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A bad wild revenge on me

mature Anitaslut44 2018-12-04

Carl kept fucking me slowly, pushing more and more of his huge hard cock into my soaked cunt… Suddenly I felt my orgasm growing deep inside my body and I began to moan and thrust back against his dick with and increasing urgency. I felt my eyes rolling back into my head and I moaned deeply as the guy pumped his cum deep into my asshole. That new guy moved between my spread legs and then pushed gently and began to enter my well-fucked and abused pussy. I found myself lifting my ass to allow him hit even deeper inside my wet sore cunt… Matt felt my move and then started to pump a bit faster and harder.

Ana and her stained panties

mature Anitaslut44 2018-12-03

One night when we had all retired to our hotel rooms, Ana was getting ready for bed and she told me that Ronnie made her pussy wet. Standing there in only a white cotton tank top and bikini panties she said she might go to his room that same night and have him fuck her real hard. The next morning as I was getting dressed I asked Ana if she had visited Ronnie last night… She said no, because after we had fucked she ended very tired and sore. The last night we were there, Ana tried to sneak off with Ronnie but he had rode with a few guys to watch some street racing.

Glory Hole Of Savita Aunty

mature bava12 2018-12-02

Next day I was at garden area post my dinner, there she comes with lemon colored saree , reveling her assets more than usual. Her ass was big and gave hard on to most of the men in society. Ohh it was so arousing that I grab those boobs so hard that she had let a loud cry .. I opened it n played with her big melons.i was sucking hard those melons and her nipples. It paid off well she was so happy with my tool, she didn’t had sex for long time so it was pain full for me to insert her. I came in next 5 minutes with lot of banging her love hole.I cummed in her pussy really hard.

The seventh floor

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-30

Ana tried to raise her waist up, but suddenly the black man grabbed her blonde curly hair and made her turn around, facing him very close. He shoved his sticky fingers in Ana’s mouth, laughing and telling her very softly: “Taste your nice pussy, madam, you are so fucking wet” His body was sweating now, as he fucked my wife’s pussy with his giant black snake. "Thank you Mrs. Ana; I really needed to have your nice hot pussy" He said very softly in his deep voice. Then he just opened a side door at the end of the office and left the room, leaving Ana there, half naked with her swollen pussy dripping a mix of his cum and her juices.

Another hot afternoon with black guys

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-29

Her hands felt so good on my big tits, and her mouth tasted so sweet and that little cunt of hers was sloppy wet and hot. I fucked her slick pussy on my fingers harder, ramming them in and out of her wet hot cunt fast, kissing her harder and harder as she moaned into my mouth and began squeezing my tits hard. She screamed again and began cumming hard all over my face, her hands gripping my head pushing me into her pussy as I fingered her and licked her clit. She leaned in towards me and kissed me, tasting her pussy on my lips, she reached out and pinched my nipples hard as she fucked my mouth with her tongue.

Watching Ana fucked by a perfect stranger

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-27

Two minutes later my sweet wife came back and told me she was going to have a shower. Then the door opened again and Ana came inside followed by a guy I had never met. Ana stood up and then she straddled him and sat right down on his huge hard on all the way to his balls in one single motion. When Ana came back to the dining room, she told me her friend would be staying the night. I followed them, but when I got to the door, Ana pulled it closed and told me from the other side that she wanted Douglas to fuck her ass and I could not watch that.

A new meeting with my old friend Jerome

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-25

I could feel his big black hard cock through his boxers pressing against my mound. I was trying not to cum right there on the spot just from the sensation and the sheer thought that big black cock soon being crammed into my tight, wet pussy. My pussy was trying to contract around his cock as I came and he began to slowly move back and forth. Then he smiled and began to slam his huge dick in and out of my pussy like a real fucking machine. Telling him I want that big black cock to fuck me hard and how much I needed to finally be fucked like I deserve.

Threesome – Me, Mom, Maid

mature bava12 2018-11-25

Coming to the story I always had an eye on our maid Poonam even before I started fucking my mom. Since I started fucking mom, I didn’t think much of her but as u all know maids usually come home in afternoons-the only time I get to fuck mommy. In the evening I went for a walk and that is when I saw Poonam coming out of a police station with an aunty and her son!! I went home and told mom she said we have no option but to wait until Poonam arrives. Then Poonam gave away and told mom that as she was away from her husband, she was hungry for sex and so she was fingering herself. Sensing what I wanted mom removed her bra and started kissing Poonam.

Some friends fucked Ana at home

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-23

I told him that I would enter by the side door and I would meet him back at the pool, I didn't want him in the house in case I got to see Ana being fucked by Jack….. I just went for a minute to the bathroom and when I came back to the yard, Ana and Jack were missing again… Willy went with me outside to the parking lot and told me Jack was on his way in and they were leaving. He went pale; but then Ana interrupted us, saying she was fine now and she wanted more of that thick cock inside her pussy. Ana looked at me in my eyes and told me to stay outside for a while, as she fucked Jack in our bed.

Understanding Kate

mature DarkSide 2018-11-23

I watched, mesmerised, as Kate, virtually naked underneath the coat, behaved like a teenager exposing herself and flashing in public for the very first time. While Kate was drinking my spunk, two cars passed us and they pulled into the car park to pick up the people who had just left the pub. When she got fucked from behind, that night at my place, she loved every minute of it; yet the only words she said were those of denial; she kept saying that we shouldn’t have done it and that it was ‘naughty’. A few people looked around at us and Kate barely had time to grab her bag as we left the coffee shop.

Ana fucked once again by black men

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-22

I thanked that black guy for fucking my sweet wife and we made our way back to the bar area to have another glass of red wine as Ana rested her sore used sweet pussy. This time, Ana had a little trouble taking his whole cock at first, because Lee was really huge, but soon she got used to the size and was cumming all over, as she moaned in pleasure… My wife asked me to fuck her in the ass, to prevent any further hurting when later she would be sodomized by Lee. I came in her tight anus after pumping her during at least ten minutes.

Patrick strikes again

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-21

Then I placed my lips onto his semi-erect cock giving it a kiss by pushing my tongue under the folds of his foreskin and tasting his pre-cum. At same time, Patrick fingered deep my tight anus and then I felt him shove his cock into my wet cunt. I wanted him to cum and with my ass moving to the rhythm my cunt was squeezing and milking his dick. My pussy was gripping his cock and being pulled inside out, as I did not want to take a chance on him slipping out. The first black stud started rubbing his hot and hard cock up and down my wet pussy lips. I looked into his eyes, grabbed his hard dick between my hands and said:

A wild week end with Helena

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-19

Her wet mouth had a big smile as she bobbed her head and mouth taking turns with each black dick making sure she was increasing their pleasure and make them more erect. When he moved away, I saw Helena was lying on her back, still sucking a black dick, as the other guy was beginning to guide his hard erection right between her pussy lips… I did as I was ordered and touched my pussy lips with my fingers, as the black guy smiled to me, while he was getting his dick harder in his hands. Suddenly my instinct had me trying to crawl away but Master X’s strong hands grabbed my hips and pulled me back to him, impaling me onto his huge black cock.

Ana and my boss' agreement

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-18

As he withdrew his cock from Ana's pussy, his secretary took it straight into her mouth and sucked him clean. "Now clean her" and with that she turned to Ana's filled up cunt and buried her face deep into it and sucked and slurped for ages. Eventually the secretary left and I took Ana back home to change, ready to meet Mr. Lassitter and friends on the afternoon. They both soon settled down to a rhythmic fuck; until he suddenly pulled out of her mouth and shot his spunk all over her face. The others closed in and Ana soon had black hands all over her body. Soon she was spread open on the bed; one black guy going in and out of her wet filled cunt.

Another night in Jerome´s hands

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-18

"You look wonderful" I said, adding I did not know she was dating Jerome that night. The thought of my sweet Ana in Jerome’s bed, fucking in all positions made me feel even sicker than I was… "Look what that huge black bastard has done to your little white slut wife!" The black bastard replied mockingly: "It is going to be sliding into your wife's cunt right up to the balls, while you stand by watching at her side…" Anita cried out "That feels so fucking good, you donkey cocked black bastard!!”. Ana was crying and screaming in pain and pleasure during hours; until Jerome finally announced he was done at same time first rays of sun were growing in the bedroom.

Bend over, the whole truth

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-18

One afternoon my husband Victor came back early from work, finding me tied up at a table, naked, gagged and with signs of having been fucked and abused in a brutal way, by several men. I struggled against the first man to get my hand free; he laughed and let me go, telling me that I could be a good white married slut for his big black cock. Then he opened my ass cheeks with his hands and shoved his cock inside my pussy. Before he came in my pussy he took off and put his black monster thing inside my anus, stretching me more than his friend.

Ana tells me about her date

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-17

"No, I want to go to your place and fuck you over and over all night long" Ana replied as she pressed her hot body against his taught muscular form. He came deep inside my wife's pussy and Ana had more than one intense orgasm during that first session of doggie fucking… Then he wiped his cock off and fucked my wife's cunt hard and fast from behind until he blasted a second load of cum inside her well used and fucked pussy. "I want to see you again… I want you to fuck me again with your black cock" My loving wife said to him as they kissed good night in our driveway.

My wife has it her way

mature woreout 2018-11-16

My wife came out of the rest room wearing her new yellow suit. Hold on my wife instructed, she pushed the head of my penis down the shaft untill it was all the way inside my body. My wife pulled down her sunglasses and checked out my smooth front, she patted it and said is my nullo husband having a good time? She said those college age guys over there are talking between them self's about how they want to fuck my married pussy. She said watch this, then she stood up and without pulling the bottoms out of her butt she walked around to their side of the pool and acted as if she was checking out the water temp.

No Pity on Mom’s Ganagbang

mature bava12 2018-11-08

Shubham came instead of my b*****r wearing the condom to fuck her.We wanted to surprise her by double penetrating her. And he rushed his cock into her ass and its just tip was in mom went crazy in pain but he was ruthless and shoved half cock into her gaand. But these pitiful eyes encouraged shubam and me to ram her hard and we both continuously fucked her and in between my b*o came while she was enjoying dp and made her give blow job in that position. Shubham moved upwards keeping his lund in her gaand and making mom lean over me completely and then my b*o inserted his lund in her pussy.

Trying a Moroccan dick

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-07

I agreed laughing and then Helena declared I was going to be fucked by a young hung tasty Moroccan guy. The young guy smiled when he saw my friend was not wearing bra and her perfect tits were visible and her nipples were hard in full erection… The Moroccan guy demanded of us to stay on our hands and knees, ass cheeks up. Helena cried out loud "Yes" with no doubt in her voice, but I looked again at his huge dick and said that I would prefer to feel him in my cunt. “I love a tight ass like yours, bitch!” He grunted at Helena as he butt fucked her. Ahmed approached to me as I lay on my back and shoved his full monster cock deep inside my cunt.

My turn tu use Helena

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-07

I put my hand on Helena’s knee and pushed up the hem of her little black dress. I told her to open her legs, as I put a hand on her dress and pulled it up to show her pussy. Her head bobbed up and down on that hard cock as I finger fucked her. I told her to start jacking off two other cocks with her hands and she complied. That slut bitch Helena, my wife’s best girlfriend, was being fucked in the mouth, in her pussy and had a cock in each hand… A total of five men, including the bartender, fucked her pussy and poured their seed deep inside her.

A final show from Dwayne

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-02

I could hear just Ana’s moaning and her black lover’s grunts, as they fucked wildly. After I came inside her, Ana started to cry; telling me she loved me, but Dwayne’s black dick was the best thing she had ever fucked in her life. That same morning I had got some fresh news going around through the office: that black bastard Dwayne would be soon transferred to the East Coast and then we would never see his stupid face again… and my loving Ana would be free at last… I fucked her doggiestyle, while we both watched in the laptop as Dwayne rammed his huge hard black dick from behind deep in her cunt; there in that same bed, just few hours before...

doctors secretary fucked

mature maxboy17 2018-10-05

Well however she came in she saw my penis and was just like ,,wtf?'' she wanted to go but i shut the door and was saying : we are alone ! thenthe secretary says i want to ride your hard cock so i lay down the receptionist leaned over me so i could fuck her BIG very BIG tits! the secretary was so horny she was freakin ' out on my cock but i said i want to fuck the receptionist so she laid down on the ground i climed on the big chubby woman and stuck my penis in her pussy so i was riding her!

Granny leather

mature tenaciousmark 2018-10-04

After a couple more drinks we were both quite tipsy and she was sat nearly on top of me,the really strong scent of her leather coat was starting to get me very hard..i..think she noticed when her hand rested on my thigh......she looked at me and whispered in my ear,that what she really was missing was sex and judging what was going on in my trousers,she said she was quite happy to let me have it with her...