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Bad Bad Boy

mastrubation nodonjuan 2018-11-18

It had been so long since I had been with a woman and was beginning to question my sexuality as recently the images of cocks in my mouth and being taken from behind by a faceless male lover had been randomly appearing in my head. Wrapping the panties around my leaking cock making sure that the stained portion made direct contact with my swollen prick I slowly rubbed them the length of my member. As the scent began to dissipate from my nostrils I placed the panties back to my nose again and inhaled for a renewed smell of some random woman's vaginal discharge. As I continued slowly massaging my cock and sniffing these strange panties I could feel a presence again.

Courting Danger

mastrubation imharmless 2018-11-13

Fortunately, the roomie was cool, and one night out of nowhere she just pipes up with, "As long as you two are gonna fuck with me in the room, I'm gonna finger myself." That was fine by me, and Chrissy just giggled, so I assumed they had discussed it before hand. Dad was one of these "early to bed, early to rise" types though, so he called it a night pretty early, and Chrissy, her mom and I settled down in the family room to watch a little television. Her right hand is still working my cock, and when the first spurt comes, she covers the head with her hand (musn't soil Mommy's blanket!) and keeps rubbing it back down my shaft as I shoot hot jizz.

Good Morning Darling

mastrubation Mystical3754 2018-11-09

I'm sitting in your leather recliner in your man cave totally naked, with each leg draped over each arm of the chair, spreading my pussy lips wide open to give you a great view of the pink flesh inside just dripping with juice. I reach over to the table next to me and pick up my little bullet and turn it on and place it on my clit while my fingers pump in and out of my pussy faster and faster. You walk over to me as I sit there trying to regain my breath and lean down and start licking up the flood of juices all over me and the recliner. You reach up and wrap one arm around my thigh, the other hand puts two fingers back into my aching pussy and you start sucking my clit again.

One Hand In My Knickers

mastrubation Shylass 2018-11-05

I want your tongue plunging into my hole, and your finger up my ass whilst you rub your nose over my clit and taste me deep. Slap me round the face like I deserve, your impatient little whore, and pull me under your arm so you can spank my ass until I'm blushing red through the wet, white cotton. Then drop me to the floor when I can't stand, and make me lick your legs and cock clean, sucking up all my juices and taking you so deep in my throat that I gag against you, and still come back for more. Big, fat, fucking cock in my tight, wet, tiny hole, and my cunt can feel your balls smooshing against it, and it's too fucking much to take...

Rip Roaring Rapid Ride

mastrubation Sensei 2018-11-02

He gave her a quick smile while he retrieved a rubber raft from the conveyer and tossed it at the entrance to the ride. Quickly, her finger darted for her pussy as the raft started to accelerate inside the darkness. The raft was picking up speed and tossing her unpredictably left and right in the darkness. She couldn't hear herself, but she knew she was moaning and panting, and without warning, her mind exploded as the raft bucked once and lurched into the daylight and into the air and landed with a tremendous splash in the receiving pool at the end of the ride, drenching her with water.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

mastrubation DevanKent 2018-10-31

“Shit, I’m not ready.” I try not to slip down the stairs as I go to unlock the door for Rock. My outfit right now is my red lace bra that’s making my 36 C’s look extra plump with my matching red lace crotch less panties, which Rock picked out. He smiles and as he looks at me, he puts his hand in the crotch less part of my panties, where he finds my clit. But date nights I wear what Rock likes to see me in. On the car ride, Rock caresses my thigh the whole time, moving his hand to my still wet pussy. Actually, I didn’t know I would like that kind of talk until I heard him say things.

Resistance is Futile

mastrubation DanceWithShadows 2018-10-29

The muted scent of vanilla fills the air around me and I press one finger to the creamy body butter, scooping a small amount and rubbing it into the index finger of my left hand. I press my finger deeper, feeling my inner walls tighten and start pushing and pulling, my finger moving in and out of my tight, wet pussy. I breathe rapidly, trying to deepen my shallow breaths and calm my body down, my two fingers still inside me, my pussy soft and wet and throbbing- my inner walls clenching and relaxing. I feel my fingers plunging into me, my hips thrusting, my fingertip rubbing my clit, over and over again.

Patricia Becomes an Oreo Cream

mastrubation 3FingerKelly 2017-12-08

It really didn’t make any difference to her at that moment because she could feel the wetness of the boy’s hardness between her ass cheeks start to dampen her French knickers and she hoped that his cream would soak into the material and not run down her legs with that slow trickle that made her feel like a slut of the worse sort. The two boys were fully aware of her naughty reaction and she knew that they would have high-fived each other if there was enough room to get their arms up and in position.  The boy behind her moved his hand frantically between her saturated ass cheeks and she knew he was enjoying her discomfort from his finger buried inside her brown eye.