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Karly’s Getaway Part 3 - Wearing My Vibe in Garden

mastrubation sexykarly 2018-11-30

It started last night while I was on the phone with Michael. “That’s good to hear, baby, because I also want you to wear your purple vibe when you go.” Now I know this little vibe named Vibease, the long distance remote control vibrator . He plans to control the vibe through our phones while I watch nude men and women. It sounds so dirty which is probably why I’m turned on just thinking about it. He starts off soft and easy, but before long, it’s a constant hum in between my thighs, and I forget all about the messages. Michael chooses that moment to turn the vibrations up to the max level. I’m breathing too hard, like I’ve been running.

Karly’s Getaway Part 2 - Vibe from New York

mastrubation sexykarly 2018-11-19

Michael promised to Skype with me tonight, at least that’s what he said last night. If that’s not enough to get a girl excited, I’m not sure what is. Hold it there, I’m going to send some nice buzz over.” I’m getting close!” I should go slow, but the vibrations from Michael are making my toes curl and this little vibe is getting me close to the edge. I’m so wet my fingers make a squelching noise as I thrust them in and out against my G-spot. I’m going to come. Be good and enjoy Paris for me, and always bring the vibe with you.” Now that I’ve had two good orgasms, I wouldn’t mind finding more surprises while I’m in Paris.

Evening of Bliss

mastrubation x3holly 2018-11-19

Forcing my hands to move further I let my fingers cascade over the taut skin of my stomach and down the edge of my thighs. My hands slid between my legs, the toy held tightly within them. My hand flicked on the switch and my entire body arched forward, lost in the buzzing sensations against my desperate clit. My legs drew in closed around the toy as I began to tremble in complete pleasure. Curling my toes I took a deep breath and pushed the swollen head of the toy deep within my pussy. The vibrating toy continued to be pulled in and out of my soaking wet pussy. The blue toy was still buried deep inside me, vibrating intently.

Euphoria is Real

mastrubation gp2202 2018-06-03

The only thing on my mind is to get home, jump in the shower and snuggle up in front of the TV with a cup of tea and a Christmas movie. The thought of taking a shower totally disappears when I look at the package. The thought of having the most amazing orgasm ever has already made my pussy soaking wet, and finally pushing the on-button makes my breath stop for a couple of seconds. orgasmic headaches are a real thing, look it up. Together with a burning clitoris is a tingly feeling in my stomach, and I know, that it's time to turn the womanizer to the highest setting. I turn off the womanizer and start to stroke my clitoris.

3D Printing for Pleasure

mastrubation sexcadpro 2018-02-13

3D printers can create custom sized or engraved toys in the privacy of your own home (or local library, hackerspace, or service provider). Regardless of your exact fetish, there are a three steps you follow each time you create your own 3D printed sex toy. You don’t have to create your own file, there are free and small charge repositories of 3D CAD data that allows you to download and print for your own use. The service providers may charge more but they might also assist you with the third step of surface finish, also known as post processing. Instead of directly printing your sex toy, 3D printers can also create custom molds for you to pour mold your own flexible toys.