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As I look in the mirror

mastrubation ashflower 2018-12-03

How everything becomes swollen, seeing freshly shave lips, as the fingers glide in and out, covered in white cum. I grab my mirror placing it on the floor as I sit down looking at my shaven lips, spreading my legs. After a few moments I start again staring into that mirror seeing my fingers rubbing my swollen clit as my lips engorge with blood. I can feel another orgasm coming must keep going "Oh yes." I try to keep my moan muffled. I lay against the door, panting, trying to catch my breath. I dry my hair, placing my pjs on and walk out the door to my room. "mmmmmm." Stifling my moans, more and more pressure builds as I orgasm and keep rubbing feeling my sheets getting soaked.

Debby and her first vibrator

mastrubation causley69 2018-12-03

She used the fingers of her other hand to push away a few strands of her pubic hair to fully reveal the little pink bud of her clitoris spreading herself open as she thrust the shaft of the vibrator in and out. She was gently bouncing up and down on the shaft and could hardly control herself but realised that it might be a good idea to go to the bathroom to get a towel otherwise she was going to create a big wet stain on the duvet cover of her bed. She reached out and grabbed hold of the bed head in front of her riding the throbbing shaft but she lifted herself off it and it slid out throbbing away on the towel coated in the slimy juices from her vagina.

A Beautiful Image

mastrubation tadgh64 2018-12-01

You lift the chain of the drain plug with your toe letting the water retreat, and watch as your body slowly emerges from the water, breasts first, like beautiful islands in the Pacific, then your hips, thighs, and the tropical paradise of your mound. You squeeze your nipple with your free hand as you think of his hard cock, his eager fingers, his hungry lips, as you watch your body start to convulse and shake in orgasm. Breathing deep, you let the waves slowly subside, fingers still down, holding yourself, you laugh, and then close your eyes with a smile still on your lips.

What I do (when I think of you)

mastrubation Sandrine 2018-11-30

Liu and Kait were finally able to spend some quality alone time. “I’ve missed you so much” Kait said in a near sultry voice. Kait started fondling her breasts through her light brown sweater. Liu’s full attention was focused on her every move as she slowly pulled off her sweater and continued touching her breasts through her bra. Kait licked the nipple of her left breast and then the right one. Kait took some of that wetness and rubbed it on her already throbbing clit. “That’s it!!” Liu said as he took his cock out and started stroking it. “That’s what I do when I think of you” she said as his hands fondled her breasts.

Afternoon routine

mastrubation tommie 2018-11-29

The corners of your mouth lift slightly in a sly smile as you raise your hand, and press a finger on your lips. Closing your eyes, you slip your finger in your mouth, sucking it slowly in. You open your eyes again, pulling your finger slowly out of your mouth. I see you slipping a finger inside your wet folds, your close your eyes as if you’re thinking about the same thing I was thinking off, maybe you do. Your eyes are half closed, resisting the urge to close them completely, because you want to see the expression of pure lust for you on my face as you finger yourself towards your peak.

A Trial of Fantasy

mastrubation teninchstoryteller 2018-11-27

  When the onslaught ebbed she keyed in more commands and his fingers slipped in to her hair pulling her to take more of his meaty prong into her mouth….she clicked pause and gazed at the picture on the screen…Samantha, the name she had given her animated character, had moved, her lips were nestled neatly about an inch past the bulbous head…sucking him with eager want.   She clicked the command key and Alfonse sped up, more vigorously his animated cock pushed in and retreated from the lush wet core…her view was as it would be if she were watching herself being fucked by her lover…she panted out loudly as a stream of jism flowed from her sweet petal’s lips…Alfonse fucked on and his character gasped realistically with his own need to fill the wondrous cavity.

On The Mound

mastrubation Sandrine 2018-11-26

His fingers now probe my wet pussy and I’m overcome with the need to have him inside me. “Yes, no choice,” Hideki explains as his once hard cock slowly goes limp. I needed Hideki to lick and fuck my pussy, but there was no way that was going to happen anytime soon. With game time fast approaching, I knew I would need to suffer in pleasurable silence. Feeling the arousal bloom, I slid my fingers lower, inside my wet pussy and put its wetness on my clit. Again I started to rub it, never taking my eyes off Hideki, thinking about all the times we fucked and how badly I needed to get fucked again.

Cyber Queen

mastrubation Mysteria27 2018-11-19

The vibrator is listed as a massager and it is a plug-in but feels so amazing when you play with it on your pussy. I am going so fast now and my pussy is feeling so good and it doesn't take long to see the wetness building and then it happens, I squirt all my love juices out. With all of this attention to my clitoris, I feel my body tensing again and I just keep playing and then again I start to cum from the vibrations on my clitoris. I then fuck myself It feels so amazing, the vibrations are so strong, and I love to rub it on my clitoris and almost always I will squirt.

Nature Lover

mastrubation babygirlmindy 2018-11-15

Absently, I run my fingers along my body, up my sides, across my belly and to my breasts--a lover's touch manifested through my own hands. My legs remain spread wide as the energy of the world sends bursts of wind to explore my bare sex, thrilling me in ways no other lover could. A sharp burst of wind finds its way across me, nearly slapping me in the face, and I can feel the intensity building within me. Independent of thought, my other hand slips behind me, pressing me face down into my pile of clothes on the rock floor, and slipping a wet finger against my pulsing star.

Inner Workings of a Woman

mastrubation Woman 2018-11-13

Her finger pushing past the soft and gentle crease that parts her lower lips, sliding over her protruding inner lips, gasping, and her hand crinkles that students paper into a tight little ball, her back hard against the chair, she pushes her body to the edge of her chair, parting her thighs wider while the butterfly hums delicately over her slit. Looking down at her, that question in his chocolaty brown eyes that all men get when meeting a woman as forward as Elle is, “Are you sure?” Smiling innocently up at him, taking his hand from her ass while grinding her hips over his, she slides it between them.

A Romantic Night, Indeed

mastrubation Phantomrose 2018-11-10

Then, with a feather light touch, I traced over my hard, pink nipples, sighing as I felt a slight twinge of pleasure. I would imagine myself moaning, and sighing as he plucked my hard nipples and jiggled my b-cup breasts. Before getting in, I felt the water with my hand, making sure that it would not scorch my skin. Oh god, how I wished his hands were there now, feeling my breasts and my body, running further down, lightly rubbing my stomach. My finger worked hard on that round bean, tapping faster as my body felt hotter. It was all so intoxicating: the hot water, my fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy, my moans and groans…my goodness, it was so much!


mastrubation pinkysurprise 2018-11-09

When she opened her eyes again, they fixed on my hand moving along my shaft. She was now fingering herself with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. I felt a surge, and my cock throbbed in my hand. I closed my eyes and thrust my hips forward as an intense orgasm ripped through my body. As the final wave washed over me, I opened my eyes to find my last thrust left me further forward than intended. My cum had landed in her bush and all over her fingers, which were still moving in circles around her clit. I gave my cock one final squeeze and watched the last pearl of cum drip onto her hand.

Home Alone

mastrubation Jezziebelle 2018-11-06

After dripping a few drops of baby oil on the length of my toy I slowly push the head of it into my waiting hungry cunt.  It felt so good, but my pussy muscles were clenching so tightly it was hard to ease it in.  My left hand came back down to play with my clit while my right hand firmly pushed all seven inches into my pulsing pussy.  Slowly my body calmed down, my legs falling open wide, the toy still in my pussy.  Muscles twitched, in my inner thighs, low in my tummy, deep inside my pussy.  As I came back to my senses I realized there was a huge wet spot on my sheets.  My whole room reeked like sex and baby oil.  I felt better than ever.  I couldn’t wait to tell him what I had just done to my body. 

Early Morning Love

mastrubation IvansHoe 2018-11-03

My body reacted in unison through fantasy and reality when I released a soft moan of pleasure.  I rolled my fingers harder Around my clit, applying pressure the more I thought of his cock inside me and I knew my second wave was not far behind. The thought of him arching his back a bit as he closed his eyes and groaned was nearly enough to through me over the edge in both reality and fantasy, but I wanted to see this part all the way through. I imagined us cumming together and through the images playing like a movie inside I my head, is where I found my second release.


mastrubation kinkitten 2018-11-02

She concentrated on the sensation of the sheets and the touch of her hands on her skin and felt the arousal in her body rising, her breath becoming slower and shallower, her pulse quickening and a pleasant tightness beginning in the pit of her stomach. The touch to her clit made her want more, she was squirming on her bed- one hand on her clit the other pinching her right nipple, her toy in her pussy. the sensation of it against her tight inner walls sent her through the roof, she screamed, her back arched, her toes curled and her pussy muscles started contracting and juice flowed out of her and soaked the sheets.

A Lonely Weekend

mastrubation xanniex 2018-10-30

I close my eyes and let the scalding water cascade down my body. I know what my body longs for, but my nails dance past my sensitive, swollen lips without giving my clit the attention it so desperately craves. I know it won't take me long, but I want to prolong this pleasure. Adding more of our favorite lube, I pick a black set of beads and lightly tease my puckered hole. With vibrations on full blast, I tease my clit once, twice, yes! I keep pressure on my clit, tight circles of sweet vibration directly on my throbbing little nub, as long as I can before my legs clench together and the toys slip from my dripping fingers.

Diary of a Rose Ch. 02-03

mastrubation rosebud_6 2018-09-16

My fingers circled my clit squishing the custard between my fingertips and my pussy. When I opened the next message, there was another photo of the head of a penis being circled by a tightly clenched hand. I spread my pussy lips wide open and took a close up photo of my clit all stretched out. I placed the phone on the toilet roll holder and started rubbing the tip of my clit while still stretching the lips of my pussy out wide. I pressed Send and put the phone back on the toilet roll holder so I could use my free hand to stick my finger inside my wet pussy. I started stroking my clit with my other hand until I came, legs spread sitting on the toilet.

Last Night

mastrubation Caliginous 2018-08-30

I bring my right hand up to my mouth, but he takes it instead, sucking and licking on my fingers before placing it back on my clit. His tongue finds my clit and I try to jerk away, but he catches my legs with his hand, my torso pinned under his, head forced down by his cock in my mouth. His attention to my clit increases, faster, and he pushes himself down hard into my mouth as he carefully slips a finger inside my ass. I start to orgasm, and he slams his cock deep in my mouth, choking me, as he works his finger faster, harder in and out of my ass.

Lover Man

mastrubation SpankMeDaddy 2018-07-31

By the time I hit the bottom of the carton, I have no clue what movie I am watching and still have that empty feeling inside. I thought that being married to Jonathan would be a dream. I thought it wouldn't matter that when he touched me, I didn't feel anything. I miss being touched by a man and feeling it up and down my spine. He starts to give sexy little bites down the side of my neck. Then, as the sexy little licks start to take over me, my body relaxes. I start to cum hard when he pulls my hair back once again and shoots his hot jizz inside me.


mastrubation maruian 2018-07-27

Her wrist rotating clockwise, fingers on her clitoris rubbing furiously, her body's temperature rose every second as did her knees exposing her swollen labia, shining from the sweet juices that had made tracks to the sheets that lay beneath her round ass. The feeling in her pussy was becoming all too much, her muscles contracted inside, pushing almost, her mind still thinking about being penetrated with a hot hard dick, girth so fat, length so long disappearing in her wet pussy. she orgasmed harder than the first time, she squirted so hard, her muscles pushing out the piss from her bladder and her fingers still at her clit flicking against it, encouraging this feeling to last.

A Day at the Museum

mastrubation jalaurie 2018-07-22

Nobody else was around, so the tour guide took her time, letting me look around and enjoy the rooms as long as I liked. As she began to squeeze her breast, I lowered my hand to her ass. Even through the skirt, crinoline, and god knows what historically accurate panties she was wearing, I could feel how tight and firm her ass was. I reached over her shoulder, put my hand inside her dress, and began to tease her nipple. I began to kiss her neck, my other hand across her belly, supporting her. She opened her legs a little wider, and began to stroke her thighs. With a little manipulation of the skirt in my left hand, I was able to watch as she pleasured herself.

Sara's Embarrassment Continues

mastrubation robart 2018-07-17

Sara was in agony as being left on the edge of orgasm like this was torture. Through the door way she saw that it was not Mark but their neighbor Tom Wilson who had a look of utter astonishment on his face. Sara had never thought of Tom in a sexual way before but under these circumstances it was hard not to. He did not like it but Karen was a strong willed woman and did as she pleased anyway, so he figured why fight it. Tom had done this to Karen many times but Sara was so wet and responsive. But now Tom lowered his head to her open pussy and with his tongue began to softly lick her lips , gently sucking on them as he did.

The Power of Touching

mastrubation intriguess 2018-07-03

She enjoyed the feel of his warm body against hers even when she was unable to fall asleep, which was more common the first couple times. She enjoyed listening to him slip off to the shower, occasionally moving to his side of the bed, taking a secret moment to feel the warmth of the sheets and snuggle with his pillow. He noticed her eyes were closed, and he wondered what she was thinking of as her soft fingers stroked her breasts, and tugged on her gorgeous nipples. She was very hands on, usually on him, which was fine, except for when he wanted to watch her touch herself. He watched her fingers, trying to memorize exactly how she liked being touched; she wasn't the type to order him about.


mastrubation the_shires 2018-05-17

I gave them what they asked, slipping a finger inside and whimpering with the force of the shudder that coursed through me, first through my legs and then warming my stomach and chest and finding its way to my head, making me dizzy with need. Even as I removed the vibrator and stood on wobbly legs to go clean myself and the toy, I still had urges that made my center clench inside as I thought of Ryan and what he would look like in the afterglow. I didn't feel the need to go another round right away, and I knew I'd be fine tomorrow, not acting like some desperate woman and making a big mistake I'd regret.