afternoon

mastrubation tight89 2018-11-21

Turning her back to the faucet and removing herself from the rush of the shower, she squeezed the loofa first all over her face and into her open mouth. She felt naughty that water and such seemly limited simulation could tip her over the edge…and the thought caused cum to dribble out of her open slit and down her leg. The pressure from the head felt like a strong finger was rubbing her clit. She placed the showerhead back on the hook and began greedily rubbing her clit with her index finger. With her fingers, she quickly and hungrily rubbed herself closer and closer to orgasm, as the warm water beat down on her pussy. She turned the water to cold, and finished her shower as the cool drops began stimulating her again. 

The Nature of the Night

mastrubation Strumpet 2018-11-17

A delicious ache now begins low in my belly in conjunction with a fluttering sensation like so many fireflies beating their wings in a fervid frenzy. Without a thought the fingers of one hand are brought to my lips and moistened by my warm tongue. My spine arches and my tender thighs fall open, exposing the most private part of myself to the nature that surrounds me. Only when I am certain my release will not come too soon do I begin massaging in slow arduous circles, relishing in how even more of my hot essence seeps forth. With two fingers hilted deeply inside, I feel my walls squeezing and pulsating, my hips beginning to rock.

What Just Happened?

mastrubation RoseBarbie94 2018-11-14

She masturbated every night, sometimes two or three times, until she was completely satisfied, until she came so hard she couldn’t breathe. Taking her index finger she slowly started to trace circles around her nipples making them long and hard. She moaned lightly as her fingers brushed her clit, she thought if she did it again she was going to go over the edge. Needing to feel something fill her to push her over the edge she stopped playing with her tits and licked the fingers of her left hand. She could feel her orgasm push inside her then she suddenly felt like she needed to pee; she was too long gone to stop, she needed to cum.

Angel's Delight

mastrubation 0PrincessX0 2018-11-11

As she played through the previous night in her head, Angel could feel the same eagerness that she felt in the taxi; an eagerness to have Dom in her bed, with him buried deep inside her. As she imagined how he had sucked her clit into his mouth, lightly flicking the tip of his tongue over it, she placed her index and middle finger either side of her clit and slowly rubbed up and down, feeling herself getting more and more aroused. The pleasure briefly stopped when Dom replaced his fingers with his throbbing cock and Angel thought she would orgasm just from the sensation of him entering her.

Kinky purchases and hot public masturbation

mastrubation SecretLush 2018-11-11

The feeling of the bustier tight against my skin, the panties I touched, the nipple clamps I purchased, the cute girl checking me out, the brush of my finger against my clit earlier, the thought of how many people are around me and how public I am. I bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning, and I hear the voices around me of people who have no idea that I am standing in the stall next to them, legs spread, facing the mirror in lingerie with the tags still on it, stoking my swollen clit. White and black bustier tight around my waist, new nipple clamps just tight enough on my hard nipples and the chain between my teeth, I want so badly to finger fuck myself and cum.

Happy Birthday Julie

mastrubation NoahBody 2018-11-10

She taunted me with “What kind of cake are you going to give me for my birthday?” My mind began to reel with all sorts of naughty thoughts. I close my eyes and I picture her and all her naked glory standing before me…her beautiful face, her small firm breasts, her dark pubic hair, with maybe just a hint of pale pink pussy lip peering thru. Smiling to myself (and Julie), I open my eyes and look at the mess I just created on my chest and belly, proud of myself for the amount of cum created. Well Julie is a soon-to-be twenty-six year old (our birthdays are ten days apart).

How To Help Your Woman Squirt

mastrubation bava12 2018-11-07

The source of the fluid is not yet exactly known, but scientists think it comes from the G-spot, which is for women similar to prostate for men. While some men may have seen their women squirt, other may have been the ones who determined their female partners to try it for the first time. Being gentle is not a good thing for this type of stimulation, because some pressure is needed for reaching the squirting phase. Once the G-spot becomes harder and she goes through moments of intense pleasure, she will begin to feel something like the need to pee. If you want to take your woman to the peaks of sexual pleasure, there is no reason not to try to make her squirt.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter One)

mastrubation John_Doe 2018-11-05

My parents informed me they had got someone they know, a relation of a work colleague to come and house sit with me for the week. I couldn’t hear that Julia had switched the television off and made her way upstairs, or that she had heard the faint noises coming from my room and came to investigate. Jerking my cock hard, my hips thrusting off the bed and up as I caught something out of the corner of my eye and turned my head to see Julia watching me jerking off. The thoughts of Julia talking to my parents, “I caught your son masturbating in his room, it was disgusting!” I could hear her say.

A New Level with my Step-Brother, David - Chapter 3

mastrubation KJessica 2018-11-04

We hadn't taken a trip where we stayed in a hotel since I was probably around eight or nine and back then we’d all usually get one room with two queen-sized beds, but since we were now much older, our parents decided we needed separate rooms; one for David, one for me, and one for them. I said, “You take it from here,” and he had me lie back on the bed and he reached down to put one finger on my clit, rubbing it lightly using the same small circular motions before sliding one, then two fingers back inside my pussy pushing in then pulling out slowly before slowly building up speed.

Masterbation for Two

mastrubation probie 2018-11-02

My hand stroking   the full length, the thought goes through my mind, “Not to fast.” My other hand reaches for my balls and gently squeezes them as my eyes remained fixed on the woman. I feel my mouth and lips getting dry and as I lick my lips I think, “I wish it was your pussy I was licking.” My hand continues its slow movement up and down the length of my cock as I watch her hand change its position and movement. I start to stroke my cock faster, gently squeezing my balls and rolling them in my hand. I stand there looking at her as her body relaxes, and feel my cock getting soft in my hand.

A Morning Delight

mastrubation steveyg1985 2018-11-01

It is too much, my mouth is now dry as if all moisture has flooded to my wet pussy. I release my nipples and my right hand races down my body, pushing between my thighs, fighting my left thigh from squeezing into me more. Overwhelmed with divine pleasure my body flips over, my left hand releases my clit, replaced by the base of my right hand and I grind my hips down. I add a third finger and forming them into a triangle I fuck myself again, rolling my hips as I grind down harder and harder. My pussy grips my fingers, the tips flicking harder into the rough skin of my G spot causing wave after wave of my orgasm to crash onto my hand. I tremble, every sensation amplified and yet my clit feels numb against my slippery hand, as if it’s too much, as if it can’t process this much pleasure.

My weekend alone part 1

mastrubation Jessie0978 2018-10-31

I reached under my bed and grabbed my laptop that I usually used for my school work and began browsing through all the skimpy outfits and sex toys that I had previously dreamt of buying and began contemplating how I could buy these and have them delivered on Friday when my parents had left and manage to get them without my brother or sister noticing. I slid the dildo out and let I hang on the wall as I lay down on the floor, I took the vibrator out my leotard before putting my legs up behind my shoulders again and seeing the baby blue diamond between my ass cheeks.

Malaysian Masturbation

mastrubation rxtales 2018-10-31

"I want you to put your hand in your lap and rub your pussy lips with your finger. When I realised that everyone was concentrating on something else, I became a bit bolder, and began to rub myself a little harder, my finger pressing the material of my bikini into my skin. I began rubbing myself harder, pushing my fingers into my skin, my hand moving towards my clit. I brought the hand that had been caressing my nipples to my clit and resumed rubbing it slightly harder than the previous time. "Fuck me." She whispered again, a little harder than before thinking he hadn't heard her the first time.

It's Just a Fantasy

mastrubation BadMouse 2018-08-15

My panties are wet with my juices from my earlier fantasies this afternoon, and I can feel the pulsing between my legs of my still engorged clit. I lift first one, then the other, stocking clad leg to slowly roll the material down my thigh and calf, feeling the silky smoothness of my legs as I remove the stretchy nylon. As I scrub the puff on one breast, I use my other hand to roll the other nipple, pulling it gently, the soap bubbles making my skin feel slippery and soft. I close my eyes, picturing my sexy vendor kneeling in front of me, opening my legs to expose my blood engorged clit and vaginal opening dripping with the essence of my arousal.

Ashley's Tale Ch. 01

mastrubation VGodfrey 2018-04-15

She moved her hands away from her breasts and slid them down her stomach to hook them into her panties and slide them down her long, smooth legs. It had been a long time since she had really looked at herself in the mirror; she had always been too preoccupied with work and mounting bills to pay much attention to her appearance, but thoughts of debt and her stressful job had been banished from her mind like darkness fleeing from light as the eroticism took hold of her. She sighed, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip as she worked her fingers faster, feeling the orgasm start to build within her like a huge wave which is ready to break against a shore.

At Home Again with my Step-Brother, David - Chapter 4...

mastrubation KJessica 2018-01-01

After eating, I cleared the table and David went upstairs to get undressed returning once again to the living room, naked, sitting down on the couch to have some fun with himself. He was on one end of the couch as he started stroking his hard cock, so I ran upstairs to get undressed and returned back to join him on the other end of the couch and slowly began to touch my own clit, pushing first one, then a second finger into my wet pussy as David watched me doing so intently, not taking his eyes off me.