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Stacy's Secret is Discovered Part 2

mastrubation Mercury23 2018-11-13

Suddenly Tina leaned toward her and for a second Michelle thought she was going to kiss her, but instead of Tina’s mouth moving to hers it moved down, her warm lips gently encircling her erect nipple. Suddenly the combination of her friend’s mouth teasing and sucking her nipples, the depth of their fingers inside her, stretching her lips and the pressure of their hands on her clitoris made her body tense as her orgasm flooded through her. Tina’s mouth had moved from her nipple as if she’d known the sensitivity would soon be too much and she could now hear and feel her breathing close to her ear, the sounds of her best friend’s pleasure somehow keeping her climax lasting longer.

A New Discovery

mastrubation Choenix 2018-11-06

I took out my fingers from my panties and placed them over my two swollen nipples, caressing them with all my juices, before finishing it with a sensual lick with my tongue. My hands went along the sides of my waist, as I quickly took off my panties, tossing them off the bed. The vibrator sprang to life as I turned it on to medium speed...spreading my labia with my index and middle fingers, I carefully placed my vibrator deep into my dripping pussy, going deeper and deeper. Fuuuuuuccckkkk!" I pinched my nipples tightly and for as long as I could before my eyes shut and toes curled to the point of aching.

My Sex Life in Stories (Part 1)

mastrubation rob1990 2018-11-02

The first time I ever came across sex was through masturbation when I was sixteen, before this I had never really ever been aroused before or touched my cock in a sensual way. I don't know why I did it but instead of taking down my spandex pants and getting my cock out I just stood there and let go right where I was standing. The pee had turned my white shorts shiny and completely see through, has I bent down to look what I had done I got a strange feeling running through my spine and I watched my cock stand on end. Has I took hold of my cock I got this strange feeling again then I noticed a strange liquid starting to seep out of the end and showing through my shorts.