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There Is Something About A Hotel Room

mastrubation Nico27 2018-11-30

This went on for an hour, toking, caressing, guzzling water, cock pumping, edging, over and over until I could not stand it any more; the piss inside me was about to make my bladder explode. As I laid back on the thick white hotel robe, stroking my cock and rubbing my sensitive nips, I slid the second e-cigarette up into my ass. I continued to do all of this over and over, stroking my cock and balls, gently teasing my nether regions with the lightest of touches, yanking on my hard nips and slowly running my hands over every inch of my body, now moist with a combination of piss and sweat.

Nasty Fun on a Public Beach

mastrubation Toriblonde 2018-11-10

Soon enough I felt myself shuddering as my throbbing pussy gushed all inside the bathing suit. I stood up and took my towel and wiped the sand off of my legs and arms so that only my torso was covered, the same as if I was wearing my actual bathing suit. You couldn’t really see my nipples or pussy anymore, but I’m sure my butt was still totally visible despite the cheeks being covered with sand. I jumped in and was instantly turned on more, feeling my clay bathing suit erode away in the water. Now that I felt naked again I ran back to my blanket for the final time and put my real bathing suit back on.

My Sex Life in Stories (Part 1)

mastrubation rob1990 2018-11-02

The first time I ever came across sex was through masturbation when I was sixteen, before this I had never really ever been aroused before or touched my cock in a sensual way. I don't know why I did it but instead of taking down my spandex pants and getting my cock out I just stood there and let go right where I was standing. The pee had turned my white shorts shiny and completely see through, has I bent down to look what I had done I got a strange feeling running through my spine and I watched my cock stand on end. Has I took hold of my cock I got this strange feeling again then I noticed a strange liquid starting to seep out of the end and showing through my shorts.

Pee Perverts: The Awakening Of A Perversion

mastrubation AbigailThornton 2018-10-30

I didn’t think I could be any more shocked than I already was but as the guy pissed up her body, over her belly and tits, the girl turned her head towards him and moved her open mouth under the glittering rainbow of fluid. The camera turned away, faithfully following the pee stream as it moved back down her body but I saw it. She’d had a mouthful of piss and without the camera watching, she could easily have spat it out, but she had chosen to swallow; chosen to take the guy’s waste fluids into her body. Far from the horror I had felt, the movements of her body told of her excitement as the stream of piss wandered over her flesh.

True masturbation

mastrubation Masshole 2018-09-14

cock sliding back and forth in the leg of my shorts. I got to my destination, a small wooded area on the my bike then walked a little way into the woods. I reached the rock wall at the edge of the field near I began to rub my cock come in my mouth in an open field in the middle of the Come began to stream from my cock and then began to to stroke my jizzing cock as the ropes kept coming out Both of the boys got real close to the wall and were Alas the boys left my mess and got some water and went boy with my pre come and pushed my cock into his ass.

Spur of the Moment

mastrubation john1195 2018-06-18

Brown hair, cute innocent face, smooth little body As we hiked we came to a clearing, I needed to piss really bad now as I body experience, but as Nathan kept talking I just turned around and let my on his cute little face, it was an amazing mix! so I started thinking "Fuck why not just for the finish?" before looking at "Oh fuck, I love having a little k** sucking me!" I said. decided to I was gonna spray my cum on his piss soaked boy chest. off his shirt and shorts exposing his little boy boner, about average size That and feeling his little body my load all over his cute, smooth little boy chest! and looked down at my little lover, wet from piss

I tried something new last night

mastrubation fordmed 2018-05-14

I have experimented with inserting things into my urethra for some time now. I've inserted knitting needles, and cock plugs with a hole drilled through them so that you can piss through them. The rolled ear plug slid right in. After it was in place for some time and the foam tried to expand back into its normal shape there was a very pleasant pressure against the insides of my cock. The relentless pressure had caused my urethra to slowly stretch until the ear plug had nearly returned to its uncompressed size inside it. When it slid out of my urethra it was accompanied by literally a quarter of a cup of pre-cum.

In the tub

mastrubation dollclothes 2018-05-12

When she saw that I was pee shy, she said not to worry about a thing, that we were old friends, that all was normal. As she kept her head turned to look at my penis I started to get hard. I was holding my hard cock, bending over so to get a stream in the toilet but I couldn’t go. Miss Mae said well I don’t want you to piss on my wall. She said let me see if I can relax you and she put her right hand under my balls and kissed my dick which was at full attention. Finally a stream of pee slid down my cock and onto her hand.

Suzy-A Hot Milf Fuck 2.

mastrubation toyboy2 2018-04-14

I slipped my fingers into her pussy which was already wet and as we moved around the dance floor i began to finger fuck her.As i did this she put her hand in my trousers and began to wank my cock.I was soon stiff and my cock was straining to get out.She looked at me and said, "Thank god for that.I bl**dy needed it though.I thought i was never going to stop pissing though.You can stop wanking that cock now and come and fuck me with it.I suppose it will turn you on sticking it in my piss wet pussy". When i had finished coming i pulled my cock out of her sopping wet pussy and my spunk and her juices began to dribble out of her pussy and down her leg.

My first taste of Piss during sex

mastrubation 2018-03-03

I was still convulsing from the aftershock of my climax, I lay in the fetal position my face in a puddle of his piss, my bare ass and cunt exposed and semen running out of my open cunt and onto my stocking tops, I had been taken with v******e and brutal f***e, drained emotionally and filled sexually, the way every woman should be, and as I tried to steady myself, I shook with the wondrous feeling of a woman used, but the smell of urine, which only a moment ago had the taste of a fine wine, now overpowered me with revulsion, I needed cleaning, but my God it was worth it.

Charlie and his mate

mastrubation jwseekolder 2018-02-10

My cock was hard just watching the horse as it started to piss. My Uncle who I had shared some sexual encounters with before then, pulled his own cock out of his pants and, in plain view, said he had to piss too. He showed his cock to me - it was pretty big and he had a really long foreskin that he pulled back as a stream of piss came out. As he went out of the back of the barn, Mr. Ellis came in the front and pulled close the large door. He said that he had watched me with Uncle Charlie and knew that I liked sex with older men.


mastrubation 2018-02-06

With that she stood up and pulled the cutains around the bed grabed the pot for me to piss in and pulled my covers back exposing my cock to her, she smiled at me and gently placed my cock in the pot for me to piss in,it was then my thoughts went wild she wasnt a bad looking woman for her age nice low cut top so i could see her cleavage and her breasts looked full and welcoming,i pissed in to the pot while she stood watching and held my cock steady so i didnt piss all over myself after i had finished she held my cock up and took the pot away then asked me "do you want me to wipe your penis dry for you" i looked at her and replied "yes please" she pulled my forskin back and grabbed a tissue to wipe my cock by now i was stearring at her breasts and i could feel my cock getting hard she must have felt the bl**d starting to pump in to my cock but she neaver let go.