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Mom And Her New Office Mate

mature bava12 2018-11-28

Next day mom came home said we are going to outing with mahesh uncle as he bought a new car so he is treating us in Goa. Morning mahesh said we are going to some other place by train we got into train there was full of rush he told mom to stay close. Later she moved by Rush mahesh and me were seeing that few people enjoying her body and mahesh told I know u saw us from window. She said okay sunder slowly moving his hands mom said by mistake mahesh pushed her to sunder. Later we reached fort and saw from there we came back to my native mahesh comes every week used to fuck my mom …all they way.

Geetha’s Tailor : An Exotic Fun

mature 2018-08-14

I feebly said… ‘Could you finish it up soon?’ Shailesh answered with his now trademark coolness..’ relax geetha madam, we will do a pucca & perfect job for you..’ with that he took over from Mahesh and proceeded to take the actual measurements saying , ‘when it comes to reading the tape – I trust my own eyes and nothing else!’ – another display of professionalism to make me feel *better*… (instead he was succeeding in making me *wetter* down there!).of course he hadn’t failed to caress both my nipples – first gently and then with some pressure on.