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The Man from the Internet Ch. 02

mature BoredBBW21 2018-06-09

I pull my fingers back to my clit and continue to rub like my life depended on it. "Spit." he looks confused then let a little dribble fall out his mouth "Spit like a fucking man!" I yell and he lets out a decent size amount onto my hand. "Suck em' you little bitch before I shove my whole foot down your throat." He let a few toes slip in at first just gently sucking on them but I forced the rest of them in his fat mouth and wiggled my toes. "Don't stop again Bitch!" He sucks like his life depends on it and I slip my fingers in to my juicy pussy hole.

Short Shorts Ch. 03

mature Selena_Kitt 2018-04-14

Her eyes bright, Lindsey put her hands on her knees, bit her lip, and looked back over her shoulder, whispering, "I've been a very bad girl!" to the mirror. Her pussy was already wet and swollen in anticipation, and she parted her lips, rubbing her little clit with one finger as she watched the blonde try to take more of the cock in her ass. "Please, god, I can't!" The blonde on the screen moaned, but she lifted her ass in the air and spread wider as he thrust forward, the head of his cock slipping into her tight hole. She didn't look back, but she had the strong feeling that he was watching her ass wiggle in her shorts as she walked toward where Mr. Miller and Mr. Ryan were flanking the principal's office door.

Game She Played Pt. 01

mature Wordsmith1970 2018-02-24

But to him, she was always his playmate for games they played together over the years and the time he spent with her was always enjoyable. He saw an opportunity, as she was busy talking to his mom standing in the kitchen to play the hit and run game. As he approached her stealthily from behind without making a sound, thinking to give her a playful slap behind her shoulder and run out of her reach, she bent forward while on her legs a bit at the final movement and slap missed her shoulders and landed hard on her big wide ass. He thought he would not only have lunch but maybe play some games and spend some goof time with her during the day.

Zach Mrs. Johansen Ch. 01

mature ZachDocEight 2017-12-08

Did you find an old woman's panties sexy, or are you just a horny boy with a big cock looking for any warm pussy to shoot your hot cum deep inside? As I ran my fingers out and into her pussy and ass she slid her lips up and down my dick. "Oh Zach, I love your cock, I love what you are doing to my poor pussy, use me ram that dick deep into me and spray your hot cum all inside my cunt," Karin yelled. Still naked I walked up to Kate and said, "I came over to help your mom with her pipes," then I grasped Kate's hand and gripped it onto my cock and slid her hand up and down my ass wet cock.