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Mr. Brown

mature NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-12-02

The swim hadn’t helped one bit I realized as my hand slowly moved down my boobs, and tummy until it reached my pussy. Cocking my hip and running my hand through my hair, I said, “So, Mr. Brown, you look good. At one point, when I felt like it was almost impossible to keep from coming, I reached down to pull her up but she held on to me, took her mouth off and said “No, no, no, first this. I ran back to his house and he must have been watching from the window because he opened the door as soon as I went up the steps.

Plumber and Horny Housewife get High

mature Mariaposa 2018-12-01

“He doesn’t look like he is,” he said. Albert had finished the job upstairs on the baths, then he fished out a joint from his pocket, just like now, and offered it to them as a sort of “job’s done” ritual. Twenty-three.” He said, casually sliding a couple of fingers inside her wetness. “No, don’t,” Albert said, holding her arm so she wouldn’t get up from bed. Albert jumped on top of Isabel, aligning their bits together while looking into her eyes. I don’t know, Isabel answered John, Albert was just… there. I’m going to hell, Isabel thought, but reached underneath her body anyway and guided Albert penis into her hole.

Nude Holly Day

mature RejectReality 2018-12-01

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised, and that it didn’t make me think about how we’re going to handle it at work.” I let my eyes roam over her body briefly, fighting the surge of blood it caused into my nether regions, and said, “You’re a beautiful young woman, Holly.” Caressing her legs with my hands, I said, “Just relax.” I pulled back until the head nearly slipped free, and then pushed back to about the same depth. Her hand wrapping around my morning erection beneath the covers a little while later said that we’d probably end up having that talk in my bed back at home.

Summer's Heat

mature RejectReality 2018-11-30

Her hand closed over his on her cheek, caressing it, and she said, “Oh my god, that gave me shivers.” Her eyes opened, once again ensnaring his. So near that he swore he could feel the heat of her sex on his cock, he paused, sliding a hand behind her head and kissing her. He kissed her lips, neck, and shoulder, drawing small sounds of pleasure as a counterpoint to her louder cries every time he buried his cock inside her. At that moment, he heard Summer exclaim, “Oh!” He opened his eyes just in time to see a thick dollop of cream well up from inside her before she cupped her sex with a hand.

The Publisher

mature Mariaposa 2018-11-29

He only two months before Bruno came back, so Ken worked fast. “The characters,” Ken said, pulling the strap back up, touching her warm skin with his fingers. Ken loved that, he thought she looked like a schoolgirl. Ken didn’t like that look on her face. “You like getting your pussy stretched out, honey?” Ken barked. He wondered who she was, how Ken had lucked out, and what the husband was doing while his wife was getting stuffed like a turkey by an old geezer. The only thing she didn’t like was how Ken kept trying to take off his condom. Ken and Elena jumped on the bed, watching Bruno grin at them from the door.

Super Market Stalker

mature frogprince 2018-11-28

She takes my hand and sucks on each finger swirling her tongue around each one. Her lips have moved back up to my mouth kissing me continually. This time she puts her hands on the back of my head pushing me to get as much of her as possible. She moves her mouth close into my member and starts to kiss it through the cloth. Meanwhile she has put her lips on my cock with her tongue licking out the small slit. I get one finger completely inside her and I can feel my tongue in her pussy. Her mouth has moved up to the tip of my cock and her hands have been stroking me vigorously.

It's Not Nice To Tease

mature cLitLover 2018-11-27

He was around 59, grey, sweet, and gentle looking, but couldn't hide the longing he felt when he saw my young tiny body, especially in the tight uniform of a waitress. I looked down at him and watched him take a nipple in his mouth and suck, taking the wet finger from my pussy and circulating my juices around the other nipple. “Oh, Ohh Graham!” I shouted as I came, wanting to give this man a lasting memory. I kept sucking until I felt that familiar contracting, and then withdrew him from my mouth, looked up at him with big innocent eyes and bare tits, and let him empty onto my face.


mature oldhippie1949 2018-11-26

"You know, Jay, I'm sitting here looking at you naked and I'm doing the best I can to stay calm. The dog followed a little too close behind so I closed the door behind me.I pulled out two super large terry towels and I began to dry her off using the towel to take me places only dreamed about. You know how many years I've been waiting to see one of Jay's thongs up close and personal." Annie took hold of it and began to skin it back, all the time watching Jay's eyes. As he began to relax, Annie pulled it from her mouth and licked the cock clean.

Pick Up the Spare

mature RejectReality 2018-11-25

David put the box down and shook his head, trying to chase away the thoughts of Katrina using a vibrator – quite possibly while watching lesbian videos. Despite his attempts to push the thoughts out of his head, he was still imagining Katrina lying in front of a television, watching women pleasuring each other while she took care of her own needs with the vibrator, when another knock sounded on the door. “Oh god, that’s so good.” Katrina let out a long moan when he sucked her clit, letting it pop free of his lips before returning to a fast lapping.

In the Car

mature harbour 2018-11-24

In the scenario Jane had written in her diary, he had told her what an attractive young woman she was becoming, and as this was the truth he thought that the best way to start would be to use those exact words. Her body went rigid at the thought that she was actually wetting herself at this of all moments, but John’s fingers stroking the side of her face pulled her back into the bliss of the present and all else was forgotten. It felt better than she ever imagined anything could feel, and the way John was breathing and moving his tongue against hers told her that he was enjoying it as much as she was, which only made it sweeter.

Neighbour In My Bedroom

mature Lauradj 2018-11-23

As more time went on he grew harder still, and a full hour later after our first round, he was ready to again. I gripped his shaft and slowly moved my hand up and down, squeezing it a few times and changing the pressure.  Renard smiled, grabbed my hand and pulled me inside, shutting the door behind us, pinning me up against it and kissing me deeply and lustfully. I held his cock gently in my hand and rubbed it up and down my pussy, smiling at him as I did this before we kissed again, the cool air hitting my nipples where his warm mouth had formerly been. 

Meeting James - Chapter One

mature Melanieatplay 2018-11-23

Maybe at one time, perhaps in his youth, the title of pretty boy would have fitted him perfectly, but the years had turned his boyishly handsome face into the look of a distinguished older man. Why don’t you get a shower and then we’ll get breakfast, err, um, lunch,” he said, after looking at his watch and realizing the time, “we have things we need to discuss.” I could either do the walk of shame wearing a dirty thong and wrinkled cocktail dress all the way to the cab stand outside of the hotel, with everyone I came in contact with in the Paris knowing I had just woken from a night of what turned out to be really great sex.

A Widow Rediscovers What Life Is All About (Final Part)

mature mrotis 2018-11-19

Bob closed his eyes and decided the best thing to do was to stop thinking … thinking about why Karen was acting this way, why he was being sucked off and why they were putting on a show for Rachel. When it was clear that Karen was far from done licking her friend, Rachel – like Bob earlier – decided the only thing she could do was to simply lie back and enjoy the waves of pleasure that were unlike anything she had felt before. As Rachel settled into a comfortable relationship with Graham, she stopped having sex with Karen and Bob.

A Deal Made For Daddy, Part 2: Paid in Full

mature Milik_the_Red 2018-11-19

Like I said, he knows how it works in this town, and I’ll point out that you both received exactly what you wanted. I wanted him to fuck me hard and I knew I wouldn't be satisfied until he drove in deep and gushed inside me. “Things like this.” I felt his body shift and then a hand came down hard on my ass. Oh, my God, I can barely explain how amazing it felt to have his hands cupping my ass, his strong fingers digging in and pulling me open. I wanted to be fucked and I reached between my thighs and rubbed my clit, trying to orgasm before I burned up in pure frustration.

Painting Pictures

mature Lisa 2018-11-18

Mia opened her mouth to speak then shut it again, wondering why he’d want to waste precious time talking to her when he could be finishing his work and getting some much needed sleep. She wanted to reach out and trail her fingers over the stubble lining his jaw, to touch her mouth to his throat and feel the warmth of his skin. Rather than slide inside her right then like she’d expected him to, Gareth surprised her by lifting her upper body from the table. Mia let her gaze sweep over him slowly, taking in his alert blue eyes, his soft, sensual lips and the dark stubble shadowing his jaw.

Unexpected Opportunity (Unexpected Bonus Pt. 2)

mature irishnia 2018-11-17

“I’d feel better about Gerald driving you than you looking like that on the bus,” He looked me up and down again. Gerald lowered his face to my chest kissing and licking as he explored my soft skin. Gerald slipped his hand behind my head gently lifting my mouth to his. Gerald carefully withdrew his finger and slipped it back inside. A hot thin liquid shot from my pussy hitting Gerald on the chest and stomach. I will miss your beautiful face,” He looked down toward my chest, “And body.” I smiled and slipped out of the van. I headed towards the bar but I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about the next time I would see Gerald again.

Summer of Amy's Dad - Part 2

mature Jaymal 2018-11-15

Ali placed her masturbatory hand on the flat surface along with the other and looked for him, panicking just a moment that Amy or some errant member of hotel staff would appear instead to witness her lewdly thrusting ass. “Of course not.” Ali gave her young friend a reassuring smile, but her thoughts were very far from teaming up with Amy. Her mind and body were thrilling to the prospect of - well - not exactly an evening with David, but the nearest best thing. But when the journey smoothed out and the seatbelt signs plinked off, she still went to the toilet cubicle and frigged herself silly to a kaleidoscope of erotic images, remembering David's cock frantic inside her and that terrible aghast look on Amy's face.

Summer of Amy's Dad - Part 1

mature Jaymal 2018-11-14

They all grinned their way through the palm trees which fringed the warm sands, Ali basking in the sub-tropical heat, loving the breeze coming off the crystal-blue Mediterranean Sea. The beach was still crowded - a mix of partying teens and twenties and more sedate family groups. “God help me, Ali, I want to ram my cock deep inside you and fuck you hard.” It was not so much a pornographic come-on, more a desperate guilty confession of something he could no longer hold in. He let her go and she looked around, saw the Richardsons approaching - the thirty-something couple with the two little girls who Ali and the Goslings had got to know.

My daughter's best friend.

mature SeanR83 2018-11-14

It was a few weeks after my dear wife passed away and my daughter and her best friend had been spending a lot of time together, mostly locked in my daughter’s bedroom. What surprised me was that within a week of my wife passing away, Holly, my daughter’s bestie, wore more provocative clothing, even walking around in her underwear. At the time, I never dreamt of such a thing, but now all I could think about was that cute nubile young girl riding my cock. I could feel her already wet teenage cunt on my cock as I pulled her close to me. I slammed my cock inside her as hard as I could and could feel my body giving up.

One Incredible Costume

mature RejectReality 2018-11-14

“Wow, you have a big fucking cock,” she said while continuing to explore it with her hand. I can almost come just from someone playing with them.” She took the head of my cock between her lips, sucked it, and then let it pop free. I reluctantly let her pull me away from her folds, and continued to follow the guidance of her hands all the way to her other lips. My voice deep and tight, I said, “Your pussy feels so good.” Still crying out and jerking in climax, she wriggled in close enough to take my pussy-slick cock in hand and aim it over her taut body. “Okay, I’m going to go get in the shower,” she said before dropping down onto her hands for a kiss.

The Return of Ally

mature Spooge 2018-11-14

For the flight, I wanted to look tempting but pass as a normal young woman. Dave was expecting me to hand his phone back but I took another photo with his camera under my chin and pulled my dress forward. Silently, I mouthed, “Do you want to cum?” Dave could not read my lips so I whispered the question softly in his ear. It concerned me that Holly asked us to be quick and the last thing I wanted was to leave Dave more frustrated than he started. To Dave, I said, “We better go, I guess.” With both feet back on the floor I asked Holly, “Could you do me a big favor?” She was willing to listen.

The Librarian

mature NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-13

Vicky lifted her head from the table to see what an eighty-year-old dick look liked. Vicky who had also seen Julie, tried to get up but John held her in place for the few seconds it took him to pull out his cock and jerk off. “I’m sorry to intrude, John, but I was looking for you downstairs,” Julie said politely. Julie took hold of his shaft with her right hand and her fingers didn’t even come close to touching around it. John watched her face while the orgasm flowed over her and he loved the way she shut her eyes as hard as she could, and grabbed the table until her knuckles were white.

In the Neighbour's Bedroom

mature Lauradj 2018-11-13

We moved out of the way of the viewing window and kissed before I walked her to the door, where we kissed one last time before she had to get back to her family. I went back to the viewing window and saw Cath get in the car, but not before taking one last look at my house. An hour later a dark blue hatchback pulled into the driveway and a young girl stepped out and stood in the driveway, staring at her new house. I spent most of my time at the viewing window that weekend, watching the attractive dark haired girl.

Jonathan's Birthday Celebration

mature mrotis 2018-11-11

In fact, the only time I was asked to contribute anything was when Elizabeth remembered it was my birthday and said she was sorry to have broken up my wife’s and my special evening out. Jessica broke off for a moment, pointed to Elizabeth next to me and said, “I don’t think you have been up close and personal with tits like those for a long time… at least I hope you haven’t. Elizabeth did as she was told, Jessica climaxed over and over for several more minutes – I don’t know where she got the stamina – until it appeared that Elizabeth’s talented tongue needed a rest.