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A New World Part 1

mastrubation BadDog9 2018-12-03

The insistent tugging on my arm helped me to slowly gather my thoughts and, after waiting a moment for the excitement in my pants to subside, I picked up my beer and followed Brady to the stage. By the time Riley smiled and stepped down from the stage I was sort of glad she was gone, because it meant there might soon be some relief for my swollen, aching prick. I couldn’t focus on her though, as visions of Riley running her fingers up over her luscious body while mouthing “I want you” with her plump pink lips kept replaying in my head. “She said Riley wants to talk to me but can’t while I’m at the stage.

The First Time (The Monica 'Verse)

mastrubation Emerys 2018-12-03

And yet I couldn't deny the wetness between my thighs, or the strange heat that had begun to spread there since the first sight of a fully naked man and woman had appeared on screen. I had watched, avidly, as a man's fingers dipped in between one woman's legs, stroking her vagina with long swipes of his large fingers, and squirmed. When the man finally slipped a finger inside her and the woman threw her head back and gasped, I stood up from my computer chair and slipped out of my panties, ignoring the wet spot that had spread on the middle strap. I opened my eyes and as the woman gyrated on the man's fingers I stroked myself.

Teaching Luke sex - Day One

mastrubation candytales 2018-12-01

I didn’t intend to just walk away from my regular sex buddies because both Jack and Yvonne are sexually adventurous, and we’ve enjoyed some great moments together, but I decided that this new place was to be my private little haven. Jack works away from home much of the time and Yvonne doesn’t live nearby so during the week I don’t get as much sex as I’d like, but now that I didn’t have the stress of that journey each day, I was free to indulge in my favourite activity. Every now and again I stopped to add more lube saying nice things like, “I love your penis Luke, it’s one of nicest I’ve ever stroked.”

Nora's Tale: 3 - I Become Levi's Project

mastrubation AdventurousReader 2018-11-29

“Oh, you don’t do it on purpose, I know,” she said, blushing a little and looking away. “I don’t know what smells better, you or those brownies,” Levi said, looking at the plate in my hand. Levi pulled my hair back from my shoulders so we could both look at my body better. “Look at these lines, Norrra,” Levi said, reaching around me and tracing – without touching – the creases my sex made with my legs; the same lines as my tan. “Our little friend is shy,” Levi said, his eyes on the same spot. “Well, if you say so…” Levi buried his face deeper between my thighs, his hands gripping my ass tighter, his tongue licking more furiously.


mastrubation Shylass 2018-11-28

She prayed to her Sex God (the Lord Almighty was a frightful bore these days) that Mr. Williams would ravish her hard on her desk, and turn her into his filthy little cum-slut. Still rubbing her naughty little begging clit, she pushed another finger into herself, her walls tightening instantly against her wiggling fingers as they slid in and out, in and out, scissoring and twisting as much as the sopping white knickers would allow. Her scent hung in the air like the mist of Aphrodite getting it on with Eros on Viagra, her hips now bucking and writhing against her juice-wrinkled hands, her soaked knickers round her lovely knees, and her open ass and penetrated pussy exposed to the silent, throbbing, electric air...

Virgin Babe Fucks Herself - Part One

mastrubation Poppet 2018-11-28

He knows I’m a virgin, and he seems okay with it, but part of me does wonder what it would be like to have sex. I think the best idea is to use how Nicolas makes me feel when he touches me. “I don’t know what’s with you tonight, Kyra, but I like it...” His voice is pleasing, making me smile, “...Feel my lips over your jaw line, bathing you in kisses, until I reach your ear, sucking softly on it. It makes me feel naughty, sexy, turned on, satisfied, and each time, giving me that fantastic high. I know that Nicolas isn't going to be like that, but I don’t feel the need to have sex right now.

The Life of a London Heiress (First Chapter)

mastrubation Aminathius 2018-11-22

Leave the girl to find a man who is handsome and charming, it was her parents' job to make sure he was of good social and moral standing and had enough money to be able to support her. I moaned softly, feeling the silky wetness between my young, soft limbs increase; my nether regions begged for attention, but I knew that the longer I waited, the longer I prolonged my satisfaction, the better the grand finish would be and the more satisfaction would be wrought. Just imagining him brought me to the edge, and with one last gasp of pleasure, my young sex began to contract with waves of ultimate pleasure, making a stream of wetness course over my hand and leaving me absolutely breathless.

Virgin Babe Wants To Be Fucked - Part Two

mastrubation Poppet 2018-11-19

My breasts look like they might spill out of it a little, since I’m a bit bigger than Sadie, but that is what makes it work. I know I want to try this with Nicolas, I’m ready for it. It’s as if I know what I’m supposed to do, I begin to stroke his cock whilst we kiss. I feel his cock swell in my hand, making me work it a little faster. I want to feel your naked body against mine, touching me, kissing me, needing me,” I breathe lightly, telling him. It is like he knows; he begins to dance his fingers over my clit, making my hips involuntarily move with his graceful touch.

My First Orgasm

mastrubation ellii 2018-11-18

Vivian smiled and said hi then told me how Mom had been telling her I was looking to earn a bit of extra money. When Friday night came my mom drove me to Vivian's house and I was greeted at the door by her husband, David, who told me Vivian was upstairs getting ready. I finally decided on a disc labelled "Sandy and Alan" which I thought had to be one of my mom's friends from work, a woman in her mid thirties with thick black curly hair. Alan removed his cock from his wife's mouth and got on his knees behind Vivian. Sandy began to moan loudly that she was cumming and pushed Vivian's head hard against her pussy.

How to Make a Virgin Orgasm in Under One Minute

mastrubation Shylass 2018-11-15

Don’t frighten her by walking into the room naked, and if you want to strip off, do so on the opposite side of the bed so she can avert her eyes from your willy (willies scare many virgins until they get to know them personally). 8. If your virgin has not cum after 30 seconds, go back to the slightly gentler circular movement, remembering that her lips are now swollen and can probably take more pressure. 9. If your virgin has still not cum by the time one or the other of you gets bored, either do what nature tells you to do and experiment, or get out Document A(a) or B(b)and have some different fun.

Nora's Tale: 7 - I Take Levi in My Hands

mastrubation AdventurousReader 2018-11-15

I drummed my fingers against his encased cock with gentle pressure, and Levi let out a low grunt, gripping my hand tightly. Levi gave me his arm, and we began to comb the bar slowly, looking for a decent place for me to pull out his cock. My fingers began to wander once more, and I made sure to look up at Levi consistently to see the effect of touching each inch of my skin. When the last one leaked over my fingers, my slowing rhythm seized completely, but I continued to hold his warm cock and balls gently in my hands, reluctant to finally let him go. If Levi wouldn’t even let me lick his cock tonight, he sure as hell wasn’t going to fuck me.

Claire's Awakening 3: Anticipation

mastrubation PrincessC3 2018-11-12

Never having seen a penis, she began to wonder how it would feel in her hands. She imagined herself rubbing him up and down; Claire even began to think about what he would taste like in her mouth. Claire began to gently stroke around her hole; feeling her wetness increasing. “It’s training!” Claire figured that if she could enjoy the hair brush handle inside her, it would give her an idea what a real penis would feel like... Her hands began working down her body slowly, stroking every inch of flesh. She took a deep breath and tried to relax, and then Claire began to push the hair brush handle into her vagina.

Masturbating while travelling in a bus

mastrubation ruberttan 2018-11-11

I always take the day's newspaper with me to cover myself while masturbating, so I covered myself and took out my hard cock and started to stroke it fixing my eyes on her lovely thighs and her protruding breasts. I plunged my hard cock deep into her hot throbbing cunt and fucked her rapidly, not knowing that she was actually a virgin all the time, she gave a loud scream and held onto me tightly as I fucked her faster and faster like a piston and spew my hot boiling cum into her, she still hold onto me tightly as if asking me to fuck her again and again.

Nora's Tale: 4 - My Boss Gets Bold

mastrubation AdventurousReader 2018-11-10

Levi was occupying the majority of my thoughts as I pushed into the head-lifeguard office, and I was almost surprised to see Noah, my boss, sitting behind his desk. “And your hair,” Noah said, perching on the edge of the desk and looking down at me. Noah pushed my skirt up and rubbed his hands lightly over my cheeks, making my stomach twist with excitement. Noah grabbed my ass roughly, working his fingers deep into my flesh, causing my body to rock against the surface beneath me. Each time Noah pressed into my ass, my body jerked forward, my clit stimulated by that bumpy patch in my panties as I forced my hips downwards.

My New Housemate's First Lesson

mastrubation Gingerfox 2018-11-08

After unbuttoning my jeans I stick a finger into my shaved slit and feel that my panties are completely cream-coated. I always get really turned on watching as I fuck my own pussy in a mirror and it's even better looking at another woman's tight hole being stretched open, seeing that slick cock enter her over and over, getting more coated with her juice. Something catches my eye; I'm forced to look up and there is poor Kristen, mouth open and in shock, watching this horny woman satisfy herself. Taking my blue, spiky cock I make her come closer and put the dildo between our pussy lips, moving in together so our clits can vibrate together.

Behind the Story

mastrubation Jasmine_x 2018-11-08

I pull the straps down, letting my bra fall carelessly to my bedroom floor, exposing my small tits with lovely, light brown nipples. I close my eyes and imagine that I am the girl in the story, having a man’s touch on my delicate little tits. I then start to slowly pull my matching black and pink polkadot panties down to my knees, revealing my tight, waxed, virgin pussy. I read the first sentence of the action and begin to rub my clitoris slowly, biting my lower lip once more. I read some more, before shutting my eyes and imagining that I’m the girl in the story, being fucked by a long, meaty organ. Once again I begin fingering my asshole whilst rubbing my pussy.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter One)

mastrubation John_Doe 2018-11-05

My parents informed me they had got someone they know, a relation of a work colleague to come and house sit with me for the week. I couldn’t hear that Julia had switched the television off and made her way upstairs, or that she had heard the faint noises coming from my room and came to investigate. Jerking my cock hard, my hips thrusting off the bed and up as I caught something out of the corner of my eye and turned my head to see Julia watching me jerking off. The thoughts of Julia talking to my parents, “I caught your son masturbating in his room, it was disgusting!” I could hear her say.

Arctic Fox: Stray Wolf Part 1

mastrubation Phaypi 2018-11-05

I wasn’t really in the mood for talking about books with Sarah – that was like going into a 5 page analysis for a college course. This fantasy affected my letters in the form of a young teenager that knew nothing about the sexual side of life, asking Jack tentatively questions that bordered what I felt was wrong and vulgar. That night I lay in my bed reading his letter, and when I read the words “my cock is 6 inches long,” I felt my vagina muscles clench with a slight throb. Pulling down my pajama shorts I spread my legs and with my other hand pushed aside the panties and slowly edged one finger into my pussy.


mastrubation everready 2018-11-05

My cock twitched at this thought and I very gently, with shaking hands, moved the covers to expose what was to me the most erotic sight. I think under normal circumstances, fear would have caused my cock to soften and go limp, but due to the fact that flipping on to her back had caused the bed covers to slip to the floor exposing her entire body to me caused it to stay as rigid as steel. I was trembling so much from fear but I took her hand and she squeezed it slightly in a sign of encouragement and pulled me gently closer to the edge of her bed.

The First Hand Job

mastrubation SassySue1617 2018-11-03

I sat on the steps drinking a bottle of cold water when I saw the running girl with the hot pink shorts cresting the hill and she slowed to a walk. I run everyday so I am sure we will see each other every now and then." We said good-bye and I watched her ass cheeks reverberate in those hot pink jogging shorts that fondled her firm cheeks. I leaned close and softly kissed her neck; I felt her body tense when my lips caressed her skin. Then I summoned the courage to push the boundaries and I placed the palm of my hand on her firm breast and could feel her hard erect nipple through the thin material of her blouse.

Virgin Forever - Dani

mastrubation Canuck2 2018-10-31

But for a guy who usually only drinks on his birthday and on New Years Eve, going to clubs and getting bombed, and playing drinking games with friends a couple nights a week was as close to alcoholism as I'd ever come. We spent the evening talking, laughing, and getting to know each other, until the restaurant closed. We stood outside talking more, while I was desperately trying to work up the courage to kiss her.  Over time, I got more adventurous, and was moving my hands lower and lower with each stroke of her back. My hands eventually settled on the underside of her ass, just below the back pockets of her jeans. We eventually left and started walking back to my car, as we got close, she turned into me, pulled me into an embrace and kissed me.

Resistance is Futile

mastrubation DanceWithShadows 2018-10-29

The muted scent of vanilla fills the air around me and I press one finger to the creamy body butter, scooping a small amount and rubbing it into the index finger of my left hand. I press my finger deeper, feeling my inner walls tighten and start pushing and pulling, my finger moving in and out of my tight, wet pussy. I breathe rapidly, trying to deepen my shallow breaths and calm my body down, my two fingers still inside me, my pussy soft and wet and throbbing- my inner walls clenching and relaxing. I feel my fingers plunging into me, my hips thrusting, my fingertip rubbing my clit, over and over again.

For Jill the virgin...

mastrubation 2018-08-08

The stairs to the roof formed a little pillbox on top of the building, and behind this structure the building was hemmed in by a tall glass office tower. I watched in amazement as groups of guys on some floors seemed to be cheering her on, women on other floors seemed to be discussing whether she should be doing such lewd things in plain view, and then other windows where there appeared to be men who had dropped there trousers and were having a mid-day wank along with this mystery woman. "Well, now that you know my little secret lunch spot" she said as she brushed by me on her way back to the stairs, "I guess you'll have to join me up here some day!"

Pooja Ch. 01: Pooja Turns 18

mastrubation asktoday32 2017-11-28

When she'd moved the blanket to one side of the bed, cold air surprised her as it hit her soft thighs, Pooja realized why she'd felt the sudden discomfort. She also played Lacrosse in school, which gave Pooja nice, soft and toned legs that accentuated her firm, pinchable butt and wide hips. Sameer came to a conclusion that Pooja needed privacy so he had to remove the house rule forbidding the children to lock their doors so either parent could enter their rooms, by first knocking, at any time. Pooja knew Elena was probably watching a stupid YouTube video about something that'd happened to a girl in a school, somewhere. Sameer and Kamala had sleepovers for Pooja, with their friends' kids, until she entered middle school.