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Welcome Back Home Graduates

mature GrayGhost 2018-12-03

After the waitress left, the physical exploration with a forty year delay started again. Christine slid her hand farther up my leg and grabbed my cock. My hands were still busy on Christine's tits and helping her reach her goals. Christine took my cock in her mouth and gave it some special attention. Now, I was able to lick her pussy and flick her clit with my tongue. Her hand was busy fondling my balls while she increased her lip pressure and her tongue slithered up and down the sides of my shaft. From the conservative business woman suit that she'd worn previously, tonight she dressed in the "little black dress." It was shorter, more cleavage, black stockings and black stilettos and Christine added a gold chain and earrings as accessories. I looked at Christine and said, "Let's go shower together."

A Fuck to Remember

mature DarkSide 2018-11-24

“I’ve ordered a taxi,” I replied, “Ooo, looks like it’s here,” I said as a car pulled up outside. The interval gave me enough time to look around the room, however, tonight was not going to be her night and I gently told her why I was there, but that we could chat for a while until I found a likely suspect. Greg’s cock entered my arse fully and then he started to fuck me really hard again. I felt Charles fuck me hard in the arse, and Greg never let up as he pounded my pussy with his cock in unison. I don’t know how long I had passed out, but Charles had left the room and Greg was beside me as I lay face down on the bed.

Gardening with my MIL part 4

mature SIL50 2018-11-11

She was getting wetter by the minute and I could sense she was about to orgasm.  All of a she began to quiver and raised up off me.  She dropped a finger to her clit and started to rub, and with a yelp began to ejaculate all over my face.  When she finished I thought she would roll off but instead she sat back, down used her pussy to spread her cum anywhere it wasn't.  Then she adjusted her position so her cunt went right down on my nose and asked how I liked it.