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mastrubation alexmarch 2018-12-01

Just my hands stroking the length of my average but, I will admit, very hard cock, as I capture each move on the computer screen. But I want to take that drop of pre-cum on my finger tip and bring it to my lips and tongue, and taste it for my online friend. I figure it is worth the risk, and I touch my cock’s tip with my left index finger, scooping up the clear drop of liquid, and then I bend down so my mouth is in view of the camera, and I savor my own cum for my new friend. I fist my hard cock, pointing the head right at the camera, and feeling the beginnings of the spasms that I know will lead to my climax shortly.

Hard-Working Secretary

mastrubation musicandmuffins 2018-11-27

Charlotte smiled at the casual use of her name, then walked over to Tony to pick up the large and heavy box of stationary. Charlotte walked over to the small desk in the corner of the room and placed the box onto it, rifling through all the assorted bits that she ordered. She moved both legs onto the desk so her fingers could work deeper, curling them over and over her g-spot as she began to moan louder, both hands now tending her pussy as one rubbed her clit. She raised her wet fingers to her mouth and began to suck off her cum, stopping only to gasp with shock at the sight of Tony, watching at the door with his large, hard cock in his hand.


mastrubation Sleepyhead707 2018-11-26

She stumbles upon the next girl, Sophia, a petite short haired, pear shaped brunette with sultry brown eyes, gazing over her shoulder on all fours holding open her plump pussy lips and showing her cute dark arsehole. ”Know what I’d love to see?” There is barely a drop of moisture in my mouth and I can feel sweat beads burst and drip down my face, I can’t form a word so I just shrug my shoulders. My mind is racing, do I concentrate on Sophia and imagine fucking that lovely pussy, or imagine it’s Jess? I can’t take much more, I’m gonna shoot, but in the nick of time she gives my head an expert squeeze for twenty seconds, then cradles my balls in one hand then gently starts jacking me with the other.

Working Overtime

mastrubation JessiChaos 2018-11-26

There was a picture of Kathleen, the girl who sat at the desk next to her in the nude, spread eagle with those sweet pink pussy lips, Toni had been dying to kiss. Darcy sat at the desk just behind Kathleen, and she too was eye candy for Toni. She licked her the finger from her free hand and dragged it between her breasts, down her stomach, passed her belly button until she found her tight hole. All she could imagine was Kathleen's lips between her legs and Darcy's sweet pussy riding her tongue. Her body shivered delightfully as she pulled her fingers away and pressed them to her lips.

Shouldn't Have Peeked

mastrubation FirstBlush 2018-11-24

Probably still in mods, with the busy queue of late, but it’s been three days now not that I’m counting or anything silly like that. Okay, now you know it’s up and you’ll have something to read after work. Want to write how it’s going to make me do some very naughty things after work but, nahh. I wish I could see what she sees, feel what she feels, cry out for all the things she begs for, and yes, yes, yes says my racing heart and accelerated breathing and tense thighs and clenching belly and spun out of control raging thundering screaming crashing desire needing to be fed, slaked, utterly ravished.

Overtime Fantasies (Part 1)

mastrubation WickedShads 2018-11-15

Being forced to look past her throughout the course of the meeting to outwardly pay attention to the meeting coordinator at the head of the table had given me more than ample opportunity to survey her (even more?) open blouse and admire the full swell of her breasts barely contained in the very sexy black lace demi-bra she wore. She leans forward in her chair to scribble some notes onto the tablet in front of her, allowing the weight of her breast to pull an erect nipple free of her bra to tantalize to my enthralled vision, and sending thrills through my body. I spin my chair around and open the bag I keep in my office for those lunch time visits to the gym.

Filing Room 2A

mastrubation missingjanedoe 2018-11-15

The danger of someone discovering me or my toys, however unlikely, added to my buzz every time I stripped off and mounted the giant desk in there, a vibrator in hand.  My pussy lips were already throbbing and puffy and, when I shifted my weight, I could feel my lips sliding past each other as my juices lubricated me better than any branded bottle could. I grabbed my biggest, most powerful vibrator from the top of the pile and ran to the desk that dominated the room. My thumbs teased over my nipples which sent shocks straight down to my pussy where I could feel my juices dripping onto a puddle on the desk beneath me.

The Conference Call

mastrubation CurlyGirly 2018-11-14

Jason reached out a hand to stroke my leg, but I pushed him away, pointed my finger at the phone, and harshly whispered, “No!” Knowing Jason and the conference call were not going to last much longer, I brought the vibe down again between my legs and pulled my panties aside. Once again, I felt his cock between my legs and the swollen head push between my wet lips and into my aching pussy with one hard thrust. His fingers dug into my hips and the sharp edge of the desk cut into my thighs as his cock continued to ram into me and felt like he would split me in two.

Turned on by My Readers!

mastrubation ahotwildcpl 2018-11-14

I realized that my panties were completely soaked, and I worried I'd soon have a wet spot on the bottom of my skirt from the way I was shifting in my seat. I sat down on the toilet seat, holding my panties in my left hand while using my fingers on that hand to hold my pussy lips open. I could certainly wipe myself up with toilet paper, and I hoped the smell of sex wasn’t too overpowering, but my biggest concern was if my pussy juices ran down my leg when I stood to walk out. Now here I sit with a silk thong buried in my wet cunt to keep my juices from running out of my pussy, telling all of you how horny you made me this morning.

Another Day at the Office

mastrubation exposedpeach 2018-11-14

"Can you touch yourself for me?" My fingers are teasing my slippery slit now, running up around my clit then back down to circle the tight little hole. Imagine me under your desk, my tongue going wild inside of you, biting your clit." Furiously rubbing my clit, I let myself go, sticking two fingers of my free hand into my mouth to muffle my moans. I feel utterly exhausted as my muscles start to relax, yet I keep moving my fingers, not wanting to let go of the pleasure yet. I need your cock inside of me." I keep touching myself, teasing my clit gently, sending shivers up my spine each time.

First time reading Lushstories

mastrubation zendoc 2018-11-10

One night while on break, a few of us were talking about passing the time at work and a fellow co-worker mentioned a site with erotic stories. About two hours into work that night we went on break and I could not stop looking at her long legs, the wind blowing slightly and her skirt riding up high on her knee, inching it up as a breeze went by. Kelly then said, "Lush is very erotic." She told me was getting all wet reading the stories ever since Nancy told us about them the other night. Kelly then told me she was in the process of reading a great fetish story when my warm cum started landing on her leg.

Pleasure At The Office

mastrubation ANNE1974 2018-11-09

Moving various items aside on my desk, I perched myself on top and kicked off my heels, running one hand against my stockings, feeling how silky the material felt against my skin, and moved my fingers towards the delicate lace at the top of the stocking. Feeling more excited, I fingered myself at a faster pace than before and rolled my head back as I became more wet with excitement and then decided to slow down my movements so I could really enjoy touching myself. It tasted so good and I craved for the figure standing at the door to come over and lick my creamy pussy, but instead, he left me to recover from such intense orgasm and get on with some work, before my colleague walked into the office.

Star of my Fantasy

mastrubation Luvlee 2018-11-08

As he walks away, I can't help but stare at his tight little ass that looks oh-so-good in his tailored suit. Its a good (actually great) thing that I'm wearing my tight black skirt today. Feeling the need for something more, I quickly part my pussy lips and stick one finger into my vagina. Granted, my hand-eye coordination is not optimal, but I think I'm doing a pretty good job faking studiousness! All coherent thought is wiped away from my mind as I come just like I wanted - hard and fast. Opening my eyes, I see Stan looking at me with a little bit of concern.

To relieve boredom

mastrubation naughtykellypreston 2018-11-03

I squeezed and caressed my breasts and gently pulled at my nipples as the girls on screen slowly undressed each other. I groaned as I slowly started to finger myself, I knew that if I kept this up I would make myself cum in a matter of minutes. I dared not take my fingers out of my pussy, so with my spare hand I opened the bottom drawer of my desk and reached under a stack of papers to where I hide my dildo. Slowly, I started to slide the dildo in and out of my pussy. I smiled to myself and took the dildo out of my pussy, laying it on my desk.

Would you dare?

mastrubation Whispered_Words 2018-11-01

In a vain attempt to focus, she turns back to her work yet she can feel her eyes being drawn back to the flashing cursor in a mere matter of seconds, her own longing for more consuming her thoughts as she eagerly awaits a response. Her eyes re-read the latest messages, feeling herself drawn into the fantasy that forms upon her screen and plays out in her mind. She has work to make up but blissfully content she types a last message back telling him how she'll feel him in her saturated panties for the rest of the day. That and a promise of wickedly delicious payback when he is next stuck in the office, a playful smile crossing her lips before she signs off with a kiss.