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Friday night

mastrubation woreout 2018-12-03

In the den I found my wife standing with her feet about two feet apart, gone was the bath robe and all she had on was very long black lace top stockings that reached all the way to her ass cheeks , they where held up by a garter belt with eight straps. That's it I thought, she has a guy in there and I'm going to watch them fuck, the idea of that started making my cock grow with the help of my little blue friend. After a four hour nap my wife came out on the deck wearing a very short robe, her taned legs seemed to go on forever, She called out tp me loud enough that our neighbor Ann could hear that if I'd come inside she allow me some relief.

Thw weekend she became a slut.

mastrubation vegas719 2018-09-24

At this point I could not take it anymore, I undid my jeans, pulled my cock out and started stroking while watching her and reading the messages coming through, about how these Guys wanted to fuck her, how they were going to drive there cocks in her ass and pussy and cum deep in her or on her face and tits. She jumped in shock at their touch, but then when she saw the two hard cocks waving by her face, her eyes bulged as she looked upon the size of them, she smiled around matts cock as she watched Dan and Toms cocks bounce, all hard for her, reached out and took one in each hand and started to stroke them slowly up and down.

A visit to an Adult shop

mastrubation lauren003 2018-09-19

He to my suprise didn't muff me but as I took his hard horny cock into my mouth he inserted the new silicone dildo into my wet and horny pussy and started fucking me with it. It wasn't long till my body tensed up and my pussy tightened around his cock and I could feel my bum was plugged as it tightened around the butt plug as I started moaning from the pleasure of another orgasm. I soon reached climax again and as my body tensed up, my bum tightened around my husbands cock and he started fucking me harder as I moaned and orgasmed.

I'm Straight! PART 3

mastrubation john1195 2018-09-12

And when Trey finally pulled out of my ass some 25 minutes later, I I saw Trey at the gym a few days later. across the gym, and he looked away, he was talking and working out with straight, but this guy had taken me, fucked me up the ass, and I let him, little shaggy at the gym & weekends, but well-combed at work. clean-shaven and have fairly little body hair, Green hazel eyes, size 13 He wants to look at my ass. Trey is working his massive cock faster and faster. I shove a second finger in my ass and start ramming it in and out, it walls with cum, Trey darts across from his stall into mine, pulls my hand

Old hotel staff enjoy my yg gf

mastrubation pete1233333 2018-09-07

We had a great time and each night went on the lash, dirty danced in the night clubs (Phuket) and sometimes fucked on the beach and then always, every night, fucked in the hotel pool. She was out cold, but I checked by opening her legs, fingering her cunt, sucking her tits; all the time hoping the old guys were outside watching. As I hoped the door slowly opened and the 2 men came in, a bit sheepishly at first. He too started grunting and came in gushes of yellowish cum on her tummy and close to her cunt. The old men then got up, smiled, nodded appreciation and left.

The first time i fucked a milf

mastrubation blurg 2018-08-27

im on top and she tells me she wants top so i was ok and she gets on top jumping up and down her tits where bouncing i grabbed her ass and started to spank her going up and down she started to cum all over my cock after that she pulls me and sucks me i bent her over and put it in her from behind i started to fuck her and she cums another 2 times then i got to the point of cumming and said "Of fuck yeah baby im going to cum" then i pulled out she sucked me then i came all over her face tits and in her mouth she said that she hadnt seen such a big load i smiled as she swolled the rest of the cm that was in her mouth we fucked for atleast 3 hours before we parted on new years.

My First Time wet

mastrubation virginblood1 2018-08-15

trying to find his head while I felt dizzy and light headed reaching out to pull his head close to my pussy but he was already sliding up my body to give me his cock. While he fucked me I asked him why he waited so long he groaned and could barely speak as he banged and fucked me hard he slowed down and told me that once him and I had sex I would look at him different and want to have sex a lot. One time I told Doug I wanted him to lick my pussy at the same time fuck me hard. I said laying in bed horny I told him I wanted to have my tits sucked at the same time also.

First affair

mastrubation 2018-08-13

I had been planning this trip for months and as I got closer to the date of departure, my companions were dropping like flies (one failed to get the time off work, the other sprained his knee three days before we were to leave). Stacy looked pretty sad and said that I owed her vacation time and that this would help her a lot to gain some experience to further her career. Stacy walked over to the picnic table, sat of the surface, spread her legs and started to rub her clit and slowly work her finger into her pussy. I was getting very close to cumming when she held her fingers in front of my face and said that I should taste.

The new selling job part 13

mastrubation ab8715 2018-08-12

Eric, Phillip and Jason followed Daniel into the locker room. As Jason's cock grew rock hard, Daniel pressed his lips over the head, past leaning forward rubbed it along Daniel's face as Jason's cock slid in and Eric pushed harder, leaned against Jason's side and f***ed his cock into The two guys who fucked Daniels mouth at the same time had hot bodies that fucked Daniel's mouth. "What the fuck man," Eric shouted trying to pull Phillip back to find his Eric pushed his cock between the two guys hips, trying to fight back in. and fucked the warm face-cunt even harder and Daniel took it, took them throat, as Daniel swallowed the last of Eric's cum.

The maid's knickers - part five.

mastrubation bobsmart 2018-08-12

And now the postcard for the new "helper" was on display in the local sari-sari store, I eagerly awaited the arrival of any applicants at our door: with me able to carry out the interviews in the absence of my parents who'd probably be at work when the girls called. As soon as the phone was down, I could feel my cock stirring, and I recall she rang the door bell at about two o'clock and all I could think about was that I had just three hours to get her knickers off. But also made me slightly nervous, as I still lacked confidence and thought that she probably had a lot of experience and high standards in bed - learned by being fucked long and hard and often by those athletic guys down at the court.

Working In Old Men Institution

mastrubation 2018-08-11

'Now now Jonesey dear', said Sara very motherly, and she reached forward taking his massive member lovenly in her hand, and slowly jerked him up and down, whispering into his ear, 'You like to fuck this little babe, shes virginal you know', at which she looked up at me with a broad smile on her lips and a naughty wink in her eye. In reality I was part of the whole goings-on, I was wetting myself watching Sara blow this huge cock, and surrendering to the assault on my vagina, he was masturbating me and all I could do was hold the back of his balding greyed head, keeping him in place as his hot breath was swirling across and between my vaginal lips, and adjusting my postion so give easier access to my swollen vagina, which he was currently burried deep, tickling my bud entrance to my womb.

nailed the nice niece

mastrubation rodma 2018-07-31

The party was in full swing but no Emma I went to look for her I heard moans comming from her mothers bedroom I walked in to see Emma on the bed with her mothers vibrator sliding in and out of her sweet pussy, she told me to shut the door and watch, I watched in awe as my cock was rock hard, I unzipped and rubbed my cock slowly, she groaned and said she was cumming and pushed her hips up and then collapsed my cock twitched and a thick stream of cum poured from my cock.

A Cuckold Coming

mastrubation DickLover59 2018-07-31

"Oh, FUCK yes!" I said as I focused on that huge black cock head pushing open the meaty pink lips of the white woman's juicy-looking pussy. So, as my wife lay sl**ping in our darkened bedroom, I sat forward on the edge of my chair, and as I continued to watch porn, and as I focused on the sight of an enormous black cock ramming it's way deep inside of a white pussy, and then, after only a few more seconds, I, too (finally!!) came; and when I did, it was an amazingly huge load; which excited and pleased me as I watched it spurting out, in strong, thick globs of whitish sperm!

Caught jacking off my shemale cock!

mastrubation cumsquirter 2018-07-27

Nothing like lying in bed, naked, legs spread, lubing up your cock, my shemale cock is 7 inches with a big mushroom head, and start jacking off to porn or mags or fantasies, and you think no one will catch you. I took off my clothes and wet panties, and started to jack my cock off to a porn mag i had with me. then she undressed and put her mouth on my cock, sucking it so good, i did not say a word, then i began to eat her wet pussy, it was dripping with juice! I jackoff to her sometimes, so when you jack that cock or pussy off, lock the door!

Sex Slave To The Neighbours Part 4

mastrubation smallfurrycreature 2018-07-24

Look carefully at me on the screen and you can see how much fuck juice my husband pumped into my pussy after you left, last time." I hesitated for a moment but then her TV voice became stern, commanding " I told you to go to the corner and put your cock in my husband's mouth. He put my cock deeply into his mouth and sucked fora moment and then her voice came back on the TV. If you lie on the couch, you can both watch me get filled with cum while you suck each other's cocks." He stood up and stroked his cock slowly and patiently watching his wife, on the TV, spread her collected cum over the bellies and penises of the men she'd fucked.

Gotta use what you've got...

mastrubation fmac 2018-07-22

‘You know I love to fuck you....I’m always happy to do it.But if you think I’m going in there after you’ve been round to visit that dirty cunt John then you are much mistaken.’ Her cunt must obviously be more sensitive than a baby’s head because she was arching her back and bucking with every stroke.An orgasm hit her out of the blue and she screamed a small scream.Had she been masturbating she would have stopped for a wee while to recover but he carried on fucking her with the brush and she got wetter and wetter and redder and redder as the bristles dragged her lips back and forth and gave a thousand tiny hits to her clit on the way both in and out.

The Writer Likes to Be Watched

mastrubation burgeoning_awakening 2018-07-22

Ever so lightly, she dragged her finger along her clitoris, spread bare by her wide open legs. Back and forth, she imagined, picturing a man sliding his hand back and forth on his throbbing hard cock and watching her intently, his eyes trailing her moving hands and studying her every motion. She let herself fall deep into the image of him spurting arcs of cum as he ejaculated all over her breasts, neck and face, and then magically inside of her, again and again. Her whole body rocking back and forth, she thrust her fingers deep inside and moved strong against the palm of her hand. A shivering, warm rumbling spread through her clit and came into her like a wave as her fingers steadily penetrated her.

Helping a friend True Story

mastrubation funbicouple2015 2018-07-14

There was a girl sitting Indian style on the grass next to the car, calmly smoking a joint, right next to a flat tire. Then I looked her directly in the eyes as I pulled the spare tire from her trunk and told her "I'd love to fuck a beautiful stranger outside, right on the side of the road, where anybody might see" I unzipped my shorts, lowered them until my bulging cock popped out, and told her "don't stop until I'm so hard it scares you". That's when I pulled out, spun her around, pushed inside her as I lifted her off the ground, as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

Absence makes the cock go harder

mastrubation neilmc123 2018-07-12

She said that she would use Websites or dating sites and that she would only have safe sex one night stands and never in our marital bed, As a solution this was almost agreeable but I still didn’t like the idea of anyone else being inside my wife, but the thought of me being inside other women was most appealing. He continued taking photos telling me I looked a filthy married slut sucking some strangers cock. He pushed his finger deep in my ass then he pulled his cock out of my pussy and f***ed the tip into my asshole. He then demanded I push the black cock deep inside my pussy while I got double penetrated.

A Bicycle Ride for three horny men

mastrubation 2018-07-08

I was dared to cycle with just the cheesecloth dress on, which I accepted, so I handed him my bikini and off he sped, leaving me in a state of undress, as one could clearly see I was nude under it, having said that, I was excited at the thoughts it generated. As I cycled I could clearly see my breasts and nipples through my unbuttoned front, they swayed, even in their firmness, and it sexually excited me, I was positive a damp patch would be where I was sitting on the seat, but I never gave any thought of concern as I was in a state of sexual arousal.

The Romance of Lust - A classic Victorian erotic n

mastrubation Hangdog90 2018-07-06

The voyage lasted six weeks, and during all that time she had every man in the ship into her every day, and from fair front-fucking had eventually satisfied them in both apertures, and often had had one in each orifice, and sucked a third to spending point, which she deliciously swallowed; she had even taken the premisses of the little twelve-year-old cabin boy, and she declared that she never enjoyed so complete a satisfaction of her excessive lascivious lust as in that happy voyage of six weeks' duration.

Sordid Liaison With the Minging Slut

mastrubation Kinky_Mushroom 2018-07-05

I build their little egos up with false attention and insincere flattery then, like a bored infant knocking over building blocks, I pull out the rug and watch them tumble to the ground savouring every last drop of their anguish – I am a cunt. It is at this point that I want to slap her misshapen face hard but I resist the urge, instead I thrust my fingers into her soaking and smelly unwashed cunt. I close the computer down and then walk up town to go shopping – a sad and perverted middle aged man in a downbeat little town extracting all the depravity he can whilst his life, money and health run out like the grains of sand in an hourglass…

My girls thong Reveals huge lust secret

mastrubation CandidShotz 2018-06-30

When we first had sex I noticed that her pussy was a little too much for me , i def noticedthat I'm not pleasing her how I pleased my other girlfriends bc I was their first. I started looking up interracial porn on the Internet and I was aroused on how much big booty white girls love black guys. Months past things are great, my lust for having a big dick fuck my girl increased. Idk if she is messing around with other guys but I sensed a little mystery with her breath and her dick sucking abilities that literally improved every time we had sex. But I have a feeling that it's not true, I personally think she's a little dirty freak that fucks black guys on the side.

The Ride of My Life

mastrubation 2018-06-27

I bit my lip and asked her, “can I ride you.” Nicky grinned even wider and said “yeah baby, get on.” I straddled her and slide down the cock, I was facing away from her so she started rubbing my butt as I slide up and down the pole. Once I had it in all the way I just started grinding and rubbing my clit, I could feel every inch of it and as I got close to cumming again, I started sliding up and down on top of Nicky and grabbed me at my waste and started bucking her hips up into me, I was feeling the full stroke on my clit again and my legs were shaking from the sensation.