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Thoughts Of You (my friend/my fantasy)

mastrubation NoahBody 2018-11-17

Again my hand travels southward, this time I reach in to my shorts and pull on my semi-rigid cock a few more times before I finally settle in to simply massaging my swollen balls. My cock in my hand once again is practically working overtime, I want to cum in the worse possible way but still my thoughts are all of you. Again, I imagine reaching out to the sides of your panties and slowly lowering them down passed your hips, whereas just the very top of your neatly trimmed pubic hair is visible. I close my eyes tightly, knowing full well that I want you to feel me my cock pulse.

The Parking Lot

mastrubation MikaMinx 2018-11-16

Remembering his smooth voice saying, 'I want you to feel fantastic Little One, I want you to ache with need for me.' I pull my panties to one side, kick off my shoes, and place my feet on the dashboard, spread slightly apart. The cool air hits my wetness and I shiver - just a bit. I don't usually do this, but today I feel really hot with desire to truly play here in 'our spot.' I pinch my right nipple between the fingers of my left hand. I needed to cum badly, here, in our spot in the Parking Lot. I continued to fuck my pussy with my fingers and wildly buck up my hips.

My Fantasy

mastrubation zammzamm 2018-11-16

This thought redirected the blood in my body from one head to another and I soon found my hand sliding down my body and slowly into my pants. My dick was rising and my hand, which no longer seemed to be in my control began, to slowly slide up my shaft and as it reached the head I could feel the blood rushing away from the brain that gave me self-control and rushing to head that would could force my toes to curl and my entire body to spasm in agony and Ecstasy. As my hands got closer and closer to touching the only drenched piece of fabric that separated her body from the air my heart beat faster and faster.

Nature Lover

mastrubation babygirlmindy 2018-11-15

Absently, I run my fingers along my body, up my sides, across my belly and to my breasts--a lover's touch manifested through my own hands. My legs remain spread wide as the energy of the world sends bursts of wind to explore my bare sex, thrilling me in ways no other lover could. A sharp burst of wind finds its way across me, nearly slapping me in the face, and I can feel the intensity building within me. Independent of thought, my other hand slips behind me, pressing me face down into my pile of clothes on the rock floor, and slipping a wet finger against my pulsing star.

Lost connection

mastrubation ColletteXx 2018-11-14

My hands ran down over my tummy, and then caressed my hips before I ran my fingers up the insides of my thighs, coming to rest either side of my pussy. With three fingers I began to rub my mound in a circular motion, pressing harder and feeling the short hair under my palm. Pressing my hand against me, I spread my fingers, opening my outer labia, showing Lucy my wet, pink centre. I started to finger fuck my pussy, thumb pressed on my clit to heighten the feeling. My right hand snaked up my body, pulling the pyjama top to one side and I started to caress my right breast, the nipple aroused and erect beneath my fingers.

Naughty IM'in

mastrubation SirSpanksAlot80 2018-11-14

Nice and steady run you left hand slowly down to your hot, wet, mound. Spanky: I know you want to just slam your finger deep and hard into your waiting pussy but don't. Spanky: Slide your finger in a bit more nice and steady, thrusting in and out of your throbbing, wet pussy. Spanky: Rub your clit in small short circles but lightly, not to hard I want you to feel the ecstasy build up deep in you. Spanky: Now I want you to slowly, with which ever hand to rub your wet lips. Spanky: Now I want you to slowly insert two fingers nice and steady but don't thrust, just slide them in

Mail Call - Masturbate For Me

mastrubation Poppet 2018-11-12

I’m looking at the envelope; it’s almost scary, because I don’t know what it beholds. I know you don’t always see this soft side of your Sir, but I can promise it’s here. I’m going to tease you into a wonderful delight, one I know you want. I could climax hard right now, but I hold back because I know I can’t come yet. I know you all too well, don’t I, baby?” You tease me and begin to moan louder. “Please, Sir, I want to come,” I say to the empty room, moaning it out in a hungry need. … I love you, my precious girl.” And with that the click of the tape indicates it’s over, and I’m left alone in the bath.


mastrubation RavenStar 2018-11-12

I bit my plump, ruby red lower lip and rubbed my thighs together, watching in the mirror as what were suddenly disembodied hands in my mind rubbed the peaks of my tits, then trailed up over the pale, dewy skin of my chest. I leaned back against the locked door, closed my eyes and rubbed my hand over the already hardening nub of my clit, teasing my fleshy lips, feeling the fluid seeping from me smear over my fingers. My pussy pulsed, and I quivered against that stall door in the middle of that nightclub, the music thumping loudly through the walls, into my skin, and I wanted to feel my clit buzz and explode with satisfaction.

So Much Lingerie

mastrubation SeanR83 2018-11-12

It felt so good to touch it, especially when I slipped my fingers inside my wet hole. I loved the way I looked the slight pinkness of my pussy as if it were blushing, really turned me on. I knew I was close and forced myself to open my eyes, I watched as my fingers slammed deep into my glistening hole, making my juices jump from my pussy. I lay there for a few seconds before twisting the black base, feeling it start to vibrate inside my wet cunt. I pulled my duvet close to me, slipping the soft, comfortable, fluffy sheet between my legs, feeling it rest gently against my bare pussy.

Alone again naturally

mastrubation Ghost 2018-11-11

If you fight further your thoughts turn to bouncing breasts, erect nipples, panties, long legs ending at a tight round ass, or a spread ready pussy. It will show just the right face, hair, body, and clothes to make me stiffen just a bit further and slide off my briefs. I look at the girl in "just the right" picture, her breasts, her legs, her round ass, her peach-shaped pussy. The pulse of the first wad is like ambrosia—I can feel it move up my shaft and exit from the tip of my penis with a wet spurt. The release of orgasm is wonderful and mind clearing—at least until the next girl moves just right, or shows a flash of panties under her skirt and the process begins anew.

Special Bond

mastrubation Jack_Meoff55 2018-11-10

Each time before, I had become light-headed and felt like I might pass out, a sublime feeling that would add yet another delicious memory to carry with me. When you get home, a bath makes me feel like I have washed away the week. The warm water seemed to melt away the tension in my body and left me feeling clean and relaxed. I pulled myself up slightly and began to rub my face again, this time at her other breast. My body jerked as her hand slipped into my pajamas and grasped my rock-hard cock. She brushed me with the palm of her hand, then she stroked my cock head bringing her fingers down from the top like picking a mushroom.

Masturbating for the first time

mastrubation Ennui 2018-11-10

I squeezed a huge amount into the sponge and began rubbing it into my collar bones and shoulders, feeling the soap run down my back was driving my pussy crazy with anticipation, I considered going to wake him up but decided against it remembering the previous nights experience. I let the sponge fall to the floor as I slipped my long fingers around my clit which I slowly started to rub in circles, it wasn't enough so I slipped my fingers into my pussy which was oozing onto my legs. I lifted my leg up onto the chair that stood just next to the shower and plunged my fingers deeper and deeper into my wet cunt whilst using my left hand to play with my boobs.

En Vacances 3: Grant

mastrubation CumGirl 2018-11-09

Yet now here was someone to save me from that; lovely Anita with her cascading hair, starring eyes and fulsome lips, who perhaps desires the caress of my fingers over her ample breasts, who wants to feel my lips kissing their way across her glowing skin, who needs my tongue lapping at the slippery wetness of her pussy as the soft squidgy flesh of her thighs closes around my trapped head.

Stephanie - Chapter Three

mastrubation Mikki 2018-11-09

But James and I made a promise to stay faithful, no matter how horny we got, so all I had to pleasure myself with was my fingers and my dildo. Move on girl, if he cheated on you, dump him and fuck another guy to show James you don't need him." And sure enough, there was a picture of James kissing another girl, another picture of her giving him a blow job and another of him fingering her. "Photos of you and this blonde girl making out, her giving you a blow job, and you fingering her pussy, James." I pulled my fist out and reached for my dildo, just as the guy started to fuck the girl hard. I pushed my dildo in and out. 

Getting caught, Twice! (Chapter 2)

mastrubation xXshunikaXx 2018-11-09

"Well let's just say your mother and I used to do this kind of thing a lot when we were younger, and knowing that you can get caught any moment is such a turn on," she reached into her handbag and took out a box and threw it to me. I'd rather just be taken care of, and you seem like you have a lot of experience so I'm sure you could give me a nice orgasm with this 'long john silver'?" "Call me Kate, Shunika, and yeah I'll give you the best orgasm of your life, but only if you give me one in return!" She started walking towards me and spread the second towel I had taken from the house to dry myself off after I was done playing with myself, but I had never used it.

Our Mutual Masturbation

mastrubation SeanR83 2018-11-08

Melissa and I slipped the disk into the DVD player and started watching together. I wrapped my hand around my cock and gently started to jerk off. I watched and her hand slipped between her legs and started to pull and yank on her pussy lips, she parted her lips wide, displaying her yummy cunt for me. She slowly started to jerk me off once more as she slipped her other hand between her own legs. She could sense it too as she let go of her pussy and started to jerk me off with both hands. I watch from an inch away from her pussy as she clamped her hand over her cunt and started to rub it furiously.

She Milked Me

mastrubation Jason_NYC 2018-11-08

With her hands under the sheet, Su-Yun was working higher and higher along the inside of my thigh and my balls began to tingle in anticipation of being touched. Whether it was her words, or the sensation of her warm breath in my ear, her exquisite milking of my cock, the way her finger probed my virgin prostrate, or all of those things, at that very moment the most profound ejaculation of my young life rose within me. As for the massage table in the basement and Su-Yun's insanely talented hands, to this day they remains as mysterious to me as the ephemeral notes of an Asian flute solo drifting on the night wind.

My Lap Dance in Canada

mastrubation Saintz 2018-11-08

It was on a cold Saturday night, I was having my after-dinner coffee, when my cousin Jona asked me if I would like to check out the bars and clubs. There were just a handful of men inside and lots of nice looking girls who were wearing as little as possible. She laughed and told me that she also gave lap dances and private shows. After a couple of minutes I told her that I was getting seriously turned on and that I would needed to cum to prevent blue balls. Lucy looked at it for a while and told me it was the first uncut cock she had ever seen.

Waking up with a smile on my face

mastrubation deepdee 2018-11-08

Even on a winter morning, I will raise the window and awaken to the feeling of the cool air as it caresses me......of shadows moving across my body as the moonlight shines down upon me. I dream of her looking deep into my eyes as she slowly approaches my bed and lifts one leg to rest upon the corner of it. Desire consumes me as my hands move over my body....pinching my breasts with pussy wet fingers... I need to cum as I feel the tinglings within me, so I turn over onto my stomach with fingers deep within me while my palm rests upon my clit. my fingers sliding wetly in and out of my warmth as the movements of my hips cause my clit to rub circles over the palm of my hand.

Pornstar Cameraman

mastrubation silkywetvirgin 2018-11-08

Michelle sat on the bed with her red dildo in one hand, her other hand rubbing her fully erect nipples. She pulled the dildo out, stared erotically at the camera, and licked it sexily. She could feel the cum, it was ready to squirt out of her tight pussy. Michelle crawled over, this time her huge round ass facing the camera, and proceeded to lick the cum off. He was about to cum, and from the way Michelle was tensing her tight pussy he could tell she was, too. He took the dildo, sucked on it a few times, then turned her around and rammed it in private spot between her legs.

Daddy: Marking His Territory

mastrubation AZtecPriiNcesS 2018-11-07

I was nervous to say the least, I mean my tits aren’t easily disguised and with a lace top they’d be on full display… but I’d be lying if I said that the thought of being almost entirely exposed didn’t turn me on completely. “You see, there’s a reason I wanted you dress like this baby. “Yes baby, now pull that thong to the side and slide a finger up that tight little cunt of yours.” I pulled my thong to the side and arched my back exposing my lips and the wet patch of hair that now stuck to them. “I know you want to cum baby; I can see that little asshole winking at me.”

Paint Me A Picture

mastrubation wonderway 2018-11-07

“get ice, fill a bucket, bring it back to the room.” Smiling wide, she reached into the mini fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. If Chloe was honest, it had brought her better awareness of her womanhood, of where and how to touch herself, of how to have more control over her self-induced orgasms, and the nuances in his voice and silent pauses had become easier to read. “Has your day been wonderful?” Chloe heard the smile in his voice. The unexplainable immense desire to please him, to gain that acceptance, had Chloe questioning things she did throughout the day, wondering if he would approve. Reaching up, Chloe slid two fingers into her mouth. She reached into the glass and curled her fingers around a couple pieces of ice.

My Friends Introduce Me to the Joys of the Pool Jet (Part 1)

mastrubation Mei92 2018-11-06

It was around closing time, and I saw a girl from my class, a German girl with kind of light red hair named Angie, standing near the edge of the pool, not really moving. The girl, I didn't know her name, then walked over and positioned herself in front of the pool jet-but before she did, removed her bikini bottom completely and threw it on the edge of the pool. She was obviously less inhibited than Angie, with short blonde hair and a neatly trimmed, beautifully shaped pubic hair triangle that was darker than her hair, she scooted up to the jet and instantly closed her eyes and said "AAHHHHH!!!" Hilda, who had been touching me on the shoulder the whole time we were watching the girl masturbate herself, stood up and said "Ok, you're next."

Lazy Cumday Afternoon

mastrubation RoseBarbie94 2018-11-06

I pulled harder on my nipples and squeezed them, feeling the pressure run through my body all the way down to my clit. I thought of a man with strong hands and a long hot tongue lapping at my pussy, stroking me and teasing me while his hands reached up my body and to feel my breasts, tugging on my nipples making them super hard. I then thought of a man leaning over me, pushing his hot, hard cock into me, pumping slow and deep just like my fingers were doing. My last thought was of my mystery man telling me he was about to cum as he pumped hard but slowly into me, letting his seed fill my tight hole until I had every drop with his cock twitching inside me.