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Ace of Spades

mastrubation hartclass 2018-06-27

As we chatted away, Michelle innocently mentioned that she was ‘home alone’ and feeling more than a little turned on. I watched nervously, as I saw a Jack of hearts and a 9 –“Hold,” I said eagerly and waited for Michelle to turn over her cards. Michelle pulled the dress down over her waist and pushed it over her hips, stopping to look over her shoulder and into the camera. Michelle stood facing the camera, folded her arms and gently cupped each breast in her hands. Letting out an involuntary gasp, Michelle flipped the thin lacy strap from her shoulder, turning away from the cam, still smiling. Michelle looked up and smiled as she drew her finger across the screen licking her fingers as if to taste my cum.

Black Lady Neighbor

mastrubation exposer9 2018-06-27

She would stand at the sink in front of the window and fill her coffee pot with water to make her morning brew and would look outside as she was waiting for the pot to fill. After she got to the sink, I notice my neighbor glance across towards me and saw her face turn in complete shock. She quickly darted away and noticed her lights go out. It didn't matter as the morning light was enough that I could see her figure as she returned to the sink area and stood there watching. After about a minute of her simply standing there..her shadowy figure walked over and turned back on the lights...returning to her sink.


Disclosed Desires

mastrubation Lauradj 2018-06-20

He’d let her come up for air for a few moments, five or six seconds maximum, and then he would place his hands either side of her head and draw her back to his lap, giving her no choice but to open her mouth and take him. With the one hand on her head, he imagined pushing her down further on him and thrusting into her mouth before letting her come up for air for a few seconds, and then repeating the action. His hands slowly slipped away from her in the aftermath of the moment, and when he opened his eyes, the late afternoon sun streaming in through the bedroom window, he was well satisfied, and hoped that she would reappear to him in his fantasy sometime soon.

Molten Core

mastrubation RavenStar 2018-06-20

“James Stone,” he said, and Eve could have sworn she felt his thumb caress the sensitive skin of her hand. Eve heard James take slow, measured steps to the display case, then saw his hand come to rest mere centimeters from hers. She stood very still, her eyes drifting closed as she felt James' breath trail lightly down her neck and over her shoulder. Biting her lip, Eve brought the tip of her dildo to the top of her slit, once again gasping at the cold sensation as she applied the glass to the hyper-sensitized skin. Eve opened her eyes to find James standing between her splayed legs, his trousers open and his hand gripping a gloriously beautiful cock.

Being Watched

mastrubation SheriPie 2018-06-14

I decided to raise the stakes on him a little, so I lifted my right breast up and began licking my nipple. I teased it with my tongue, flicking it back and forth. He licked his lips as his eyes moved back and forth watching my fingers. Not wanting to disappoint him, I slid my hand down to my pussy and began rubbing it through my panties. After a couple minutes of teasing my pussy, which was beginning to ache, I slid my hand up to the band of my panties. I slowly slide my hand back down to my pussy and began rubbing again. I made a “V” with my index and middle finger and pulled my pussy lips up exposing my swollen clit to him.

The Mile High Club - Flying Solo

mastrubation sensualnsassy 2018-06-13

It was such a satisfying yet incredibly exciting feeling - having just made herself cum in front of her seat mate, on a full plane. The man glanced over yet again, his eyes once more roaming her body and landing on her hand in her lap. Still not sure he knew what he saw; the man took one last, longing look at her breasts with the hard nipples protruding, and started to look back at the computer, only to be rewarded with the vision of her sucking on her fingers. Every once in a while she would open her eyelids slightly, and was rewarded with the vision of the man eyeing her body, admiring her legs and breasts.

We Agreed

mastrubation RavenStar 2018-06-08

we agreed.” My words sound like a lie, as I drop my purse and my hands come up to your chest, crushing the lapels of your beautiful suit. Before you can even tell me to, I turn to face away from you, so that you can watch as my fingers slowly undo the catch, then the button inside. You want to shove your big, hard tool in my mouth, to feel me taking you as deep as you'll go, then wrap my lips around you and suck and tongue you until you explode. My hands move down my body to my thong, this time tucking my thumbs into the waist and slowly pulling them down. I watch you as the fingers of my right hand slide over slick skin, just skimming past my clit and slit.

One night in the libary

mastrubation Ghost 2018-06-07

"I can imagine, I noticed how wet your panties are when I came up the stairs," I said sitting down on the bench next to her, "what on earth is in that book that is so exciting?" I'm interested about what was in that book that was so exciting to you." It took Jane a minute to recover from the shock of me seeing her wet panties (I guess looking up a girl's dress is not considered proper), but with a bit of prodding I got her to answer my question. "Well, I guess I can tell you," she said, "the book is called Victoria in London and at one point the male character, John, is stroking his erect manhood for the young girl so that she can watch him ejaculate.

No Touching

mastrubation JosephWrites 2018-06-06

Jake was on top of Diane when they heard Ellie cumming loudly with Brian grunting along. Jake watched TV for a while, feeling a little awkward about being a third wheel to the two lovers, Eventually, he thought that he had given his friends enough time to do their thing so he went to his room and got into bed. Shoot your hot stuff inside my pussy when I cum." The fucking got louder and faster, and Ellie started to make her squeaking sound. "Now I want a good look at that bald pussy." Jake got up and walked around the bed, then crouched between her spread legs. Jake was dazed as he watched Ellie pull the vibrator out of her pussy and saw the creamy white cum slowly run out her.

Watching Anita taking care of herself

mastrubation Anitaslut44 2018-06-05

One week later my sweet Ana confessed me she was getting horny and we should do something, because she needed an urgent cock to satisfy her and calm down her. Her hands roamed her body, slowly moving down to her wet pussy. She was moaning, and it was driving me crazy, as I started to stroke my cock while watching her pleasuring herself. When it finally slipped in, her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the big cock stretch her wet pussy open. Worst of all, Ana said that now her cunt was wet, ready and stretched and she could go to pick up a black man, with a real huge piece of black cock… to satisfy her crazy wild instincts…

Stephanie's Dad (Part 1)

mastrubation rainonmyparade 2018-06-05

Stephanie liked to ask a million questions at all hours of the day and at times it get a little overwhelming. I knew that what I was doing was not the best idea and that if Stephanie found out she would be angry, but I needed some time to get away from everything in my life. I had never known Mr. Jacob’s to stay awake so late, but maybe since Stephanie was not home, he did not feel that he needed to keep any kind of a schedule. I tightly closed my eyes and began to push my fingers deeper inside of me, rubbing my clit hard with the palm of my hand.

Marc is aroused by watching Serena smoke

mastrubation arbymore 2018-05-30

I had only been there a couple of days and I realised that whenever I went out there Marc would follow me even though he didn't smoke - he said he liked to get the fresh air - even when it was quite cold out there. One day (by the way the factory finished work at 4.30 but the office stayed open until 5.00) things were quiet at about 4.45 and I thought I'd have one last cigarette before I went home and again Marc followed me out into the yard. As I drove home I kept thinking about what Marc had said and by the time I got home I was feeling very horny thinking about how I was turning on this 18 year old boy.

She Was A Peeking, I Was A Tweeking

mastrubation partyflavors 2018-05-18

As I got more and more into it, I took my right hand and reached down and pushed in on my asshole. My left hand was still wrapped around my still-hard cock, my right hand had a finger up my asshole, my legs were spread, and I was sweaty as could be. I was getting closer to orgasm the more I humped my hand and finger fucked my ass, and as I opened my eyes once more I could see my neighbor Tracy smiling and fanning herself. I pulled my right hand away from my ass, took my left hand off my cock and pushed the cum that was on my bottom lip into my mouth and swallowed.

Wait, what were we watching?

mastrubation 2018-04-27

It started out just like any other day, me and my friend were planning on going fishing for the afternoon but the weather was gloomy and we did not want to be caught out in the rain. I sit next to him and unzip my pants, he then reaches over and pulls my semi hard cock from my pants and starts to tug on it. It grows in his hand and i can tell he likes that, so i reach over and start pulling on his long, thick cock. He then takes some of his pre-cum and starts rubbing it up and down my shaft. Then he takes some of my pre-cum and starts to rub the heads of our cocks with it.


mastrubation CaliforniaKitty 2018-04-02

I want to touch and explore all your secret places, lay claim to them with my hands, my mouth, my tongue... I like to think about you thinking about me; stroking yourself under your desk at work until you can't take it anymore, then running to the men's room to jerk me out from under your skin, leaning against the wall, your mouth open and your eyes closed as you cum into the john. I can tell you can't stand to make me stop -- you love the hot, wet suction of my mouth, the sight of my lips stretched around your shaft, the slight whimpers of pleasure I voice as I work your cock with all my skill...but you don't want me taking control, so you back up until I can't reach you anymore.

The Watcher

mastrubation Ajdj0403 2018-03-29

I took my hard dick out and started stroking it, watching her slim, young body get dressed until I came on the side of her house. We proceeded to drive and as we pulled into her neighborhood a sudden thought came into my mind, this was my chance. She took her wallet out to give me money for taking her home as we pulled up and I told her no. I unbuckled her seatbelt and pulled her over into my lap as I proceeded to finger her, whispering in her ear that I've been watching her. She went into her room and looked out the window, noticing me this time but she didn't seem to care.

B*bysitter Sexshow by loyalsock

mastrubation loyalsock 2018-03-17

The fingers of her right hand were still working between her legs and, I don't know whether from the tape she was watching or the sensations building inside her, but they seemed to be going about their job a bit more enthusiastically. He didn't say anything about it making my prick hard but watching Carol rocking in the chair while she rubbed her pussy and tit was certainly doing the job. Her hips were jerking, the chair was rocking even faster, she brought her left hand down between her legs and rubbed them on the outside of her shorts as the right continued to plunge deeper and faster within her panties.

in the bus stop

mastrubation evildeath8 2018-02-18

But after a few weeks, I felt it was safe enough and again, after a few beers I was waiting at the same bus stop at about the same time and I saw her again - the same woman, the same bus stop. She wasn't moving away or anything and she seemed relaxed enough so I thought I would push it a bit further. It felt good having her watching me like that, but I wondered if I could push it a bit further, since she seemed ok with watching me, so I stood up and walked over to her, still stroking my hardness for her.

A Cuckold Coming

mastrubation DickLover59 2018-02-16

"Oh, FUCK yes!" I said as I focused on that huge black cock head pushing open the meaty pink lips of the white woman's juicy-looking pussy. So, as my wife lay sl**ping in our darkened bedroom, I sat forward on the edge of my chair, and as I continued to watch porn, and as I focused on the sight of an enormous black cock ramming it's way deep inside of a white pussy, and then, after only a few more seconds, I, too (finally!!) came; and when I did, it was an amazingly huge load; which excited and pleased me as I watched it spurting out, in strong, thick globs of whitish sperm!

my momin laws panties....

mastrubation 2018-02-15

i had my shower , put the panties on i was already getting hard, i went back to my room wearing them i lay there tugging away until job was done cum all over her panties.i cleaned cock up and went to sl**p. gently rubbing my cock through panties i look up and there she is standing watching penny my mother in law. i was not sure what to do, then she said she did not mind if i carried on masturbating, graduly i started stroking my cock through panties, the panties were well and truly wet with my pre cum.rubbing away i looked at penny she was now masterbating herself.i got to the point of no return shooting my load in.

The ex files - Josie.

mastrubation olly01 2018-02-01

It was at this point that i became aware of a guy about twenty feet away standing there watching while his hand rubbed himself through his trunks as he watched Josie sucking me while playing with her pussy as i filmed. I pulled out and flipped her onto her back and climbed between her open legs fucking her with long hard strokes until she began to come; almost biting a lump out of my shoulder as i pulled out and came over her body closely followed by the guy with camera who came over Josie's stomach and tits.

Laura's Adventures - part I

mastrubation hard_for_yu 2018-01-16

I usually start the morning with a nice cum, either fingering myself in bed, I got my boobs back into my top just in time, I heard Dana's car coming towels and got into my couch, a dirty movie going. Since then when I am really horny and have some time I add a little pee play golden shower videos which I enjoy watching while having my fun time. I watched the girl on the video do it, then, just like her, I relaxed my cumming I just laid there for a while watching the video. down and ran my hands all over my body smearing cum and pee around my flesh. Some time went by before I could bring myself to watch my pee

Shop Window Sex

mastrubation fmac 2018-01-12

X knew that if he had been that hard and a woman that beautiful had started to suck him he wouldn't have lasted very long and as if the man could read his mind he pulled his cock from her mouth,spun her round and bent her over in one movement and entered her from behind. In the darkness of the shopping centre X had entered another world and while watching the man's cock slide into and out of the beautiful woman he had his own in his hand and was wanking earnestly while watching excitedly. The woman pulled her coat together and looked a bit flustered.The man was zipping himself up.X was still amazed and confused and held his softening cock in his hand as the couple walked quickly away.They stopped and the woman turned and ran back to him on too high heels.

My b*****r and the video

mastrubation loloishorny 2018-01-08

Rub my tits down to my thighs, then to my ass and pussy. Leaving the plug in my ass, I pull out my purple rubber dick. It's a bit rough at first, cuz I have that plug in my ass, but I continue to slide it in. I fuck myself a bit more, then roll over again and pull the plug from my ass. I push the plug hard onto the wall and I'm able to be bent over to fuck my ass. When I get home, I look around to see my little b*****r and his friend watching a movie in his room. I told him to come down to my room later and we will tell mom and daddy that we will be watching a movie.