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Erotic Mastrubation stories

A large collection of sex stories about mastrubation and toys.

Chatting at the Office

mastrubation old501levis 2018-11-17

  I walked by Jessica’s desk and said “Morning Jessica.   She said she started chatting at work a couple months ago and hadn’t been caught yet and that the company was pretty lax on things like that.   As we talked I looked through the crack in the cubicle and Jessica had unbuttoned the top two buttons of her silk blouse.   She typed “OMG” and said that the guy in the office had a tent in his pants when he walked by. Jessica buttoned her blouse back up and then got up to walk through the office to see if anyone else was there.   She smiled and said “it looks like its just us!”   I answered I think so.


Mister Muscle and Love Bug Issue #1: Of Bugs and Brawn

mastrubation sprite 2018-11-17

I let out a soft groan, at which she giggled, ending the gesture by running her tongue over her lips until the glistened, making me wonder, once more, what it would be like to push my prick into her juicy little mouth. “Seems like a waste of time, but fine, whatever.” She sighed, tilting her head up, her luminous eyes sparkling with mischief through her pale lashes, her lips curving into a mischievous smile as she began playing with her zipper again. Instead I simply held her until her eyes fluttered open, brushing her silky gold hair from her face tenderly, my fingers trembling as I fought my baser instincts to rut with her like an animal, earning me a somewhat dazed smile accented by a playful little giggle.

Fantasy Fuck

mastrubation Master_Jonathan 2018-11-17

She imagined her fantasy lover pushing her back against the bar wall as he took his pleasure out on her, teasing her dripping cunt as he thrust his fingers deeper and deeper into her, churing her smoldering pussy into a frenzy. Rachael loved the softness and warmth of her pussy enveloping her small hands, but she thought about how much greater it would be to feel a cock inside her instead. She wanted his cock inside her, feeling the soft, warm walls of her pussy enveloping it and stretching her as he shoved its massive length into her. Rachael slid a second finger into her ravenous pussy, wanting the stranger to finger fuck her hard now as she sucked his cock faster, hungry for it.

My unexpected Sunday afternoon masturbation session

mastrubation wanky 2018-11-17

I was starting to get hot and I felt I needed something more, maybe a little bit of interaction, so I started skype, and looked like it was a lucky day because soon a nice looking buddy appeared. I rushed into my room and I got my small anal dildo and sume lubricant, I put myself on all fours and started inserting it after applying some lube. I stopped stroking and instead I started to rub my balls, never ceasing to listen to her soft voice telling me how much she wanted to see me eating cum. No surprise, I was really hot, and when I heard the order to cum my dick exploded throwing a big load of jizz.

Belle of Blue Canyon

mastrubation 15alitaimoor 2018-11-17

The night overpowered her; she breathed in deeply, breasts rising in the dusky purple depths above The City, and nipples taut as rope. Thinking of the man she awaited, often in the nights, her fingers would wind their way along her skin, over the slopes of her hips, to the center of her thighs; wet lips there that clasped at her hands, sucking them in slowly, a sharp twisting grind of her clitoris against the back of her palm. Awaiting the man, her body waltzed and careened down memories of fucks; strange couplings, stolen fondles, speeding and hauntedly lingering over this thrust and another pinch of nipple, and the hidden hardness of cock in her hand, in her mouth, in her...



mastrubation Lina 2018-11-17

Soft at first but I can’t hold back and I pinch harder wanting to feel that sweet pain that sends so much pleasure to my head and pussy all at the same time. I wish to squeeze them some more but while one hand helps my favorite fuck my ass and with the vibrator pulsing on my clit I want to feel completely full. The fingers in my pussy moving around and thrusting in and out so deep that I can feel my favorite fucking my ass from inside. My minds screams that it’s too soon, wanting to draw this pleasure out even more but my body once again doesn’t give a damn and moves on its own.


Thoughts Of You (my friend/my fantasy)

mastrubation NoahBody 2018-11-17

Again my hand travels southward, this time I reach in to my shorts and pull on my semi-rigid cock a few more times before I finally settle in to simply massaging my swollen balls. My cock in my hand once again is practically working overtime, I want to cum in the worse possible way but still my thoughts are all of you. Again, I imagine reaching out to the sides of your panties and slowly lowering them down passed your hips, whereas just the very top of your neatly trimmed pubic hair is visible. I close my eyes tightly, knowing full well that I want you to feel me my cock pulse.

Next Girl Door Turned Me Lesbian

mastrubation bava12 2018-11-17

Slowly from a tap she started to squeeze my ass cheeks which I thought was not usual but dint say any thing to priya. Priya’s comments where turning me wet, priya was calling me with things like sexy ass, miss perfect boobs, sex delight and on and on. With out bra it will look out of this world.” Saying this priya came close to me and touched me all over pretending to look around, she cupped my boobs, felt shape of my ass, ran her finger on my flat tummy, all this made me very hot and I was loosing control. She was squeezing my boobs and then pushed down my tights and turned me around facing wall and bending giving her good access for my pussy and ass hole.

Helping Kelli

mastrubation affengeil 2018-11-17

Kelli is probably exactly what you're picturing when you imagine someone else's attractive officemate: late-30-something, leads an active lifestyle (which of course leads to things such as toned calves and the like), natural blonde, very pleasant, very professional, and wielding a fantastic pair of breasts - not too big, not too small - that manage to fill out a nice sweater just right. Kelli was there, perched on the toilet tank, head thrown back, skirt hiked up to her waist, thighs splayed wide, with one hand pulling her panties aside and the other furiously rubbing her snatch. Kelli cracked a little smile for the first time that day.

wake me up before u go

mastrubation tenlar 2018-11-17

She reached up high to the back, which had the effect of riding the nightie up the back of her tight thighs and revealing a hint of her cotton pink panties. Her hand now slipping the gusset of her panty aside revealing a slightly moist smooth pussy. I was still staring at that delicious mouth when with all the pumping the strap of her nightie slipped down her shoulder, revealing the black lacy bra holding up those perfect c cupped breasts. I pulled out mid orgasm, and continued pumping with my hand down the crack of her silky white arse, resting my spent cock on her arse cheek.


The Box On My Front Porch

mastrubation sexxxandfire 2018-11-17

I was excited to see the box on my front porch when I got home from work and quickly hustled it inside and set it on my kitchen table. I ordered a vibrator with ten speeds, a g-spot vibe, mild nipple clamps, a few butt plugs that vibrated and a few that didn’t and a glass dildo, a rabbit vibe and a few free porn vids topped off my box. As my orgasm overwhelmed me and I came down from my pleasure high, I knew I had better make myself earn my next orgasm and toy, so I went into the spare bedroom that I used as a home gym.

82% toys

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 1

mastrubation John_Doe 2018-11-17

Then, as I opened my eyes to look once more I found Amy had turned around.  I immediately froze, my hand stopped beating away, leaving my cock aching for me to continue and finish what I started. My hand instantly began to stroke again, pleasing my hard cock as it returned to action.  My breathing became a little labored as I watched Amy seemingly masturbating with the shower head. I rushed to my room, entered within and closed the door behind me.  My hands shook slightly, my face grew red of shame and embarrassment, while my cock still stood proudly erect and sticking out of my pants. I lay there, closing my eyes and watching the re-enactment of Amy taking a shower as my hand continued to jerk my cock.

Late Night at the Station - Part One

mastrubation Sexy_Bitch800 2018-11-17

My silk purple bra come off too, at the same time Kevin ripped the girls skirt off. Kevin's removed his trousers too and began lightly rubbing her wet pussy with one of his thick fingers, over her panties. "I find it really hot when a girl squirts, Amy," Kevin whispered. As he spread Amy's pussy lips, I pulled my skirt down and my panties too. Without warning, Kevin slapped Amy's cunt hard. "Oh, please!" begged Amy. That was when Kevin's fingers curled upwards, and I could tell he'd found her g- spot. "Oh god, oh god, oh god!" Amy screamed as she came hard onto Kevin's tongue I saw Kevin the whisper in Amy ear. Amy's pussy looked red and wet.

Telephone Reality

mastrubation the_lady_of_shalott 2018-11-17

“No however right now I will lick my finger and I will slide it carefully over its tender slit while I suck one of the cherries.” Divna put the phone on speaker so she would have two free hands and started implementing all she was describing to him. “Just like I would dry your hardened member that you are probably stroking now wishing it was in my mouth instead of that cherry?” She laughed and tossed her head back while she raised her delectable ass and caressed the hood of her clit. Divna pressed the cherry to her exposed clit and moaned out loudly. For Divna that sensation was a lot like sex in a dark room, with a tightly stretched blindfold on her eyes.

Band Trip

mastrubation Jack4225 2018-11-16

About ten minutes later, Zach got the guts to ask if I would mind if we could take a look a that porno for just a bit. So we flipped the channel and watched a blonde chick get rammed. After several intense minutes, he asked if I would mind if he would get a bit more comfortable. Soon after, i pulled out mine and we began stroking together to the porn. Then I though and went into the bathroom and got some hotel mosturizer which i was surprised to find, however it was a five star hotel. Then we got a bit daring. And we got quite a bit of that on that trip.

Caught on Tape

mastrubation Nerdygirl 2018-11-16

I followed her movement between screens until she stopped in a back corner of the room, and began rubbing the handle of the whisk between her thighs. Next, she took the handle of the whisk and ran it up one of the leg holes. She looked very shaken and quickly reassembled her attire and walked across the store to my office, with the whisk still in hand. You want it bad…Can I help you finish?” I pressed the heal of my hand against the top of her clit and tentatively hooked the tip of my middle finger inside her. I took her shoulder with one hand and the whisk with the other and started violating both holes.

Susan Looks After Herself

mastrubation daffy 2018-11-16

Moving her hands to her neck, Susan gentle massages the tension built up from a day of stress, and contemplates the other tension she’s been feeling. Dropping her towel over the back of her armchair, Susan looks down at her soft, warm body, contemplating the desire that is firmly rooted within her pelvis. Pushing the waiting fingers past the entrance, and towards the coveted G-spot, while maintaining the steady rise of beautiful pleasure stemming from her clit, Susan feels the heightening of her mountain. Tracing her right hand away from her clit, and across her soft warm body, Susan’s nails raise goosebumps’s, as the nerves settle from the explosions and contractions that have kept rippling through.

Everyone needs a little break now and then

mastrubation Boyd254 2018-11-16

  I was escorted into the locker room and told to change into scrubs.   Sarah was standing in front of her open locker, in a pair of scrub pants and lacey teal bra.   She ran her hands under her hair as the water coated her body.   Placing her flat hand on her body, she ran her fingers down along her pussy lips.   Her own wetness is combined with the warm water as her fingers slide deeply inside.   Standing up, Sarah places her head under the water and begins to lather her body up with shower gel.   Grabbing her panties and bra, she turned around and walked back towards her locker.

My Edging Session

mastrubation Tellerman 2018-11-16

Occasionally I pick up a fresh supply of pre-cum for lubrication whilst enjoying the sensation of my hand brushing my balls held tight by my rubber cock ring. As the feeling of impending orgasm spreads throughout my groin I thrust up and down with my pelvis in time with my stroking while fantasising about my cock being buried in some tight little pussy. My head is swimming with euphoria as the orgasm begins and the intense pleasure seems to climb the shaft of my cock. The next spasm is smaller and cum oozes out this time and runs down my cock head and over my fingers and thumb.

my first time fingering myself in public

mastrubation cumfox 2018-11-16

it wasn't long before l could feel the tension rising and the sensations inside me building and l knew l was looking a bit flushed and l was starting to breathe quite heavy with that kind of stutter you do when your trying to control it, l knew l was getting closer to an orgasm and was getting woried about how wet l was (didn't want to have to go through london with a damp patch on the back of my skirt!!). l felt my muscles tense and realease around my fingers as my orgasm happened, shaking with every thrust of my juices, my hand was dripping with my juices as l brought myself down, gently rubbing around and inside my pussy lips with my whole hand, until l was just sitting there, legs open, my pussy wet and swollen.

Molten Core

mastrubation RavenStar 2018-11-16

“James Stone,” he said, and Eve could have sworn she felt his thumb caress the sensitive skin of her hand. Eve heard James take slow, measured steps to the display case, then saw his hand come to rest mere centimeters from hers. She stood very still, her eyes drifting closed as she felt James' breath trail lightly down her neck and over her shoulder. Biting her lip, Eve brought the tip of her dildo to the top of her slit, once again gasping at the cold sensation as she applied the glass to the hyper-sensitized skin. Eve opened her eyes to find James standing between her splayed legs, his trousers open and his hand gripping a gloriously beautiful cock.

Evening of Bliss

mastrubation x3holly 2018-11-16

Forcing my hands to move further I let my fingers cascade over the taut skin of my stomach and down the edge of my thighs. My hands slid between my legs, the toy held tightly within them. My hand flicked on the switch and my entire body arched forward, lost in the buzzing sensations against my desperate clit. My legs drew in closed around the toy as I began to tremble in complete pleasure. Curling my toes I took a deep breath and pushed the swollen head of the toy deep within my pussy. The vibrating toy continued to be pulled in and out of my soaking wet pussy. The blue toy was still buried deep inside me, vibrating intently.

My Best Friend's Sister: True Story, Part Two

mastrubation SensualDesires83 2018-11-16

Slowly, I slid my finger across the soft warm moist skin of her breast, feeling the firmness of its slopes until my fingertip was in line with the pinkish round flesh that formed a perfect circle at its center. I knew she was enjoying it even without her having made a sound by watching her body and feeling inside her with my finger. So, I pulled out of her hot passage, ran my finger along her engorged sexual lips, caressing both sides with my fingertip, and felt her body sink into the bed. Returning back up to her erect clit, I touched it, using her natural wetness as lubricant and slowly, I circled the firm pink button that gave her so much pleasure.

Hotel Tryst

mastrubation minx63 2018-11-16

Am very aware of my arousal, from my drive here, grinding into my car seat at the thought of meeting with you again. Feeling down between my legs, my fingers slip around my pussy which is slick at the thought of having you. My face is pushed into the bed, masking my screams as I feel my orgasm build up; reaching round, I scratch your balls gently with my nails and then spank my clit, which is throbbing! As I start to scream, stiffen and shake uncontrollably, its all you can do to keep me on the bed, as I force against you violently and cum like a fucking train - feeling myself squirt all down my legs - your orgasm pulses inside me and we ride it together for what seems like ages.