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Erotic Mastrubation stories

A large collection of sex stories about mastrubation and toys.

Ace of Spades

mastrubation hartclass 2018-06-27

As we chatted away, Michelle innocently mentioned that she was ‘home alone’ and feeling more than a little turned on. I watched nervously, as I saw a Jack of hearts and a 9 –“Hold,” I said eagerly and waited for Michelle to turn over her cards. Michelle pulled the dress down over her waist and pushed it over her hips, stopping to look over her shoulder and into the camera. Michelle stood facing the camera, folded her arms and gently cupped each breast in her hands. Letting out an involuntary gasp, Michelle flipped the thin lacy strap from her shoulder, turning away from the cam, still smiling. Michelle looked up and smiled as she drew her finger across the screen licking her fingers as if to taste my cum.

My Sex Life in Stories (Part 1)

mastrubation rob1990 2018-06-27

The first time I ever came across sex was through masturbation when I was sixteen, before this I had never really ever been aroused before or touched my cock in a sensual way. I don't know why I did it but instead of taking down my spandex pants and getting my cock out I just stood there and let go right where I was standing. The pee had turned my white shorts shiny and completely see through, has I bent down to look what I had done I got a strange feeling running through my spine and I watched my cock stand on end. Has I took hold of my cock I got this strange feeling again then I noticed a strange liquid starting to seep out of the end and showing through my shorts.

A born Jack off

mastrubation Bill 2018-06-27

I knew that a man would thrust his penis into a woman's hole and I knew that It felt good to use my hand on my dick so eventually I put two and two together and I started masturbating. I could fuck women all day long and masturbate to pics of them, but I felt I would also fuck a guy with the same passion if the opportunity presented itself. Masturbation can be a very fun act to share with a partner and it is a very safe form of sexual activity with almost zero chance of pregnancy(as long as the man keeps his cum away from her vagina).


Caught by my s****r and her date

mastrubation tcg 2018-06-27

When Megan began grinding and fucking his finger, the guy let her other leg go and placed it on the small of her back, probably to brace her and keep her a little better controlled so she didn't get carried away and break his finger. Now aware of my situation and apparently not appalled by it--driven hot by it, actually--my s****r pulled the stranger's dick out of her mouth, turned to me and wrapped her lips around my throbbing cock head while jerking my shaft rapidly with her panties. Though I was well spent, I couldn't help but jerk my softening dick as I watched my s****r get fucked; her long, smooth legs wrapped around him, her big breasts rolling against her chest, the nipples hard and proud.

Alone In Her Hotel Room

mastrubation WannabeWordsmith 2018-06-27

I planned for this video to tease you as well as excite you, to represent my rising lust as our bodies become one in my head, but I want to come so badly I don't know how long I'll last. I draw my hands to the hem of the jumper and lift the front above my T-shirt bra, leaning forward slightly to accentuate my modest charms as I massage my sensitive breasts. I rub the wet patch in my knickers, grab at my engorged breasts, stroke my damp skin, and think of your sculpted body sliding alongside mine, slick with perspiration. Making sure to capture every moment on video, I bend and bring my fingers to my mouth, sucking and lapping my sweet come from them.

Kinky b*****r and s****r

mastrubation tcg 2018-06-27

As I entered into the bathroom I noticed Michelle had left a pile of dirty towels on the bathroom floor, but sitting on top of the dirty pile was a pair of her power blue satin bikini string panties, which she had probably worn all day long. Just then the bathroom door flew open and Michelle stepped into the room mouthing the words… "I'm not looking, I just need to grab my panties, and I think I left them.” Fuck her I thought, she asked for it and I closed my eyes again and started rubbing my cock furiously. "Cleo says Dad loves this,” Michelle said and then I felt her warm breath against the head of my cock.

A crafty handjob

mastrubation hereandnow 2018-06-27

When I came home that night after midnight the front room tv was still on, the large vodka bottle was empty and my sister was blind drunk and falling about laughing and her friend was comatosed flat-out on the sofa in her nightdress. My sister said she was getting cold and was going to bed and would I help get her friend off the sofa and up the stairs with her otherwise she would freeze to death in the middle of the night if she was left there. I quickly fastened my jeans up and stood up, pushed her in the bed and put the duvet over her and flicked the light out as I left the room.


Just a Quickie

mastrubation kitkat103 2018-06-27

As I make it past the DVDs I stop when I see Big Black Cocks 4: The Awakening of Dongasaurus Sex. As corny as the title sounds the screen shots look very promising. The sucking sounds and watching the dark skinned male slap her tits with his huge cock just made my wet pussy ache even harder. The sound of the light skinned male coaching her on as she sucks his cock makes my pussy tighten around my new silicone friend. I look at the DVD player, then turned around to see Dr. Jackson discarded on the seat next to the puddle I had created and decided to text Maurice back:

Self discovery

mastrubation Kati_N_Bob 2018-06-27

I get Ken completely naked freeing his hard wanting cock. I take a step back and he reaches for me and I take his hand and guide it to his own erection and tell him it is for him and all he gets to do is watch me, no touching. I looked at Ken, he had warm precum dripping from the head of his cock. Standing on the balcony I found myself swaying to the music, enjoying the sun when the needs of last night took over again. When I opened my eyes and looked around I noticed on the balcony across from ours a man was watching me, and he was enjoying his hard cock in his hand.

Cum Covered Camcorder

mastrubation 007Lover 2018-06-27

slow race if you will, for about five minutes until Michael got up from the bed and took the camcorder with his free hand, whilst the other was kept busy stroking his cock. Michael shut his eyes and his breathing began to change pace as did my hand. With his free hand, Michael inserted two in me this time and fingered me, rubbing his thumb over my clit. He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes a fraction as his hand sped up; he hissed through his teeth, a low, beastly growl escaped his lips and his juices spurted directly on the camcorder.

Fiona's cum addiction

mastrubation arbymore 2018-06-27

It wasn't for fear of pregnancy as she was past that and she said she would suck me off, which of course was wonderful with the added bonis of cumming in her mouth. One day he didn't shut it tightly and I peeked in through the crack and saw him lying on his bed rubbing his cock. I sat at the end of the bed as he started rubbing it again and the look on his face showed me he was enjoying it. It was sensational and I rubbed his cock faster and faster and then he was cumming into my mouth. I just lay there with my mouth full of cum and my cunt and my b*****r started calling it feeling absolutely wonderful.

Young Lust

mastrubation Hakuna 2018-06-27

I had Miss Naude, the blonde Afrikaans teacher with the great bum and lovely full breasts, on her desk thrashing in pleasure as I pounded away at her, my little teenaged body looking far more manly in the fantasy than in real-life. I took it off and wrapped the silky, slippery lycra around my cock and I fucked Miss Lawrence until she screamed for mercy and climaxed with such force that her marvelous pussy was drenched with her juices. As she wrapped her long legs around my waist in the swimming pool and pressed my swollen cock into her warm pussy I would explode with excitement.


mastrubation greenpurple 2018-06-27

Kristen reached out a hand towards Stephen and pulled him towards her and kissed him, Danny pulled off Stephen’s half on trousers and pants and stroked his backside whilst still sucking his girlfriend’s clit and she grabbed his face kissing him furiously and running her hands around his body. Stephen and Danny kneeled either side of her hips and furiously pumped their cocks as she looked from one to the other, flicking her eyes from their biceps and chests working furiously to Stephen’s clavicle, his head tipped slightly back, his eyes traveling from her clit up her stomach rising and falling rapidly with her breath, up to her lips parted, her tongue slightly behind her lower teeth as she squeaked, “Cum please cum please cum.”

Wet Heat

mastrubation Sensei 2018-06-27

On days like today, sweating did no good at all, since there was no room in the air for any of it to evaporate away. She closed her eyes and moved the cube down below her ear, tracing down the cords in her neck. The heat of her body and the room made the cube melt faster, making the coldness drip down her neck, fading as it did, mixing with her sweat, making her drip all the more. At that point, she threw away the tiny remnant of the ice cube she had been teasing her breast with and used her fingers to pinch her nipple through her bra - first one, then the other.

Black Lady Neighbor

mastrubation exposer9 2018-06-27

She would stand at the sink in front of the window and fill her coffee pot with water to make her morning brew and would look outside as she was waiting for the pot to fill. After she got to the sink, I notice my neighbor glance across towards me and saw her face turn in complete shock. She quickly darted away and noticed her lights go out. It didn't matter as the morning light was enough that I could see her figure as she returned to the sink area and stood there watching. After about a minute of her simply standing there..her shadowy figure walked over and turned back on the lights...returning to her sink.


Getting Married Tomorrow - Chapter 1

mastrubation mingemuncher 2018-06-27

A girl I work with said this was a good place to find some action, parties etcetera." Ivan and I had become good friends with Trixie, and we had been going up there at least once a week since the first night. When we got to the top of the stairs, Trixie was very happy to see me but quickly got one of her girls to take Joy through to the changing rooms and get her a towel and a robe. Anyway, Joy and I wandered back through the lounge and into what Trixie called the wet area, set our drinks on the edge of the spa and stripped out of our robes.

Caught on Tape

mastrubation Nerdygirl 2018-06-27

I followed her movement between screens until she stopped in a back corner of the room, and began rubbing the handle of the whisk between her thighs. Next, she took the handle of the whisk and ran it up one of the leg holes. She looked very shaken and quickly reassembled her attire and walked across the store to my office, with the whisk still in hand. You want it bad…Can I help you finish?” I pressed the heal of my hand against the top of her clit and tentatively hooked the tip of my middle finger inside her. I took her shoulder with one hand and the whisk with the other and started violating both holes.

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 1

mastrubation John_Doe 2018-06-27

Then, as I opened my eyes to look once more I found Amy had turned around.  I immediately froze, my hand stopped beating away, leaving my cock aching for me to continue and finish what I started. My hand instantly began to stroke again, pleasing my hard cock as it returned to action.  My breathing became a little labored as I watched Amy seemingly masturbating with the shower head. I rushed to my room, entered within and closed the door behind me.  My hands shook slightly, my face grew red of shame and embarrassment, while my cock still stood proudly erect and sticking out of my pants. I lay there, closing my eyes and watching the re-enactment of Amy taking a shower as my hand continued to jerk my cock.

The Nature of the Night

mastrubation Strumpet 2018-06-26

A delicious ache now begins low in my belly in conjunction with a fluttering sensation like so many fireflies beating their wings in a fervid frenzy. Without a thought the fingers of one hand are brought to my lips and moistened by my warm tongue. My spine arches and my tender thighs fall open, exposing the most private part of myself to the nature that surrounds me. Only when I am certain my release will not come too soon do I begin massaging in slow arduous circles, relishing in how even more of my hot essence seeps forth. With two fingers hilted deeply inside, I feel my walls squeezing and pulsating, my hips beginning to rock.

Telephone Tease, Chapter 1

mastrubation Master_Jonathan 2018-06-26

"No, My boss is in his office on the phone and Becky, the other girl I work here with, took an early lunch," she said in a small, quiet voice. "I want you to finger your nipples and get them nice and hard, the way I like them," I told her. What has My little slut been thinking about to get her so worked up?" I asked again. What has My little slut been thinking about to get her so worked up?" I asked again. "Y, Yes, Master," she moaned, breathing hard. "Ohh, yes Master!" she whimpered, as she pressed her hand harder against her clit which was warm with desire, her mind was filling with delightful images.

First time reading Lushstories

mastrubation zendoc 2018-06-26

One night while on break, a few of us were talking about passing the time at work and a fellow co-worker mentioned a site with erotic stories. About two hours into work that night we went on break and I could not stop looking at her long legs, the wind blowing slightly and her skirt riding up high on her knee, inching it up as a breeze went by. Kelly then said, "Lush is very erotic." She told me was getting all wet reading the stories ever since Nancy told us about them the other night. Kelly then told me she was in the process of reading a great fetish story when my warm cum started landing on her leg.

A Weekend to Remember…

mastrubation KJessica 2018-06-26

Red in the face, we got up to go upstairs, when Susann turned around and said, “Well, why don’t you come along and join-in with us as we ‘continue’.” Susann and I took turns stroking up and down on his erect cock as well as giving him some oral, with both sucking him many times. She told me later that she had really wanted to feel his huge cock going deep inside her wet pussy, but understood why he’d not done so! He did, however, pay some much-needed attention to me too by fingering my hairy, wet and pulsing pussy, rubbing my sensitive clit and tight boobs with their erect nipples, but it was clear that it was Susann he really lusted after.

Cum Dripping Classroom Fantasy Part 1

mastrubation DrippingCum 2018-06-26

He already had precum dripping out of his mushroom head, Begging to be licked up by Ms. Walbaum, John thought. That thought had opened a flood gate of images of Ms. Applebaum on her knees and now his ample cock was straining against his pants. His cock was really throbbing now and he looked around paranoid that someone would be able to see exactly how hot for the teacher he really was. At the very moment he saw her, the student behind him pushed him forward, thrusting his hips toward Ms. Applebaum and wedging his thick cock between her hot ass cheeks. Looking right at Ms. Applebaum, John began moaning and shaking as spurt after spurt of thick hot cum came shooting from his desperate cock.


mastrubation Lather30 2018-06-26

However I do always leave my cam open and not leave the masturbation room, so anyone male or female could click view and see me any time if they feel like it, but mostly these strays only want to watch not chat at all. Exhibit A {see attached Soul Sisters }would be a swell pic for you to flash me with (we both understand it's not you) while we text chat during my displayed masturbation. I explain about how my head works with the masturbation model being powerful, and my first orgasm if you actually like to chat a little too.