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Alone Time

mastrubation nodonjuan 2018-12-02

My hand stroked my ass cheek and moved from the small of my back and playfully slid my finger lightly over my asshole. My other free hand began stroking my cock gently. The excitement had grown inside of me so much, the handle of my toothbrush planted deeply in my ass and the taste of my precum had worked me up. "Give me that cum!" I screamed to myself, imagining a beautiful transexual with a well sized cock in my hand and my mouth gently enveloping her balls. Grabbing some paper towels and wiping my face as I headed back for a second shower, I thought “next time” as I cautiously slipped my tongue to the last drop of semen still left on my lower lip...

A Good Neighbor

mastrubation RobThomas 2018-12-02

So I spoke honestly when I said: "I love watching cum shots." At that Mike sat down in his office chair and inserted the DVD into his computer. I decided to go for it and rub my own cock, but just as my hand made contact with my hard bulge Mike stopped his own stroke and reached over and ejected the DVD. I dropped my hand from my crotch just as he turned around in his chair. As Mike stroked with one hand and clicked through videos with his other, I finally stepped closer and set my empty beer bottle on the desk next to him, taking the opportunity to also step just to his side so I could see his dick.

8 Days a Week

mastrubation RobThomas 2018-11-19

As Mike's breathing quickened I saw a bead of precum start to ooze from his cum slit, followed by another and another until his swollen head and shaft glistened with it. I had wanted Mike's cum on me since the day I first saw him, and being this close, with just that one sweet drop clinging to my thigh, I felt an amazing warmth begin to spread from my cock and balls, and I too then began to come. As I lay there thinking about Mike I began to come, and as the last drop of cum eased out of my slit and rolled down my shaft I smiled at what a week I’d had.

Bad Bad Boy

mastrubation nodonjuan 2018-11-18

It had been so long since I had been with a woman and was beginning to question my sexuality as recently the images of cocks in my mouth and being taken from behind by a faceless male lover had been randomly appearing in my head. Wrapping the panties around my leaking cock making sure that the stained portion made direct contact with my swollen prick I slowly rubbed them the length of my member. As the scent began to dissipate from my nostrils I placed the panties back to my nose again and inhaled for a renewed smell of some random woman's vaginal discharge. As I continued slowly massaging my cock and sniffing these strange panties I could feel a presence again.

The Early Years

mastrubation deeper 2018-10-31

           As I think back, I cannot remember a time when I did not know about the wonderful transformation my penis was capable of in response to touching.   During this time a group of neighborhood friends (3 boys and a girl), would sometimes get together, alone in my garage, and enjoy “playing Dr”… showing off our naked bodies to each other, and mutually touching.   Soon though I found a new male friend and as we got to know each other better the conversation eventually turned to masturbation and showing.   As soon as we were secluded, off came our clothes and the naked hugging, mutual rubbing and playing began.

Sit Pretty

mastrubation naughtypuns 2017-11-30

Imagined Mina, behind her with that voice all rumbly-sexy like she got when she was super horny but trying to hide it, her callused hands on Wren's breasts, in her pants. When Mina came in, Wren was sitting cross-legged on the bed with the dildo in her hands. Mina reached up, took Wren's hand from her face and squeezed it once before setting it on the dildo beside her. Without Mina's hands in the way, Wren was able to finish adjusting the straps on the harness and slide the dick through the O-ring that held it in place to buckle it securely in. It was colder than she'd expected, and larger, and when Mina went to move her hips further forward Wren held up a hand to stop her.

A Long Train Ride Pt. 01

mastrubation Minxsil 2017-10-13

In fairness to the guy, he was more than happy to up the speed on her vibrator, the result being Vala's body falling forward into his shoulder to muffle her moans, a leg half thrown over his lap to free up some space, allowing her to reach between her legs once more and outright fuck the toy into her cunt, her free hand searching down his body until it fell upon his now growing bulge, her lips meeting the shell of his ear with a soft kiss.